Chapter 26

Kimin had found where Hayeong Choi was hiding.

However, the problems were that Kimin had to figure out where the place was located and how to get in there.

There would be plenty of traps waiting for him.

In the worst case, he could meet Sangki Beak.

‘The best thing is to make her come outside.’

Kimin stopped the video, thought deeply, and then replayed it again.

The video was so long that he had to speed it up or press the side arrow key to skip the scenes.

‘Her daily life isn’t getting better.’

However, there was a change when the video was almost over.

The woman stood up while stumbling and got rid of the medical fluid injection. Then she groped her pillow and walked towards the bathroom with something in her hand.

Kimin squinted his eyes to see what she held.

‘Is it a plastic stick?’

While Kimin was tilting his head, she went inside the bathroom.

He made the speed 8 times faster.


He waited for a while but Hayeong wasn’t coming out.

He kept skipping the scenes.

Again and again.

A caretaker came in, looked around the room, and then knocked on the bathroom door.

She tilted her head.

She hesitated for a moment and then opened the bathroom door with a key.

After a while, several burly men ran inside the room.

They held Hayeong Choi who passed out and ran outside.

Her shaky wrist was cut badly and a red blood trail was following her on the floor.

They tied her wrist tight with a necktie to stop the blood.

‘She tried to cut her wrist… So, it was a small knife or something. Couldn’t they find out she hid it?’

Kimin bit his lip.

‘Suicide? I can’t let it happen.’

He turned off the video of the shelter and checked the other security cameras to check if she left the building or not.

‘She has left. There is a high probability that she went to a hospital.’

‘Is it going to be Ohsung hospital?’

Kimin continued thinking.

‘There must be a trap there. However…’

‘This chance is too good.’

A phone rang and stopped Kimin from thinking.

There was a clock on the screen. It was an alarm for an appointment with the Seo brothers.




“How have you been, sir?”

Hyeongdoo Seo and Hyeongki Seo greeted Kimin.

“It’s been a while. How are you?”

Their faces became dark.

‘Shouldn’t I ask that?’

Kimin cleared his throat and Hyeongki Seo answered.

“Please look at the items first.”


There was a container full of energy stones like last time.

Kimin’s mouth was smiling automatically.

Hyeongki Seo handed out something to Kimin who was nodding.

“There are more.”

It was a subspace pocket.


“We brought everything from what other guilds had gathered.”

It was good, but something was weird.

Kimin looked at Hyeongki Seo.

“Has something happened to you?”

“It’s going to be hard to see you from now on.”


“Our guild is going abroad this time. Also, my brother’s store too.”

Hyeongki Seo spoke with anger.

“We can’t stay in Korea anymore.”

“Oh… Because of the incident from Sangki Beak?”

“Yes. The ordinary people didn’t always like skill users but now it’s all screwed up since that happened.”

“I know they are like that… The hatred of skill users has always existed.”

Kimin remembered the time he earned his skills.

‘The hatred of skill users existed at that time too.’

Kimin was also like that just like ordinary people.

It was something he could never reach with his effort.

His yearning became jealousy and his jealousy became hatred.

“Still, when they directly express enmity towards us we get discouraged… While we were outside to clean our area, somebody terrorized our guild house with paints! We cleaned the area for them!”

Hyeongki Seo poured out his anger.

Hyeongdoo Seo continued with a low voice after looking around.

“Honestly, everything is because of that bastard, Sangki Beak. He destroyed the buildings and killed the people. Everyone knows about it. Do you know what’s funny though?”

“What is it?”

“They can’t talk bad about Sangki Beak. They just talk bad about Saehun Choi and also the other skill users.”

“I understand about the other skill user part… But why Saehun Choi?”

“They were like, this wouldn’t happen if he just ran away. He fought the insane man even though he couldn’t win. That was why other people got implicated.”


Kimin let out a laugh.

“So, they can’t criticize the insane man but can do that to someone who seems like a pushover. It doesn’t seem like a good choice to them. What if Saehun Choi gets mad? Is there anyone who can stop him?”

“That’s what we think too.”

Hyeongki Seo let out a sigh and changed the topic.

“We are closing our shop, so just let us know if you need anything. I would rather sell the items to you than the others.”

Kimin looked down at the subspace pocket.

“Then the energy stones for this time…”

“We asked around the guilds who are moving abroad and collected them for you. We paid almost nothing for them, so don’t worry about the price. Please just give us the price for the subspace pocket.”

Kimin paid the proper price for the subspace pocket and personal expenses. 

He also wished them to do well abroad.

“Sir, we will visit you when we come to Korea.”

“Ok, so which country are you guys moving to? I haven’t asked that.”

“It’s definitely the United States.”

“I knew it. Definitely the United states. What about transportation? Teleport?”

“The U.S. is using a return stone.”

“Return stones are not that cheap. The U.S is the U.S.”

“That’s right.”

“Anyways, I will say goodbye here. We will see each other when we have a chance.”

“Stay healthy.”

After the Seo brothers left, Kimin looked inside the container.

He had finished absorbing all the energy stones inside… However…

‘No characteristic again?’

Kimin picked up the subspace pocket.

He drew out the contents from it.

The container was getting filled up with the energy stones again.

‘Did they just collect a lot of energy stones? Or are there so many guilds that are leaving Korea?’

Kimin reached his hand and the stones started shining in the container 



[ A new potential characteristic of abnormal status absorption(S) has opened: Glue ]

[ An abnormal status absorption/release window does not disappear when you are too far from a person. You can absorb/release until you close the window. Once the window is opened, it ignores obstructions until it disappears. ]

‘It’s not meant for fighting.’

However, the characteristics were always good.

There had to be somewhere he could use it, and also it was 500 times better than being without it.

Kimin could find where to use it right away.

‘It’s going to be really useful with the absorption/release distance which is already far enough.’

‘Now, I have to find information about the hospital. I should ask Sera…’

Kimin was about to call Sera.

However, he stopped because he didn’t feel comfortable.

‘It’s not been that long since I asked for the security videos in Ohsung…’

He just got the videos from her and came out to meet the Seo brothers after finishing watching them.

‘I feel bad to ask her again. What should I do for her? Something I can be proud of myself.’




“I keep asking you a favor… and I’m suddenly visiting here. So, I have prepared something for you guys.”

“Oh, I told you to just come. It’s really ok though…”

“Don’t refuse and just come outside to the garden.”

Kimin forcibly took everyone outside including Sera Lee.

“What is it?”

“There are things I get to learn from polishing up my cursing magic. The gap between cursing magic and blessing magic is as thin as paper.”


“You can doubt me. I totally understand.”

“No, I don’t. If you tried to do something to us, you would already have done it to us underground.”

Sera Lee smiled at Kimin who was nodding.

“But, those skills normally have a penalty… I’m just worried about you, Kimin. Don’t force yourself to do this for us if there is a penalty.”

“Sir, you don’t need to do that. We are already indebted to you.”

Sera and Saehyun’s sweet sincere words made Kimin smile.

“Don’t worry. There is a way. Now, I will do it for two people today. Please step up here.”

“Then, can I try first?”

“Me too.”

Kimin stood in front of Hakdong Lim and Sera Lee who came out.

His hands started moving in the air.



They couldn’t hide their surprised expressions.

“How is it?”

“Incredible… This…”

Hakdong Lim swang his arms several times and touched his body with wide curious eyes.

His body became lighter and his head became clear.

His stomach that had indigestion became comfortable.

He was feeling this refreshing feeling that he could barely feel once every 3 years.

“Can I call you a master?”

Sera Lee who was jumping where she stood, attached herself to Kimin with sparkling eyes.

Her mother covered her mouth and laughed.

“How is it like?”

“You have to get it to know. It… It just doesn’t make sense.”

“Thank you so much. Honestly, I had doubted you very much and now I’m reflecting on myself.”

Sera Lee was bragging to her mother and Hakdong was bowing to Kimin.

None of them cared about the few trees in the garden that suddenly wilted.

Kimin just quietly smiled.

“Mr. You are having dinner with us, right? Please.”

“Please do, sir. The information won’t be prepared anytime soon. It will be ready after you finish your dinner.”

“Oh well. I didn’t do blessing magic to have dinner here…, but shall I?”

Kimin spent some good time with the good people.

‘Goodwill to goodwill.’

Kimin started to search for her with information about patients in the hospital while looking up some vocabulary he didn’t know.

His bloodshot eyes read the letters on the screen.

‘Blood for blood.’

“There you go… Huh?”

He made a weird face.




-What the fuck are you doing!!
Howl of rage.

However, no one could say anything even if they had 10 mouths.

“I’m sorry.”

– Hopeless assholes… You couldn’t take care of one woman?


– Where did you send her?

“We sent her to Ohsung hospital.”

– Ohsung…

Jinbum relaxed and thought about something.

– How is she now?

“We’ve taken care of the most urgent problem, however, her condition was not good anyway… The doctor doesn’t recommend discharging her from the hospital.”

– I see.


Jinbum glared with his eyes.

– It’s the time to gamble.


– Tell the body double for Hayeong to hide for a moment. Make a story and report the news that Hayeong’s life is in danger from an accident.

Mr. Kwan hesitated.

“Mr. Park, it can’t be issued with…”

– Just mix it with some other things! It doesn’t matter what the story is, just let the guy know! Do I have to explain everything?

“O… Ok, sir.”

– And where is Hayeong right now?

“She’s in the suite room.”

– Move her to the room my father stayed.”

“Ok, sir”

– Make a good story so he can’t help coming after her.

“Ok, sir. Also, I will contact Mr. Sangki Beak.”

– Of course, he is our hidden card.


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