Chapter 27

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Maeng Hyo-don jumped out of the window.

As soon as he jumped, he immediately regretted it.  

“Vice president you fucking bitch!”  

The moment the window was broken, dozens of Enemy and Ung family chasers waiting on the roof of the building began to pursue Maeng Hyo-don.

When Enemy approached, it was natural that the player SAT-K reacted, but the association satellites were always unresponsive to the families of the Ung tribe.

‘I almost died trying to kill one!’  

The chasers were made up of the same kind as the Enemies that Maeng Hyo-don had fought dozens of times at the fight club.

He almost died of shock from excessive bleeding several times while fighting the Enemies.

Although he was healed with a recovery item, the price set for the item was several times higher than the market price, resulting in a large debt.

As a result, Maeng Hyo-don had to play more dangerous games, and the debt increased again.

He got just fell deeper and deeper.  

“Damn it!”  

One Enemy ran toward Maeng Hyo-don’s arm.

He rolled and barely avoided it, but he couldn’t run like this.

Suddenly he was surrounded.

“What is this… … .”  

The Enemy did not immediately run at Maeng Hyo-don.

They were just growling for a long time and staring at Maeng Hyo-don.

They seemed to laugh at him in a miserable situation.  

“Are you planning on playing with me, Enemy sons of bitches!”  


Maeng Hyo-don’s scream rang in the streets at night, mixed with the sound of thunder.  

‘I will at least kill a few before you catch me.’

Maeng Hyo-don pledged that way, and he was ready to fight.

Desperate moments and volatile situations continued.  


Dozens of arrows of light came from somewhere.

All the arrows fixed the Enemy’s legs onto the ground.

As if protecting Maeng Hyo don. 

‘Where the hell… … !’  

The place where the arrow flew from was the school gate of the Silver Light high school.  

‘… … In this rain, in this darkness, through a strong wind, you hit dozens of shots?’

The streets were pitch-black, and the rain was pouring down enough to hurt his skin, and the wind was blowing enough to stagger the trees on the street.

No matter how well he handled his abilities, the skill level was unexplainable.

It was something he couldn’t do other than the question.

He asked himself if he was seeing hallucinations right now.

[Silver Light school gate, run to the front gate]  

What came to mind with the question was the words of the vice-president.

The voice of the Vice-president Cho Eui-Shin, who was disguised as an old man, hovered in my ear.

Maeng Hyo-don got up again and started running through the rain. 

Swoosh, swoosh!

Roar, roar!

While Maeng Hyo-don was running, arrows of light constantly poured out toward the Enemy.

As if there were no rain, wind, and lightning, arrows of light penetrated the Jin tribe’s family precisely. 

The sounds of the arrows hitting.

The sound of the Enemy crying.

The sounds mixed with the sound of the rain were as loud as the sound of his heart beating.  

Thump, thump.  

Enemies that turned into needlesticks with dozens of shots fell.

The leader Enemy was also unable to outperform Maeng Hyo-don because its foot was injured.

The Jin tribes’ family could no longer hinder his escape.

He was taking his steps away from hell.

‘No way, no way really… … .’  

Beyond the imperfect view, the front gate of the school gate was seen in the distance.

Even in the storm, he saw a white-silver light clock tower that was dimly lit.

Above the clock tower stood an archer shooting a glowing arrow.  

“Run over here, Maeng Hyo-don!”  

The archer of the black raincoat shouted toward Maeng Hyo-don.

He squeezed his last energy and sprinted.

Finally, he crossed the boundaries of the silver light front gate. 


Maeng Hyo-don, a student of the Silver Light, was able to safely pass through the school gate, but Enemy was blocked by the barrier of the silver light and could not pass through the school gate.

The archer of the black raincoat instantly killed the Enemies, which had been stiffened by the effect of the barrier.  


When the last Enemy fell.

The archer wearing a black raincoat landed lightly under the clock tower and walked toward Maeng Hyo-don.

Maeng Hyo-don was relieved and plunged into the puddle. 

‘I came to school… … I came into the campus of Silver Light… … !’  


Maeng Hyo-don was relieved after a long time.

It was a feeling he missed very much.

“I heard from Cho Eui-shin.”

After hearing that, Maeng Hyo-don noticed.

The archer of this black raincoat was his homeroom teacher.

The vice-president said that he was Ham Geun-hyung, the homeroom teacher for the 1st years.  

“Maeng Hyo-don, this is would be your first attendance.”

Ham Geun-hyung took off the black raincoat with the silver light’s logo and covered Maeng Hyo-don with it.

Even though Maeng Hyo-don was wrapped in a raincoat, he couldn’t raise his head because it felt like it was still raining on his face.

In his mind, the words of Vice-president Cho Eui-shin came to mind.  

[It’s not just me. Besides me, teacher Ham Geun-hyung, who is in charge, also came. To save you.]

“Teacher… … .”  

It had been a long time since Maeng Hyo-don used the word “teacher”.  

“Maeng Hyo-don, do you have any injuries?”  

It felt like walking in the water.

Every day it was difficult to solve food, clothing, and shelter problems.

Worrying about tomorrow had filled his head.

Father’s swear words and violence that got worse.

Fight club that was like hell and the growing debt.

Day by day, he felt like he was choking. 

‘I don’t know what to do, what should I do… … .’

Maeng Hyo-don, who was only a teenage boy, had only his father and school, but he had no real friends or teachers.

It was Maeng Hyo-don, who had no money to buy school supplies or reference books, nor money to go on school trips.

A player who doesn’t have money and was short in stature but can fight well.

It was natural to look at it.

It was the days when he noticed even eating meals alone. 

‘… … Teacher.’  

In the meantime, the middle school 3rd-year homeroom teacher was very nice.

He was an idiot who tried to prevent him from giving up going to high school and found a special admission for silver light by searching thousands and tens of thousands of pages of admission guidelines to send Maeng Hyo-don to a high school that does not require tuition.

When he was accepted into Silver Light, he even cried out loud.

It was a stupid guy that seemed like he would try to pay all his debts even if he stood as a guarantee for him.

That’s why he couldn’t tell him about his situation.

‘There was no place to ask for help… … .’  

However, Maeng Hyo-don met the first person he can ask for help today.

Vice-President Cho Eui-Shin who came into that hellish place.

Ham Geun-hyung, the homeroom teacher who protected him from dozens of beasts.

Maybe it would be okay to ask for help.

Maeng Hyo-don opened his mouth without even knowing.  

“… … Help me, Teacher.” 

Maeng Hyo-don shut his mouth right after he said that.

He couldn’t figure out what he was talking about.  

“Yes, I got it.”

Ham Geun-hyung agreed very easily.

Hearing the answer, Maeng Hyo-don couldn’t get up from the ground for a long time, even though he was getting drenched from all the rain.

His homeroom teacher, Ham Geun-hyung, waited for Maeng Hyo-don to get up on his own.  

* * *  

An arrow of light was seen through the red lightning and fog surrounding the building.

Ham Geun-hyung’s Gwanglim, “The Sharpshooter’s Gaze and Bow of Light” was being activated that borrowed the eyes and bow of the high-ranking beings who have left their names as sharpshooters.

‘Ham Geun-hyung will protect Maeng Hyo-don.’  

Silver Light High school was attended by the best genius players in Korea.

The head of the Student Affairs Department that oversaw student management and life guidance there.

The best martial artist among the teachers took on that role.

It was rare that the player’s life coach had a poorer skill than the student. 

 ‘He wouldn’t have been a playable character that had survived a long time in this crazy world for nothing.’ 

Ham Geun-hyung’s player alias was Heavenly Bow (蒼天名弓).

‘Any place that the eyes of that famous sharpshooter can touch was heaven’

Was the meaning of that alias.

Ranked at the top of the ranged attack playable character, he survives for a relatively long time and helps the protagonists’ party.

‘This building is only 200m away from the border of the school. No matter how dark and stormy it is, it would be easy for Ham Geun-hyung to protect Maeng Hyo don from the clock tower at the front gate.’  

Maeng Hyo-don was rescued.

Now it was his turn.

Immediately after Jeokho fired red lightning all over the building in response to his signal.

He activated the skill inside the building that was collapsing by red lightning.  

‹Using the target character’s skill, ‘Fly’.› 

‹Using the target character’s skill, ‘space control’.›

At the same time as floating into the air from the collapsing floor, a barrier of light was formed around him.

A spatial technique that manipulates or fixes a space in a desired state and changes its properties.

Space control, a derivative skill of space arts, could also be used as a barrier. 

‘It certainly deserves to be the favorite power of the dragon god king… … !’  

The character that he transformed into player’s trajectory was Yongje-geon.

His nickname is Mr. Yong.

Among the Jin tribe, this was Yong Je-Geon, who was part of the dragon tribe and working as a silver light school teacher.  

‘Although it is a version with a lower level than the real thing due to a teacher contract with Hwangho.’

In order to work as a teacher in Silver Light, Yong Je-geon signs a teacher contract to adjust all his levels to the human level.

Due to that limitation, he died without showing all of his power in the story that triggered the “Plamago concrete floor collapse incident”.  

‘There were a lot of users who regretted when he died because he was as popular as Jeokho.’  

There was only one playable character who could fly, defend, and capture at the same time, even though he was old.

If he used the Gwangrim of Yongjegeon, it would be too tiring, so he had to use only skills if possible.  

‘Let’s use Yongjegun’s Gwanglim carefully.’

While he was spreading the barriers with the power of Yong Je-gun.

The collapse of the building was going smoothly.  

‘Jeokho did a good job.’  

Between meeting Maeng Hyo-don.

Jeokho did pre-work for the collapse of this decadent building.

In response to his signal, the building collapsed coolly when the red lightning struck specific spots, pillars, beams, rebars, etc.

It wasn’t difficult to destroy buildings built by breaking dozens of building codes.

Jeokho even meticulously wrapped up the entire building with Jeokyeon to prevent damage to the nearby buildings and to prevent members from running away.  

Crack, Crack, Boom! 


‘Maybe he is doing too good of a job.’  

Jeokho did too well.

The building was collapsing much faster than expected.

He thought it would take 15 minutes for everything to collapse, but it will be over in 10 minutes.

It seems that Jeokho decided to meticulously collapse the building.  

‘He is definitely part of the Tiger tribe.’ 

This building was the evidence of all the evil deeds performed by Choi Pyeon-deuk and his VIP members.

To catch them, it was necessary to capture them inside the building as evidence.

However, there was a possibility that Maeng Hyo-don would be taken hostage if he struck head-on, and tamers of Ungjok, the dozens of Enemy he raised, and the chaser team would interfere.  

‘Then it would be impossible to capture all the player members.’

His strategy was like this.

First, aim for the birthday of owner Choi Pyeon-deuk, where all the main characters and VIP guests gather.

Second, rescue Maeng hyodon.

Third, remove the Jin tribes’ chase team from the building.

Fourth, seal the entire building and collapsed it to capture all the guests.

He let Jeokho focus on the part of the plan to block and destroy the entire building, while he decided to take care of the rest.  


“Get out, get out!”

“It’s falling apart, it’s falling apart!”

“Save me!”

Customers and employees dressed in filthy clothes were running away using their abilities.

All of the guests were players, but they were weaker than the silver light students, had no weapons, and were drunk with alcohol and drugs.

There was no way they could properly exert their power in the red lightning of the tiger tribe.  

‘They are looking great.’  

Red fog engulfed outside the window, and the building was collapsing with red current flowing through the floor.

The hellish decadent establishment became a fire lighting hell.  

‘Is this the feeling of deleting the hate?’  

He enjoyed this hellish mess.

Especially on the entrance and the stairs.

They were in an absolute hurry, and it was very messy.

“Let’s not be afraid. You are also players.”  

No one would listen, but he gave them a word.

He asked Jeok-ho in advance to wrap the few non-players a little with Jeokyeon to protect their vital spots so that they would not die.  

‘Of course, players don’t get that.’  

Son Min-gi, who was only a junior high student, survived even though his limbs were destroyed.

Even if this building is destroyed, not everyone will die.

Maybe, a lot.

Although they would feel like they rather die than feel the pain.

“Choi Pyeondeuk, don’t you think so too?”  

He talked to Choi Pyeon-deuk, who had been caught with spacial skills.

The fifth part of the plan was to catch Choi Pyeon-deuk by collapsing between the 7th and 8th floors first.

The first thing that was smashed was the floor between the 8th floor of the VIP room and the 7th floor of the fight club.

Choi Pyeon-deuk was going to be captured no matter what.  

“Do, do you not know. Who I am! Ahh, ahhhhh!”  

Choi Pyeon-deuk seemed to be still out of his mind.

He tried to get out of space by using his powers, but the power he was operating right now belongs to the dragon tribe.

It wasn’t possible for a fallen player to respond without a trivial weapon.

‘You survived silver light high school by socializing, tightrope walking, and paperwork when you were weaker than most of the student players.’  

The more you look at it, he was a guy who was nothing compared to the excellent teachers, Jegal Jae-geol and Ham Geun-hyung.  

“Choi Pyeondeuk, I’m going to do what you hate from now on.”  

He flew towards the secret place on the 8th floor seen in the game.

He had told Jeok-ho about his plans in advance and asked him to destroy the place less.

“Ugh, Arghh! I’m telling you, Ahhhh! ugh… … .”

During the flight, Choi Pyeon-deuk, caught with space skills, was deliberately made to hit the ground and struck the building fragments that fell.

This short flight was very refreshing.  

‘It was about here.’

He dragged Choi Pyeon-deuk and walked toward the secret place hidden in the deepest part of the VIP room.

When he saw the door of the secret place, he started going crazy.  

“No, what are you thinking. Ouch!”

“What do you think. If you catch the enemy, you have to get a reward.”  

He grabbed Choi Pyeon-deuk’s head and brought his eyes to the iris recognizer.  


The side door that seemed shabby at first glance opened slowly.

And what he saw was a warehouse the size of around 355 square feet.

Apple boxes filled with cash and item cards were piled all over the shelf.  

“You’ve been storing away tons. Good work.”

Like dribbling a basketball, he put Choi Pyeon-deuk’s head on the floor and reached for the boxes.

Then the boxes disappeared into the item window of his exclusive menu.

Looking at the disappearing boxes, Choi Pyeon-deuk screamed.

When he was happy with the growing list of items he was getting.

A system beep was heard.  

‹You now have 500 weapon types.›  

What was it saying suddenly?  

‹The level of the skill ‘Use All Things’ has been increased from 1 to 2.›  


Why all of a sudden?

He hasn’t used any weapons right now.

He just used the player’s trajectory and the skills of Yongjegun.

With that said, the reason the skill level has risen…

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

The Use All Things skill levels must increase depending on the amount of weapon possession too.

He felt better because of the unexpected bonus.

Choi Pyeon-deuk looked up at him, dropping his body with pain and anger from the loss of his wealth. 

“Why the hell… … Why!”

Choi Pyeon-deuk had a face that seemed to be struck by lightning in the dry sky rather than being judged for his sins.

It was indeed true that he was struck by the red lightning of Jeokho.

He decided to give him a hint because he felt a little better with the unexpected skill level up.  

“Don’t you know me?”

“You, don’t you really know me? I mean, huh? I know a lot of people in high… … .”

“Don’t you know when you see this crow mask?”

With that answer, he stared at the traces of the cut off the flesh on Choi Pyeon-deuk’s palm.

He engraved Sidelentium’s seal and the crow’s stigma to Choi Pyeon-deuk, who also participated in the Dream Auction.

“I put a crow pattern on the palm of your hand.”  

Choi Pyeon-deuk had a shocked face.

“The, the Red Phantom Thief… … !”

That alias was embarrassing, so he wished he didn’t call it outright.  


He reflexively slammed the back of his head.

Because he did not hold back, the dragon tribes’ strength was expressed without regret.

Two of his front teeth were broken when he was hit by the ground when he raised his head.

He didn’t feel sorry for it at all.

Because Choi Pyeon-deuk was also related to his old grudge, 10 years ago.  

“Do you know how many pre-registered users of Plamago have fallen because of you? That tutorial was like a real dogshit.”

“That… … What do you mean… … .”

“I want you to feel like an absurd dogshit for no reason. Choi Pyeon-deuk.”  

The resentment of the veteran player in the national trash game was deep-rooted.

He laughed coolly over the mask for a while.

Humans are afraid of unintelligible disasters and unreasonable violence.

Choi Pyeon-deuk, who was terrified as if he looked like a maniac who kept smiling, didn’t talk much after that anymore.

But while smiling, his head was spinning cold.

‘I will not pass you over to the police like Son Min-ki and Byeon Soon-hoe.’ 

He had no intention of judging Choi Pyeon-deuk by law.

Son Min-ki and Byeon Soon-hoe.

He had no intention of letting him live by seeing the light of the world like the two.  

‘Choi Pyeondeuk knows the law well. The network is not comparable to the previous two. At best, after living in prison for a few years, he will eat well and live well with the wealth he has saved from corruption.’  

Although he robbed him of a lot, there’s no way this sleazy guy hid his fortune in one just place.

‘So let’s leave it to Jeokho.’

He communicated with the Ung by using the position of a teacher in a school run by the tigers in the tiger tribe.

This Choi Pyeon-deuk was the thing Jeokho wanted to hit the most.

‘Choi Pyeon-deuk will disappear from this collapse today. On the surface.’  

While thinking that he decided to join Jeokho.  


With the sound of the wind, his nerves were on the brink.

Someone was trying to attack him.

He felt the wind move ominously in the collapsed building.

There was no system alert.

If that was the case, it was not the Enemy.

The opponent was the Jin tribe.

‘You’re here, beast training class Ung tribe!’  

The owner of the pet-type monster who unleashed the monsters at the entrance exam of the Silver Light school and this fight club.

He predicted that he would come to observe and show off his pet with great care at Choi Pyeon-deuk’s birthday party.

It was one of the guys he must capture today.  

‘Even if Jeokho isn’t with me, I can deal with it until the building collapses.’  

The usable time of the player’s trajectory will be considerably reduced, but he will use the Dragon tribe’s Gwanglim to block it.

It was when he tried to activate the Gwanglim of Yongje Gun.  


An unimaginable existence between him and the Ung-jok of training class appeared with a great sword.

A straight back obstructed his view.

It was a view he had seen for almost 10 years.  

‘Why here… … !’  

It was Baek ho gun.

In front of his eyes, the Baek ho gun was confronting the Ung using the great sword called White Fang of the Breaking Cloud and Slashing Thunder.

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