Chapter 28

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Baekhogun turned his cool face and looked at me.

The temperature in the room seemed to drop by a few degrees just by receiving his attention.  

“I will cover you. So you can step back.”  

It was the third time he met Baekhogun in this world, but this was the first time he heard his voice.

He realized this was how he sounded.  


Baekhogun swung the White Fang and deflected the Ung tribe beast’s claws, and swung the sword downward toward its neck.

The beast lifted its long claws wrapped in black aura, turned the trajectory of the great sword, and giggled.  

“That great sword, that spirit! I have seen it before. White Tiger!”

Cho Eui Shin remembered hearing this voice of the Ung tribe.  

‘You’re the crazy guy who went crazy on the broadcast during the entrance exam.’  

Baekhogun and the beast exchanged attacks by running between the collapsing floor, pillars, and debris.

Black and white light clashing with each other were seen through red lightning and dust.

At first glance, their fighting power seemed to be equal.

The beast smiled with the momentum of tearing its mouths and shouted. 

“Hahahaha, it seems to be true when they say that you have become a prisoner of the gods! You call this the power of the mythical world? It’s pathetic!”

The white tiger who received the wrath of the heavenly gods and became a prisoner of God.

It was true that he received all kinds of debuffs and was currently only able to use about 10% of his strength.

“Of course, the words of ‘him’ were correct. Hahahahaha! There is nothing to be afraid of!”  

Him? Who is he? 

When he had such a question, the Ung tribe beast summoned two pet class demons at the same time by flicking the fingers with one hand.

The beast flicked his fingers many times.

However, it seemed that there were only two remaining because most of them were sent to chase after Maenghyodon.

As the Ung tribe chewed his lips and beckoned, a synthetic beast wrapped in black smoke ran toward the white tiger.  


The white tiger, who looked at the demon with indifferent eyes, said in a cold voice.  

“You dare to bring in such a horrible thing in God’s area.”  


Baekhogun swung the White Fang toward the Enemy.


When the flash disappeared, both of the two pet-type beast species were cleaved in two without a chance for them to retaliate.

It was a ridiculously powerful and neat strike.

The Ung tribe beast clicked his tongue.  

“Tsk… … !”

“You must have forgotten that the heavenly spirits did not forgive you.” 

Baekhogun looked up at the sky and said calmly.

The collapse of the ceiling had progressed, so he saw the sky full of dark clouds.  

“O God, please give me permission.”

A brilliant light fluttered around the forehead of Baekhogun who had finished saying that.

Particles of light illuminated the room brighter than red lightning.

When the brightness of the light reached its peak, Baekhogun sheathed the White Fang.

It was when the Ung tribe beast was wide open to see Baekhogun sheath his weapon.


Both arms of the Ung tribe beast disappeared.

He couldn’t see anything at all.

The ready motion.

Even the moment of attack. 

“Ahhhh, ahhhhhh! My, my arms!”  


When Baekhogun swung his great sword once again, the arm of the Ung tribe that had fallen completely lost its shape and turned into a bloody mess.

The great sword with the red handle in the hand of Baekhogung was the Bear Claw (熊獵爪).

Five thousand years ago, when the tigers and the Ung were confronted over the supremacy of the Korean peninsula, it was a weapon that was only used for hunting the Ung.

To slash someone from the Ung tribe, there was nothing like the Bear Claw.

‘And that is why he was my best flagship playable character… … !’

It is true that the power of Baekhogun was sealed by the celestial god, but the celestial god was angrier with the Ung tribe than Baekhogun.

Before the power of the White Tiger was sealed.

When dealing with the Ung, he had asked for their wrath to be removed, and the heavenly god allowed it.

‘If the opponent is the Ung, Baekhogun was invincible.’  

When the Ung is an enemy in a story or quest where Baekhogun can be selected in the game. 

Baekhogun was not a recommended playable character, but a required playable character.  

“You’re not even in the legendary class. When was that life given to you? A thousand years ago? A hundred years ago?”

“Oh uh, uh ah. My, my children are disappearing. Ahhhhhhhh… … !”

The Ung beast was completely confused.

Perhaps his hand was sealed with a medium that allowed him to control his pet demon servants.

Black smoke constantly flowed from the torso of the Ung tribe whose arms had disappeared.  

‘Because you were originally crazy, the way he’s talking doesn’t seem to be different from usual.’ 

Baekhogun spoke a few more times, but the Ung tribe spoke gibberish and unable to talk.

Baekhogun looked down at the figure and pointed the Bear Claw at it.  

‘Is he trying to kill?’

He intervened between the Ung tribe beast and Baekhogun.

The two Jin tribe members were facing each other on a pillar that was barely facing destruction, so they had to fly into the air. 

“Stop it, I want this one to be captured.”  

The collapse of the building was over.

The red lightning stopped and the debris was only visible through the clouds of dust.  

‘He wouldn’t cut me just because I blocked him right?’

Baekhogun was looking down at him flying on the half-broken pillar.

It felt like his body was freezing as he received the gaze that looked like frost.

Immediately after the cold eyes that were staring at him quietly blinked once.

The Bear Claw disappeared from the hand of Baekhogun.


Jeokho appeared with the sound of kicking the wall.

“Baekho, why are you here… … !”

Jeokho, who climbed up the wall in no time, looked astonished at Baekhogun.

Why does he have that kind of face?

Wasn’t it Jeokho who called the Baekhogun?

“Jeokho, why didn’t you call me?”

“I didn’t want you to dirty your hands… … .”

“So, is that why you came with a student belonging in the god’s territory?”  

Anger was in the voice of Baekhogun.

He was the one that used underhanded tricks to come with Jeokho.


Baekhogun was recognizing that he was a student.

Why? How?

‘No, let’s leave the question behind.’  

It’s not good to be here for a long time. 

“It was me who asked Jeokho.”

Baekhogun turned his gaze from Jeokho to him.

There was a deep reprimand in those eyes.

Fortunately, he didn’t say anything anymore, so he talked to Jeokho, who was confused.  

“Jeokho please move Choi Pyeon-deuk and the beast. Soon, players from the association called by Mr. Ham Geun-hyung will come. I’ll finish up here and leave.”

“… … I understand. See you soon.”

There were several variables, but today’s work has been resolved.

After capturing the stunned Choi Pyeon-deuk and the luminous Ung tribe with Jeokyeon, and climbed up the window frame.

“Baekho, what are you going to do?”

“I will act with Cho Eui-shin.”

Cho Eui-shin?

Baekhogun knew exactly his name.

He was using Gwanglim so how did he know?

‘Was he watching me all this time?’  

He wrapped himself with Jeokyeon and moved from the balcony of his dorm.

If he had been watching since then, he’ll probably know who he was.

Even though Jeokyeon cheated on human eyes, he could not cheat on the same tiger tribe.

Whatever the process it seemed like he had to move with Baekhogun now anyway.  

“Okay, let’s go.”

He descended through a cloud of dust toward the debris on the floor.

Baekhogun used his leap skills to kick the wall and lightly chased after him.

Beep, beep–  

They turned on the device and tracked the transmitter Jeokho had attached to them.

Moving along the red dot marked on the holographic map, they saw two stunned people through the fragments of the building.

Unlike those who became bloody, this middle-aged couple was fine.  

‘Jeokho is really excellent at his job.’  

He would have to treat Jeokho once.

With that thought, He kicked the two men wearing only underwear to wake them up.  

Thud, Thud!  

What did these people do here, that they would be wearing underwear?

If he thought of the business in this building, it was good that they weren’t naked at least.

“Uh… … Uh… … .”  

Soon the two woke up with their eyes drenched.

While unconscious, he tried to remove the bracelet worn on each left hand and the sheet attached under the watch.

Then, the black stigma received upon permanent expulsion of the player was seen.

He laughed behind the crow mask and talked to the middle-aged couple.  

“Nice to meet you. Irena’s parents.”  

* * *

As a result of Jeokho’s investigation, it was revealed that Irena’s parents were the most popular regulars.

They were VIP enough to be invited to Choi Pyeon-deuk’s birthday party.

So, today, he decided to those two would be the bonus on top of the birthday gift.

Irena’s parents were noisy throughout the flight, captured with space skills.

He thought he should wake them up after they arrived.

The belated regret came. 

“Teacher teacher. Let’s solve it with words.”

“Who is your teacher. Shut up.”  

The only time he was polite to them was when he said hello.

He flew in the air, letting both of them be covered in rain and wind. 

“Okay, we’ve arrived.”

It was the only skyscraper of Silver Light that they arrived at the end of the flight.

It was the Hwangmyeong Tower owned by the Hwangmyeong Group, one of Korea’s four largest groups.  

‘It’s a pity that it only has 55 floors.’  

Baekhogun who had been flying together with him was watching his actions silently.

He used a space technique and put the middle-aged couple, wet from the rain, like mice on a rooftop railing.

On the other hand, he and Baekhogun, who were protected by the barrier of space control, were not wet at all.  

‘If their feet touch the railing, they won’t feel like they are flying anymore.’  

Pitch-black darkness.

A storm of rain, thunder, and lightning from time to time.

Altitude above 200m.

It will probably be difficult to stay sane.

A middle-aged couple who turned blue appealed to him.

“I made a mistake and made a moment of aberration. We are adults and can be held accountable for our actions. Please let us make atonement in another way.”

“Yes Yes. Please let us go. I sincerely think I was wrong. I am reflecting. Please forgive me only once. We also have a family. Please… … .”  

The attitude the two asked me for was a calm, voice that aroused sympathy full of reason, affection, and reflection.

Because they knew how to be this sneaky and cunning, that’s why they don’t go to jail, and how they were playing as a VIP of a decadent business in front of the school.  

“Turn on the wearable device and give me ownership.”

They both handed over the wearable device they were wearing as bracelets.

Ownership was transferred smoothly and the device could be operated without security procedures.

The first thing he opened was the message window.

The record he was looking for was the message record with Irena.  


The results came out quickly.

It was on the most recent record that didn’t take much effort to search.

They constantly sent Irena messages.

A few hours ago, even before playing in a decadent establishment.  

‘It’s a spectacle.’

The two were very rational, but the reason seemed to be maintained by releasing stress on Irena.

The message on the hologram was a spectacle.  

[Did you talk to the police and the association? Tell me how much you took, you bitch]

[Don’t even call me mom anymore]

[This bitch that is ruining our family]

[How much money I invested in you, how much I gave up, but something like you shouldn’t have been born]

[This is all because of you] 

[I don’t know why something like you was born that we have to go through this hardship]  

Irena was not even treated like a family.

It’s because they’re talking about ‘their family’, not ‘my family’.

‘Investment… … Does Irena look like a retirement pension?’  

The money to raise Irena was a waste, but the money dedicated to Choi Pyeon-deuk wasn’t considered a waste.

Even though that money was for playing in a decadent establishment in front of the school where Irena attended. 

‘… … Irena has read all these messages.’  

Irena didn’t answer back, but all messages were read.

He seemed to know why she still couldn’t attend school.

“Irena is not your daughter? Why do you say this.”

When Irena’s name came out, the two people who had a polite attitude pridefully raised their heads. 

“Why are you talking about other families businesses? That’s because you don’t know how arrogant and uneducated Irena is.

“Have you ever heard anything from that damn bitch? It’s a bitch who says constantly lies. You can’t believe her.”

If they didn’t want to be ruined, he hoped they shut up.

These two went too far. 

Words didn’t reach them, so he wasn’t confident he can just speak to them.

It seems that there was no beginning to gift a harmonious family to Irena by asking the cause of the discord and helping to resolve it.

He grabbed the device in his hand and smashed it.


When the message window hologram disappeared, the heat on his head subsided a little.  

“Yeah, I don’t know anything about your home business.”  

However, he knew how Irena in the game died trying to be recognized by her parents.

He saw with his own eyes how terrified she was in the world’s only mid-teens at a forcibly dragged dream auction.

In the meantime, he also knew that she was very brave for him, who took the appearance of Yeom Jun-yeol at the time.

He did the motion to activate the spacial arts.

‹Using the target character’s skill, ‘spacial arts’.›
“I know that you two are permanently expelled from the Players Association, so you can’t even use Gwanglim, and your skill is sealed at level 1. But the body is still strong. Your overall stats are also high, so you may not die.”

“Ahhh. Please save us!”

“We were wrong!”

Irena’s parents begged in fear.

 He wasn’t touched at all.

Irena, who was standing on the roof of the dormitory on the first day of admission, must have been scared.

“If you contact Irena again in the future, you will die.”  

After saying that, he pushed the two out of the railing.

A scream was heard over the storm.

* * *  

He and Baekhogun moved to the place they had promised with Jeokho.

The place where he promised Jeokho was Eunyeonggwan (銀影館) of Silver Light high school.

It was Gwanglim Research Hall 4 located in the research building area of ​​Silver Light high school.

‘Gwanglim Research Hall 4 is a camouflage and seems to be the private building of Jeokho.’  

In the game, the description of Eun Young-gwan wasn’t displayed properly, but there was an explanation that Jeokho mainly used it in the collection tab.

While waiting for an elevator through the main entrance of Eunyounggwan.

Baekhogun, who hadn’t said anything at all, suddenly spoke.

“Why did you use the item on them?”  

During Irena’s parent’s fall, around when they were on the 5th floor.

At that point, he used the item ‘lower wind spirit’s wing powder’ given to Maeng Hyo-don before. 

‘I did damage because I deliberately shifted the timing.’  

Until they were also expelled, they were veteran players.

Probably, they would have resisted by mobilizing all the skills and experience that fell to level 1 as they fell.

Their bodies were almost smashed, but they did not die.  

“If they were found a little late, they may die. If they died or become disabled, their daughter will suffer.”

There was no intention of letting young Irena take care of the handicapped or make her a resident.  

“You are foolish.”  

Even though Baekhogun said so, he had warmth in his eyes.

It was rare even in the game that a white tiger-like him with frost had such eyes.

Although not properly expressed throughout the game, it was a typical reaction from Baekhogun who loves this world and the humans.

But since when did Baekho-gun follow him?

“When have you been watching?”

“From the beginning.”  

From the beginning?

Did he watch Jeokho from the beginning and moved along with him?


An elevator arrived at the lobby of Eunyoung Hall, he and Baekhogun got on.

“I’ll do it.”

As the Jeokho told me in advance, he tried to operate the elevator button to go to the hidden floor, but Baekhogun first reached out.

When he pressed the buttons in an order that he would never press when using an elevator, the elevator started moving quietly.  





The elevator gradually descended to the unmarked floor.

And when the door opened.

“I waited. Baekho-nim, Cho Eui-shin.”  

It was not Jeokho that greeted him and Baekhogun.

It wasn’t another tiger tribe member.

It was someone he couldn’t even imagine.  

‘Kim Shinrok… … !’  

Teacher of the 1st year 1st class and advisor to the Jiikhoe.

The supervisor who almost died during the entrance exam.

It was, Kim Shin-rok.

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