Chapter 31

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Numerous article headlines were pointing to this incident.

The most striking article was the performance of the incumbent teacher and famous player “Changcheonmyeonggung Ham Geung Hyung” and his interview.  

[Prestigious silver light teacher ‘Changcheonmyeonggung’ made a big success, defeating dozens of Enemy at night]

[“Changcheonmyeonggung”, a genius archer who blocked the otherworld at the ski resort in Hongcheon-gun alone 20 years ago, this time guarding Silver Light district] 

When the player SAT-K showed a ‘mysterious malfunction’, Ham Geun-hyung was introduced as the player who sensed the energy and defeated dozens of demon species alone.

Ham Geung Hyung’s interview was short and concise.  

‘As a teacher, I just did what I had to do to protect the students’  

I thought it was an interview like the true teacher that Ham Geun-hyung was and checked the comments.

[Because there is such a person, I fall asleep in peace in this hell class in his otherworld heaven.]

[Mr. Ham Geun-hyung is famous in the player industry. Tier 1 Ranged damage dealer. He would have been a top-level team master if he wasn’t a teacher. Do you think he still gets scout offers?]

[From the time of the Enemy raid, it was a little over 12 o’clock at night. Wow. I live in Silver Light District so I’m grateful and I’m crying…if something had gone wrong I would have died without knowing that I did.]

[Are you looking for the player association? We lived thanks to Mr. Ham Geun-hyung. If you are getting our taxes, do better!]

He definitely was his playable character, his homeroom teacher.

Ham Geun-hyung was praised, but he was in a good mood, so he made a lot of article scraps.

Of course, it wasn’t just the Ham Geun-hyung article.

He couldn’t stop Choi Pyeon-deuk’s name from coming up.

Just by looking at a certified copy of the real estate register, people could confirm that the owner of the buildings that collapsed in front of the school belonged to Choi Pyeon Deuk.

‘Because this case was also a derivative of the Illusion Gate. It will be a good firewood to burn to bring notice to it.’

The contents of the article were as follows.

The horrors of players who were luckily missing from the Illusion Gate incident.

A brief overview of the decadent establishment established by Choi Pyeon-deuk in the educational environment protection area right in front of Silver Light High school.

It also talked about players who were found in filthy outfits in the building that faced a “destruction of doubt.”

‘All those caught this time will face criminal penalties.’  

These are the guys who caused the anger of the players’ association staff to work overtime.

Hearing from Hong Gyu-bin, he said that he was going to handle this very strictly by holding hands with the police and detectives.

According to Hong Gyu-bin, his great senior helped to establish a cooperative relationship easily.

‘I guess Song Man-seok, the iron arm, decided to help.’  

It was also because of his involvement with the Illusion Gate, but because Song Man-seok’s grandson was studying at Silver Light.

In Song Man-seok’s eyes, he could not forgive anyone who plagued in front of the school his grandson went to.

‘Let’s check the comments as well.’  

He thought whether to put an alarm on the keyword ‘Illusion’?

Article comments were overflowing with those who are presumed to be fans of Yeom Jun-yeol, who made a list of the illusions. 

[There is also a silver light teacher this time? Junyeol’s school teacher? That is crazy, very crazy]

[In Korea’s most prestigious high school, there is a King God teacher like ChangcheonMyeonggung so why is there trash like him…..I’m glad he was caught now hahaha;]

[There is no end to his deeds. Must have been carefully doing them for a long time.]

[We have finished updating the latest version of the list of the illusions. It will be uploaded again even if it is taken down anyway, but go quickly download.]

In addition to Choi Pyeon-deuk, Irena’s parents were on the list of Illusion that was greatly updated by this incident.

‘Finally, Irena’s parents are listed.’  

In the ID photo, Irena’s parents were photographed like they were very gentle.

However, in the remarks column of the illusion List, there was a recent situation that seemed to be not very gentle.  

[Showed confusion symptoms after a suicide commotion in Hwangmyeong Tower seminude. They have been accused by the Hwangmyeong Tower management team of damage to property, obstruction of business, and obscene performance.]

On that day, CCTV wasn’t able to capture the rooftop scene properly due to strong rain and wind.

Although Jeokho probably intervened already.  

‘Because I scared them, they won’t bother Irena for the time being.’  

Among the articles, a photo of him popped up as if there was a reporter who was lucky enough to have a good recording device.

The title of the article is ‘Who is the mysterious person in the collapse of the decadent business?’.

There was a picture of him standing in the red lightning wearing a crow mask, who had transformed into Yong Jegun with a player’s trajectory.

‘Because I wore clothes that hid my physique, no one would recognize this as Yongjegun…’  

Even though he would suffer from the inconvenience, he wore thick clothes, wore a mask, and changed his voice.

It will be fine.  

‘I hope I don’t get a strange title again.’  

Fortunately, his title, which he checked through the status window, remained unchanged.

Most of the public’s interest went to Changcheon Myeonggung.

Again, his homeroom teacher was wonderful and great.  

* * *


Even today, the sky was blue.

The weather was sunny.

The day was a little cold because the spring cold was still riding in the wind.

It was such a wonderful weather that he wanted to take a ride on the air board and drive through the sky despite the cold.

When he went to the dormitory cafeteria after morning training in a pleasant mood, the students were all talking about Ham Geun-hyung.

“The head of the student department is great. Did you see the scene of him catching Enemy at the front door of the school? As soon as they hit the barrier and got stunned, it was one shot, one kill. The editing was enormous, and only a part of the video appeared, but just looking at it was amazing.”

“Is this Gwanglim? I thought only his face was scary, but his Gwanglim is also terrifying. I shouldn’t mess with him.”

“Isn’t he the homeroom teacher for class 0 1st grade? I envy the class 0 kids.”  

Yes, he liked that Ham Geun-hyung was the one in charge.

From the morning, he was happy to have him as the one in charge.

Besides Ham Geun-hyung, the story of Choi Pyeon-deuk also became a big topic.

The player’s association has revealed that they will find more than 1 billion won for Choi Pyeon-deuk, so the story has grown further.

“Did you see the public party recruitment board? There was only recruitment for the hunting party for the preliminary bounty that Choi Pyeon Deuk would get.”

“That’s only allowed to participate starting from the second semester of the first year, right? Choi Pyeon-deuk taught like dogshit. I want to go catch him too. Can’t you make a party in first grade?”

“It is a violation of school rules. I’m going to at least donate item cards.”

Silver Light actively supports students’ voluntary targeting of the other world.

It was a routine for students of silver light to recruit parties for targeting the otherworld on the school’s website, and although rare, there were also parties aiming to hunt for bounties.  

‘Even in the game, I was able to participate in the party to subdue wanted players on the silver light high school board.’  

When he opened the hologram and checked it, he couldn’t see a party attacking the world, but there was an overflowing amount of parties to hunt for Choi Pyeon Deuk.  

[Pyeondeuk Choi, I’m coming to catch you now ^oh^ The bounty is 1/n Insights, Tracking Skills holders are welcome (7/10)]

[Party leader doesn’t need the bounty. Instead, I hope for a personal interview for about a day before handing over Choi Pyeon-deuk to the association. Consult the device for details. (9/10)]

[! Great Bounty Hunter Era Opening! ♡ 100% Le/gal ◑➫ Choi Pyeon Deuk bare-handed hunting party☆★ Fist only ★ to beat him up◐☞ No burden ♡ No free recovery item support § € Regi§Ster ★ ※ Any※ ♬one can§participate♬ (10/10)]

[It was dirty together, let’s never meet again! This is a support party that supports the Choi Pyeon Deuk subjugation party. Receive a donation of consumable item cards for recovery and consumables. Setting up an additional party at full party. (10/10)]

[Choi Pyeon Deuk subjugation support party 2 (8/10)]  

It was a fun party that makes you want to apply for participation ignoring the school rules.  

‘It’s a pity that they won’t be able to achieve the purpose of the party.’  

As the days go by, the bounty will grow, but the person who will win the bounty will never appear.

Choi Pyeon-deuk will taste hell until he dies in the basement of Eun Young-gwan of Silver Light high school.

‘Except for Choi Pyeon-deuk, all the players involved in this case have been arrested, so there will be no other wanted criminals.’ 

Numerous players were captured.

The greatest crime was neglecting and nurturing enemies in cooperation with the Ung tribe in the Silver Light environmental protection zone.

In addition, the number of allegations of illegal use of decadent establishments, aiding in drug trafficking, and trafficking of human beings exceeded two digits.

Although not mentioned in the article, there are some who were involved in the manipulation of the Player SAT-K satellite signal, so the Player Association is probably dying.  

‘Hong Gyu-bin probably will work overtime throughout March.’

Hong Gyubin was a type of conniving trickster.

He was still a subject of surveillance, but it was a little pitiful to see him suffering.  

‘I should send a greeting message.’  

The Korean branch of the Players Association was also a dog mess, so there was no answer.

It might not be a good experience, but what can he do?

Make a clean association by working hard, Hong Gyubin.

A simple greeting message was sent.  

[Me] Hello. I saw the article. Team leader Hong Gyubin, you seem to be going through a lot of hardships. I hope you cheer up.  

He sent it and in less than a minute, a reply came.

[Hong Gyu-bin] Thank you, Eui-shin. The weather is all over the place recently so watch out for getting the cold. Nothing much going on in school right? If anything happens, tell me right away. 

Hong Gyu-bin responded quickly as usual.

He didn’t reply again in case he was interfering.

He wasn’t ignoring him on purpose, anyway.  

‘The training class Ung was caught by Jeok-ho, three directors of the Hwangmyeong Foundation were fired, and five teachers in Silver Light’s school were fired. The player association will also go through some changes.’  

Silver Light high school and the association were getting cleaner.

After having breakfast, the steps toward the first grade 0 class were infinitely light.

Until he saw Hwang Ji-ho who was waiting for me.

“Looks like you did a lot of things.”  

Was he really waiting for him?

The entrance to class 0 was relatively small, so no one was around. 

“As the president, my head hurts. Three directors and five teachers have been changed due to Choi Pyeon-deuk. The gap in the school administration is huge. I have to check again the documents that Choi Pyeon-deuk’s gang messed with. Do you know that Choi Pyeon-deuk was in charge of the Korea-China-Japan youth player exchange promotion committee? He tried to destroy it. We have to do it again from the planning stage.”

His head hurts, yeah right.

Hwang Ji-ho has a face saying that it is fun seeing eyes shining brightly.

But, he was very refreshed today, so he was compassionate.

He decided to give Hwang Ji-ho a little help, who was pretending to be busy.

“Up to now, was Choi Pyeon-deuk not been in charge of reviewing the approval of full-time teachers too? Even if they have the ability, there must be a lot of people who didn’t get hired because they didn’t bribe. If you hire those people as regular teachers, more people will work.”

“I guess there is a teacher you want to recommend.”  

Like a family of 5,000 years old, Hwang Ji-ho was quick to notice.  

‘Choi Pyeon Deuk and that teacher had overlapping majors, so he was very checked.’ 

There was one non-regular fixed-term teacher who was excellent in the game but could not become a full-time teacher because he had no money or backing.

He has been a volunteer at an orphanage for more than 10 years, and he is also a player with great specs.

The teacher was affectionate with silver light high school, so he received an insignificant salary and served through Choi Pyeon-deuk’s bragging.

He was also the successor of Taeho-kwon, one of the few in Korea.

“His name is Gong Cheong-Hwon.”  

Gong Cheong-Hwon, the benefactor of Han-i, who is a member of the 1st-grade class 0. 

He died in the game without becoming a full-time teacher.

In this world, he will be able to achieve his dreams. 

‘Gongcheong-Hwon and Hani will also like it.’

I think there will be a party in our class.

Thinking of Han-i’s joyful face made his heart warm.

Choi Pyeon-deuk’s class of Introduction to Enemy Studies will soon be changed to Gong Cheong-Hwon.

It was when he finished the story about Gong Cheong Hwon and entered the first grade, 0 class, with Hwang Ji-ho.

When Kim Yu-ri came out and saw Hwang Ji-ho, she approached with cheers.

“Eui shin, Jiho!”  

Did something happen?

Kim Yu-ri was smiling with the brightest face she had ever seen.

Kim Yuri showed me the inside of the classroom, which was a little covered with her body. 

“Our class attendance rate has risen completely!”  

There were Maeng Hyo-don and Irena in the classroom.  

“Look! There are now six in our class.”

Kim Yuri had a thrilling voice.

It was Kim Yu-ri, who liked to use the classroom widely, but she was lonely because she had only four classmates.

Kim Yu-ri was also paying close attention to the attendance rate.

“Irena, please keep coming to school!”


Irena’s parents’ mental attack over the weekend had disappeared, so she looked a little brighter.

He thought she might take more time to recover, but he was glad to see her come today.

Since Irena and Maeng Hyo-don came to school for the first time, the interest will be divided between the two, so Irena will be less burdened.  

‘Because Yuri Kim became friends with Andain, who completely closed her heart, she will get along well with Irena.’  

Under the leadership of Kim Yu-ri, Han-i and Irena were both awkward to each other, but they were talking.

That was just like Kim Yuri, who was at the top when it came to communication skills, sociability, and human resources in the game.

The three will quickly become friends.

Meanwhile, Maeng Hyo-don was staring up at Kim Yu-ri, who is about a span taller than himself.

“That’s the class leader….”  

He said he wasn’t curious when he was in the fight club.

He said that, but he must have wondered who the class leader who cares about the attendance rate was.

Kim Yuri, who felt Maeng Hyo-don’s gaze, approached Maeng Hyo-don and greeted him brightly.

“Hyodon, welcome! Please take care of me for the rest of the year.”

“Uh, uh….”

Maeng Hyo-don turned his gaze to Kim Yu-ri, who was actively talking to him, with an embarrassed face.

He graduated from a male-only middle school and even in the middle school he wasn’t very social.

It would be difficult for Maeng Hyo-don, a purely cultured male high school student, to suddenly talk to an unfamiliar opposite sex.

Maeng Hyo-don couldn’t answer properly and looked mindlessly at the center of the classroom electronic board.  

First grade, class 0 motto.

‘On-time attendance’ 

 Just by looking at Maeng Hyo-don’s expression, he could see that he thought, ‘What bullshit is this?’  

“What is this motto. Was it the vice president?”  

Not really.

But before he got to answer.

Maeng Hyo-don crossed the river where he could not return.  

“It sucks ass. Who made the motto?”

“I did.” 

It was Ham Geun-hyung who had just arrived at the classroom answered Maeng Hyo-don’s words.

Ham Geun-hyung seemed to have come a little early because he was worried because it was Maeng Hyo-don’s first school attendance.

Maeng Hyo-don, who saw Ham Geun-hyung, froze.

Leaving such Maeng Hyodon alone, the class bell began ringing indifferently. 


The broadcasting department and the band department in charge of today’s class bell they selected was the song by Somyeong called Bye Bye.

This song was a Korean trot song that sings about goodbye, and was usually used with the meaning of ‘Fuck off well.’

Choi Pyeon-deuk disappeared, and a lot of corrupted directors and teachers were arrested, so it would be a song for them.  

‘The article appeared on Sunday, but they already recorded it?’

An electric guitar, drums, and bass were arranged with powerful accompaniment, and the husky vocals screamed in the head.  

‘It’s uselessly high quality.’  

Since the sub-activity starts today, it was the second and third graders who made the class bell.

The class was completely ignoring the original song and repeating the lyrics of ‘Bye Bye ya’ infinitely.  

‘There must be a lot on the minds of the silver light seniors.’  

Maeng Hyo-don’s remarks.

The timing of Ham Geun-hyung’s appearance 

Class bell selection.

First grade, class 0 was a total mess in a dumb atmosphere.

The class bell did not fade out and ended with shouting, ‘Bye-Bye-Bye-Ah!’  

Tap tap tap.

When the class bell was over, Ham Geun-hyung, who was standing in front of the classroom door, moved to the podium.

Maeng Hyo-don, who had been stiff, responded to Ham Geun-hyung’s movement and sat down in a hurry.  


He put his face on the desk as if he was embarrassed.

The sound of the super-reinforced ceramic desktop and Maeng Hyo-don’s stone head clashed loudly.

If it had been an ordinary wooden desk used in an ordinary high school, it would have split in two.  

“Let’s take care of the school supplies, Maeng Hyo-don.”

“······Yes sir.”

The ears of Maeng Hyo-don, who slammed his head on the desk, were red.

“Please make sure not to break the shitty motto.”

“······Yes sir.”  

Ham Geun-hyung laughed and with his last hit.

Maeng Hyo-don’s mental power became zero and burned white.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”  

Eventually, all the first graders in the class 0 except Maeng Hyo-don burst into laughter for a long time.

Irena was also smiling enough to have tears in her eyes.

After Maeng Hyo-don calmed down, six of the first graders in 0 class finished their self-introduction using the ordinance.

Maeng Hyo-don and Irena’s first day of school ended very well.

* * * 

After school.

The first sub-activities began.

Central area, in front of the office in the general club hall.  

‘Newspaper Department’  

Hwang Ji-ho said, looking up at the sign next to me. 

“I didn’t imagine you would pick the newspaper department. It doesn’t suit you.”

He read newspapers often, but he always wanted to be a reader, not a reporter.

‘Even if I think about it, the newspaper department doesn’t really suit me.’  

He didn’t answer Hwang Ji-ho’s words and went into the office.

Hwang Ji-ho followed him with twinkling eyes.

It was only for one person that he chose this sub-activity.  

‘No, if I save this person, it will be for the entire silver light school, so it’s not specifically for one person.’  

There were about 20 people in the newspaper office, including freshmen and seniors.

There was a name tag attached to the seat where the freshman would sit, so he could find a seat in no time.

“Cho Eui Shin, our seat is here.”


Hwang Ji-ho sat down.

Standing in front of the small electronic board, the advisor to the newspaper division said, pointing to the device code written on the board.

“I am Jegal Jaegeol, the advisor. Please contact me if there anything comes up. Then freshmen, please introduce yourselves first.” 

The advisor to the newspaper department was Jegal Jae-geol, the head of the school affairs department.

At the beginning of the game, he was cursed on behalf of a student and exited, and he was a just teacher who slowly died over a year.

He judged that it would be most effective to participate in this sub-activity to prevent the death of Jegal Jae-geol. 

“Hello, I’m Cho Eui-shin in the 1st grade. Please take good care of me.”  

Paving stones were laid to prevent the death of Jegal Jae-geol.

Choi Pyeon-deuk disappeared from the Silver Light High school.

We also secured a list of fraudulent admissions that Choi Pyeon-deuk brought in as a special screening through Jeokho.

Now was the time to begin the next step.

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