Chapter 71

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Baekrijangcheon was speechless even though he fought.

In fact, this fight is now more advantageous to him. The opponent’s sword began to shake.

It was not a matter of body and internal strength, but of the mind.

It was strange that he would not be shaken because he was left alone after all his colleagues were killed his/her colleagues.

Moreover, the pressure was even worse as other people watched the fight from a distance away.

Nevertheless, he was a great master and could not easily win.

Baekrijangcheon began to feel anxious when they did not help him and just watched him.

And the heart was reflected in the sword, resulting in shaking.

He ended up in the same condition as his opponent.

In a cool judgment, Baek Ri-jangcheon’s skills were lacking by a piece of paper.

But in practice, the paper difference sometimes determines life and death.

The Baekrijangcheon Stream began to be pushed back little by little.

What the hell are you doing? Why are you just looking around?!

Even a single drool could have changed the situation significantly.

But does it make sense to just look around without even doing that?

Baekrijangcheon focused on the fight, so he could not know exactly what other people were doing around him.

So I felt more frustrated.

Not everyone around me was actually just looking around.

First of all, Cheonchusin and Ilchimgogo were treating Cheon Gyeong-wan and Yu Seo-yeon, whose bodies began to collapse.

It was quite serious, so if you didn’t take action quickly, you were likely to suffer for a long time later.

So, for now, they were making every effort to treat the two.

The others were hardly hurt.

First of all, Younha-rin’s skills were better than expected, so she was able to endure well.

On top of that, Cheonchushin was also more advanced than when he first met Byeoktaesan Mountain, and Geumokruju and Haomundo were of great help whenever they were in danger.

Chun Kyung-wan and Yoo Seo-yeon were the only ones injured in the group.

And they were so used to getting hurt that they were calmly receiving treatment.

There was only concern in their heads about how their training would turn out today.

So at this moment, only Yeon Harin was interested in the fight between Baekri Jangcheon.

Even if she wanted to help, Younha-rin was afraid that the level of the Baekrijangcheon Stream and the enemy was too high, so she intervened and stayed still for fear of disturbing her.

Meanwhile, Chun Kyung-wan and Yoo Seo-yeon’s treatment ended.

“When you’re done, let’s go back. If you go over there, there’s a live one, so bring it.”

Haomundo was surprised that Cheon Kyung-wan was trying to move reflexively at the words of Byeoktaesan, so he stopped and ran away.

And he ran with a man who was sitting down with blood spilled under control of the demon and sub blood on his shoulders.

“I brought it.”

Byeoktaesan nodded and said.

“Let’s go.”

They all walked without any hesitation.

Younger Harin was greatly embarrassed by the sight.

“Go, go? Just like this?”

She alternately looked at Byeoktaesan Mountain and Baenglijangcheon Stream, saying so.

I didn’t think you’d really just go.

When Byeoktae-san saw Younharin, he looked as if he had thought of something.

And he looked toward the Baekrijangcheon Stream and said,

“Cheer up!”

He turned around and took a step without hesitation.

When the rest of the group followed Byeoktaesan without looking back, Yeon Ha-rin couldn’t do this or that, so she just stomped her feet and eventually followed Byeoktaesan after seeing Baekrijangcheon Stream once.

Baeklijangcheon Stream was ridiculous. What the hell are you doing?

If he dies at this rate, what is he going to do with the consequences?

In addition, the chances of winning are getting lower as of now.

Baekrijangcheon was in a hurry, but the more he calmed down. If you’re impatient, you’ll die.

At that moment, the opponent’s balance suddenly faltered.

Baeklijangcheon did not miss the gap and threw out the sword.

Poop poop!

The sword of Baekri Jangcheon stabbed the opponent’s shoulder and thigh.

Now I have the chance to win. From now on, you can win just by holding out.

Baekrijangcheon saw the saliva that had been flashing when his opponent was shaking.

It was the sting of a sting.

This is why he helped himself.

The last words of Byeoktaesan continued to hover in the brain of Baekri Jangcheon, who wielded the sword hard.

‘Cheer up!’

I almost threw up blood.

* * *

“Prince, are you going to be okay?”

Byeoktae-san did not answer Younha-rin’s question and looked at the bully.

“You’re doing something useless.”

The worker drooled his head quickly.

“I’m sorry, but if he dies, he’ll be very troublesome.”

“Well, that’s possible.”

Younha-rin heard the conversation between the two and knew that Il-chim did something for Baekri Jang-cheon.

Yeon Harin had a lot to ask, but she held it in.

There was a moment of silence. It was Geumokruju that broke it.

“I’ll send someone over there later to investigate.”


Perhaps it will be difficult to find any traces, but finding even the smallest things through the investigation will be of great help to future investigations.

Silence hovered again.

Each party was immersed in their own thoughts.

Byeoktaesan was busy digesting the energy gained today. It was so well-refined that I didn’t have to concentrate.

It was enough just to create a mania for the marriage.

First, I stacked it on the weak vein. It was not necessary to use it for treatment, but just leaving it as it is could have had a great effect.

“Spirit medicine is the best.”

This is the power of the spirit medicine.

Chun Kyung-wan and Yoo Seo-yeon were rejuvenating today’s battle in their heads.

Realization through practice always presents a new path.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

Maybe it’s better to set the direction of training to learn it for the time being.

The eyes of the two stayed on Byeoktaesan at the same time and fell.

When you go back now, you have to start your hellish training again.

I wanted to go back to the time when I asked him to learn how to cook Mu Liang-bo, and hit him in the mouth.

Chun Chu-sin and Il Chim-boo thought about anti-gangshi.

For some reason, I couldn’t think of a way to deal with him.

I used most of my concentration to catch the end of the realization.

The two simply walked instinctively into a deeper swamp of thought.

Geum Ok-ruju and Haomundo discussed and discussed future schedules.

Looking at the conversation, Haomundo’s status did not seem to be very low.

Indeed, it would not have been easy for a low-ranking person to survive without getting hurt in the previous fight.

The role of Geumokruju and Haomundo was also quite important.

Lastly, Younharin had a very complicated expression.

It was just as complicated as the expression in her head.

First of all, I didn’t know Byeoktaesan was this strong.

I know you’ve treated the disease to some extent. He also knew that his knowledge of martial arts was very knowledgeable.

And I found out only recently but based on that, I confirmed that I had mastered some of the martial arts, and that they were not very weak.

However, I never thought it would be this bad.

Today’s appearance of Byeoktaesan shattered Yeon Harin’s common sense and expectations.

The person Chun Kyung-wan and Yoo Seo-yeon faced earlier was a great master.

To a certain extent, he was a stronger master than Baeklijangcheon Stream.

It was also shocking that Yoo Seo-yeon was so strong, but the impact of Byeok Tae-san, who simply finished such a master, was enormous.

Youngharin’s eyes were young with poison.

I can’t do this.’

It can’t be like this. What he wanted was not to be a burden on Byeoktaesan.

You have to stand proudly next to Byeoktaesan Mountain.

Younha-rin peeked at Cheon Kyung-wan and Yoo Seo-yeon.

I often saw those two shivering because of training.

Maybe that’s why they’re so strong.

Let’s just say we want to do it together.’

Younger Harin is in trouble.

As we moved in our minds, we almost arrived at the place where we first started.

Then, someone ran fiercely from behind.

It was so loud that even though it was quite far away, it broke all the thoughts of the party.

Some turned their heads and looked back.

“That old man earlier.”

The rest of the people looked back at the words of the Heavenly Father.

In the distance, the Baekrijangcheon Stream was running along the ground, pounding.

Whenever Baeklijangcheon stepped on the ground, he hit the ground with a force to break the floor.

The speed was faster than usual, but the internal vacuum consumption was enormous.

However, Baeklijangcheon did not care about the exhaustion of the inner workings and ran like that.

It was to let them know that they were going, and it was also because they wanted to catch up with Byeoktaesan even a little faster.

And there was a little bit of threat mixed in.

It was like running screaming because I was angry.

“You’ll have to grow old nicely.”

Chun Chu-sin said so and glanced at the monstrous creature.

“Why are you looking at me when you reallyБ─╕”

“Can’t I see your face? I just missed you.”

“So why are you looking at me while telling me to grow old beautifully?”

Cheonchusinui alternately looked at Ilchimgool and Baenglijangcheon Stream.

“That old man, isn’t he about the same age as you?”

“I’m higher.”

Once again, he alternately identified Baekrijangcheon Stream and Ilchimbo with his round eyes.

“That side looks ten years up? Wow, my brother, you must have eaten a lot of healthy food.”

“I must have eaten more than you.”

“Come on, I’ve never taken any medicine.”

“Not medicine. You’ve been eating something like a spiritual medicine with the secret of yin and yang.”

“Oh, you’re catching a raw man. You’ll misunderstand when others hear you.”

He grinned at the thought that he had given a blow after a long time.

As a result, he arrived at the place where his party was located.


As soon as Baekri Jangcheon tried to bring up something, a mob came out.

“Have you been of any help?”

I forgot what to say for a moment. Come to think of it, if it weren’t for the sting, he’d already be dead.

Baekrijangcheon first took the plunder’s satiety.

“Thank you for your help. You saved my life.”

“I wish I had survived. I just did what the congressman had to do.”

Then Chun Chu-sin slipped in.

“Well, it’s all good, so let’s go. Why don’t you go back and get some rest?”

When the Cheonchusin and Ilchimgoong led the Baekrijangcheon Stream with the atmosphere, the movement began while Baekrijangcheon was still in place.

Chun Chu-sin and Ilchim-hoi, who were leading the way, glanced back.

And when my eyes met with Byeoktaesan, I grinned.

As if to give him a compliment later on, he didn’t forget his sparkling eyes.

The three took the lead and turned and entered the nearby base.

Younharin looked at the scene with admiration.

I can’t believe you just let that harsh atmosphere calm down with a few words and blend in like that. It was never something anyone could do.

Her eyes went straight to Byeoktaesan.

My Confucius, you’re amazing.’

Therefore, such great people are serving Byeoktaesan.

Youngharin’s footsteps gave me strength.

Yoo Seo-yeon, who saw it from behind, covered her mouth with her hands and smiled slightly.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a high spirit.

The fight was hard, and the rest of the training today would be harder, but I still felt good.

There was a gentle smile around Yoo Seo-yeon’s mouth.

And when I saw it, Cheon Kyung-wan’s mouth slightly went up and down.

Byeoktaesan stood still in all the sights and murmured as he watched Baekrijangcheon Stream entering the base.

“MaybeБ─╕ I’ll have to pick one.”

* * *

There was a colorful room, a huge bed as fancy as a room.

On the bed, three naked women were intertwined with a man.

The women’s expressions were filled with ecstasy, but the man’s expression was calm and cold.

Someone’s voice was heard outside the door.

“The work of Uichang ended in failure.”


The man raised himself and shook his hand. Then the women on the bed fell down to the bed.

The women were wriggling under the bed.

“We need to tell you exactly where we went and where we failed.”

“We’ve succeeded in taking over the Black Iron Room, and everything that follows has failed.”

The man made a ridiculous face.

“You spent all that money on a black-and-white room? What about the gangsi you put in there?

“We’ve lost them all.”


The man said so and got up from his seat and asked while getting dressed.

“The tail?”

“I’m sure I’ve hung up. I’ll never track it.”

“Detect the cause. And the second plan is to check again from the beginning. One failure is enough.”

“We’ll proceed right away.”

With the answer, the sign outside the door disappeared.

The man dressed up shook his hand at the floor.

Oh, my God!

The three women wriggled on the floor quickly melted into blood.

The blood seeped into the man’s soles.

A red glow fluttered in the blood-sucking man’s eyes.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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