Chapter 27

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“By the way Sir Takeo, what kind of a coat did you request?”

Alice asked Takeo.

“Ahh………I didn’t tell mention it did I ?” Takeo responded with a wry smile.

“I want to get a long coat called ‘Trench coat’ made that is for soldiers use.”

“Trench coat? I heard that word earlier as well but what kind of a coat is it?”

“If I put it simply, then it’s a waterproof coat that is for soldiers use.”

“It isn’t like what being used right now right?”

“Yes. A poncho is low cost and it has a high function as rain gear but its disadvantage is that it isn’t suited for work and intense movement.”

The shop assistant brought out the basic prototype of the coat.

“………..I see. If I have to say, then I think it’s kind of like the ‘suit’ that you are wearing right now.”

“Yes. However, this coat brings for the practicality of appearance and elegant design.

First, we need to ensure that the cloth is made with strong and tight fiber and that we use a durable waterproof material.

Even if there is strong wind or rain, if we can pull up the collar, fasten all the buttons, fasten the buttons at the cuffs and tighten the waist belt, you can prevent yourself from losing your body heat.

This will help in reducing and mitigating the decline in your body temperature.”

“It sounds pretty good.”

“Additionally, it has pockets on both the left and right side on the inside of the coat, near the chest, and we will prepare pockets on either side near the waist. Things like small notebooks, writing instruments, small tools can be stored.

We will prepare shoulder straps at the shoulders of the coats that have a button to open and close the flap. These flaps help us ensure that binoculars, water bottles, or bags can be fastened so that they don’t fall off your shoulders.

Moreover, in order to identify the rank of the soldiers when they wear the coat, we will devise a collar lapel.”


“Yes. Till now I’ve seen many people but I couldn’t figure out their ranks.

People who understand the ranks don’t wear coats normally so I was wondering if that was so that you can figure out the rank.

We can make notches for buttons on the collar so that we can attach a collar lapel with buttons.”

“I see. What do you have in mind for that?”

“According to young master Smith, there are 3 ranks for the soldier. The soldier captain, platoon captain, and the soldier right?”

“That’s right.”

“Is there any position in the hierarchy between the platoon captain and soldier?”

“There are a lot of platoon captains so I think there are squad leaders for those though?”

“I don’t think the wages are different but I think there are some squad leaders.”

“Then we’ll design the collar lapels for 4 ranks.

By the way, what is the color of Earl Elvis’s flag?”

“It’s a brilliant red.”

“Then let’s say that all the soldiers have 1 white line at the center of brilliant red rectangular cloth.

The platoon squad leader will have 1 white line and 1 white star at the center of the brilliant red rectangular cloth.

The platoon captain will have 1 white line and 2 white stars at the center of the brilliant red rectangular cloth.

The soldier captain will have 1 white line and 3 white stars at the center of the brilliant red rectangular cloth.

What do you think about that?

Then I will also have to care of the lapel for the Elvis family’s crest.

The right collar will have the rank badge and the left collar will have the affiliation badge.”

“That’s right. However, you will need Earl Elvis’s permission to create the affiliation badge so you will have to put that on hold.”

“Let’s ask Grandfather later.”

“So that’s the kind of coat I wanted to create, what opinion do you have Lady Alice?”

“There is nothing that I can say.

It seems that it will be very functional but the reason to keep the price low is the same reason that you mentioned earlier?

Only for that reason do you think that it won’t sell well?

Is there no other reason?”

“There is.

Firstly, we will not make the coat with each individual’s measurements.”

“Eh? Aren’t clothes supposed to be made with each person’s measurements?”

“…….That is if it’s an individual’s request. In the future, we want to create several hundreds of these.

This is also done in order to reduce prices.

We will make 4 sizes. Those are; S, M, L, and LL.

S will be 155 cm, M will be 165 cm, L will be 175 cm and LL will be 185 cm. Those will be the standard sizes.”

“What size will I be? Is it an S? or an M?”

“Lady Alice should be a……………M?”

He looked at Alice’s chest without realizing it.

Alice noticed Takeo’s line of sight and glared at him lightly.

“Hahaha. Lady Alice, you have a good figure.”


Alice growls and looks up.

“Lady Alice. It is said that the soldiers that are part of the same organization have group psychology. By eating the same food their sense of camaraderie becomes stronger.”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“I think that this coat will stimulate that.

Besides, I think that when you view a large group of people that are together in the same attire, it looks spectacular.”

“It certainly does.”

Alice nodded.

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