Chapter 35

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The taxi driver was brought to the Foundation Hospital by Hwang Ji-ho’s direct secretary team.

He saw the secretary who smiled as if he was wearing a mask in the chairman’s office he visited before starting school.

He even gave a small bow to see if he remember him.  

‘I guess the secretary also knows Hwang Ji-ho’s identity…… Although Hwang’s direct secretary team were not really just secretaries.’  

They said all the Ung were still alive.


‘The experimental targets for Kim Shin-rok’s’ creative torture method’ has increased.’  

He, the 3 tigers, and Eun-ho’s descendant now had arrived at the house of Chairman Hwang Myung-ho.

He didn’t know how many floors there were underground, but it was a five-story mansion above ground.  

‘It’s amazing to see the golden fence and the labyrinth garden. In the game, it was shown in the background for just a moment at a distance.’  

It was when he entered the mansion after a security check.

Something ran towards them at a frightening speed.  

Bark Bark-!

On top of the white natural marble.

A puppy, as pure as marble, was running, waving its tail.

The puppy was a little unnatural but was running as hard as he could.

Even in the midst of that, he was shaking his tail violently, so he was worried that it would trip.  

‘It has a supporter on one leg…… Did it have a problem with its leg?’  

A tremendous sense of feeling struck his head.

A downy puppy.

A puppy that limped on one leg.

The presence in the game emerged in his mind and he shouted reflexively.  

“It’s a Cotton Ball!”  

Cotton Ball rubbed his body at the foot of the Baekhogun as if he was the closest to him 

“Cotton Ball?”

Baekhogun answered with a warm voice and hugged Cotton Ball.

It seems that the male owner of the Cotton Ball that Andain saw was Baekhogun.

Baekhogun had also wandered around in Cheoniksan.

Did he pick up Cotton Ball at that time?  

“This guy is Snare.”  

Baekho said, stroking Cotton Ball’s head.

He was doing that with a cold expression, as usual, so the feeling of discomfort was enormous.

Still, Cotton ball loved that, and he was charmingly spinning his tail like a motor.

He doesn’t know how scary he is.

It’s okay because he seemed to care for the puppy too.  


Cotton Ball had a necklace that had Korean characters on it that spelled ‘Snare’.

A snare is another word for hunting trap.

He gave this fluffy Cotton Ball the name of a hunting trap?  


When he couldn’t take his gaze away from Snare, Baekhogun passed Snare onto him.

Snare stuck out his tongue and showed off his cuteness.

It was as if he was rushing him to hug him quickly.

‘Okay, okay of course I will hug you.’  

Immediately he grabbed Snare and gently stroked his head.

The soft, warm tail flapped on his arms.  

‘There was a good reason why he made the title heroine Andain act that way.’ 

It was so cute, why did it matter whether it was named Snare or Cotton Ball?  

“Snare, it’s nice to meet you.”  

Bark Bark!

As he played with Snare, the three looked at him with amazement.

Baekhogun was nonchalant, but the descendant of Eunho, Hwang Ji-ho, and Jeokho opened their eyes wide and opened their mouths. 

“Cho Eui Shin….”

“To think the heavenly beast Snare is acting that way with a human, Cho Eui Shin what are you……!”

“Obviously that is a heavenly beast. And he is really a human…?”  

Heavenly Beast? Cotton Ball… Snare is a Heavenly Beast?

That puppy who died after eating pesticides in the game is a Heavenly Beast?

Weren’t Heavenly Beasts a fantasy animal that guarded the territory?

Why does a Heavenly Beast eat pesticides and die?

Hwangho was here as the guardian, so he thought there was no Heavenly Beast.  

“The Heavenly Beast loved being alone in Cheonik Mountain. When left unattended, Baekho discovered that it had suddenly weakened in recent years…, and he had completely lost his magic and was weak enough to die even to humans. It’s surprising that It was holding onto its life.” 

Jeokho said with a face he couldn’t believe.

“Silver Light District’s Heavenly Beast did not listen to humans very well. It may have lost its awareness because it lost its heavenly powers, but this is the first time this ever happened…”  

He was not the first among humans.

In the game, it had acted cute enough that it melted away Andain’s icy attitude.  

“I can guess why it had become so weak. Ley veins all over Cheonik Mountain were cut off by something. The investigation is ongoing. If the Heavenly Beast dies in this situation, the intellect of Cheonik Mountain will decline and the ley line will die completely. That’s why we are protecting it.”  


As the game progressed, the trees in Cheonik Mountain dried up and the ground rotted.

He thought it was just a background device to emphasize the gloominess of the game.

In fact, it seems to have happened because the ley was cut off by something, and those motherfuckers who had been illegally admitted killed the weakened Heavenly Beast.

“If we give it a name and take good care of it, its awareness as a Heavenly Beast and its godly powers will return.”  

He listened to the words of Baekhogun and stroked Snare. 

‘The broken vein of Cheonik Mountain…… Cheonik Mountain was also within the vicinity of Silver Light High school. The barrier of the school should be applied. But to break through that and break the ley line? How?’  

There was something he could guess as a veteran of this trash game. 

Bark Bark!  

“Yes, Snare. Let’s go together!”

“······The Heavenly Beast really follows after Cho Eui Shin well.”

Snare didn’t want to leave his arms, so he held him while they moved.

The place he arrived in after passing the entrance was the reception room on the first floor.

The dignified interior, which was based on the color of gold, but the tone of the whole furniture was slightly darkened to avoid eye strain, was impressive.

Eun Hwi-gwan’s chairman’s office and Hwang Ji-ho’s aesthetic sense seemed very good.

Admiring, he sat on a natural cotton leather sofa with steel legs in a bronze mirror finish. 


As he sat down on the sofa, the state-of-the-art automatic maid counted the number of guests and automatically served tea and dessert.  

‘To bring this out so casually.’  

The black tea was a smoky Earl Gray from a British royal supplier, and the dessert was homemade carrot cakes topped with orange jam.

The porcelain tea set was hand-painted with 22k gold around the circumference, and even the cake stand was crafted with gold.  

‘It’s more colorful than the director’s office. It’s definitely Hwang Myeong-ho’s reception room.’  

But no one reached out.  

‘I should eat at least.’  

With only silence flowing, he tasted the black tea silently.

Snare leaned over its head asking for him to continue stroking it.

As he stroked Snare with one hand and had the teacup with the other, he slowly organized his thoughts.  

‘The Jin tribe and their descendants recognize each other. The Eun-ho’s descendants have never met these three tigers.’

Why did these tigers not know the existence of Eunho’s descendants?

How did the Ung know and aimed for Eun-ho’s descendants?

There were still many questions left.  

“Cho Eui Shin, you predicted the accident, but you didn’t know the existence of the Ung tribe or Eunho’s descendant.”  

Hwang Ji-ho suddenly talked about him.  

“Yeah. If I had known, I would have asked the tiger tribe for help from the beginning.”  

Five Ung tribes members were involved.

If he had tried to solve it on his own, he would have had to devote all his energy to a terrible street fight.

As a bonus, the late Sawol Se-eum would have been involved as well.

“You know our story and the future, but you don’t fully understand it. I still don’t know if it’s because of Gwanglim, a skill, or other factors I don’t know.” 

Hwang Ji-ho was observing him and thinking about this and that.

He did encourage Hwang-ho that it would be more fun to find out.  

“Thank you. Cho Eui-shin. Without you, Eun-ho’s descendant would have died.” 

He thought he was going to pursue more, but it was unexpected.

Hwang Ji-ho, who felt his gaze, laughed playfully.

The expression was playful, but it was strange because he looked more mature than usual.  

“I have lived in this land for over 5,000 years. I know how far I can go before I have to act.”  

Someone who knew that lives like that?

  • ····· he almost blurted that out, but he decided to shut up after seeing the atmosphere.

Hwang Ji-ho turned to Eun-ho’s descendant.

Hwang Ji-ho’s tone toward the middle school student was a little chilly.

“You said you came to see me? Tell me about the business.”

“Is it okay to speak in front of this person?”  

Eunho’s descendant glanced at me.

Of these people, he was the only human being.

It may be difficult to tell the situation if he was here.

He decided to leave for now and listen to the story later.  

“Then I’m going to head out. I will contact you later…”  

Someone pressed his shoulder as he was trying to get up from the sofa and sat back down.  


When he turned to follow the hand that held the shoulder, it was Baekhogun.  

“Cho Eui-shin, this is the story of the child you saved. You have the right to listen.”

To think Baekhogun was the one holding him.

When he looked at Hwang Ji-ho and Jeokho, both nodded.

The three tigers thought it was okay for him to listen.

Eun-ho’s descendant opened his mouth again after seeing the reactions of the Tigers.  

“······As Hwang-ho recognized, I have the blood of Eun-ho, the head of the family, who was with Hwangho, Baekho, and Jeokho at the time of the Gaecheon 5,000 years ago flowing through me.”  

It was the new god who ruled the Korean peninsula, but it seems that the one that led the Tiger family was named “Eunho”.

To put it in an analogy, the new god was the king and Eunho like a knight commander?  

“To be exact I have the blood of my mother who was Eun-ho’s immediate descendant. I am turning 16 this year. There are two more under me.”  

Three descendants of Eunho? Or four?

Including the descendant’s mother and three brothers that would make it four.

He heard that the descendants of the Jin tribe have a difficult time having offspring, but those three brothers were very lucky.

“We were entrusting our lives to the Rabbit tribe, a member of the Alliance of the 12. The Ung and the unidentified Jin tribes and Enemies attacked when the information got leaked.”  

Did the Rabbits protect Eunho’s descendants?

The tribe that runs the high-end rice cake brand, the moon rabbit rice cake.  

‘Aside from the Ung, there were other Jin tribes invading? Are they traitors of the alliance?’  

Meanwhile, Hwang Ji-ho and Jeok-ho, who heard the words of their descendant, were angry.  

“The damn moon rabbits have kept their mouths shut until now…”

“Every year, they sent the Moon rabbit rice cake, a local specialty product, every holiday. I thought they were doing that out of their kindness, but maybe it was because of guilt.”  

It was visible that Hwang Jiho and Jeokho were feeling a deep frenzy.

If they haven’t been aware of this important fact for a long time, it would be frustrating.

The words of Eunho’s descendant continued.

“I came to ask for help. The current high-ranking entity intervened to make the barrier, but the barrier will not last until tomorrow. Our three descendants were hiding in another secret place…… I came out without the knowledge of the Rabbit tribe alone.”

“……Why have you not been looking for us all this time?”  

As Hwang Ji-ho ground his teeth, Eun-ho’s descendant bowed his head deeply.  

“My mother, who passed away after giving birth to the youngest, always said. The divine tigers will try to protect us, so we will be their weakness. If you are by their side, you will weaken them, so we have to hide.”  


The furniture and floor around Hwang Ji-ho, who was sitting at the top, were smashed and turned to dust.  

‘I’ve never seen Hwang Ji-ho express his emotions like that.’

Then did the mother, who was a direct descendant of Eun-ho, die?

Then, there will be only three remaining descendants of Eunho.  

“I can’t believe I didn’t get a chance to see Eun-ho’s immediate descendant before she died……. “ 

If they were the descendant of the leader of the family he admired, it was pretty much the same thing as his child.

He could tell just by looking at the dragons’ treatment of the descendant Yeom Jun-yeol.  

“I tried to contact you through Silver Light on my device, but I couldn’t connect with the chairman in with my status. I thought there was no other way but to see in person and ask for help.”  

It would have been difficult for a middle school student to contact the chairman.

Even he wouldn’t have been able to talk to Hwang Myeong-ho without Jaegal Jaegeol’s brokerage.

It seems that the Rabbits were barely holding on within the barrier with their descendants hidden, so it would be impossible for the Rabbits to contact them directly. 

‘So you risked your life and came to ask for rescue. In the game, he was assassinated by the Ung and failed.’

In the game, the Rabbits are described as very in decline.

Although the CEO of Moon Rabbit, the leader of the Rabbit tribe, survived.

Most of them had died from this event.  

‘······If Hwang Ji-ho doesn’t move, I think I should go at least.’  

While thinking, Hwang Ji-ho said in a voice that suppressed his emotions.  

“Tell me the location of the Rabbits. I’m sending myself and my alter egos, Jeokho and the Tigers working in the Hwangmyeong Group.”


“You, Baekho, and Cho Eui shin will remain here. There may be remnants that come aiming for the descendants.”

Hwang Ji-ho did not speak any further and got up and moved out of the parlor with Jeokho.

It is a pity that he cannot go directly, but it might interfere with the team play of the tigers.

So he decided to follow Hwang Ji-ho’s words.

The only thing left in the parlor was him, Baekho, and Eunho’s descendant and Snare.  

‘It is awkward.’ 

There is no way that the silent Baekhogun will do anything full of sociability to lighten the atmosphere.

Eunho’s descendant was depressed. 

‘He’s not human, but he’s still only sixteen.’

He must have been very afraid while coming here at the risk of his life.

He must be mentally exhausted.  


It seemed that he put strength in his hands unconsciously.

Snare struggled a little.

Eun-ho’s descendant glanced at the Heavenly Beast in his arms.  


He threw a word at Eunho’s descendant. 

“Would you like to hold him?”

He lifted Snare with both arms and reached out to Eunho’s descendant.

Snare stuck out his tongue and flapped his tail as if he liked the sense of floating in the air.

Eun-ho, who couldn’t take his eyes off this cotton ball-like heavenly beast, nodded.  

“If the heavenly beast allows…”  

As he brought it closer, Snare sniffing his nose blinked as he saw Eun-ho’s descendant.

It wasn’t the same positive attitude he showed to him or Baekho, but it seems to be a sign of ‘you can touch’. 

Eunho’s descendant hugged Snare.  

“Wow…… it’s warm…….”

Eunho’s descendant stroked Snare with a hand that seemed to touch a piece of glass.

Snare closed his eyes and accepted Eun-ho’s descendant’s hand.  

‘I can only see him as an ordinary middle school kid.’  

It seemed difficult for humans to distinguish between the Jin tribe and descendants.

So even in the game, the article just ended up saying that a middle school student died in a car accident.  

‘If there is something that needs to be protected according to Eunho, risk does indeed come with it. It’s true that it’s dangerous…but I can’t agree to say that it makes you weak.’  

Coming to this dangerous world he got a lot of things to protect.

Thanks to that, he changed, who was just waiting for the day he died.

“You, you risked your life to protect your younger brothers and the Rabbit tribe. Is that being weak?”  

Eun-ho’s descendant looked at him with confused eyes.  

“Well done. If you didn’t have the courage, your younger brothers, who were left behind, would be in danger.  

Eunho’s descendant bit his lips tight and bowed his head.

Since then, neither he nor Eunho’s descendant has said anything.

Snare was quietly held in the arms of Eunho’s descendant.

And a few hours later.

Hwang Ji-ho sent a message.  

[Hwang Ji-ho] The situation is over, everyone is safe.

*    *    *

The sun was about to set.

He left the mansion leaving behind Eunho’s descendant to Kim Shin-rok, who had finished class a little earlier.

Baekhogun was going to go to Eunyeonggwan, where the Ung tribe was held, so they headed for silver light together.  

“I have a question.”  

It was Baekhogun who told him that he had the right to listen.  

‘If it was Baekhogun, he will hear my guess and give me a judgment.’ 

Seoul in this world was not so different from Seoul in the previous world.

But why does the place name ‘Eun Gwang-gu’ exist in this world?  

“Are all the names of Silver Light District, Silver Light high school, Eunhuigwan, and Eunyounggwan named that way to honor Eunho, the leader of the tribe?”

In particular, Hwang-ho seems to have considered Eun-ho especially.

Eunhuigwan was also a building designed by Hwangho himself.  

‘Eunho disappeared, and Eunho hid the existence of descendants from all the tigers. After that, Hwang-ho became the guardian of the new god’s territory and built Eun-hwi-gwan to honor Eun-ho.’  

This was his guess.  


He guess his prediction was correct. 

“Is Eun-ho dead?”

“No. He just can’t open his eyes right now.”

Was he in a vegetable state or something?

Like the Jinwoong Palseon from the Ung Tribe being in a deep sleep.

So that is why he didn’t appear in the game.

There was one last thing he wanted to ask.  

“If Eun-ho’s descendants were with you, do you think you guys will weaken?”

“······Hwangho, Jeokho, and I almost died several times while defending Eunho. I understand why Eunho made that choice.”  

Baekhogun paused for a moment and looked down at him with cool eyes. 

“However I agree with what you said to the descendant. Cho Eui-shin.”  

In the sunset, the pure white tiger raised his lips ever so slightly and smiled.

Baekhogun struggled to protect this world and humans.

He was a little worried and anxious because he was moving differently from the game, but his playable character was the same after all.  

‘Baekhogun hasn’t changed after all.’  

Baekhogun’s mood looked very good.

Taking this opportunity he asked for something very important.

“Can I sometimes come and see Cotton…… No, can I come and see Snare?”

“Do whatever you wish.”  

Good. He will do whatever he wants.

If he missed Snare’s cuteness, He will barge into Hwang Ji-ho’s house.

*    *    *

Silver light high school closed area.

It was an area where the old school building, which was to be demolished, was gathered.

Buildings and old incinerators that have been delayed for demolition due to the condition of the ground and building investigations seemed to be ugly.

Eun-ho’s descendant case took a lot of his time, but his April Fool’s Day schedule was not over yet. 

‘The sun has not set yet. It will be fine.’  

The sunset time on April 1 was about 7 o’clock.

The current time was 6:40.  

‘Because there was a description saying that the guys worked after the sun went down.’  


There were two first-grade class 1 students walking out of the building.

They are the ones he asked for names from Yoo Sang-hoon.

He felt like he was choking.  

‘They moved faster than in the game!’

〈Gwanglim, Activating ‘The player’s trajectory’.〉  

What he chose reflexively was a character card with really good capture abilities.

Currently, he was a 3rd grader of Silver Light and the student council president, Do Wonwoo, the Wedge of Steel.  

〈Activating the target character’s Gwanglim, ‘Iron Chain (鐵鎖連鎖)’.〉 


Tens and hundreds of chains of psychic powers stretched out of his body and captured the two firmly.

“What, what! uh? What, U-Unknown Supernova?”

“Wait, why?”  

The appearance had not changed.

There were no recording devices in the closed area.

It didn’t matter if he showed his face to these garbages.  

‘Because these guys will forget everything in the future.’  

He ran through the old school building, dragging them on the floor.

They tried to escape, but there was no way that illegally admitted people could resist the gwanglim of the Silver Light high school student council president.

The two screamed every time they slammed their heads on the stairs or threshold.

“Hey, stop making sounds like a dog is barking!”  

<Activating the target character’s skill, ‘Partial Discharge’.>



“Ahhh, why! Ahhhhhh!”

Do Won-woo had no talent for electricity skills.

However, in order to effectively use the Gwanglim Iron Chain, he learned the skill through heavy training.

Even the derivative skills of electricity.

That was a skill that caused partial discharge, a discharge phenomenon that occurred only at the desired point.  

“Wow…… what is……”

“Why…… Why…….”

Whenever they barked, he gave them a taste of electricity and they started shutting up.

No matter how much they cried anyway, no one who can help them will come.

Like what these guys did to the students here.  

‘Why, why did the events move faster than in the game?’  

Suddenly, Kim Shinrok, the homeroom teacher in the 1st grade, came to mind.

He went to Hwang Myeong-ho’s mansion to meet Eun-ho’s descendant after completing the classes early.  

‘If so, the closing time would have been omitted for the first class due to the absence of a homeroom teacher. So they can move faster than expected.’

The attempted assassination of the Ung in front of a silver light high school.

Sawol Seum’s first day at school.

The presence of the Heavenly Beast.

Eun-ho, and his descendant.

Today, a lot of information was crowded at once, so he couldn’t think about it.

All he could do now was run as fast as he could.

Finally, he arrived at the faculty bathroom on the fourth floor of the old school building.  

‘Only one innermost partition is closed…!’


He opened the locked toilet door with force.

The door was easily smashed with the strength of the student council president Do Won-woo.

And inside the door, there was a student on the toilet.

The mouth was covered with blue tape and the whole body was constrained with an SR-class strapping item.

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