Chapter 26

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“By the way, Lady Alice.”

Takeo addressed Alice.

“Yes. What is it?”

“Did you find a good café?”

Alice was nervous.


Before Alice could say anything, Takeo spoke out.

“Lady Alice, I’m really sorry but I would like to postpone our café outing……..”

By his sudden statement, Alice was quite perplexed but Takeo began to explain the reason.

“When I look at the current situation, I think it will still take some time before we come to a point of clarity.

I’m really sorry even though I asked you to find a café.

We’ll make our outing to the café the first priority tomorrow so can you excuse this?

Alice was surprised. This was perfectly good.

“Umm……Sir Takeo. Actually, I must also apologize to you……..”

Alice brought out the paper box that she had kept behind and said with a wry smile.

“Since the shop was crowded, I bought it .”

Takeo was surprised as he looked at Alice and both of them began to laugh.

Since it for a good place to pause, for the time being, they took a break and the shop assistant brought tea to Takeo and Alice’s seats.

Since Alice hadn’t bought enough for all the people in the store, Alice, Takeo, and the shop manager began eating the souvenir.

Even the other staff that was nearby started to relax.

“Now then, it’s great that everyone is relaxing so I would like you all to listen to what I’m thinking.

Although I explained this in simple words to the shop manager earlier, it’s regarding the coat.

It’s also a supplement to the conversation that I was having with Lady Alice earlier.”

As Takeo began to speak, Alice, the store manager, and the rest of the workers all positioned themselves to listen.

“I mentioned this earlier as well but I would like this town to be the center for this shop.

The first reason for that is to avoid getting embroiled in the internal politics of the nobles of the royal capital.

Of course, you would want to make dresses for beautiful people like Lady Alice. You would also want to become very prosperous etc.

But the fastest way to realize that dream is not by opening a branch in the royal capital.

What I said earlier is my………Kitamizato’s thought process.

I’m  not denying that you can open a flagship store in the royal capital to realize your dreams.”

He lightly nodded while looking at everyone.

“The second reason is that there is a possibility that people who can understand the psychology of the sale of the coat are gathered here.

According to the shop manager, the point of this coat is that it is brand new.

To show off a new way of thinking, to be able to see it in real life, to be able to learn or to be able to create; young people may come to this town with such expectations.

At that time, I would like this store to accept them.

Thirdly, in the future, you may be able to make a maximum of hundreds of coats per year.

I would for this town to have a factory that can produce tailored clothing in large quantities.”

As looked towards everyone, they all looked slightly surprised.

“Well, the second and third points are not for the short term but a forecast for a future that is many years away.

If the second and third points go well; people, things, and money will flow into this town.

I want to contribute to the development of this town.

By the way, Lady Alice?”


Called out so suddenly, Alice let out a strange reply.

“This is how the future I envisioned will benefit the Elvis family.

If clothing craftsmen gather in this town, various kinds of clothing will be created.

It may even develop to an extent where this town may be considered the ‘the town of clothing’.”

Not only Alice, but everyone was surprised by Takeo’s words.

‘How far can you go with a grand dream.’

Or so.

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