Chapter 32

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The outside was made of super-tempered glass, and the inside was a simulator room of the Intellectual Property Center made with otherworld metals.

This was a high-end facility built under the direction of Chairman Hwang Myung-ho so that dormitory students could observe the training of other students.

This training room had a wonderful title of improving student welfare and competitiveness.

The truth was that when Hwangho built this place this way because he had a hard time watching other students train unless it was through a ‘window’. 

“Wow… … Did you just see the skill he used?”

“Yeah, it was cool.”

From the morning in the expensive simulator room, dormitory students were training against virtual Enemies.

Usually, the students that drew the most attention were the ones with brilliant combat abilities that used natural elements such as fire, water, wind, earth, and lightning.

However, the student who drew the most attention today was the new student, ‘Unknown Supernova, Cho Eui-shin.’  

“I don’t even know the names of some of those weapons…… Oh, I know that one. Isn’t it Urmi? A kite sword that was used in ancient India.”

“I saw him shooting with Flying Crow With Magic Fire and Cheonjachongtong and was in awe. Did the school give him that?”

“No matter how I look at it, it doesn’t seem to be a Level 1 skill.”

“It’s been less than a month since his admission, but he raised his skill level? That’s crazy.”

Dormitory students chatted while watching Cho Eui Shin’s self-study combat through super tempered glass windows.

Cho Eui Shin devoted about 2 seconds per weapon to attacking the virtual Enemy and immediately replaced the item card.  

“Oh, he already replaced it. I wanted to see more of how to use the Karambit.”

“I want to see the javelin throw one more time.”  

Leaving behind the regrets of the crowd, Cho Eui-shin continued to change weapons.

Item cards came out magically from the tip of his fingers.

The fast item card summoning, the speed of changing weapons, and the movement to activate the skill were all agile and sharp.

“Didn’t they say he received 300 weapon item cards? It looks like there were over 300 weapons used so far.”

“He must have a lot of personal weapons too.”

Of course, his personal weapons were the result of Cho Eui-shin’s acquiring of the personal property of Byun Soon-Hui and Choi Pyeon-deuk.

“But where the hell is he taking the item card out from?”

“Is he using something like Gwanglim on top of it?”

“I’m betting my snack that comes with the breakfast that, it’s Gwanglim.”

“When a British magician player uses magic with an item card, they use that kind of motion too. Maybe it’s a magic skill?”

“I think the magic technique of hiding cards in your hand was called ‘palm’. Back palm? One-hand palm? What technique is he using?”

“I think there are almost 400 now, but is it even possible to hide more than 400 cards with magic skills?”

All Cho Eui-shin was doing was just using the item card by selecting the item card from the item window with a dedicated menu skill.

In the eyes of students who did not know the existence of the exclusive menu, the series of movements was unknown to them.

Dormitory students continued their discussions without answers.

In the meantime, Cho Eui Shin finished his last training by shooting an arbarest.  

“Ah, it must be over now.”

“That was his 500th weapon.”

“Were you counting it? Hmm?…… it’s Mr. Yong, hello!”

“Hello, sir!”

The dormitory students who were concentrating on Cho Eui-shin’s training responded late.

The teacher, Yong Je-gun, who were mixed among the crowd between the students, greeted each other.

This geezer, who didn’t hide the fact that he was part of the Dragon tribe of the Jin, was popular among students.  

“Mr. Yong, Mr. Yong! I thought you said you were commuting from the Red Lion Team Building at Jonggak Station.”

“Mr. Yong, are you going to live in the dormitory now?”

“No. Today I stopped by to talk with Mr. Kim today.” 

The dormitory students did not hide their disappointment at Yong Je-gun’s answer. 


“You should move here, Mr. Yong!”

“I’ll think about it.”

Yong Je-gun responded gently to the students while watching the first-grader beyond the glass. 

“That student is the Unknown Supernova, Cho Eui Shin….”  

After using his 500th weapon, the Unknown Supernova, Cho Eui shin had no idea of ​​the situation outside the window.

Cho Eui-shin was distracted by the system notification sound that was heard only in his own ears.  

<The level of the skill ‘Use All Things’ has risen from 2 to 3.>

*    *    *

The morning training had raised the skill level of using all things.

His hypothesis of if the level rose with just having possession of the weapons, then gaining experience using those weapons would raise it again turned out to be correct.  

‘On the first day of class where I battled with Bang Yoon-seop, Ham Geun-hyung also said that.’  

His current overall stats were Lv.15.

His level had risen by 2 since his admission to the school.

Besides, the skill level of using all things was now at 3.

At this level, the “Cho Eui Shin” himself had become somewhat useful.

Even if the player’s trajectory was not used, it had become possible to compete with most of the silver light students.

‘The training was pretty rewarding. Even though I have a hard time because there are a lot of people talking to me now whenever I finish training.’  

About the exclusive menu skill, he spoke moderately.

Thanks to all the guesswork done by the students, he didn’t have to make up excuses.  

“Uh, vice president.”  

After taking a shower in the dormitory, he came out and stood in front of the elevator and met up with Maeng Hyodon who was also assigned the same floor.

He seemed to be going to school too, so he thought they can go together.  

“Meng Hyo-don, did you eat breakfast yet?”

“Already did. Today, the buttermilk croissants and mozzarella cheese were delicious.”

The taste of Maenghyodon, which seemed like he would eat miso soup and rice even in the morning, was surprisingly Western.

The dormitory dining room breakfast prepared for both Korean and Western dishes so it was just a matter of choosing what you wanted. 

“Among the Korean food, the three-colored herbs were surprisingly delicious. Especially stir-fried bellflower sprouts. Seasoned with sesame oil and sesame seeds.”  

“Ah, he ate both.”

Maenghyodon seemed to not care about Western and Korean food.  

“On the menu that came out for yesterday’s dinner, the yam sweet pumpkin porridge was delicious.”

“I also ate two bowls of that.”

“I ate three bowls. I ate souffle omelet separately as well. It was more delicious to eat without sprinkling sugar.”

Maeng Hyo-don praised the taste by talking about each and every menu he ate from last weekend to this morning.

He thought he was going to eat everything well, but he must have eaten while savoring and remembering the taste of each one.  

‘It’s amazing that he remembers the names of each menu exactly like that.’  

Maeng Hyo-don will probably do well if he ever does a Mukbang show.

While he was excitedly talking about the menu, they headed to school.  

“Hey, Hyodon!”  

The voice of Joo Soo-hyuk, this world’s main hero, was heard.

When he turned around, he saw Joo Soo-hyuk running towards Maeng Hyo-don at full speed.

Usually, when he ran at that speed, his face is pressed by the wind, and a humiliating scene was created. But when Joo Soo-hyuk did it looked like he was watching a scene from a youth movie.

“You attend Silver Light High School?”

“······Yeah, Joo Soo-hyuk. Been a long time.”  

Joo Soo-hyuk, who stopped in front of Maeng Hyo-don, reached out and shook hands.

The two were rivals who faced several times in the finals of the pre-player section of the youth sports competition.

They probably were more used to shaking hands rather than saying hello.

“I couldn’t find you, so I thought you went to another school. Which class are you in? I’m in the second class.”

“Class 0.”

“It’s the same class as Eui Shin.”  

Joo Soo-hyuk was very pleased and spoke to Maeng Hyo-don and him.

With Joo Soo-hyuk’s high communication skills, the three of them exchanged device codes and even created a group message room.  

‘It’s just like Joo Soo-hyuk who boasts Kim Yu-ri’s level of talent.’

Maeng Hyo-don, who was not yet accustomed to using wearable devices, struggled to register a contact.

Maeng Hyo-don’s father did not properly provide food, clothing, and shelter.

In this world, there wouldn’t be even a smartphone that was treated as junk, so it was unavoidable for him to be unfamiliar with smart devices.  

“When I saw you at the last competition, I regretted not asking for your home address. Once you become an official player, you can’t compete in sports. I was worried that I would never see you again. I’m glad to meet you at Silver Light.”  

Official players were not allowed to participate in sports competitions.

Since those under the age of 17 are not official players, there was a separate youth reserve player section.  

“Let’s keep in touch often. Hyodon!”

Maeng Hyo-don grumbled about the difficulty of using the device but looked at the message room with a stupid face.

When Maeng Hyo-don was a middle school student, the only one of his age that treated him nicely was Joo Soo-hyuk, whom he met at the competition, so to him he probably felt closer to him than any others.

‘Before the game even started, Joo Soo-hyuk saved many people. Even though those people probably don’t know about it.’  

Peace broke when he and Joo Soo-hyuk was teaching Maeng Hyo-don how to use the device and was peacefully heading to the first-grade classroom.  

“Let’s fight, Cho Eui Shin!”  

Oh, the wild bread deliverer Bang Yoon-seop popped out.

He had an elated expression and probably was also thinking of some type of cheesy tactic to use.

“I have raised my overall stat level. I also have items that boost my magic resistance as well! Come at me, you son of a bitch Cho Eui Shin!”  

Bang Yoon-seop was still the ever clumsy small fry but he was even stupid at that.

‘You shouldn’t tell that to the person you’re going to fight. You idiot.’  

As if he doesn’t care about any fair play at all, there was no start signal.

He recklessly swung the nunchaku and attacked.

He picked two of the SR item cards he had robbed from Choi Pyeon-deuk.  

“Hey, the Unknown Supernova and the bread deliverer are fighting!”

“Is it the second leg of the bread deliverer match? If you’re going to do it, give us a notice so we can bet money!”

“Oh, no. It’s already started!”

“No. Damn it’s so far. I should have illegally modified the airboard to be manually operated…

Students on the way to school were coming to watch.

Some of the guys who jumped to watch the fight from afar were live broadcasting on their devices, and some even had holograms turned on.

It seems that the fact that Bang Yoon-seop became the bread deliverer of the Unknown Supernova was famous.  

‘I have an audience, so I have to provide some entertainment.’

Today, the day was refreshing and the wind felt good.

The SR item ‘Rod that Brings a Creative Wind’ was materialized.  

〈Activating Skill ‘Use all things’.〉

Along with the sound of the system, magic spells and their effects flowed into his head.

Perhaps thanks to the level up, the expected power of the repertoire of available spells also increased.

He didn’t know what level Bang Yoon-seop’s magic resistance item was at, but he decided to use the most powerful magic he had with a casting time of less than 5 seconds.  

‘If it gets resisted, I can just attack with the second melee weapon item.’ 

Casting, a necessary process to use magic, goes through three stages.

Understanding the mana management formula.

Rod movement according to understanding.

Understanding the mana flow which changed accordingly.

When the caster who has finished the casting shouts the incantation in the promised language, then the magic is activated.  

“Escensii Venti!”

As soon as his incantation was shouted, the flow of the wind changed.  


“Hahahaha! Magic is useless… uh, uh, what!”  

The momentum of the gentle spring breeze turned harsh.

A whirlwind rising high into the sky ran toward Bang Yoon-seop.  


When a storm appeared at the end of his rod, the school students shouted.

On the other hand, Bang Yoon-seop, caught in the disaster, screamed. 


He heard the sound of the item being shattered as if it easily exceeded the magic damage that Bang Yoon-seop’s magic resistance item could endure.  


The effect of losing the magic resistance item was seen from the other side of the wind.

When that little light disappeared, Bang Yoon-seop was caught in a tornado and flew high.

He became smaller and smaller.

Gradually, he got further away.  

‘uh oh, it’s too strong.’  

Bang Yoon-seop will die if left alone.

He stopped the magic spell.

Then he fell on the floor like a frog fell to the ground in an upside-down position.

Because the wind was manipulated to act as a cushion, the damage would not be great, but it was still unsightly.  

‘I guess I don’t need the melee weapon item.’

Still, he used it to keep the momentum going and apply pressure.

He realized the second item card he prepared, the SR-class “Jeya Gosu’s Steel Nunchaku,” and walked toward Bang Yoon-seop, spinning it around like a master.

It was the hand movement of level 3 level nunchaku skill.

Bang Yoon-seop, who recognized it, had a face of astonishment.  

“Be careful, Bang Yoon-seop.”

“Crazy. You were level 1 before!”

“I leveled up.”  

Bang Yoon-seop’s face was stained with despair.  

“If you go on like this, you will lose to me even with the nunchaku.”

“Ah, shit….”
Bang Yoon-seop completely lost his fighting spirit and laid on the floor.  

“Looks like I had plenty of eye candy today.”

“That magic is crazy. I want to learn it too.”

“I saw the bread deliverer match and listened to the online lecture on the basic mana management theory, but it was difficult. It’s better to just learn other combat skills.”

“Unknown Supernova, it was fun to see!”

“Bread Deliverer, try a little better next time.”  

When the short and intense fight ended, the students, who were the audience, each said a word and headed back to the classroom.

Maeng Hyo-don and Joo Soo-hyuk remained next to each other and gave a cold evaluation toward Bang Yoon-seop.  

“Yoon-seop should train his core more.”

“When he moves his center of gravity, something looks a little clumsy.”

The factual violence continued.

Bang Yoon-seop, who had been upside down, looked at the two with confused faces.

As if he didn’t have the nerve to mess with Joo Soo-hyuk, the top seat, he pointed to Maeng Hyo-don and let out his anger.

“Who are you! You look like you crawl on the floor. Are you a middle school student?”  

Maeng Hyo-don’s weakness was his height and size that was below average.

Although he has strong muscles through numerous competitions and repeated fights against the Enemy.

Maeng Hyo-don, who was treated as a rival with Joo Soo-hyuk, was a real master of combat.  

‘Maeng Hyo-don didn’t eat properly during the time it was considered his growth spurt.’

According to Ham Geun-hyung, Maeng Hyo-don currently shows addiction symptoms due to a lack of vitamins, malnutrition, and abuse of recovery items.

If he wasn’t a player, he said he would have to be hospitalized for a long time.  

‘Since Maeng Hyo-don was still in his teens and has a strong constitution, I heard from now on that he would be okay if he improved his diet, refrained from using recovery items, and did rehabilitation training. I will have to help by staying at his side.’  

While he was thinking briefly, Maeng Hyo-don and Joo Soo-hyuk responded with a firm face to Bang Yoon-seop’s words.  

“Are you trying to tick me off?”

“Yoon-seop, what are you talking saying to Hyo-don?”

When Joo Su-hyuk blamed Bang Yoon-seop, he was amazed.

Bang Yoon-seop, who confirmed Maeng Hyo-don’s name tag, said with an astonished face.  

“Hyodon? Are you Maeng Hyo-don?”  

The two never met in the silver light high school in the game.

At the end of the 1st grade, Bang Yoon-seop transformed into an Enemy as an insular demon servant, and he died at the hands of Joo Soo-hyuk, while Maeng Hyo-don wasn’t freed until the 2nd year.  

“I remember now. When I was in middle school, I saw you at the Taekwon nunchaku contest. You were the little bitch that cried as losing in the preliminaries against me huh? “

He guessed that the two met when they were in middle school.

Bang Yoon-seop’s face color changed like a blank paper.

Bang Yoon-seop was one of the victims who was beaten in the preliminaries when Maeng Hyo-don swept through all sorts of competitions when he was in middle school.

Bang Yoon-seop was also someone who had enough talent to be admitted into Silver Light, but even he was nothing compared to Maeng Hyo-don.

“If you want to fight, I’ll accept.” 

Maeng Hyo-don approached Bang Yoon-seop, who was laying on the ground upside down.

Bang Yoon-seop couldn’t even look at Maeng Hyo-don.  

“Are you smoking too? I can smell that, asshole.”

Maeng Hyo-don, who stopped in front of Bang Yoon-seop, said, frowning.

A cigarette?

He took a 50,000 won bill from his wallet and handed it out to Bang Yoon-seop.

He looked at the bill and spewed out curse words.  

“Go buy some bread.”


“Buy a cake from the homemade bakery in front of the front gate. A Fromage Blanc Mousse Cake. Bring seven forks.”  

In front of the school’s gate, there was a famous handmade cake shop run by a pâtissier player.

He wanted to feed the gourmet Maeng Hyo-don with outside food.

Since he was banned from going out until the press became quiet.

“Ugh, it’s farther than the third-grade shop!”

“You don’t want to?”

“Cho Eui Shin, you Enemy like son of a bitch!”

“If you mess with the food this time, I’m going to pull out your nails.”  

Meanwhile, Joo Soo-hyuk was explaining to Maeng Hyo-don about the previous promised bread deliverer match.  

“Bring it to me before class starts. Bang Yoon-seop.”  

He saw him disappear in the distance moving as fast as possible on his bike.

Maeng Hyo-don seemed to have an excellent sense of smell.

It would be convenient to use Maeng Hyo-don’s sense of smell when striking Bang Yoon-seop.

“Hey, Maeng Hyo-don. Whenever you find him smoking, I’ll buy you bread.”

“What, are you real? I want to do it.”

“Eui shin, I want to do it too!”

“Okay. Please take care of it.”

It would be appreciated if Joo Soo-hyuk, a classmate of Bang Yoon-seop, would cooperate.

The three-person group message room they just created will be a great place for information sharing.

Bang Yoon-seop would be under surveillance by Joo Soo-hyuk and Maeng Hyo-don, the first tier of the melee attackers in the game.

‘Goodbye, Bang Yoon-seop. I guess you will quit smoking soon.’

The cake that Bang Yoon-seop bought was shared well with Joo Soo-hyuk and the six students in the first grade.

Cream cheese mousse and blueberry confit blended together to create a fantastic taste.

The cake party ended with the praise of hidden gourmet Maeng Hyo-don and sweets lover Hani.

*    *    *

After-school activities time.

Among the few insolvencies that the newspaper department has, it is one for the freshmen.

Eight new members of the newspaper department, including him and Hwang Ji-ho, were staring at the holograms of their respective devices.

The first task given to them was to write an article about an incident that happened at school.

“I envy you. You have it easy.”  

Hwang Ji-ho looked dissatisfied next to him.  

“Yeah, I like it. To think it would be this easy.”  

What he chose to write an article about was the second leg of the bread deliverer match between him and Bang Yoon-seop.

Thanks to Bang Yoon-seop, he had it easy.

Besides Hwang Ji-ho, the other six were also suffering because they had no idea what to write for their articles.

“Bread Deliverer 2nd match…… I wanted to see it with my own eyes!”

Moon Sae-ron, a playable character in the game, belonging to the 1st grade 2nd class, could not hide his disappointment.

Moon Sae-ron was a typical informational character belonging to the newspaper department that often appeared in fiction.

It was also a character who was expected to survive until the third grade and become the head of the newspaper department.

“You want to bet again? I liked the selection at that time.”

“Hwang Ji-ho you think so, right? Betting and BGM must not be missed in the big match!”

“Okay. I want to shoot firecrackers if possible.”

“You are good, Hwang Ji-ho.”

Moon Saeron was also the guy that ran the betting applications during the first match.

‘It looks like Moon Sae-ron and Hwang Ji-ho go well with each other.’

There was a brief talk about the Bread Deliverer Match, but the topic returned back to the article writing task in front of them.

The new members of the newspaper department jokingly spoke to him and Hwang Ji-ho.

“Because it’s April Fool’s Day soon, I heard that there will be plenty of articles. Class 0 seniors are likely to do something this year.”

“You two are in first grade, class 0 right? If you are going to cause an incident, let me know so I can write about it first.”

“This year’s 1st-grade class 0 is famous for its tranquility, so most likely nothing will happen.”

The problem was that it was so quiet that they did not even come to school.

Only 6 out of the 16 students attended school until April so far.

‘It’s April 1st soon….’

April Fools’ Day is the day where major events take place in the game.

“I heard it’s customary for Class 0 to have accidents every year on April Fools’ Day. Shouldn’t we do something too, Cho Eui-shin?”



He briefly answered Hwang Ji-ho’s question.

“I’m busy.”

Hwang Ji-ho, who was staring at his face, seemed to be shining strangely in his eyes, but he decided to pretend he didn’t know.

He was going to be very busy on April Fool’s Day.

‘It would be very rewarding to save people and dispose of the trash left by Choi Pyeon Deuk as well.’

Even though it was a pity that he couldn’t show the proper aspect of class 0.

It will be a truly rewarding April Fool’s Day.

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