Chapter 27

Next morning.

Kimin turned on the TV and had to rub his eyes because of the ridiculous news.


[ The hostility towards skill users is getting serious. A victim was attacked today. ]


Why is Hayeong’s face on the news?


[ A healer belonging to Ohsung, Hayeong Choi, was attacked by a hate group and fell into critical condition. After 6 hours in the operating room, she went into the intensive care unit…. ]


“What the fuck are they talking about?”

Kimin couldn’t help laughing at the news.

Hayeong was made into a promising person who was attacked by a hate group.

In reality, she just committed suicide.

Also, she was supposed to be in the intensive care unit just as the news said if she went through 6 hours of an operation and was in critical condition.

However, the data was saying…

‘A VIP room in Ohsung hospital. What the hell is this?’

He knew even though she used a false name.

Kimin clicked his tongue.

‘By the way, they tried hard. I can see they struggled a lot for this.’

Kimin recognized that the news was an invitation from Jinbum Park and Sangki Beak.

‘If I didn’t get this information from Sera, I would have been tricked. I would have already gone to the intensive care unit.’

Hayeong Choi was in the VIP room in Ohsung hospital according to the data.

If Jinbum Park’s people didn’t move her to the intensive care unit, there’s a high chance the person in there is Hayeong’s body double.

Also, every single one of the people who were around the intensive care unit would be checked by them.

And then the moment something happened to Hayeong or her body double,

‘The time will stop and Sangki Beak will appear.’

Kimin smacked his lips.

‘Is it right to go this time?’

It was too obvious that it was a trap for him.


It was also a chance.

The opponent did not know that Kimin knew about their secret which was Hayeong’s real location.


‘It’s easier to sneak into the hospital than the shelter.’

The hospital had more people going in and out.

Also, the hospital was mostly full of outsiders, unlike the shelter which was full of Ohsung employees.

Kimin nodded with his stiff face.

‘I have to do this. There should be a way.’

Kimin sat down on the bed and started to think.

‘First, there is no reason to go to the intensive care unit. Obviously, get rid of that option.’

When you go into a trap, there has to be a purpose for that.

There was no reason for Kimin to try so hard to go into the intensive care unit because there would only be Hayeong’s body double.

The only option was the VIP room.

Kimin had gone to the VIP room to meet somebody before.

‘The VIP room… the way to the room excludes outsiders.’

The VIP rooms used the same elevator with the standard rooms, however, they were on different floors.

Their security procedures were also more thorough.

Kimin calculated if he could infiltrate safely while considering possible variables.

He scratched his head hard.

‘No, it’s not going to work.’

Nothing was a problem except Sangki Beak.

If he doesn’t prepare enough, it’s going to be a problem.

He started planning strategies without infiltrating the VIP room.

‘Infiltration is the priority…, however, it doesn’t matter if my plan is a little bit different in Hayeong Choi’s case.’

The reason why Kimin’s priority was infiltration was Kimin preferred to remind them of what they had done face to face.

However, Hayeong Choi’s case was an exception.

She already knew what she had done and who she did it to.

She even attempted suicide due to her guilty conscience.

Kimin thought ‘Then isn’t it ok to change my methods a little bit…?’

He thought about the interior of the VIP room when he went to meet the previous chairman, Daehong Park.

He tried to think of something useful and was reminded of the window.

‘Can I use the window?’

It was like sniping.

He simulated several times, however, he concluded that it was not going to work.

First, there was no place to ‘release’ from the outside of the window.

What if he disguises himself as a window cleaning man?

‘No. I will be suspected for sure.’

Besides, there were so many things depending on his luck, for example, closed curtains.

If infiltration and sniping are difficult…

Kimin lied on his back on the bed.

‘It’s not easy.’

At that moment, something passed through his mind.

“Yea, I don’t need to infiltrate the inside of the VIP room!”

He had to do that before, however, if he utilized the new characteristic, ‘Attach’…

The walkways of the inside of the hospital passed through his mind.

‘The place.’

Kimin instantly stood up and started to pack up.




Hayeong Choi laying down on a bed seemed a lot better mentally and also physically than when she was in the shelter.

It seemed like Sangki Beak’s existence helped the most.

How many people could go through him and hurt her?

However, Hayeong Choi knew this stability wouldn’t last forever.

Someday, she had to go back to the shelter and shiver with fear alone again.

Therefore, her mind was getting unstable again as much as she recovered physically.

Sangki Beak, who was only focusing on his phone game, talked to Mr. Kwan.


“Yes, Mr. Beak.”

“Is he really coming?”


“Until when should I wait for him in this hospital? You said I would be disturbing you guys when you catch him, so I’m not going outside.”

Surprisingly, Sangki Baek showed patience even with his obsession with Kimin.

“We already delivered the news like an advertisement. He will definitely come. Just wait a little bit more please.”

Mr. Kwan tried desperately to make Sangki Beak calm down while sweating so hard.

“Forget it. I will be outside of the room for a moment. Call me if something happens.”

“Ok, sir.”

At that moment, Mr. Kwan’s phone rang.

He checked who called and went outside of the room to answer.

“Yes, Mr. Park.”

– Still no news?

“No, sir. No one approached at all except some reporters around the intensive care unit.”

– You cleared the surrounding area, right?

“Yes. I took care of the area so he can approach easily, however…”

– What about the device for detecting a hidden skill?

“It’s properly working now.”

– …Perhaps I thought about him wrong.


Jinbum didn’t talk for a while and then struggled to continue the next words while gnashing his teeth.

– Send her back to the shelter. I will apologize to Mr. Sangki Beak.

“Did you mean discharge her?”


At that moment, somebody snatched the phone from Mr. Kwan.

“Hey, Jinbum. Aren’t you coming?”

– Mr. Beak.

“Even though I’m personally waiting here, you aren’t coming to see me. Don’t you think it’s weird?”

Mr. Kwan got nervous and looked at Sangki Beak.

Jinbum softly answered.

– You need to save the best bait for the future.

Sangki Beak stood still for a second and giggled.

“Bitch. You are a good talker.”

– Thank you, sir.

“By the way, you are going to make her leave the hospital?”

– I think we should. I feel like that guy is scared.

“You told everyone she is in critical condition. Isn’t it going to be awkward if she is suddenly discharged?”

– She is a healer. It’s ok to say that she healed herself.

“Whatever. How are you going to send her back?”

– The body double in the intensive care unit will be sent to the main entrance and the real one will be sent to the underground parking lot. Do you have a better idea?

“Nope. Then, I will watch the body double. Call me if something happens in the basement.”

– Ok, sir. That’s going to be better because he doesn’t know she’s in the VIP room.


– Also, I have prepared some reporters in front of the main entrance until the body double gets there.

“You are going to gain some time until he comes while the reporters delay the body double, right?”

– That’s right, sir. If he is around here, he will definitely come after her. We are totally just giving the bait to him. How can he not bite it?

“Very good.”

– After that, I will just believe in you…


“You heard everything, right?”

Sangki Beak hung up the phone and threw it at Mr. Kwan.




“I don’t want to go…”

“You can’t stay here forever. Let’s go. We will take care of you better when you go back.”

In an elevator.

There were Hayeong wearing a thick plaster cast, Mr. Kwan helping Hayeong by holding her shaky arm, and the hunting team surrounding them.

Hayeong almost plucked down because of her anxiety.

Mr. Kwan pulled her arm deeper into his shoulder and helped her stand.

“Ms. Hayeong. Hang in there. There is always a way out if you keep your head on straight. We will help you. That guy will die for sure. Do you trust us?”


The elevator door opened in the underground parking lot.

People cleared the way and Hayeong’s group got out.

After that, the elevator became full of people and the door shut.

None of them even looked at each other’s faces.

So, Mr. Kwan could not see someone spinning his finger.

Mr. Kwan thought while walking to the car.

‘How are they doing at the main entrance…’

Slowly slowly…

Hayeong barely walked forward.

Even though she was walking so slow, Mr. Kwan and Mr. Jo knew how she felt so they didn’t drag or nag her.

So many cars and people passed by them.


She walked for a long time to the car and fell right in front of it.

Hayeong relaxed her arm, then Mr. Kwan missed her arm.

He begged Hayeong who fell on the ground.

“Oh, Ms. Hayeong. Pull yourself together. We should get back. Please?”

However, she did not react.

“Ms. Hayeong. Ms. Hayeong?”

Mr. Jo instantly ran to Hayeong.

“Ca…Call him. Call Mr. Beak. Right now!”


“Don’t you see her lips?”

Dark red and green blood vessels were bizarrely wriggling on her lips.

Whenever her pulse beats, the vessels rhythmically stretch out.

“This symptom… It’s poison from the sky ipomoea. It’s him. However, why this poison…?”

‘What is he thinking?’

Mr. Kwan urgently contacted Sangki Beak with his shaky hands.

“Mr… Mr. Beak. He’s here. In the parking lot.”

– When did it happen?

“Just now, sir.”

How long has he waited for these words?

His mouth smiled.

And the time had stopped.

In the black and white world, Sangki Beak’s tracking had begun.



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