Chapter 26

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“Our class… … Vice President… … .” 

Maeng Hyo-don blankly looked at his student ID.

Unconsciously, he was grasping the hem of his blazer.

The stiff school uniform was pushed by his power and began to wrinkle.  

“… … Why would an asshole like the vice president come here for? And you, you look different from your picture. You look really old for your age.”

“Of course I am in disguise. Hey, go to school. Our class attendance rate is too low.”  

It was an adult character that he used as the target of the player’s trajectory to infiltrate.

It was natural that the half-visible face between the mask and the body did not appear as a first-year in high school

“Silver Light high school doesn’t care about the attendance, you graduate regardless. Why are you caring about the attendance rate”

“Our homeroom teacher cares. I think the class leader also cares.”

“So what. I don’t even know both of their faces.”

“If you are curious, come and check it yourself.”

“Bitch, I am not curious.”

It was a conversation that the students in the ordinary 0 class of Silver Light would share.

When he was thinking about that. 

Maeng Hyo-don suddenly shut his mouth and bowed his head and said.  

“Anyways I can’t. Fuck off.”

“I know. When you go outside, there is a ‘chase team’, right?”  

Maeng Hyo-don trembled.  

“… … Did you know? The vice president, your personality is pretty dog shit.”  

Maeng Hyo-don’s head gradually went down.

He handed out an item card to him.  

“Break the biggest window and jump out of the ring right before you get in the ring. Use this item card to land.”

The item card he gave him was the ‘Low-grade Wind Spirit’s Wing Powder’.

It gave the user the ability to fly in the air for 5 seconds.

It was an item used often when landing from a high place.

However, Maeng hyo don did not take the item card.  

“You already know. The chase team! That dozens of Jin tribe bitches will chase after me! I can’t go out or run away before I pay my debts… … .” 

His words slowly faded away.

His spirit full of anger he felt when he saw him the first time was gradually fading.  

“Maeng hyo don.”

He tapped Maeng Hyo-don’s shoulder.

His height was short, but his shoulders were full of muscles, like a master of fighting.

Still, he didn’t feel like he had energy.

Maeng Hyo-don was his playable character who went on to attack the other world with a smile on his shoulder with Joo Su-hyuk.

He didn’t want to see something like this.

He tapped on the shoulder of Maeng Hyo-don to make him look up, and forced him to hold the item card in his hand. 

“After jumping down, run to the Silver Light school gate, the front gate.”

Maeng Hyo-don’s keen eyes, looking at him talking with confidence, were shaking a little.

He no longer swore or blamed.

“It’s not just me. There are others… … .”

Maeng Hyo-don, who heard all of my words, had a look of distrust but was holding the item card tightly.

*  *  *

As it approached midnight, the fight club on the 7th floor became busy.

The number of people gradually increased, and those dressed as waiters began to carry champagne in glasses.  

‘It looks like its starting soon.’  

He mixed in with the others and sat on a sofa near the ring.

Fruit canapés and a glass of champagne were laid out naturally as he sat down.

On top of that, he shook his hand at the woman in the bunny girl outfit, who had served him, trying to sit next to him and stared at the ring.

‘You use a minor as a fight slave in a fight club, and you drink and play with a woman in front of him?’  

In the game, it was censored, so there was no detailed description, and he did not know well.

The dream auction guys at least pretended to be noble, but there was nothing like that here.

No matter how much he dug, only more trash came out so would it be called Trashtopia?

Even today, the world was wide and there was a lot of garbage.

‘It’s time.’


The date has changed.

As soon as the day changes, the mirror ball turns round and round with multiple colors.

In line with the operation of the Mirror Ball, a happy birthday song that was crudely remade with EDM flowed.  

“Today is the owner’s birthday, everyone. It’s time to toast!”  

People were greeted with cheers as the moderator, who had only a bow tie on with briefs, climbed onto the ring.

He couldn’t believe what he had just seen.

‘Oh, my eyes!’

The strong should always give notice before they show off their intentions.

Where was the notice?

He closed his mouth and tried to think of beautiful things and good things in his head.

‘I’m doomed, I can’t think of any,’

 All he could remember was the head of Maeng Hyo-don, who couldn’t say anything and was gripping the item card tightly.

While he was breathing deeply, a large hologram was deployed over the ring.  

‘It’s Choi Pyeon-deuk… … !’

In the screen, Choi Pyeon-deuk wore a mask with a birthday cake as a motif and was dressed as ugly as the moderator.

When the happy birthday song was over, the moderator started again. 

“There was an unpleasant incident in the New Year, but we are here avoiding all danger. You guys know that this is all thanks to the owner right?”

Many of the guys here were involved in the dream auction.

It was a case where hundreds of people were caught at once.

Of course, there were people who escaped like Choi Pyeon-deuk, but there must have been some who were treated generously.

‘It won’t be that way this time.

Excluding some of the employees, all of them are the players.

At least all the players will be permanently expelled, and those who have already been permanently expelled will face criminal penalties.

“There will be a battle to commemorate the owner’s birthday! A Fight with a boy player who fights against the Jin tribe with his bare hands!”

 The shadow of Maeng Hyo-don was seen across the ring.

What he saw on the other side……

It was a monster that looked similar to Rinoseron that he had defeated on the entrance exam.

“In the blue corner, the owner’s specially recruited the Ung’s pet beast! Pet-type monster species, Rinoseron #109! It is said to be an Enemy that is several times stronger than the one who attacked the Silver Light school’s practical exam!”  

What did he just say?

Are all the people here even after they knew that the owner has a relationship with the Ung, the ones responsible for the ambush on Silver Light’s practical exam?

He didn’t know that incident was boasted about like this.  

“In the red corner, the guy who everyone who has loved Fight Club knows! A superpower who survived even though his arm was almost cut off! The owner of the stubbornness who stood on the ring until the end even though his stomach was pierced, the madman who survived even though both legs were crushed by evil spirits!”

They’ve made a first-year in high school fight to that extent.

The crazy guy wasn’t Maeng Hyo-don, but the guys here.

“In the red corner is South Korea’s best prestigious school elite player. From Silver Light High school Maeng Hyo-don!

The spotlight shone on Maeng Hyo-don.

He didn’t get on the ring.

But he didn’t even run toward the window.

Maeng Hyo-don was just bowing his head under the dazzling light.

“… … .”

Is he hesitating now coming all this way?

He looked at Maeng Hyo-don with anxiety in the crowd.

‘What is he doing? Jump quickly!’

If Maeng Hyo-don does not escape here, the plan must be completely revised.

In some cases, it may be necessary to postpone the operation today.

It was not common for Choi Pyeon-deuk and the VIPs of all the businesses he ran to gather in one place.  

‘Once I postpone the plan, I would have to wait for half a year… … !’

At that moment.

Maeng Hyo-don raised his head and shouted out loud.

A louder sound than the voice of the moderator talking with a microphone emanated from the small body.

“I’m leaving now, you bastards!”

Maeng Hyo-don ran toward the front window like an animal.

Even though it was indoors, it seemed that he could hear the sound breaking through the wind.



“What, what happened!”


When Maeng Hyo-don broke the brightly colored tempered glass and jumped down, the rain and wind began to rush into the room.

It happened so quickly that the audience screamed in the glass pieces and rain, unable to escape. 

‘Good job, Maeng Hyo-don!’

He stood up with a smile.

It was time for him to move in return for his courage.

He slowly walked towards the ring.

Little by little, he got closer to Choi Pyeon-deuk, who fluttered across the screen.

“How dare he… … Catch him! He doesn’t even know the grace of me feeding him and giving him a place to sleep! Send a chase team out right now! Today’s show is going to be a high school student show that will be eaten by the beast!”

“Owner, the chase team has left now!”  

With the words of the moderator who turned on the device, he saw dozens of Enemy start to run out of the broken window.

The Enemy were all part of the Jin tribe.

To be precise, the culprit who almost killed Kim Shin-rok, who was the supervisor at the entrance exam for Silver Light, and released a pet-type beast in front of a middle school student.

They are likely to be related to the ‘Beast trainer Ung tribe.’

‘It’s done.’

With this, the chase team protecting this building was removed.

The operation was progressing step by step as planned.  

‘Cho Eui-shin, I have fulfilled all your instructions. This side is ready.’ 

Jeokho’s voice was heard from the earrings.

Hearing that, he jumped onto the ring.

The presenter, who had been talking with Choi Pyeon-deuk, looked at him and looked confused.  

“Oh, sir? You shouldn’t come up here… … .”

 He saw Choi Pyeon-deuk in an ugly outfit smiling brightly behind the mask.

His eyes felt like it was rotting, but he was in a refreshed mood thinking of giving him his birthday present.

“Owner, happy birth… … not happy birthday, but here is the gift regardless.”

His actions and his words were so strange.

Thanks to that, He guessed he was behind the escape incident that just happened.

Choi Pyeon-deuk, who was opening his mouth, made a loud voice. 

“This, this, this rascal how dare you. Do you know who I am!”

“Of course. You are Choi Pyeon-deuk.”  

When he said Choi Pyeon-deuk’s name, the whole floor was fluttered about.

Some were already ready for battle.

“Ho-How dare he mention the owner’s name!”

“Oh my!”

All you need, to do nasty behavior is anonymity.

And the owner who was in contact with the people of authority.

Is it because the guys here think that?

Choi Pyeon-deuk himself and his followers were angry, even though he only called his name.

Some people were ready for battle.

However, fighting inside was strictly forbidden, so they hesitated and stared at him.

A similar situation developed when Joo Soo-hyuk started raging in the game.’  

He kept talking to Choi Pyeon-deuk in the hologram.

“I know you are upstairs. Choi Pyeon-deuk.”

“Again, how dare you, how dare you call my name. Where do you think you are right now! Who do you think I am! Huh, someone who doesn’t know anything. Alright, come then!” 

Excited Choi Pyeon-deuk woke up roughly from the seat.

His word “come then” seemed lax at first glance, but it was a remark that was heavily calculated.  

‘The VIP room is so thorough that it is difficult to penetrate even with Jeokho’s Jeokyeon. There will also be an escape portal. The upper floor is the place that Choi Pyeon-deuk made the most effort.’

Of course, he had no intention of going upstairs full of traps.

“Hey Choi Pyeon-deuk, you know this is an illegal building.”

Looking at the real estate register, this building is a simple shopping mall.

It was not a player accommodation building.

The building laws of this world are a little different from Korea as he knew them.

In this world, more rigorous screening and high design strength were required for the player-accommodating building to withstand the player’s abilities.

Thanks to this, the construction unit cost and construction period were four or five times that of a general building. 

‘But the player’s ability is so powerful that when it is smashed, it will be smashed.’  

The Silver Light gym, which was built under the strict screening and thorough design and supervision, would also be destroyed often by students’ competitions.

‘There, Choi Pyeon-deuk even illegally renovated this simple shopping mall building.’

Comparing the building blueprint obtained by Jeokho and the actual building, it was confirmed that Choi Pyeon-deuk made illegal extensions to the flying construction in order to save money in the middle.

So the weight that this decadent building can withstand.

The limitations of the load design were extremely low.

“Having an illegal building and to make it worse having poor construction done on it, you take dozens of Enemies that each weighs over 1 ton and make them run around on the high floors? You are crazy.”

He laughed at the incontinence appearing on the wall.

The collapse was already progressing little by little.

This is scary because of safety insensitivity.

‘Because you guys are players, do you think you will be okay if the building collapses?’ 

As if guessing what he would like to say and what he was going to do soon, Choi Pyeon-deuk fluttered.

He did not wait for his reply.  

“Choi Pyeon deuk, receive your birthday present!”

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