Chapter 24

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Takeo and Alice reached the tailor’s shop.

They entered inside.

“Welcome, Lady Alice.”

The shop assistant greeted.

“Good afternoon. Today we would like to get some clothes made for him.”


“I’m Takeo Kitamizato.”

Takeo greeted with proper etiquette.

“What kind of clothes would you like to be made?”

“Could you make the same kind of clothes as I’m wearing right now?”

“………..It seems to resemble a butler’s clothing at a glance.”

“Yes. This is called a ‘suit’.”

Takeo said as he took off the outer layer.

“Hn?……………I see………………..hoooo.”

The shop assistant coughed as he examined the suit.

“Dear customer, this certainly arouses my imagination.”

‘Looks like the way people view clothes differs from civilization to civilization,’ thought Takeo.

“The body is designed so that it gives a slender look but there is some space on the inside to store things.

Besides, the material on the inside is different from the one on the outside and it feels good to the touch.

I can see that it is very functional.”

“Please use a texture that is similar to that one and please make it in black.

How many days would it take?”

“Hmm………it should take 3 days.”


Please make a pair of pants and a shirt similar to what I’m wearing right now.”


“What are the charges?”

“That’s right………it is 2 golds.”

“Make 3 pairs.”

Takeo looked at the shop assistant with a straight face once again.

“Then for 5 golds and 2 silvers.”

This shop assistant thought for a very short while and answered.

“That’s alright.

However, I’m not carrying that much with me right now so please take 2 golds as a deposit.

I’ll pay the rest when I come to collect the clothes.”

“Understood. Since you are introduced by Lady Alice, this is fine with me.

I’ll start with the preparations for the measurements inside so please wait for a little bit.”

The shop assistant went in.

“You didn’t persist over here.”

Alice voiced out her thoughts.

“No, the shop assistant replied immediately so I thought that I cannot push it any further, that’s all.

Moreover, I got a proper discount.”

“Is that so?”

Alice wondered.

“The preparations are complete so please come.”

Takeo and Alice left their seats.

‘Oh?’, Takeo thought as he went further inside the store though he didn’t say anything.

There were several people waiting inside the store.

Takeo started to take off the shirt he wore under his suit.

“Eh! Sir Takeo!?”

Alice placed her palms on her mouth as she blushed.

“Since I need to get my measurements taken, I have to take off my shirt right?”

Takeo answered.

“No, no. The measurements can be taken with the clothes on right?”

“No, I want the same clothes reproduced.

That’s why the shop assistant took a little while to prepare right?”

He removed his shirt as he said that and handed it over to the shop assistant.

“That’s right.”

The shop assistant responded as he took the shirt.

“…Lady Alice… I would like to remove my pants but…”

Takeo placed his hands on his pants as if to change them as he spoke.

“Ah! I’m sorry!”

With that Alice turned to the side.

………..Even though your face is turned to the side, your eyes are looking in this direction aren’t they?

Well, the appearance of a 35 year old man in his underwear is not interesting though.

He decided to ignore Alice’s actions.

Takeo took off his pants and handed them over to the shop assistant.

“Let’s quickly take the measurements.”

The people who were refraining started to take the measurements.

The shop assistant brought a long coat and handed it to Takeo.

“By the way, do you coats that are used by soldiers?”

“Yes, we do.”

“Could you show it to me?”

“That’s alright.”

The shop assistant went in for a minute and came back with 1 piece.

“This is the coat that soldiers use.”

He showed me a Poncho.

Takeo thought, ‘This isn’t it’, as he had an urge to hold his head.

“………How much would it cost to get a coat designed?”

“That would be………about 4-5 golds ………..”

“Is that so? Its expensive isn’t it.”

Takeo was disappointed but since he had the image of the coat that he wanted to make in his mind, he thought that maybe he should try it out.

“……Then, can you design one for me?”

“Understood. We’ll make you an ideal coat.”

The shop assistant seemed surprised and enthusiastic.

“Lady Alice, I’m sorry but I think that this will take some time.

At that time can you please decide on the café that you want to go to?

I would also be grateful if you could get the glasses while you’re on the way.”

“Understood. Then I’ll leave for a little bit.”

She stood up from her seat and left.

Takeo spoke to the shop assistant as he saw Alice off.

“Let’s begin.

However, I thought that you might be a little unwilling but surprisingly you seem as if you were just waiting for my consent to make something?”

“Yes. It was the first time I saw a ‘suit’ so I think that the coat that you want to make will also be something that I’ve never seen before.”

“That’s ………it would be good if that’s how it is, isn’t it.

Even if it’s just to ensure that your curiosity doesn’t turn into disappointment.”

Takeo and the shop assistant both laughed.

“The coat that I want is called a ‘Trench Coat’.”

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