Chapter 136

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Takeo was carrying food from the kitchen to the parlor.

Again, the chef in charge of the sweets and the one in charge of the main dishes were in tears, but… no one paid much mind.

Incidentally, the head chef smiled from ear to ear, saying, “Now, this is wonderful!” He was beaming with happiness.


Takeo knocked on the parlor door. 

A voice from inside said, “Come in,” and after receiving permission, he opened the door and entered the room.

Inside were Grandpa Elvis, Alice, Smith, and Frederick.

“Please excuse my sudden intrusion,” said Takeo, as he brought in the tray holding the food.

It appeared that everyone was waiting for the food prepared by Takeo, and they were on the edges of their seats.

“Before we try the pudding, I have made a dish that uses a novel ingredient, so please try that first,” said Takeo.

“Hmm… And, is this pasta?” asked Grandpa Elvis.

“Yes. It’s called ‘Carbonara’,” said Takeo, serving a portion to each of the four people at the table.

“Can we try it, now?” asked Grandpa Elvis.

“Please,” said Takeo.

In the same way as the last time, as soon as Takeo had pronounced the “P” in “Please”, everyone quickly began to eat.

They were that eager to try it…

Takeo watched them eat through squinting eyes.

Grandpa Elvis and Smith were eating intently with smiles across their faces.

Alice took one bite, and then looked at Takeo with widened eyes, as if to say “You’re this good at cooking this, too?”

Frederick was muttering, “Wow,” and eating eagerly.

“So, do you find it meets your tastes?” asked Takeo.


Everyone was eating silently, and all they could do was nod.

“You all have such wonderful expressions on your faces. I’m glad at how it turned out, as well,” said Takeo, smiling.

Everyone finished eating, and Takeo served tea to everyone to cleanse their palates.

“So, next is the pudding. Today we will have honey pudding, as we did before,” he said, serving the pudding to all four diners.

“Hmm? Takeo, Smith’s is bigger than the rest,” said Grandpa Elvis.

“I said I was preparing it to celebrate his battle, didn’t I? That’s why I made Master Smith’s bigger,” said Takeo, “I actually wanted to make a pudding the size of a bucket, but I hit the size limit for the cooking process involved.”

“…Takeo-sama, you’ve just said something strange, haven’t you?” asked Alice, staring at him.

“The size limit for the cooking process?” asked Takeo.

“Before that,” said Alice.

“A bigger one for Master Smith,” said Takeo.

“After that,” said Alice.

“Bucket,” said Takeo.

“Yes, that!” said Alice.

“…What is strange about that??” asked Takeo.

“Why would you think to make something that big?” asked Alice.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

“Well, I thought it would make him happy,” said Takeo.

“It might make him happy, but… Were you really going to make one that big if you could?” asked Alice.

“Yes, of course,” said Takeo, with a serious expression.

“…Takeo-sama, a normal size is fine, you know?” she asked.

“Well, I thought it would be a bit more impactful…” said Takeo.

“Takeo-sama, you’re cooking is already quite bombastic, so please – keep the sizes normal,” said Alice.

“…All right…” said Takeo, in begrudging acceptance.

“So, everyone’s been served,” said Frederick.

“Can we eat?” asked Grandpa Elvis.

“No,” said Takeo, stopping Grandpa Elvis.

“Now, this time, I have made some whipped cream, in addition,” explained Takeo, “Put simply, it is milk that has been turned into a foamy cream, and sugar has been added to that to make it sweet.”

He then put a bowl with the whipped cream in it on the table.

“I know that this may be a little ill-mannered, but please ignore that, for now,” said Takeo, “Now, to be honest with you, I feel that I haven’t quite made the perfect whipped cream this time around.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?” asked Grandpa Elvis.

“There’s a lingering scent on it,” said Takeo, “Therefore, please use as much as you see fit. Now, please try it.”

Grandpa Elvis and Smith ate whole-heartedly, with smiles across their faces.

Alice took one bite and looked up at Takeo with an enchanting smile.

Frederick muttered to himself while eating.

They had all put on some whipped cream and tried it, but no one added more, afterward.

“Ah, so there is a lingering smell, isn’t there?” asked Takeo.

“Yes. It is sweet, but it does smell a bit,” said Alice, and everyone else nodded.

“Hmm. Well, how about we try putting it on some bread?” asked Takeo, as he gave out some bread leftover from dinner.

Everyone put some whipped cream on the bread and tried it.

“Hmm… It still has a certain smell to it,” said Smith, stating his opinion.

“I see. I understand,” said Takeo. After Smith had finished eating his pudding, he took up the dishes and the whipped cream and left the room to take it all back to the kitchen.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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