Chapter 27

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Hwang Hwi-chan’s head completely stopped when he saw Kang Yu-sik standing in the moonlight.

Who brought him here. What will happen to him in the future, All the anxiety that had been constantly gnawing away has disappeared.

And what filled that empty head.

“This crap!!!”

It was an indescribable sense of humiliation and anger.


Hwang Hwi-chan’s body bounced out like a bullet, and flames and lightning soared from both hands.

Hwang Hwi-chan’s specialty is multi-casting with multiple skills at the same time. 

His ability to use dozens of skills through skill books was remarkable, apart from his personality.


Of course, Before the [Return] world.


When Kang Yu-sik flicked his finger, flames rose from a place far away from Hwang Hwi-chan.

Hwang Hwi-chan laughed at Kang Yu-sik and accelerated the pace even more after recognizing that Kang Yu-sik’s target was missed…


Something rising from the ground swallowed Hwang Hwi-chan’s right leg.


Hwang Hwi-chan screamed and rolled around in pain that made him white in his head and looked down under his knee.

A matte trap to prevent light reflection. The special product used to hunt monsters was biting under his knee.

“How dare you…!!!”

Hwang Hwi-chan is shouting and repeatedly releasing his skills to get rid of the pain.

Kang Yoo-sik sighed at the ignorant appearance of Hwang Hwi-chan, who was not aware of his situation.

‘He’s the same before ‘Return’ and now.’

Why does he make things bothersome that can be solved by conversation.

Kang Yu-sik, who sighed, came down to avoid other traps he had set up just in case.

“Shut up”

And he pressed the trap of holding Hwang Hwi-chan with his feet.


The trap, which had only been half embedded, dug deep, and blood splattered everywhere.

Kang Yu-sik looked at Hwang Hwi-chan with a calm expression, although he looks like horrible.

“You still haven’t figured out what’s going on?”

“You… you…”

“Wait, I’ll let you know so you can understand.”

Kang Yu-sik, who searched the inside pocket, put an envelope containing pictures on the order sheet and injected mana.

As soon as the order was issued, the envelope disappeared and Hwang Hwi-chan’s eyes widened when he saw it.

“That’s not…!”



“Wait a minute. It’ll be a few minutes.”

Kang Yu-sik repeatedly refreshed his cell phone, kicking Hwang Hwi-chan repeatedly to prevent him from using his skills.

After a while, when the headline of the article that he was waiting for came up, Kang Yu-sik smiled and crouched down.



Hwang Hwi-chan, who has been beaten continuously, saw the words on Kang Yu-sik’s cell phone with trembling eyes.

[First report. Hwang Young Group’s youngest grandson Confirmation of illegal drug use.]

[First Report: Hwangyoung Group Secures Evidence of Illegal Drug Distribution]

In a few minutes, breaking news about Hwang Hwi-chan’s drug use spread the newsline, and Hwang Hwi-chan’s face turned blue.

“Oh, no…”

Hwang Hwi-chan felt his whole body cold and shaking. He only now understands what his position is like.

“Wow, that’s crazy. This is the weakest piece of evidence. Don’t you think so?

“What…what do you want?”

Although the fact that drug use and distribution were known was fatal, it was still manageable.

Kang Yu-sik smiled satisfactorily at Hwang Hwi-chan’s attempt to resolve the situation somehow.

“Well, I don’t want anything that big.”

“How much do you want!? I can give you as much as I can.”



When asked by Hwang Hwi-chan, Kang Yu-sik looked down at him with a calm expression.

“It’s literally your life.”

“What the…”


Kang Yoo-sik sighed and rummaged through his clothes at the sight of Hwang Hwi-chan who did not understand the situation.

Hwang Hwi-chan failed to properly rebel and was deprived of a space expansion pouch containing items from his personal safe.

” The stuff in here. How much do you think it will cost?”

“Why is that…”

“Just answer me. Before I send another article,”

Hwang Hwi-chan replied, flinching at Kang Yu-sik’s warning.

“About 50 billion…”

Items and cash are not worth it, but slaves tied up through vows, especially Cha Si-hyun, were worth it.

“If this 50 billion goes away, will your life be completely ruined?”


Hwang Hwi-chan’s eyes grew bigger at Kang Yu-sik’s question, and he shook his whole body with cold sweat.

He now understands what Kang Yoo-sik is saying.

“Of course not. You’re ‘just’ gonna be mad. right?”

As Hwang Hwi-chan’s eyes trembled, Kang Yu-sik grinned and took out a document envelope.

“But, What about this.”


“If all this evidence that you can use as the shield of the Hwangyoung Group is made public, will your life still be there?”

There are six children under Chairman Hwang Yong-seok. There were 13 more grandchildren. Will they, who hate each other, tolerate Hwang Hwi-chan, who has no value?


Of course, it couldn’t have been.

Hwang Young Group will either lock him in a mental ward or put him in a cell, make him disappear from the world in any form.

And the debauchery life he now enjoys will be worse than the people he despises as trash.

“Okay…Okay. Please don’t send me more articles. I’ll do anything.”

Kang Yu-sik looked down indifferently at Hwang Hwi-chan, crying and begging.

Hwang Hwi-chan, before “Return,” cried and hung on uglier than now.

Kang Yu-sik flicked his finger lightly as he looked down at the scene that looked more like trash than pitiful.


A flame broke out at the bottom of the envelope, and Hwang Hwi-chan’s eyes widened when he saw it.

“If you swear you’re doing anything, I’ll burn this here.”

“I’ll do it! I’ll do anything!”

Kang Yu-sik smiled at Hwang Hwi-chan shouting urgently.

“You owe me.”

A document envelope was burned to the flames of Kang Yu-sik, and Hwang Hwi-chan, who saw it, felt overwhelming relief and gratitude, forgetting all his anger.

[Satisfied with the terms of the debt relationship]

[Checks the registration of the debtor, Hwang Hwi-chan, and determines the debt rating as Class A]

A debt relationship was established to meet the conditions, and Hwang Hwi-chan’s eyes were filled with fear.

Kang Yoo-sik, who saw the scene, woke up from his seat as if everything was over.


Collected all the debts of Hwang Hui-chan.

[Hwang Hwichan, the debtor, will be forced into compulsory execution. Collect skill ‘Multi-cast (A)’]

[Hwang Hwichan, the debtor, will be forced into compulsory execution. Collect the stat ‘Agility’ 28. Applies to the body, increasing the total by 45]

[All debts of ‘Hwang Hui-chan’ have been paid.][Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

“Uh…. uh…?”

Hwang Hwi-chan felt like something important was disappearing, and the speed around him felt slower than before.

When Hwang Hwi-chan looks embarrassed.

“Okay, then next.”

Kang Yu-sik took out new evidence from his arms.

“What… just said you’ll burn it if I swore…..”

“I did. I’ll burn it here.”

“You… you son of a…!”


Even before Hwang Hwi-chan’s words were over, Kang Yu-sik slapped his mouth, and Kang Yu-sik, who trampled on his broken teeth, calmly talked.

“Unlike you, I keep my word. So this time, it’s the same as before.”

 Kang Yu-sik looked at Hwang Hwi-chan with a smile.

“Swear to me that you will do anything.”


Hwang Hwi-chan finally realized his situation accurately.

The moment he got here, No, The moment he fought Kang Yu-sik, he was already in a swamp.

A swamp without knowing how deep it is


[Hwang Hwichan, the debtor, will be forced into compulsory execution. Status: 24-hour’ memory erase’.]

[All debts of ‘Hwang Hui-chan’ have been paid.]

All the settlements were finished, burning the last piece of evidence, and Kang Yu-sik looked down at Hwang Hwichan, who fainted due to the aftereffects of memory loss.

The body shrunk like a balloon with air escaping. Probably because more than half of his stats were taken away.

‘I wanted to steal more if I could. Well…Let’s settle for this.’

This is enough because has brought a lot of agility and mana, and several skills that can be used, including multi-casting.

Kang Yu-sik, who handled the situation, put the teleport order on top of his head and flicked his finger.


The fainted Hwang Hwi-chan’s body flew neatly somewhere in the city, and after collecting traps and soundproof items set up around him, Kang Yu-sik also invoked the order.

In an instant, the surrounding landscape changed into a dark room, and Kang Yu-sik, who sighed, said.

“When have you been waiting?”

The woman standing in front of the door. Cha Si-hyun answered in a calm voice.

“Since I heard that the master has disappeared.”

“It took about 15 minutes. Did you sneak into my room?”

“….I don’t make that mistake.”

“Yes… if it’s you.”

Cha Si-hyun was agitated by the sight of him talking casually with his back turned.

There were many things She wanted to ask him about what happened and whether he was hurt.

And most of all, ‘Did you help me?’.

she wonders if all today’s work was for her.

However, Cha Si-hyun could not speak. She has already predicted the outcome just by having him back like this.

She was afraid that if she brought up the story first if she expected it as before, he would betray her like everyone else.

When Cha Si-hyun was shaking her hands because of her pathetic self.


Kang Yu-sik took out a bunch of written oaths.

“You know what it is.”


As soon as She saw the written oaths, tears flowed from Cha Si-hyun’s eyes.

The shackles that she couldn’t take away from Hwang Hwi-chan for the past few years.

It was in Kang Yu-sik’s hand.


Cha Si-hyun reached out his hand, pressing down on his crazy beating chest. However, Kang Yu-sik’s indifferent gaze at her stopped her hand.

Cha Si-hyun’s written oath was able to change the subject of obedience.

In other words, Kang Yu-sik could write a newly written oath if he wanted to.

‘Yes, he couldn’t have done it for nothing……’

The moment Cha Si-hyun tried to lower her stretched hand.

“Look at this…”

Kang Yu-sik tore the bundle of written oath in half. 

The written oath, which was torn into two pieces, was torn over and over again and burned by Kang Yu-sik.


Realized that the written oath she wanted to escape so much had disappeared. However, Cha Si-hyun did not respond.

She neither cheered for joy nor shed tears that she had endured.


She just wanted to know.

“Why did you help me?”

‘Why does he help me with the risk, Why does he ask me for nothing.’

Cha Si-hyun was more afraid than grateful because of his good intentions that she could not understand.


When asked, Kang Yu-sik looked at Cha Si-hyun’s hands.

The two hands that did not grasp even in the face of death, Then she grabbed her hand only after she was out of breath.

Cha Si-hyun was clutching her hands, which she had been so cautious about until blood leaked out.

‘You’re afraid…’

Can’t believe she can’t even enjoy after the freedom.

Don’t know about Cha Si-hyun’s life, but could see that she was more devastated than he thought.

Kang Yu-sik approached Cha Si-hyun.

“Do you want to know?”



Cha Si-hyun was staring at Kang Yu-sik with her fist clenched.

He sighed and held her bleeding hands.


Suddenly, when Kang Yu-sik held his hand, Cha Si-hyun trembled.

Seeing that moment, Kang Yu-sik gently raised his hands slightly.

Then carefully unpacked her clenched fist and took off her gloves.


A gentle touch that penetrates sharp pain.

When Cha Si-hyun stared blankly at the touch.

“I just did it together while I was doing my job.”


“Literally. I didn’t help you on purpose.”

In fact, I helped her on purpose, but I kept talking calmly because I didn’t think it would be good for her to find out.

“Honestly, I’m not the type to help anyone, but sometimes I help others if it’s not hard. I just did it while I was doing it. Never mind.”


“I can’t help it if you don’t believe it. ‘Cause, it’s real.”

Kang Yu-sik carefully sprayed treatment foam on her wound after taking it out of the expansion pouch.

Kang Yu-sik continued to talk while Cha Si-hyun was embarrassed by the stinging sensation.

“So don’t ask me why I helped or what I want. I don’t want anything from you.”

“But you’ve helped me too much to say you don’t want anything.”

“So you want to be bound by a new vow again? You have a unique taste.”


When Cha Si-hyun flinched at the story of hitting the nail on the head, Kang Yoo-sik smirked and looked down at her hand.

The wound had already healed with excellent regeneration, and Kang Yu-sik lowered her hand.

“So just live as you want. ‘Cause, you’re free.


“And if you get tired of that life later on…If you want to pay.  Pay me back then.”

Her eyes are shining even in a dark room. Kang Yu-sik glanced with a smile.

“Let’s just keep it in our hearts.”

[Satisfied with the terms of the debt relationship.]

[Checks the registration of the debtor ‘Cha Si-hyeon’ and determines the debt rating as A-class.]


The notice window pops up in front of him as soon as he talks. Kang Yu-sik, who confirmed it, looked at Cha Si-hyun.

Tears falling on the floor. Couldn’t see her face because she was lowering her head, but now she was crying freely.

Kang Yu-sik smiled bitterly at the sight.

‘I told her to pay me back later, but…If she gets involved, It’ll be bothersome.’

It’s a little bit of conscience to take it right away after said ‘you don’t need to pay’, but Kang Yu-sik immediately triggered his creditors.


[Cha Si-hyun, the debtor, will be forced into compulsory execution. Collect Skill ‘Cognitive Maximization (S).]

[All debts paid by the debtor Cha Si-hyun…]

When Kang Yu-sik thought that many of these debts are paid at once with her enormous S-level skills.

[The debt of the debtor, Cha Si-hyeon, increases]

[The debt rating of the debtor ‘Cha Si-hyun’ rises to Grade A. The collection list will be added.]


The reminder window pops up in front of him again.

She had just paid all her debts, but Couldn’t figure out why this notice came to mind again.

Kang Yoo-sik was looking at the situation with a perplexed look when he didn’t understand it.


Cha Si-hyun, who stopped crying, looked up at Kang Yu-sik, wiping her tears.

“Freedom as you say…”

And with a bright expression.

“I’ll pay you back as soon as my heart goes.”

She smiled looking happy.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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