Chapter 28

Sangki Beak stopped the time in the black and white world.

However, how was he going to find the guy even with time stopped?

Didn’t he only have one clue that ‘the guy was here’?

Sangki Beak had two solutions for that.

First, finding someone with a mask type artifact.

‘When I heard about him, he definitely sounded like he wanted to hide himself. Is he going to come with his bare face? That’s never going to happen.’

He came down to the underground parking lot and everyone in there was still. He started to tap people’s faces with his finger.

Even though they were still like a rock, there would be a rebound if someone was wearing a mask.

He went through so many experiments to feel the rebound.

He preferred to slap people’s faces to check, however…

‘Just in case because I can’t kill him.’

Capturing him alive was inconvenient for all reasons.

And Sangki Beak grabbed around his pocket and took out something.

The Second solution was detection artifact.

It was an object that shined with a red light when the person in front of it was a skill user.

‘If someone satisfies both conditions, it is him. Let’s just mark people who satisfy only one for now.’

Sangki Beak nodded and continued searching.

While checking all the people in the underground parking lot, he checked the key pattern on his arm.

The key pattern appeared when he went to the black and white world and allowed him only 5 minutes.

The rest of the time was…


He stretched out his arm with the pattern.

The red key shined, pulled out ‘something’ from him, and created an exit.

‘If I have him…’

As soon as he gnashed his teeth and left through the exit, the black and white world turned inside out and ate up the real world.




‘He is definitely here in the underground parking lot.’

Sangki Beak’s eyes had madness in them.

‘He has to be. He has to be here.’


He couldn’t find anyone who satisfied even one condition even though he searched the underground parking lot several times.

Sangki Beak felt a little bit of anxiety.

It was something he had never felt before.

‘Am I… Am I wrong? I’m Sangki Beak. There is something I can’t get?’

Tap, Tap.


Tap, Tap.


He almost blew off someone’s head but tried to control his emotions.

Patience was way too unfamiliar to him, so it wasn’t easy.

In the meantime.

A car caught his eyes.

The car windows looked tinted since he could barely see inside.

He approached the car and there was a sitting silhouette on the driver’s seat.

‘Well, well. There was something I missed.’

The person inside was holding something.

Sangki Beak peeled the window on the driver’s side like peeling an egg and looked at the person.

‘I was curious what it was and it was a camera…’

He reached his hand towards the person’s cheek.



It was the feeling he was waiting for.

A mask type artifact.

Sangki Beak’s eyes sparkled.

He put his detection artifact to the person.

As expected, the artifact shined with a clear red light.

‘You waited for Hayeong Choi and released your skill while pretending to be a reporter in the underground parking lot. He knew the real bait was in the VIP room.’

‘He is definitely a smart guy. It was a good try, however, you can’t beat me.’

“Good. Got him.”

He became satisfied and smiled even though he didn’t know what result would come from the fact that he didn’t get reliable information about Kimin in the Dark Auction.




“Is it the guy who gave us so much trouble?”


“I knew you could do it, Mr. Beak.”

Mr. Kwan tried hard to compliment Sangki Beak in front of the person who was tied to a chair.

He meant it 90% because this guy made him suffer so much that he lost his hair.

“By the way, where is your friend?”

Sangki Beak was asking about Mr. Jo.

“Oh… He followed Hayeong who went back to the hospital. It was not a deadly poison. She will be fine if she gets treatment, but she needs to stay at the hospital.”

Sangki Beak nodded and rubbed his hands.

“Now, I’m going to open this guy’s mask type artifact.”

“Can the chairman watch it together by any chance…?”

“Sure. Show it to him.”

“Thank you.”

When Mr. Kwan happily video called Jinbum Park, the guy who was tied up recovered his consciousness.


“Oh, are you awake?”

– You did it. I expected it, Mr. Beak.

“Yea, I’m Sangki Beak. Dude, watch well. This is his real face.”

Sangki Beak tore off the mask type artifact on the guy’s face.


– Um…?


Sangki Beak lost his composure after seeing the guy’s face and roughly pulled the guy’s hair.

The guy’s wig came off and his real hair showed up. 

They lost their words in front of a foreigner who had blond hair and blue eyes.

Sangki Beak asked Jinbum.

“Hey. The bitch is Korean, right?”

– Yes, sir.

“You sure?”

– Yes, I am….

“Is there any possibility he had plastic surgery…. Ha. Ridiculous.”

Sangki Beak was dumbfounded for a moment and then grabbed and pulled the guy’s face once again.

It was a real face.

“Oh… Fuck.”

Sangki Beak biting his lips was a rare scene.

However, none of the people could breathe in front of his anger.

“Hey. Why did you wearing a fucking mask and come here?”

Sangki Beak threw the torn mask to the foreigner’s face.

The foreigner tried to say something in English.

“What… Master Beak? Are you talking about me?”

Sangki Beak did not have the mind to listen to him.

His hand instantly disappeared.


Then the foreigner’s neck turned twice and a half from one slap.


The foreigner fell with the chair on the ground while looking backward.

“Oh. Have I gotten stronger? I didn’t hit him that hard.”

Sangki Beak giggled and left.

Only Mr. Kwan remained in front of the blond foreigner whose neck was twisted badly.


– Mr. Kwan.

“Oh, yes!!”

– Put yourself together.

“Ok. I’m ok. Thank you.”

Mr. Kwan was surprised by Jinbum’s voice.

He pointed at the guy on the floor.

“Should I clean that up now?”

– Is it a room you have to empty right away?

“No, sir. If it’s locked, it’s safe.”

– Then, do it later. He’s still after Hayeong Choi. I heard from Mr. Jo that the whatever flower’s poison takes some time to get rid of. You know the reason why he used that kind of poison, right?

“I think… He’s trying to lock her up at the hospital.”

– If you know, go back to the VIP room right now.

“Yes, sir.”

– I hope Mr. Beak doesn’t make any mistakes this time…

After Mr. Kwan hung up the phone and left the room.

Crash, Crash…

The foreigner’s neck started to turn back like a spring unwinding.

When his neck went back to where it was supposed to be, he opened his eyes wide.

“The chairman, Jinbum Park, and Sangki Beak…? Sangki Beak and Ohsung? What is their relationship? I smell a scoop.” 

The foreigner frantically mumbled.

He saw his hands and legs being tied on the chair. As soon as he held his breath and strained his body, his arms and legs became like a mollusk and escaped from the ropes.

He carefully picked up his camera from the floor and handled it for a moment. 

Then he took out a return stone and twisted it.




Hayeong Choi came back to the bed in the VIP room.

The poison that covered half of her face was almost removed.

However, she did not look so good, so her face was covered with a mask.

The VIP room was the same, but the tranquilness was not the same.

None of the many people that surrounded her could stop her poisoning.

That meant the hunting team and Mr. Jo were like paper tigers.

The fact that no one could figure out the guy’s location even though she was poisoned and Sangki Beak knew that gave her even more fear.

If Sangki Beak knew, he should have taken action.

However, he is quite…, then, does it mean his actions were meaningless?

‘Is Sangki beak not able to kill him?’

Now, the VIP room and the shelter meant no difference to her.

Hayeong Choi covered herself with a blanket and shook her body.

When a meal tray arrived for dinner, Mr. Kwan listened to the nurse who brought the meal.

“Ok, I will do that.”

“Oh, and there was something on the tray.”

The nurse handed out an envelope.

The envelope had a sentence printed, ‘Hand it to Miss. Sihyeon Choi in the VIP #2201 room at dinner time.’

Mr. Kwan’s eyes suddenly shook.

‘Sihyeon Choi is Hayeong Choi’s false name.’

‘He knows her location and also her false name?’

“I will check it.”

While Mr. Jo grabbed the envelope, Mr. Kwan asked the nurse. 

“When did you get it?”

“I don’t know. It was just there.”

Mr. Kwan called Sangki Beak right away.

As soon as he hung up, Sangki Beak appeared in front of him.

“The security camera.”

“Yes, sir.”

Mr. Kwan and Sangki Beak went to check the security camera while Mr. Jo deeply was worried.

A piece of paper was in his hand with a time printed in red.

18 : 00

Mr. Jo checked the time.

‘It’s 5… 17:45. 15 minutes left.’




There were only 5 minutes left, but Sangki Beak and Mr. Kwan hadn’t come back.

‘They are not even answering the phone.’

Mr. Jo thought about what to do and looked at his phone.

Jinbum Park’s face was on the screen.

“Can you see it clearly, sir?”

– Yea. Keep it this way.

“Mr. Beak is…”

– Leave him.

Mr. Kwan listened to the chairman and sat down on a chair next to Hayeong’s bed. She was not thinking about coming out of the blanket.

The room was only full of nervousness and silence.

3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second…

The moment it became 6’oclock.

“Ah…. Ah….?”

Hayeong Choi’s confused groan broke the silence.

She wrapped her face with her hands and kicked the blanket.

“It hurts…. It’s hot…”

Everyone was still in front of Hayeong whose face was now full of burn scars all over.


She held in the pain and checked her face through her phone screen with her unclear eyes.


Hayeong Choi cried out.

‘This face!!’

It was the face of the man who was tied to the chair in the secret room in Ohsung.

They knew it was a message from the man.

“Please…. Please kill me. Quickly!!”

Hayeong desperately shouted.

“Please… just kill me. Please! I don’t want to be in pain anymore…”

Mr. Jo looked at Sangki Beak and Mr. Kwan who came back without their knowledge.

Mr. Kwan caught Mr. Jo’s eyes and shook his head.

It meant they couldn’t find him.

Sangki Beak kept silent while crossing his arms.

– Mr. Beak…

“Shut up.”

– Ok, sir.

Anyone could see his pride had been hurt.

Sangki Beak’s reaction to Jinbum Park was more violent than normal.

“Kill me!! I said kill me!!! Ahhh!! It hurts… mom….”

She was grabbing her face and suffering.

Bam!! Bam!!

After all, Hayeong Choi started to hit her head on the iron handle on the side of her bed.

People around her hurriedly grabbed her.

“Please…!! Ahh…”

She looked around the people who were stopping her and desperately begged, but no one could offer to do that.

If It was easy, there wouldn’t be a debate about euthanasia.

Hayeong Choi stared at Sangki Beak with her despairing eyes.

“You told me you can catch him…”

Sangki Beak didn’t answer.

Hayeong Choi was leaking tears and puss from her face and glared at him.

“Fucking incompetent…”

At that moment.

Sangki Beak shook his hand without any facial expression and Hayeong Choi’s head blew off.

The VIP room was full of a bloody stench, however, no one could express their disgust in front of Sangki Beak.

Sangki Beak slowly walked and left the VIP room.

“Fucking arrogant. Don’t think you have beaten me.”

Only his unpleasant remark was left in the empty hallway.




– He’s a fucking little kid who is incompetent and foolish but only has high self-pride and strength.


– I know I bet on him, but I didn’t know that my hidden card was this incompetent.

Jinbum lashed out in front of his anxious subordinates.


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