Chapter 2

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

So, the old man collapsed in front of me.

What should I do…….

His body is stiff. His fists are also clenched. My mind started spinning due to panic. I’m about 2 meters away from the old man.

“Anyway, for now.”

Let’s smoke.

After lighting the cigarette, I take in a full puff.

Fuu……..I’ve calmed down a little bit.

Now, let me check the collapsed old man.

“This man, what kind of an appearance does he have?

He looks like a European from the middle ages or a Japanese theme park worker………is he a weirdo?

“Moreover, is that a …………sword?”

Even though I think that it’s a sword, I haven’t touched it.

Is it dangerous?

Is it real?

…….Let’s switch on the phone.

As I thought, it’s still out of range.

I won’t be able to contact the police.

Power off.

As I check on the old man again, he seems to be breathing.

He hasn’t lost large amounts of blood either. Has he thrown up anything?


There is a stick nearby, shall I poke him and check?


……*tsun tsun


He seems to be fine.

It doesn’t seem he is in danger right now.

Now that I feel a little relaxed, my throat feels really dry.

After drinking some tea I feel relieved.

I thought I’ll get closer and have a look.

…….Doki Doki……

I am holding the stick tightly in my hand.

To think that crossing 2 meters could take this much time…..

Anyway, the sword is in the way.

After kneeling next to the old man, I press down the sheath with my knee and pull out the sword.


Surprisingly it came out easily.

After throwing the sword behind me I wondered what to do.

For now, let me check his pulse to know if he is alive.

I am reassured that he hasn’t died yet.

I can ask him various questions once he wakes up so let’s wait till he becomes conscious.

However, his position seems a little uncomfortable.

That reminds me, long ago I had taken a short course on emergency first aid. As per my memory, let me turn him so that he is lying on his back and his airway is free.

For warmth, let me cover him in fallen leaves like a big beetle. Complete.

This should at least provide a little warmth.

“Anyway, for now”

Let me light a cigarette and take a full puff.

Fuu………I’ve calmed down a little.

The only thing to do now is to wait for him to regain consciousness.

In the meantime, I’ll hold the sword in my hands.

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