Chapter 2

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Cain Elgrandark was the eldest son of the Elgrandark family and older brother to Diana Elgrandark.

Cain was adept in both schoolwork and fighting in battle. He was exceptionally handsome.  He was gifted with both intelligence and beauty. He was, undoubtedly, an attractive, cool, young man. Put simply, he was a good target of choice for any exceptional woman to choose as a love interest… At least, that’s what he was meant to be.

He met his younger sister’s classmate, the Protagonist, and as he got to know her gentle soul, the darkness that dwelled inside his heart seemed to melt away, and he fell in love… At least, that’s what was meant to happen.

Cain, however, had memories from a previous existence.

In his previous existence, Cain was a salaryman, who was mainly tasked with working outside the office. By night, he was a Let’s Play Youtuber with a fair amount of views on his channel. 

He stayed up night after night after night testing out video games and editing his videos.  After many nights in a row of chugging energy drinks and not sleeping, his body had had enough. He decided to take a quick nap, slumped over his desk, and closed his eyes. He never woke up.

He wanted time to play video games, and so, he had chosen to work a job that had clear work hours with no overtime (for lower pay, of course). In the end, though, because he was so obsessed with his games, he ultimately died in a way that was similar to death by overworking.

He had realized from birth that he had been reincarnated with memories from his past existence. He was born into an extremely highly ranked aristocratic family and was raised by his kind parents and wet nurse. His infancy was a life of comfort and abundance. 

He had died suddenly and at a young age in his past life, and now, in comparison, he lived a blessed, fortunate life. He wanted to live for a time, this time around, and give back to the parents who were raising him.

When his younger sister was born, and she was named Diana, he instantly realized what had happened.

This world was the world of the video game called “Unlimited Magical Academy ~Love Has No Limits~”. It was the game he had beaten and was editing a video for, just before he died.

So it’s cool that I was reborn, but I ended up in an Otome game… he thought.

There were tons of other games that he had played. He had played open world Samurai RPGs, standard fantasy RPGs, and mystery RPGs, too.

If he had a choice, he would have chosen to be reborn into one of those games. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a hero? Cain felt a bit disappointed.

Once Cain realized that he had been reborn into a game, he began trying to trigger a menu screen, or a settings screen, or a command screen. 

Ultimately, nothing worked.

He had been reborn into this world, but his existence within it was as real as it got. He was in a game, but he wasn’t playing, anymore.

Since there was no option to Save or Load the game, even if he had a decent idea of the scenarios within the game, he couldn’t really feel completely safe. Controlling the game seemed impossible.

He could get run over by a carriage on the side of the road and be killed. He could fall down a set of stairs, hit himself in a bad spot, and die. This aspect of life and reality had not changed, despite the fact that he was now in the world of a video game.

As for Cain’s younger sister, Diana Elgrandark, she had the role of the villainess character in the game.

As the eldest daughter of the Duchy, she had high status, a good upbringing, and a high capacity for magical power. She was a perfect lady, with proper skills in singing, playing instruments, painting, exercising, and etiquette. 

As her bloodline was a result of delicate aristocrats inter-marrying over the years, she was exceptionally beautiful and was as attractive as she was skilled.

The one downside to her was that she had a bad personality.

She was always competing with the Protagonist, lashing out, and picking fights with her. 

Well, it was no wonder, since she was created as a rival character for the game. The worse her personality was, the more refreshing it ended up being for the Player to stick her with an unfortunate demise and say “That’s what you get, loser!”

However, the story of this game included Diana’s life from when she was 12 years old to 18 years old. 

When Cain saw how cute Diana was as a newborn, he couldn’t help but to cry out with adoration.

Cain would say things like, “Tera-cute. Literally an angel, for real. She’s so precious, I’m dead,” while throwing his head back so hard, overwhelmed with her cuteness, that it looked like his spine might snap, and his parents looked on at him, worried.

“Mother, we need to hide her quickly, or else God will come to take her back. She’s actually an angel and she was bestowed upon us by accident,” he said, with real worry in his eyes. He was chased out of the room for covering her up with a scarf.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

After giving birth to Diana, a wet nurse was employed to look after her until her mother recovered, but Cain had made his way into the nursery room and demanded to be involved.

At first, since Cain’s eccentric behavior around Diana had surfaced when she was born, her wet nurse and handmaidens were cautious with letting Cain get too close to her. “If you touch her and hurt her, it’ll be a disaster,” they told him, and so he could only gaze at her from afar. 

However, once he started taking initiative with helping out with chores under the wet nurse’s supervision, he gained the trust of the child-rearing team.

There was not much Cain could do to help as a three-year-old, but whenever Cain slept beside Diana, her crying fits at night would cease, and so he had become a great help to both the wet nurse and their mother.

Once Diana became one year old, she started walking, and she got even cuter.

Whenever Cain called to her, she waddled over to him, smiling, and jumped up on his knees. Her soft, golden hair, her big, round eyes as blue as the ocean, her spittle-covered hands as red as autumn leaves – everything about her was cute.

Even though she didn’t like her baby food at first, if Cain brought out a spoon, she would calm down and eat.

And so, as Diana got especially attached to Cain, he felt even more doting love towards her.

Then, Cain turned five years old, and his sister was two.

She was still not very good at walking, and she could be seen adorably waddling behind Cain wherever he went.

If she fell over, she wouldn’t start crying immediately, but raise her head up and look for Cain. When their eyes met, she would then start carrying. Super adorable.

In his past life, Cain helped sell intelligence-training toys and visited many nurseries and kindergartens for his job. He had, therefore, some experience in child-rearing environments, but this was the first time he had seen such a cute girl.

Sometimes, for his job, he had to observe the reactions of children to new toy products and play with them, so he was somewhat used to playing with kids.

When playing House, she came over to Cain with an angelic smile, saying, “Hewe’s some tinner fow you, bwother” and as she raised a wooden block up to his mouth, he played along and bit into it, saying, “Yum!” When she handed him a tassel that she had ripped from the curtain, saying, “Dis fow you,” he kept it as a precious treasure. When she took a crayon and drew what could be taken as a portrait of Cain on the wall, he cut it off the wall, framed it, and displayed it, proudly.

He was overflowing with love for her.

After a child’s third birthday, it was customary to begin violin and piano lessons, and whenever Cain would start practicing his instruments, Diana would come over and start shaking her bottom, dancing. This was, again, an adorable sight to Cain. She’s seriously an angel, isn’t she?

She was such an adorable angel, and yet, her future was fated to be one of beheading, or banishment, or being married off to some strange old man. What kind of psycho would allow such a thing? 

The end of the game coincided with the Protagonist’s graduation from the Academy of Magic. That would occur in sixteen years. The Protagonist would enter the school in ten years.

It was hard to imagine that this little angel would be turned into a villainess in just ten years. In fact, it was impossible.

“Bwother?” called Cain’s angel, looking up at him with those big, round eyes.

I’m going to protect you, no matter what. I’m going to make sure you’re happy.

These words ran through Cain’s mind as he gently caressed the top of her head, and smiled down at her. Cain’s little angel laughed, and gleefully reported to him, “I pee-pee’d!”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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