Chapter 25

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There are many ways to insult the pride of a group.

A method that has been used frequently since ancient times is to defile the group’s land and symbols.

A typical example is tearing the flag or overturning their family graves and building a facility on top of it.

Silver Light district, Seoul was an area that belonged to the tiger tribe.

In the Silver Light district, Silver Light High school was the center of the area.

The Ung tribe, hating the gods, newcomers, and the tiger tribe, tried to insult the new areas, Silver Light district, and Silver Light High school.

  “Did you know student Cho Eui-shin? That dirty work was being done right in front of our tiger tribe’s new area, Silver Light high school.”

  If Jeokho, an expert in information gathering, targets Choi Pyeon deuk, he would have figured out everything.

A small red spark crackled around Jeokho, who couldn’t hold back his emotions.

“To think a teacher in the Silver Light high school would do that… … !” 

Choi Pyeon-deuk was secretly operating several decadent businesses in front of the Silver Light high school.

As a teacher of the high school, he had high credibility and had many connections, so it was easy to deceive the eyes of Silver Light district Office and Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.  

“There was no clear evidence.”

  If the game progressed normally, the protagonist and the party will succeed in purifying the Silver Light district around next year.

From a gamer’s standpoint, it was clear that Choi Pyeon-deuk was the culprit, but the protagonist and the party missed all of the evidence.

So he had to be more cautious.

“There is a high possibility that Choi Pyeon-deuk is holding hands with other tribes besides the Ung.” 


He saw a red lightning strike through the balcony window.

Like last time, he heard screams all over the dorm.

  “If Jin Woong Palsun joins forces, it will be possible to break through the barriers of the high school and infiltrate an Enemy after turning hurting a teacher in a short time. However, the only thing that Jinwoong Palsun is related to is the disappearance of the Sawol Seum.”

And now, of the unsuccessful attempts to annihilate the deities, two of Jinwoong Palsuns have lost their minds, and three are in deep sleep.

There is no room for them to attempt to breach the Silver Light high school barrier.

The same is true of the disappearance of Sawol Seum.

Excluding for the fact that Ung Nyeo of grief made a sterling silver coin of oath of silence and sold it to the Hwanmong auction, the greatest power of the Ung, Jinwoong Palsuns becomes virtually irrelevant. 

 “One of the Jin tribes belonging to the Alliance of the 12 must have betrayed the Tiger tribe.”

  The Alliance of the 12.

About 100 years ago, the first alien conflict occurred on this Korean Peninsula.

As the Jin tribes existed in this world and the room for intervention increased, the Jin tribes, the incarnations of 12 animals revered on the Korean Peninsula, established a non-aggression treaty on the Korean Peninsula.

‘The Jin tribes belonging to the alliance decided to create a barrier.  ’

The Alliance of the 12 contributed to the creation of defensive barriers that would protect the foundation of their Jin tribes.

The defensive barrier of this Silver Light high school, where the gods of the Tiger tribe came down, was a joint work of the Alliance of the 12.

In other words, the intrusion that occurred during the Silver Light high school entrance examination practical test was the result of someone among the Jin tribes belonging to the Alliance of the 12 betraying the Tigers and siding with the Ung.  

“… … You even know about the Alliance of the 12.”  

Jeok-ho closed his eyes for a moment and pondered. Somehow, the appearance of being immersed in that thought reminded him of Ung nyeo in grief.

It was a very short time, but when he was thinking, Jeokho replied.

“Okay, Cho Eui-shin. Let us go together.”  

The title was changed from ‘ Student Cho Eui-shin’ to ‘Cho Eui-shin’.

He guessed he made up his mind about how to treat him.

Jeokho will treat him as a player to solve this case in the future.

He replied with a willing smile.  

“Thank you very much. Jeokho.”

*    *    *

Education Environment Protection Act, abbreviated Education Environment Act.

The enforcement decree of this law stipulates “educational environment protection areas” and “school purification areas”.

An area up to 50 meters in a straight line from the school entrance is an absolute protected area, and an area up to 200 meters in a straight line from the school boundary, except for an absolute protected area, is a relatively protected area.

In other words, 200 meters around the Silver Light high school on the roughly 400-acre school site is an educational environment protection area.

In order to protect the health, hygiene, and safety of students and the learning and educational environment, some facilities and businesses are prohibited from entering this area.

  ‘It’s closer to the school than expected.’

  On the ground corresponding to the educational environment protection zone.

A mansion across from an ordinary building without a sign.

On the roof, He and Jeokho were standing.

‘Even if you check with the map built into the device, that building is in the school purification area.’

  In front of the school, an educational environment protection zone.

Just thinking that there was a decadent establishment established by a teacher here hurt his head.  

‘It is illegal even if it is not an educational environment protection zone. He has some balls.’  

It wasn’t that he had balls, it almost seemed like he was crazy.

What are you doing at the area where the mythical Tiger tribe is located, even if the Ung had his back? When Joo Soo-hyuk, who became a sophomore in the game, attacked to get Maeng Hyo-don, he didn’t know that it was this close because there was only a description that he was near the Silver Light high school.

“Cho Eui-shin, what are you going to do?”

“Of course, we have to go inside.”

“Will you use Jeokyeon to enter?”

  Jeokho had brought him to this point using Jeokyeon to protect him.  

‘Thanks to it, I didn’t feel a single drop of rain even during this storm.’

  If he used Jeokyeon to infiltrate like this, they will not be able to see him.

But for his plan, he had to show himself.

  “Yes. Until we get inside. After that, I’ll fool their eyes with my Kwanglim. I will use it right now in advance.”

This would be the first time he would be using Kwanglim in front of someone else, but if it was Jeokho, he could trust him.

Wearing a mask prepared in advance and a modulator that changed the tone of his voice, he used Kwanglim.

The character he was going to use today was well-known, so he needed to hide his face and voice.

  <Using Kwanglim, ‘Players trajectory’ .>

  A character card flowed out of his fingertips, then turned into light and wrapped around his body.

Jeokho, who covered his face with a mask, realized that his physique and overall stat level had changed significantly, and his eyes widened a little. 

 “Let’s go.”

He and Jeokho covered in Jeokyeon, completely erased their appearance and tracks, and entered the building easily.

This was a power of the Jin tribe after all.

It was regrettable that Jeokho was not a playable character.

If he could use a player’s trajectory, stealth and information collection would be a piece of cake.

*    *    *

The inside of the building owned by Choi Pyeon-deuk, which was an ordinary building in appearance, was unexpected.

Camouflage offices up to the 4th floor.

From the 5th floor, it was only possible to enter the special elevator by providing a password.  

‘He certainly put in a lot of work.’

  This place was operated entirely by membership.

The fifth floor was a gambling room.

The sixth floor was escort services.

The seventh floor was a fight club.

The eighth floor was a VIP room.

Above all that was the rooftop.

The whole building was very corrupt.

It was a revised version of the word, meaning that the customs and discipline were all messed up.

Cigarette smell was everywhere, and people enjoying the corruption and entertainment while drinking alcoholic beverages and champagne were overflowing.  

‘I guess doing this in front of the most prestigious high school in the country, your sense of superiority and immorality will be heightened.’  

Most of the members here were players.

However, all of them were weaker players than the Silver Light first grade students.

15% of the nation are players, but only about 500 of those players are capable of attending Silver Light High school every year.

In other words, this building can be seen as a result of distorted desire and inferiority.


 He heard the crackling sound of the Jeokho’s teeth, which was adjusted so that only his eyes could see it through Jeokyeon, and when he turned around, he could see his hands shaking softly.

A spark came out from Jeokho’s fingertips, who saw two people acting obscene right in front of him.  


He grabbed the fingertips of Jeokho and whispered quietly.

The physique of the person he transformed into now was similar to that of Jeokho, so he could easily stop him.

“If you run wild here, even if we catch Choi Pyeon-deuk, we will lose the Ung and the guests.”

  He looked down at him with bloody eyes.

Jeokho let out a deep sigh and breathed deeply.

He replied after blinking his eyes very slowly. 

 “… … Sorry.”

“It’s okay. Let’s hurry.”  

It may seem a little unnatural, but he pushed the back of the invisible Jeokho and climbed the stairs.

Luckily, Jeok-ho took control of his temper and just captured the scene in his eyes.

‘This is it.’

They arrived at the fight club on the 7th floor.

In the middle of the floor, there were large rings and holographic windows.

The holographic clock was counting the time left until midnight today.  

‘I think they will start the game at midnight, right on the birthday of Choi Pyeon-deuk.’  

As he discussed with Jeokho in advance, they decided to split up and look around.

As he looked toward Jeokho, Jeokho nodded lightly to respond and disappeared.

‘Jeongho seems to have calmed down, so he’ll do well.’  

He started moving for the ‘dom’ he was looking for.

While he was wandering the 7th floor of the fight club.

He saw a strange image of him reflected in the window.

Front tinted glass window to prevent the inside from being seen from the outside.

There was an image of himself borrowing the physique of an adult, wearing a crow mask.

It looked very suspicious, but the majority of the people in this decadent building were wearing masks, so it was not noticeable.  

‘My head hurts… … .’

It was dizzying to see all kinds of nasty sights, but he had to find him before 12 o’clock.

Because of the partitions, he wandered for a few minutes on the maze-like floor.

Then he stopped at the most corner room on the floor.

He found the person he was looking for through the open door.  

‘Found him… … !’

For a boy at the age of 17, he was short.  

‘He seems to be shorter than Sawol Seum. Even though I think he would weigh more because of his muscles.’

The boy was mechanically taping over his fist, gazing out the rainy window. He had a blank face, but when he looked at his sharp eyes, he was immediately recognized.

  ‘It’s no mistake, it’s Maeng Hyo-don.’  

Maeng Hyo-don.

A boy whose father, who is the only family left, bears all the debts made by alcohol, gambling, and women.

Maeng Hyo-don became a fight slave in the back alley through the scheme of the teacher, Choi Pyeon-deuk.  

‘Choi Pyeon-deuk that motherfucker… … .’

  Fight Club is between players who became slaves.

Or between the Enemy and the player.

It was the place where the corrupt shitty hobby took place.

‘Did they make him wear a school uniform and fight?’

He, who was a fight slave, was wearing a school uniform.

Maeng Hyo-don was wearing a black shirt, a dark gray jacket, and a Silver Light school uniform.

In addition, he wore an acrylic nameplate engraved with his name.

It will be to sell the Silver Light brand here.

Maeng Hyo-don, who had never participated in the entrance ceremony or class, was fighting a lonely fight in his school uniform to pay off his father’s entertainment debt.

  “What is this.”  

Looking at the small seat Maeng Hyo-don was sitting on, he went into the unprecedented waiting room and closed the door.

Maeng Hyo-don, who felt his presence, looked at him and said a word.

“Crazy, why are you looking at me with those eyes. Do you want to die? If you want to be sympathetic, do that with money.”

  Maeng Hyo-don, the headstrong boy, was a little rough. For the most swearing headstrong boy, he decided to become an old man.  

“You, why are you fighting in this place?”

“It’s not your business, so fuck off.”

“Debt is not inherited unless you want it. You know that? That children don’t have to pay their parents’ debts.”

“What are you talking about, you old ass piece of shit!”  

He jumped up from his seat. He had the momentum to run at him.

  “Do you really think what you do now is filial piety? Giving your father money to buy alcohol, to gamble, to buy pleasure?”

“… … Shut up and get out of the way before I kill you!”  

Maeng Hyo-don seemed to be furious but hesitating.

He must have felt it while fighting in this hell.

That the father only sees himself as a bank.

That he did not love him as a parent would a child.

  “Why are you still here.”

One of the biggest reasons Maeng Hyo-don couldn’t get out of this hell.

Because he didn’t think there was anyone to help or save him.

Fighting genius Maeng Hyo-don is a 17-year-old boy who was raised by fighting the battlefield without being loved at all from his parents, unable to adjust to school.

To appease that loneliness, he was holding on to a father and giving money to him.  

‘I wish I could see other places.’  

Maeng Hyo-don’s school uniform was clean and well ironed.

It must have gotten dirty and torn in the fight, but there were traces of sewing and washing with poor skills.

He didn’t think it was because he wanted to show off to the crowd his Silver Light school uniform in this messy battlefield.

“Don’t you want to go to school?”  

Maeng Hyo-don distorted his face and lowered his head without an answer.

He took a long breath, then raised his head and shouted.  

“You, Who are you, you bitch … … !”

  Here, it was necessary to gain the trust of Maeng Hyo-don.

A suspicious guy who doesn’t know his face or name helped him, and he’s not the one who will accept the help and thank a stranger.  

‘I have to honestly answer who I am.’

He had to risk revealing his identity.

But he believed in Maeng Hyo-don.

It is Maeng Hyo-don who served Joo Soo-hyuk with fierce loyalty until his death because he was saved by him.  

“Silver Light High School, first grader, 0 class, Cho Eui-shin, your class vice president.”

He showed his Silver Light school electronic student ID.

In the remarks column on the bottom of the student ID, it was written as ‘Vice-President for Grade 1 Class 0’.

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