Chapter 33

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“Baekho, Jeokho. Welcome. Except for the 5th floor that I use, please use whatever you want.”  

The residence of Chairman Hwang Myung-ho.

Hwang-ho, in the form of Hwang Ji-ho, greeted the two sacred tigers.

Jeok-ho looked at the smiling Hwang-ho with eyes as if he did not understand.  

“······Hwangho, why did you call me and Baekho here? Don’t you resent us for leaving after leaving everything to you?”  

At the words of Jeok-ho, Hwang-ho recalled a very distant past. 

‘Resent, huh.’

A heavenly deity who gave gentle grace to the Korean Peninsula.

A man who resembled that great heavenly deity.

Cheong-ho who was around that man with a happy expression.

The Baekho and Jeokho ran together on the barren ground.

And Eun-ho, the head of the tigers whom he respected more than anyone.

Precious beings came to mind and disappeared.

The disappeared past was so brilliant that everything in this world looked faded.  

‘······My friends have already been punished.’  

Baekho, who asked the heavenly deity for freedom to go anywhere, was bound to the god’s territory.

Jeokho, who asked for mercy from the heavenly deity to forgive the Ung, was betrayed by the Ung and lost everything.

Hwang-ho did not feel relieved at all even when he saw the punishment carried by his two friends.

“You want me to resent my two friends who are already being punished?”  

Whenever his two friends looked at him with guilty and dead eyes, it was so painful that his motivation for life disappeared.

Since those eyes have changed, he finally felt like being with them again.  

“Eunho will also forgive you.”  

Hwang-ho said as he approached the bird’s-eye view of Eun Hwi-gwan hung on the wall of the drawing-room.  

“I have to thank Cho Eui Shin. He gave you two new goals to aim for and helped you two to wake up.” 

 In the eyes of Hwangho, who looked at Baekho and Jeokho with the bird’s eye view of Eunhwi-gwan behind him, there was no boredom in his life at all.

It was the twinkling eyes that Cho Eui Shin usually considered very ominous.

*  *  *

The last day of March, morning.

Cho Eui Shin went to the 1st-grade class 1 classroom.

As expected, Yoo Sang-hoon, who finished morning training in the basketball club, was in school early.  

“Choeuishin, what’s up?”

“Hey, Yoo Sang-hoon. Come with me for a bit.”

He called Yoo Sang-hoon into the hallway without people.

He followed right away without saying anything.

There was something he wanted to ask while looking at his face.

“You know these guys?”  

Yoo Sang-hoon nodded when he said the names of two students belonging to the first grade.  

“Cho Eui-shin, do you know them?”

“No. We don’t know each other.”

“Then keep it that way.”

He was a little surprised by Yoo Sang-hoon’s resolute attitude.  

“It feels similar to Son Min-ki.”

Yoo Sang-hoon’s tact must have gotten better after almost dying from being hit in the back of his head.

The two guys he talked about were the fraudulent students Choi Pyeon-deuk admitted.

Choi Pyeon-deuk, who was supposed to kill Kim Shin-rok and become the homeroom teacher for the first grade, brought them into class 1.

‘In the first place, Choi Pyeon Deuk was supposed to look after them after killing Kim Shin rok as the homeroom teacher, but the plan was ruined so they couldn’t have caused much trouble after that.

There must not have been so many evils committed yet.

However, listening to what Yoo Sang-hoon said, the fundamentals seem to have not changed.

He made his decision.

‘I can’t let them attend Silver Light.’  

Not even because of the smallest evils, they will commit in the future, but he didn’t know what they will do for themselves in the future.

Their family lived well enough to even give Choi Pyeon-deuk satisfaction, and on the outside, they looked like normal students.

Even in the game, their skill of making evil atrocities making it look like just playful jokes between friends was excellent.

‘They are the best in their ability to rationalize themselves, avoid responsibility, and manipulate information. Not only from Silver Light High school but if possible, I want them to leave the player world forever.’  

Not only the two of them were accompanied by luck, but they had an amazing ability to trick people.

They survive the event in which many of the students were murdered.

They would lock down all three or four existing emergency exits, even sealing them with an SSR-class item, and ran away.

Because the presence of other students interfered with them when running away  

“What else are you planning to do?”


“Cho Eui Shin your expression is a bit.”

“What about it.”  

He was just thinking about how to deal with the evil axis of the Silver Light in the future.

“It’s the expression that you made before you destroyed Son Min Ki.”  

Yoo Sang-hoon tapped his shoulder and smiled.  

“Are you free this Saturday? Please give me a tour of the dormitory.”

“Okay. See you at lunch. We are eating outside.”

“Let’s make fun of Jang Namwook through a video call.”  

He giggled with Yoo Sang-hoon and made plans for the weekend.

Jang Nam-wook was not affiliated with silver light so couldn’t enter the dormitory. So it looked like Yoo Sang-hoon wanted to hang out with him in whatever way possible.  

Even though it was packaged with words like making fun of him.

If this job is completed safely, he was going to play with Yoo Sang-hoon and Jang Nam-wook as the reward.

*    *    *

The class bell that announced the afternoon class was a traditional marching song called Muryeongjigok (武寧之曲), also known as Daechwita, performed by the Ministry of Traditional Music.  

[Myeonggeum Daechwita!]  


When the head of the Traditional Music Department gave a command, a gong was heard and the performance began.

The mellow sounds of the brass instruments Nabal, Nagak, Taepyeongso and percussion instruments such as Yonggo, Janggu, Gong, sounded.

Thanks to the unexpected selection, the drowsiness that came after lunch went away.  

‘The morning class bell, ‘Breath of the Wilderness’ was also good, but the muryeongjigok is not bad either.  

While listening to the class, he opened the electronic textbook stored on the device, the introduction to the Enemy.

The afternoon class was an introduction to Enemy Studies, which was Choi Pyeon Deuk’s subject.

In other words, it is the first class of Gong Chung-Hwon, the mentor of Hani.

“I am Gong Cheong-Hwon who will be taking over the lecture on the introduction to Enemy Studies on behalf of Choi Pyeon-deuk, who is wanted. I hope we get along.”

Behind the school table stood a handsome man whose concept of goodness became human.  

‘He looked so good in the game, but it looks that way even more so in reality.’  

There were fewer than ten people left because the first graders all ran away from Choi Pyeon-deuk’s class.

But today, the number of students increased as the teacher in charge changed from Choi Pyeon-deuk to Gong Cheong-Hwon.  

‘I’m glad the class change period wasn’t over yet.’

The period of class change happened during March.

Breathtakingly, Hani barely joined the class.

Han-i was sitting next to him and looking up at Gong cheong-Hwon with a happy face.

“Was this how far you guys progressed? It’s pretty much the same as starting new.”  

Gong Cheong-Hwon, who was checking the progress of the class with the students, looked puzzled.

Choi Pyeon-deuk didn’t teach the class at all.

All-day long, He talked about bullshit such as bragging about good connections, complaints about society, politics they had no interest in, slander of other teachers and baseless slander, etc. 

‘I almost memorized that spell.’  

When used in the classroom, he didn’t know how many times he wanted to shout “Teacher Jindo is going out,” an incantation of a curse that aroused the hatred and anger of most students.

He didn’t want to call Choi Pyeon-deuk a teacher, so he held on.

“The most important thing when studying is the question ‘why?’. Why should we study about the Enemy.”  

Gong Cheong-Hwon continued the class with a cheerful voice.

Although she couldn’t hear with her ears, Han-i showed a willingness not to miss a single word from Gong Cheong-Hwon through lip-reading, and kept her eyes on his face.  

“You could do a search for Enemy with a wearable device, use analytics items, or use skills like insight.

About ten students also focused on Gong Cheong-Hwon’s words.

Gong Cheong-Hwon had the power to attract attention even with a soft tone.  

“The answer is to reduce ‘time’. It is because a response is required in seconds in the attack of the other world where many variable situations continued.  

Gong Cheong-Hwon’s words continued.

“It takes time to activate devices and use items and skills. Reducing that time will help you stand in an advantageous position.”

With a wearable device, Gong Cheong-Hwon posted the table of contents of the introduction to Enemy Studies on the electronic board.  

“Enemy Studies will be a useful weapon.”  

After completing the Introduction to Enemies Orientation, Gong Chung-Hwon started the class by writing on the electronic board occasionally.

As expected, it was a class with great content.

It was worth holding on until Choi Pyeon-deuk fell out.

‘Because it would have been noticed that many students would apply for this class as soon as Gong Chung Hwon got the teaching role.’

Like Hani who was sitting next to him listening to every word of the lecture.

*  *  *

April 1st, it was April Fool’s Day.

Even in the former world, April Fools’ Day was treated as a kind of festival at school.

The school table is set up behind the classroom or hidden underneath it.

Stuff the inside of the gym uniform to make it look like a scarecrow and put it behind the classroom.

Students would wear their school uniforms backward and sit backward.

Put on ketchup and act like corpses all over the school.

Graduates wear school uniforms and hide among the students.

The previous world’s April Fool’s jokes were also pleasant enough.

However, the April Fool’s Day mischief of the silver light was different.  



When he left the dormitory early in the morning, he heard a scream in the dormitory building of the second and third graders.

From a distance, a mass of gases that resembled the ghost type Enemy was wandering around the dormitories of the 2nd and 3rd graders.

‘Since the first graders haven’t gone through the Enemy practice yet, they must have been nice and skipped us.’  

There were lumps of gas in the faculty’s residence, but they were quickly being repelled.

It was a quick and agile response like veteran teachers of silver light.  

‘They are starting already.’  

April Fool’s Day was a small festival of silver light high school.

The level of the playfulness of high school students with excellent abilities and good brains was beyond imagination.  

‘The brief introduction that was in the game was enormous.’  

Traps and portals will be installed throughout the central area by 2nd and 3rd grade 0 classes, and some classrooms will be renovated to look like the other world.

The lake on the school grounds, Lake Cheongrang, will freeze or evaporate, or monsters will appear.

‘The stress must have been accumulated due to the academic and otherworld learning…… as long as no one is injured, pranks would be allowed.’

And one of the best pranks today would be the clock tower in front of the front gate of the silver light in front of him.  

‘How on earth did you install that?’

The white front gate clock tower was turned into a neon sign tower.

Hundreds of large and small silver light textbook-shaped neon signs covered the clock tower.

Students who had been attending the school early stood with their mouths wide open looking at the clock tower at the main gate.

Silver Light teachers will be troubled all day, but most of the students will have a pleasant April Fool’s Day.

So when the people of the silver light in the game first heard the news, no one believed it.

On April Fool’s Day, a taxi driver and two passengers died in a traffic accident near the gate of the Silver Light high school.

‘I thought it was a vicious lie by someone.’

The taxi driver had family members to support.

The passenger was a middle school child.

The article was published belatedly and Silver Light students fell in shock.

He didn’t know exactly when and where the accident would happen.

He only knew that there was an accident near the school on the morning of April Fools.  

‘I thought about how to respond.’  

From the rooftop of Hwangmyeong Tower of the Hwangmyeong Group, the only skyscraper in the Silver Light District, the entire district was clearly visible.

The weather was nice today and there were no clouds.

The wind from the roof of the 55-story building was refreshing.

〈Activating Gwanglim, ‘The player’s trajectory’.〉  

He was going to transform into the character with the clairvoyance skill.

“Ahn Jungjigye (眼中之界) Cheon Dongha”

It would not be difficult to monitor the entire Silver Light District if he borrows his Gwanglim, a second-year leader in silver light.

Check out each moving taxi and mark it as a target if a middle school student is riding…  

“Cho Eui Shin.”

Immediately, he canceled the player’s trajectory and looked at the side where the voice was heard.

It was Hwang Ji-ho.  

“Because I couldn’t see you at school. I tried tracking you because I thought it was an “emergency”. As chairman of the board, it’s natural to worry about students.”  

Damn him.

He used the authority of the chairman to track the location of the device distributed by the school.  

“Of course that was bullshit. You said you were busy on April Fool’s day, so I followed you because I was curious about why you were busy. What are you doing, you know this is my building right?”

Hwang Ji-ho confessed quickly with his eyes twinkling.

It seems like he didn’t even intend to hide it from the beginning.

Today’s 1st-grade class 0 attendance rate was ruined.

He couldn’t stop Hwang Ji-ho from acting freely.

Mr. Ham Geun-hyung, I’m sorry.  

“To prevent a traffic accident.”

“Yeah? Then can I help you?”  

He didn’t think he was curious at all about how he knew a traffic accident was going to occur.

“Instead, let’s do a big prank at school when we’re done.”  

Did he really want to play a prank on April Fool’s day that badly?…

Even though he was grateful if Hwangho helped.

If the chances of preventing an accident increased even a little, he can prank as many times as needed.

As he nodded, Hwang Ji-ho lit his eyes and laughed.  

“Then the deal is established.”  

Hwang Ji-ho climbed up on the rooftop of Hwangmyeong Tower.

Jeokho, who stood on the balcony railing of his dormitory when he first appeared, the tiger tribe seems to like high places.

Hwang Ji-ho maintained perfect balance and widened his arms.

“This body is the guardian of the god’s territory. As far as I’m concerned, there are no secrets that I do not know about within Silver Light High school.”

As if he didn’t neglect Choi Pyeon-deuk’s decadent business.

He hasn’t been interested until now, so it was natural to not know but.  


When the power of the Yellow tiger was released, the flow of the atmosphere completely changed.

His hair and eyes turned golden.

An aura of gold and pressure spread around him.

It could be seen that even without insight skills, it was not a  force that humans can fight against.

‘Is this the divine power of a tiger?’

Hwang-ho rarely intervened in the game, so he had never seen him use his strength in earnest.

As Hwang-ho reached out, gold particles gradually spread into the air, covering the entire district.

The rain of golden particles fell in the downtown of the silver light district under the blue sky.

It was a fantastic sight.  


Hwang Ji-ho suddenly opened his eyes.

The pupils like the eyes of beasts flashed golden.

“Cho Eui Shin, there is no time to be bored when I am with you.”  

Those twinkling eyes had a faint life unlike usual.  

“There are Ung tribe people around the silver light district. Their target is that taxi that is going over the speed limit.” 

April Fool’s Day traffic accident in front of the school gate of Silver Light High school.

He thought it was an unfortunate accident that happened by chance, but he guessed that wasn’t the case after all.

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