Chapter 34

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“Do they want to make it look like an accident? They aren’t actively attacking. They are lifting up parts of the road, changing the friction…… working very delicately I see.”

The golden eyes were accurately penetrating the movements of the Ung tribe who stepped on the territory.  

“I don’t see any legendary tier Ung tribe. Everyone’s grade is low.”

“Is it similar to the training class Ung we caught last time?”

“Yeah. I see five, but all of them are insignificant.”

The training class Ung, who lost his mind after fighting with Baekhogun, had his arms not only cut off but ground away.

It is said that the training class Ung has completely lost the power to tame the Enemy and was being tortured after losing his marbles.

He was told that Kim Shin-rok, who cannot attack the Ung, was attempting torture in a “creative way”. But he never got a chance to ask how. 

‘Was it another instruction from that ‘person’?’  

“That Person” urged them not to be afraid of the tigers.

It still wasn’t clear who it was or what their exact goal was.

He knew they were still working hard to lead Silver Light District toward the bad ending.  

“To think he endured the attack of the Ung tribe and drove all the way over here. The taxi driver’s driving skills are excellent. I want to hire him as my dedicated driver.”  

Hwang Ji-ho smiled and added.

He must be very excited to see the golden iris flashing with the momentum to emit even a beam.  

“What should we do, Cho Eui-shin. Shall we go hunting right now?”

Ung Tribe.


Jin Tribe.

Silver Light District and Silver Light High school.

Traffic Accident.

He didn’t have much time, but he organized all the moves he can make carefully.

He cleared his thoughts and shook his head.  

“It’s not a good move for you to show up right now.”  

If they realize that Hwang Ji-ho noticed, there is no reason for the Ung to cover things up, so they will be trying to get the taxi with all their power.  

‘Although it’s not clear whether they will focus on their safety or the death of the taxi passenger.’

Assassins usually prioritize achieving their goals over their lives.

He didn’t know what the Ung would prefer.

‘It would be better to make plans assuming the worst possible scenario.’  

The taxi driver should not be a player.

The middle school student may have abilities, but in the end, it’s just a middle school student who can’t even use Gwanglim.

They will have a hard time withstanding the attack of the Ung.

Even if they don’t die, they may be seriously injured.

“Let’s call Baekho and Jeokho…… If they able to come within 5 no within 10 minutes.”  

It would be possible for him and Hwang-ho to protect the taxi with full force, but it would be too noticeable.

Kim Shinrok, a descendant of the Tigers, cannot attack the Ung.

It is also difficult to mobilize other teachers or students in the Silver Light either.

The only ones they can call upon were the two tigers, Baekho and Jeokho.

‘If I remember correctly the game stated that the taxi was overturned near the main gate of the school.’  

It was about 15 minutes of distance between the taxi that Hwang Ji-ho is giving attention to and the silver light school gate.

There was still time.

‘The situation gets complicated if this gets known to the residents of the district and the students of Silver Light. He and the three tiger tribe should be able to quietly capture the Ung and protect the taxi.’  

Hwang Ji-ho started his device and sent a message.  

“I’ll call them. Baekho and Jeokho will be here soon as they have finished organizing their luggage.”  

Organizing your luggage?

He didn’t know what he was talking about, but if they are to come right away, he was relieved.

Hwang Ji-ho, who sent the message, began to relax, changing the color of his hair and eyes to the usual dark brown.  

“Hwang Ji-ho, are you going to fight too?”



It was doubtful that Hwang Ji-ho looked motivated.

This was Hwangho, the lazy chairman, who responded with ‘what’s wrong with that’ when he made the first deal.

Maybe he was just responding to the deal that they made that they were going to pull a prank in exchange for preventing the traffic accident.

Hwang Ji-ho now seemed like he was full of heart to work hard.  

“I don’t know if it was invisible, but it’s natural that I want to catch and kill the bugs if they wander right in front of my eyes.”  


If he knew that there was an unseen bug of Ung tribes caliber somewhere, he would immediately call the pest control company.  

“And recently, playing with you has changed my mind a lot. I will cooperate with you, Cho Eui-shin.”

He didn’t know what he had done to change his mind like this.

‘Hwang Ji-ho is not a person who breaks his word. Pretty reliable.’  

The opponents were 5 Ung tribe members and there were people to protect, and even though they had to act in secret, he wasn’t worried at all.

As long as the three tigers from the Gaecheon myth was with him  

‘There is no reason to lose.’

*    *    *

Him, Hwang Jiho, Baekho, Jeokho.

The four of them decided where to move by connecting to the device group call mode.

Jeok-ho contacted Kim Shin-rok, but it was difficult for him to get out of class, and he couldn’t use his strength against the Ung, so he decided to take care of the post-process.  

[The location of all the lurking bugs has been set. Go to the designated locations.]


[I will do as you say, Hwangho.]  

From the earring, he heard the voices of Hwang Ji-ho, Baekho, and Jeokho.

Hwang Ji-ho was seen jumping to the roof of another building by activating his leap skill from afar.

The Ung tribe were scattered throughout the district.

Baekhogun and Jeokho should also move to their designated position.  

〈Activating the character’s skill, ‘Fly’.〉  

The character used as the player’s trajectory this time was Yong Je-Geon, the geezer dragon tribe teacher.

The skill was used while maintaining the appearance of Cho Eui-shin.

‘Although it has the disadvantage that it is difficult to use it openly because it can only be used for a short period of time, and space techniques are a very rare skill. This would be the most efficient option in this situation.’ 

Hwang Ji-ho was planning to catch two Ung.

Baekho and Jeokho decided to take on the other three.

He was in charge of the taxi’s security.  

‘They must think I won’t be able to deal with the Ung.’ 

Considering the combat power of the three tigers and his player’s trajectory, It was right for him to be in charge of the guarding.  

‘Of these, It’s because I am the most flexible one of the group.’

He grabbed a magic weapon while using flight.

It was the SR-class magical weapon that blew Bang Yoon-seop away, “Rod that blows the creative wind.”

He wanted to leave Yong JeGeon’s spatial techniques as a last resort since he was right in front of the school.  

〈Activating the skill ‘Use all things’.〉  

‘The skill that Cho Eui Shin has is being activated even while using the trajectory.’  

When he lifted the rod, the use of all things skills activated immediately.

Although the exclusive menu skill was activated even while using the player’s trajectory, so it was natural that use all things could be used.

He put on the SR+ class armor, the Inspector’s Stealth Cloak, and followed the taxi.  

‘This armor won’t be difficult for the Jin tribe, high-ranking enemies, and players to notice, but it will help to trick the eyes of machines and the public.’ 

The use of Gwanglim and the wearing of weapons and armor were completed.

Using his flight skill, he moved along the roadside buildings where taxis ran.

Perhaps thanks to the cessation of the attack, the taxi driver calmly started driving again at his own pace.  



In the alley on the other side of the road where the taxis were running, he occasionally saw white flashes and red lightning.

Baekho and Jeokho deployed around here seemed to be fighting well.

‘I also wanted to see Hwang Ji-ho fighting.’  

Hwang Ji-ho was striking the farthest Ung tribe.

The reason Baekhogun and Jeokho moved together was that while Baekhogun has no problems defeating the Ung, he didn’t have any skills suitable for capture.  

‘I guess Hwang Ji-ho is an all-round type. Typical of a mythical tiger tribe member without any debuffs.’  

The security of the taxi he was in charge of progressed without any problems.

‘If the taxi stops at the front gate of the silver light, he will reveal himself and naturally ask for the destination, and it would be over.’

Just like what you can expect from being in front of a high school with 1,500 students attending, there were fast food stores, movie theaters, comic book cafes, VR game rooms, arcades, convenience stores, and stationery stores in the downtown area in front of the main entrance of the school.

The taxi smoothly passed the downtown area and headed for the school.  

‘But why was the destination the school? Why were they being chased by the Ung? Is either the taxi driver or the middle school student passenger related to the tiger tribe?’  

When he gets to the front gate and stops the car, he will have to ask.

Because of the silver light protection barrier system, they will not be able to pass immediately.

However, the taxi did not slow down as the front gate got closer.  

‘What, it’s dangerous if you don’t slow down the speed…’


The taxi driver, who had his eyes open and drove well until now, was stiff, holding the steering wheel.

The whites of his eyes were showing.  

‘The taxi driver passed out…!’  

Was it a type of paralysis skill?

The paralysis had already been in progress, but it seemed that he had been holding on with his willpower.

Until then, he couldn’t recognize it because of the taxi driver’s thorough professionalism and mentality.  


The engine sound from the taxi was exceptionally loud.

‘The silver light barrier system would send an alert to nearby vehicles and apply automatic brakes…Did the Ung sabotage the system?!’  

If the taxi continued on its way like this it would crash into the front gate.

The middle school student and the taxi driver were both ordinary people not registered for the barrier.

It’ll be like driving a taxi into a wall.  

‘It’s too late to use magic. I have to use the space skills!’ 

Considering the speed and weight of the taxi, it required too much power.

It would be too slow considering the casting speed it takes to activate high-ranking magic.

Whether he gets caught by Hwangho or not, he had to use the space skills.  

‘······If I manage to save that taxi, I’ll have to think about excuses first.’

The system sound was heard, and the space was about to be formed.  


Then, a pale wind gently wrapped the taxi and lifted it into the air.

It’s wasn’t his power.  

‘Who was it?’  

Near the main gate, a boy in a silver light uniform was using a wind technique.  

‘No way······!’  

The boy was the person he had met in this world before.

It was also one of the playable characters.  

〈Opening the information on the person ‘Sawol Seum’.〉

[Name] Sawol Seum

[Title] The successor of the messenger of the last dynasty, Silver Light high school 1st-year student

[Blessing] Rooster Tribe’s suggestion, ‘Call me when you use flight’

[Gwanglim] (Inactive)

[State] normal

[Total Stats] Lv.14


Messenger Lv.5

Flight Lv.2

Wind Skill Lv.4

It was Sawol Seum that used the wind skill.

He was the successor of the messenger who was caught in the trap of Choi Pyeon Deuk and was put up for sale on the fantasy auction stage.  

‘Gwanglim seals and skill seals were all released. And the first grader of silver light was added to the title… When did you get the rooster family’s blessing?’  

The color of Sawol Se-eum, who used the wind skill, also looked good and he seemed to have put on some weight as well.

He couldn’t check properly, but he seemed a little taller as well.  


The taxi was wrapped in the wind and floated in the air like cotton candy.

Sawol Seum handled the wind with a hand like a bird flapping its wings.  

“Silver light high school has barriers, so you should not rush with your car. Could you turn off your car? I can’t put you down in this condition.”

He looked up towards the taxi with a troubled face.

The taxi driver had fainted, but the middle school student passenger inside reached out to the front seat and turned off the engine.

When the engine sound of the taxi completely stopped, Sawol Seum gently lowered the taxi to the floor.  

“Are you okay? Sleeping while driving is dangerous.”  

Sawol Seum must have thought this was a drowsy driving accident.  

‘I can’t get Sawol Seum involved in this case.’  

After all the equipment he was wearing was carded, he hurried to the place. 


When he talked to him, Sawol Seum looked at him in amazement.

Sawol Seum, who was surprised to see him in the same school uniform, immediately looked at ease.

“Yes Yes. Hello!”

“Yes, hello. Looks like our nameplate color is the same. I am also in the first grade.” 

And with a high probability, it will be the same class.

Considering the history of Sawol Seum’s family, it would have been safe to send him to class 0.

He can be put under the protection of Ham Geun-hyung, one of the best powers of silver light.  

‘In addition, in the case of a regular class with 50 students, the attendance rate is almost 100% unless there are students who have gone abroad for short-term study. It stands out when Sawol Seum, who was likely to be absent for a long period of time due to weakness, entered.’  

Jaegal jaegeol would have given him that much consideration at least, so Sawol Seum will probably be in class 0.

He said with a tense face.  

“Well, it’s my first day at school. This is the first time I have met someone of the same age.”  

He remembered that there was such a setting.

Since there were always only adults around Sawol Seum, he has never spoken to people his age or younger.

Even in the game, it took some time for him to talk informally to Joo Soo hyuk.

“Then do whatever you feel comfortable with. Are you going to school now? I came a little late.” 

It wasn’t something he should be saying considering he’s skipping class right now to stay here.

He said with an excited face.  

“Because I will be entering the dormitory in the future. I wanted to walk to school for the first day from home. But I kept wandering, it took a little longer than I expected.”  

He walked all the way here from home?

There is quite a distance from Gungdong Neighborhood Park in Yeonhui-dong to Silver Light.

Surprisingly, his stamina was pretty good.  

“The wind was refreshing, and there were a lot of wonders. Oh, it’s my first time that I’ve been to a silver light since taking the entrance exam… Was the clock tower at the main gate originally like this? It looks like it was just white, but it’s nice to have a lot of colored neon signs.”

Sawol Seum started talking to him about the scenes and impressions of the road that he saw for the first time.

Buildings, cars, air shuttles, and today’s weather.

Was he that impressed over things like that?  

‘Thank God.’  

Sawol Seum came back to school.

But he couldn’t hold on to him at this place too long.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to go to the classroom as soon as possible on the first school day? I’ll take care of this on my own.”

“Ah yes. Thank you! I forgot. I have to go to the classroom as soon as possible… Can you take care of this please?”

“Yeah, get going.”

“Thank you!”  

Sawol Seum greeted him, who was the same age, politely.

“Then have a nice day!”  

Sawol Seum displayed a school map on a hologram and started running towards the first-grade building.

If he used the flying skills, it wouldn’t take long at all, but he thought that he wanted to go to the classroom on his own.

Today was April Fools’ Day.

There probably will be many things to see, so it will be fun from the front gate to the first-grade area.  

‘Looks like the attendance rate for class 0 will rise again.’  

Even though he and Hwang Ji-ho were missing today.  

[Cho Eui Shin, we are finished here.]

[Me too. Will be heading to the front gate.]  

The voices of Baekho-gun and Hwang Ji-ho were heard through the earrings.

The accident was safely stopped.

They had caught all the Ung tribe.

What’s left now was.  

‘I have to check why all this happened.’

After confirming that Sawol Seum had completely disappeared, he opened the taxi door.

The area in front of the front gate of the silver light was on the quieter side, so there were no people around.

‘I’m glad today is April Fools’ Day. Even if the taxi flew and came down, they would think it was just a prank by a silver light student.’

He spoke to a middle school kid with a terrified face.  

“Are you hurt anywhere?”


“Where were you going?”  

Of course, it was obvious he was on the way to Silver Light, but he asked anyway.  

“Well, to…… to Silver Light high school…….”

“In order for outsiders to visit silver light, you need to obtain an access permit in advance because of a barrier. Did you make an appointment?”


He said as softly as possible.

“It’s difficult to show you around the school without an appointment in advance. Instead, if there is someone you want to meet in the silver light, I can call them.”

“Yes please!”  

It was a good idea to come in school uniform.

Since Sawol seum and the middle school kid easily believed him and followed his words.

The middle school kid said brightly.  

“I came to see Chairman Hwang Myung-ho!”  

He came to see Hwangho?

It seemed that this really had a big relationship between the Tigers and the Ung.  

“Cho Eui Shin, all the captured Ung tribes were left to Jeokho. Is the person in the taxi safe?” 

Hwang Ji-ho spoke from behind in a relaxed voice.

Good timing.

“Yeah. The taxi driver passed out, but the passenger is okay. He says he came to see the chairman.”  

He showed Hwang Ji-ho inside the car where the middle school student was sitting.  


Suddenly, Hwang Ji-ho, who saw the middle school student, hardened.

He had eyes like he didn’t believe what he was looking at.

What, why was he acting like that?

“Eun, Ho…”  

What, Eunho?

It’s the first time he ever heard of it… was he talking about one of his own?

“You must be Hwangho-nim.” 

The tone of the middle school kid suddenly changed.

And when he saw Hwang Ji-ho, he immediately called him Hwang-ho.

Although Hwang Ji-ho was wearing a school uniform and a name tag written as Hwang Ji-ho, the middle school student got out of the taxi and greeted Hwang Ji-ho politely.  

“Nice to meet you. I, a descendant of Eunho, greet Hwangho-nim.” 

When he heard that, he was sure.

The tragedy of April Fool’s Day in the game was not just a simple car accident.

It was an Ung assassination case of a descendant of a Tiger.

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