Chapter 55

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I have never missed the first place since I was young.

I received compliments and certificates every day.

The enlightened ability was also powerful, and there was nothing lacking.

Until I entered Eungwang High School with everyone’s support and envy.

“Since it’s the most prestigious high school in Korea, should we aim to be in the top 10% without being greedy?’

I had such thoughts for a moment.

In the silver advertisement, which brought together geniuses and talents from all over the country, I faced the reality that the stomach exists.

It was only a short time to enjoy silver advertising.

The difficulty of the test gradually increased.

I was devastated by the first score and rank I received on the test.

‘I wish I could go somewhere in the middle. ·····.”

The goal went down day by day.

However, it was also difficult to break away from the top 10 percent and the bottom 10 percent.

The editorial department of the school paper, which was told that there are fewer assignments compared to the newspaper department.

He was offered a dangerous offer by the adviser there, and he nodded.

“Yes, is there anything else you want to say?”

He asked back who was a member of the Players Association who had been listening to him.

The player, Hong, was very cold to the four children who made the wrong choice besides himself.

He was better for himself.

I don’t know why, but this person is being a little generous to him, so I thought I could ask him a favor.

“······Can I send a message to my parents and friends?”

“Maybe there’s still a curse left. In this situation, the rule is to check the message you share with someone other than a lawyer who is qualified as a player. If it’s a personal message, you’d better do it later.”

Parents who always cheered for themselves.

And a friend I made in a commercial.

Ahn Da-in, who had delayed the progress of his curse without knowing that he was so jealous.

There was something I wanted to tell them before it was too late.

“I just want to say, ‘I’m sorry.’

*    *    *

After school, Kim Yu-ri’s walk to the student council room was light.

I am planning to go on a picnic with the first-grade class 0 children this weekend.

Vice President Cho Eui-shin, who seemed passive in the plan, recommended Ham Geun-hyung to have a picnic before he could speak.

Since Ham Geun-hyung said he’d make time, we can go on a picnic together!’

Thinking about my weekend plans, I was about to hum.

Kim Yu-ri held her hum and stamped her student ID card with the student council’s permission code entered on the doorstep.

After a few seconds of security certification, the door to the student council room opened.

Did he come a little early today?

In the student council room of the student council, there were only student president Do Won-woo and student council clerk Yoo Sang-hee.

“Sanghee, are you free on May 5th? I’m going to play with my parents this time. ····.”

“Oh, my. I have time, but I don’t want Wonwoo to be with you.”

“Don’t feel pressured. My parents also said that Sang-hee, if it’s you, there’s no problem!”

“Wonwoo, your language expression seems to have a problem with your ability to think. Maybe he’s having a problem with his left brain. If you hit him once, he might be normal. Can I hit you?”

Do Won-woo looked at Yoo Sang-hee with a happy face even when he was criticized.

Even so, the two of them are talking, but Kim Yu-ri wondered whether to say hello or not.

Yoo Sang-hee, who was nagging with a friendly voice, smiled softly when she saw Kim Yu-ri come.

“Welcome, Yuri.”

“Sanghee, can’t you spare time on Children’s Day ·······?”

“Wonwoo, you’re not even going to say hello to your juniors? It’s dirty.”


Do Won-woo was dissatisfied, but he greeted Kim Yu-ri anyway.

This trend is commonplace, so Kim Yu-ri greeted brightly, wondering why.



When Kim Yu-ri greeted, the door of the student council room opened again.

Those who came in were the vice president of the student council, Ji Myung-soo, and Andane.

“I’m here.”


Ji Myung-soo threw the bag he was carrying at the table and sat on the sofa and said.

“Junyeol can’t come today. I heard you’re practicing something.”

“Junyeol is really passionate about everything. Won’t the cow disappear from the tinnitus soon? Depending on the performance, Player SAT-K may change the name.”

“What do you think of my tinnitus? Sanghee, if you want, I’ll try and change my name!”

“Huh? Wonwoo, I like your tinnitus, but what was your tinnitus ·····.”

Shocked Do Won-woo, sincere expression Yoo Sang-hee, and Ji Myung-soo were about to burst out laughing next to him.

It is a familiar scene of the student council.

But there was someone who couldn’t fit in today, so it’s Andane.

I usually don’t talk much, but somehow I felt different.

Andane’s best friend, Kim Yu-ri, could tell right away.

“Dine, what happened?”

“Yeah, that’s ·····.”

Andane lowered his voice to a whisper.

“I just got a message from a friend who didn’t come to the dorm, didn’t come to school, and couldn’t contact the device. I’m sorry.”

Kim Yu-ri thought when she heard that.

I’m sorry.

I don’t even want to think about it.

Isn’t it related to the leak of the midterm exam’s fraudulent questions?

I heard you got cursed because you got caught up in dangerous experiments by teachers in exchange for leaking midterm questions.

Currently, it was highly likely that he was quarantined by the association outside the school.

I’m sure Dain would have guessed that much.

“·····I see.”

“Yes, I’m worried.”

It was Kim Yu-ri, who was happy to hear that Andane had a dormitory friend to eat comfortably.

Andane has a spirit that is too superior and too difficult to approach.

He is also introverted, so he is often intimidated by Anda-in, who is quiet, so he does not have friends easily.

There are a lot of people who just look at Andane’s appearance, but that’s more like a cult than a friend.

‘Well, what shall we do?’

Kim Yu-ri did not say a word to the conversation about her friend at all.

“Dain, do you want to go shopping after school? There’s a new handmade accessory shop near Dongmun. I went there with my classmates and they sell a lot of pretty things. I feel like I’m getting a new album every day.”


Do they know that they want to comfort themselves?

Andane smiled a little.

*    *    *

After school

The newspaper department was also noisy due to the scandal involving students from the school’s editorial department.

Teachers seem to have told students about the incident at the end of each class.

“It’s a bit of a disaster at school. I’m subtly happy that you won’t suffer from the editorial department of the school. I don’t know how to explain it.”

Moon Sae-ron, who was picking the best cut among the photos of the second-grade class 0 that he took himself, muttered on the bulletin board.

Most newspaper members nodded their heads as if they were feeling the same way.

This incident is Jegal Jae-gul, whose workload has soared as the head of the school affairs department.

Even today, he failed to show his face to the newspapers, but there was no gloomy atmosphere like before.

We finished our side activities.

I moved to meet them who promised beforehand.

“Looking at them, they’re a real curse, aren’t they’re no joke. The ones who don’t know if they’re teachers, people, or trash who’ve been taken away are trying to pass it all on to my teacher?”

“My class is watching, and my teacher is here, so I didn’t show it, but I feel really dirty. I should’ve beaten him a few times before he was taken!”

I met with Geum Chan-sol and Wang Chan-sol, members of the second-grade class 0 class, to hand over the clothes of Jegal Jae-gul, who was dry-cleaned.

The two apparently did not reveal the real reason for the two-day trip to keep it secret.

The two people who kept the secret and carried out the operation were great, but the second-grade class 0 was also great, which was just planned and carried out with excitement even though they didn’t know it.

“I know you’re busy for the time being, but I don’t think you’ll lose time because of the editorial department.”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

“That’s it is!”

“Yes, if the press tries to monopolize it, they’ll see it as a fight.”

My Playable character is loved like this.

I think two people can trust and leave it.

These two did a great job of jagal jagal.

“Yes, but please let Dr. Zhuge-Jae-Ghul continue to not know the truth about this.”

“Don’t worry. If you suspect something or try to dig into it, we’ll take it out of our minds.”

“Yeah, I’ve got some strategies in place. I just want to try a few things even if my teacher doesn’t doubt them.”

What are you going to do to my Playable character?

Be gentle.

Geum Chan-sol, who received the clothes in the paper bag, looked at me gently.

“Well, actually, I’m concerned about what the advertising staff was like when they tricked me. If we can use that, we’ll have a lot of playful repertoires.”

“Geumchan, we haven’t revealed the secrets of all the tricks we’ve played. Have some manners.

“·····As you say, Wang Chan. What a waste. Hmm! I always welcome the exchange of mischievous materials, Class 0 will!

Kum Chansol and Wang Chansol spoke brightly.

I had a question for the two of them, and I think they’ll answer it if it’s this atmosphere.

“I have a question.”

“We’re expensive.”

Two people said at the same time.

I heard this line when I first met him, but his expression and atmosphere are completely different from that time.

I asked the two people who laughed playfully about something important.

“Where did you get your shorts?”

It’s time to work as a vice president of class 0 in the first grade.

*    *    *

The next morning.

First-grade class 0 gathered earlier than usual.

Kim Yu-ri wrote in a round font on an electronic blackboard as follows:

[Decide a Banti phrase]

“He’s got a spot where he can pull out half a tee quickly! They’ll come out as soon as you decide on the phrase.”

“What brings you to work, Vice President?”

“Wow! I didn’t think I could do it because I didn’t have much time.”

With Wang Chan-sol’s introduction that his parents are big hands in the clothing industry, he decided on a place to match.

The fluorescent color was already decided as a white short-sleeved T-shirt at the bluff of Geum Chan-sol and Wang Chan-sol not to follow, saying they had already done it.

“Even if it’s a little simple, it’s neat and pretty.”


The white tee will be embedded with a black and thick archer.

‘Even if the color is simple, it’ll stand out a lot.’

The design was designated by the Geumchan Wangchan Combi, who pretended to be using kindness.

It can’t be out of sight.

It doesn’t matter because my Playable characters and classmates are happy.

“Let’s draw lots randomly to decide who will write what to who. I’ll pick one person to put a phrase in Mr. Ham Geun-hyung’s clothes first!”

Kim Yu-ri projected a ladder-riding application on the electronic blackboard.

Also, the hero of the honor of deciding the phrase of Ham Geun-hyung’s T-shirt is.

It was Jiho Hwang.

‘Oh, my God!’

Hwang Ji-ho’s eyes glistened, looking tired as if he was having trouble interpreting old books.

“Hahaha, what should I do?”

I can’t believe he caught me.

Ham Geun-hyung is also my playable character.

Just put in a strange phrase.

Hwang Ji-ho looked around and typed the phrase on the electronic blackboard as if he had a good idea.

As a result

[He’s such a genius]


Maeng Hyo-don, who saw the phrase, hit his head on the top of a desk made of ultra-hardened ceramic materials.

Maeng Hyodon, you should take care of school equipment.

Sawol Se-eum, who was not there at that time, was puzzled, but after hearing Irena’s explanation, she began to laugh with other children.


“Oh, no, I shouldn’t laugh ······· Poop.”

The classroom calmed down only after a few seconds of laughter.

“Hey, Hwang Ji-ho! Give me a break!”

Maeng Hyo-don, whose face turned red, protested, and Hwang Ji-ho changed the phrase as if he were using a good heart.

[On-time school]

In the end, he did not get out of his training.

It’s subtle for a teacher to wear, but that class motto is Ham Geun-hyung’s favorite, so it’ll be okay.


“Teacher, we’ve decided on yours, so let’s decide on our own this time!”

And we decided to take turns and pick.

I’ll go first.

What I picked was Maeng Hyo-don.

[Joshin → Maeng Hyo-don: Maeng Hyo-don]

“Hey, Vice President! What the hell!”

“It’s all right!”

“It looks good on you!”

It is a nickname given in admiration of the potential shown during the midterm exam.

Maeng Hyo-don seemed dissatisfied but passed safely amid favorable reviews from other children.

But then, Maeng Hyo-don picked me out.

[Mang Hyo-don → Jo Eui-shin: Suspicious Vice President Jo Eui-shin]


“You look suspicious when you think about something.”

“Uh,························ .”

Hwang Ji-ho passed the test with laughter and connivance from other children.

Whatever the content is, my Playable character put it on me, so what can I do?

I’ll just take it.

[April → Irena: Violinist Irena]

“I’m sorry, I’m not good at building things like this ·····.”

“No, I love it!”

“Yeah, I think it’s okay.”

Passed in a friendly atmosphere.

[Irena → Kim Yu-ri: Captain Kim Yu-ri, thank you always!]

“I’m the one to thank you. I’ll keep working hard!”


Kim Yu-ri and Irena smile brightly and pass in a good atmosphere.

[Kim Yu-ri → Hani: Hani Honey Hani]

“I think it’s cutely glued together!”

“Thank you.”

Han really likes it and passed.

Next is Han.

[Han → Hwang Ji-ho: Stop laughing]

“I agree.”

“Good job!”

“·······, are you really doing this?”

Is it because Han has accumulated a lot from Hwang Ji-ho, who usually plays with Taeho-kwon?

I wrote a very good phrase for Hwang Ji-ho.

Passed with enthusiastic support from me and Maeng Hyo-don.

[Hwang Ji-ho → April rent: Flight skill effect bothers me]

“What? You don’t even write your name?”


“Really? Yes?”

Hwang Ji-ho smiled roughly and didn’t say anything.

It was not a good choice for the April family to walk around the Han River wearing a T-shirt with a big name on it.

Did you consider the student’s situation as the chairman of the board?

Maybe it’s just because I care about the effect of the family’s protection.

*    *    *

And May, the weekend.

All the first graders in class 0 wore group T-shirts and went on a picnic to the Han River.

During the movement, they wore outerwear on top of group clothes.

We’re going to ride a duck boat, so we met at Yanghwa Han River Park near Yanghwa Bridge.

I came across an unexpected person there.

“Song Man-seok, long time no see.”

The character that Ham Geun-hyung said hello to.

Song Man-seok was the master of the Han River cycling team.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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