Chapter 36

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There was a student who suffered harassment when he was a middle school student.

The victim had player abilities, but the combat power was not very high.

There was nothing bad about his family, personality, or appearance, but if you give it a measurement it was below average.

‘Although  his studies were as good as that of Joo So-hyuk and Andain.’

On the other hand, the two perpetrators were born with talent, good looks, well off family, lots of friends, and was friendly with the teachers.

They were good at studying, but they weren’t nearly as good compared to the victim.

There was a huge gap between the first, second, and third places in the school.

That greatly bothered the perpetrators.

The harassment was subtle and difficult to understand and was conducted in a direction to mess with the victim’s study pace.

“His only hope was Silver Light High school.”

The victim student spent painful and lonely middle school years, but he studied desperately.

This is because he thought the perpetrators would never be able to attend Silver Light.

In order for the victim to pass the Silver Light exam, the victim, who had  weak combat abilities, had to receive a high written test score.

The victim passed the Silver Light entrance exam through his desperate efforts.

‘But the two perpetrators used the power of the best side to manipulate the results of the special selection and come to the silver ad.’

The victim did not know the news of the perpetrator’s passing of the entrance exam.

This is because he did not attend the middle school when he was accepted into Silver Light, as he did.

‘I didn’t have any friends to tell the news either way.’

The victim had a peaceful and happy Silver Light high school life for a while.

That happiness ended on April Fool’s Day.

Although they got into Silver Light with fraudulent admissions, it was caused by the perpetrators who were stressed by the excellent Silver Light students.

Even later this day, the victim was used as a stress-relieving tool for the perpetrators.

‘The victim’s parents worked for a company run by the perpetrator’s parents, so he couldn’t resist.’

All of this came from a recall of the playable character, Park Seung-hyun, before his death.

“Are you okay?”

He removed the blue tape from Park’s mouth first.

He looked at him and murmured.

“Unknown Supernova.”

Park Seung-hyun seemed to know him.

“Yes. You’ve been beaten by these kids right?”

He pointed his chins to the two students who were bound by iron chains, Gwanglim, of Do Wonwoo, the student council president.

When Park Seung-hyun saw the two, his facial expression twisted, and nodded.

“I didn’t want Park Seung-hyun to go through this.”

He was planning on waiting in advance and tried to destroy them as soon as the two committed the crime, but he was late.

‘As soon as I got the name, I had to get him out of Silver Light.’

He was left with a painful lesson.

He smashed the SR-class restraining item that tied Park Seung-hyun with iron chains.

“Son of a…. does he know how expensive that was….!

He used that expensive item for this nonsense.

It looked like he hasn’t woke up to reality yet.

They must have thought so because Park Seung-hyun was in front of them, who helped them feel more self-esteem.

“Activating the skill of the target character, “partial discharge”.


“No, aaahhhhh!”

“Ahhhh! I didn’t say anything…Ahhhh!”

The guy who didn’t say anything got it as a bonus.

“Park Seung-hyun, I want to expel these bastards, but what do you think?”


Park Seung-hyun spoke in an unbeatable tone.

There was a little bit of euphoria in his eyes.

He must remember the time when he was happy with the harassment-free Silver Light.

“But students are not expelled for this kind of thing. They would have to go to the extent of murder, rape, or assault of faculty members to get expelled. They aren’t going to be expelled just because they’ve locked someone up for 10 minutes on April Fool’s Day.”

Park Seung-hyun was not injured.

He was just locked up in the old school building for a little bit.

Although he didn’t know how long he would have been here if he hadn’t come.

Even if the righteous teachers got actively engaged in it, they will end up with a few days of suspension at best.

‘Furthermore, if this incident came up, Park Seung-hyun’s parents will surely be penalized by the parents of the perpetrators.’

Park Seung-hyun understood his words and looked terrified.

He probably knew already.

Park Seung-hyun, who is well-studied and had a good head on his shoulders, won’t have sought youth law or school rules to overcome this situation.

“But there’s a way to get rid of them from Silver Light.”

“Ha, what are you! Do you even know who my parents are…”

“Activating the skill of the target character, “partial discharge”.

“Activating the skill of the target character, “partial discharge”.

“Activating the skill of the target character, “partial discharge”.



Zzzzzt -!

“Ahhhhhhh, no!”

“Ahhh, spare me! I didn’t say any……”

The guy, who did not say anything, was asked to take responsibility for the solidarity.

After a series of skill usage, they became quiet.

‘They didn’t even show a lax behavior like Son Min-ki. It’s hard to destroy their lives like Son Min-ki and live as a cripple or bury them socially.’

These guys live in much better conditions than Son Min ki used to live in.

In order for them to go bankrupt, they would have to use the power of Hwang’s Hwangmyeong Group or  Joo Soo-hyuk’s Joo oh Group to exert pressure.

Moving them takes a lot of time and was a big risk.

‘And if these guys have abilities, victims will come out. No matter where they go.’

Even before he started, he was contemplating on how to banish them forever from the player scene, and from Silver Light.

‘I can put a seal on their skills and Gwanglim, but it’s not a good solution since they will just release the seal, because these kids have a lot of money, it won’t be hard to find a way to release it.’

So he decided not to seal the power, but to remove it entirely.

“There are cases where the player’s ability disappears after the age of 17. Although it’s rare.”

He secured the means by making risky transactions.

“The loss of player talent would be a reason for the expulsion from Silver Light.”

He pulled out the items he received from Ungnyeo of Grief on the day he destroyed the Fantasy Auction, the wealth, and the weight of life card.

<Opening item description.>

[Item Name] Wealth and The Weight of Life

[Type] Consumables

[Rarity] UR-

[Effect] Erases the human’s potential in exchange for wealth and life.


The item card itself was worth a great deal of wealth.

Erase human’s potential in exchange for the item card and the wealth they own.

However, if there is a lack of wealth that they own against the humans potential they are erasing,  it will take the life force of the item user in exchange.

Jin Woong-Palsun created this with the intention of erasing the potential of the heavenly deity and new god.

That failure.

There were three “wealth and the weight of life” cards that he had received from Ungnyeo of Grief.

One of them will be used to erase the powers of these two garbages.

The three people were astonished when they saw the item card he had taken out.

“UR-grade item card… !”

“You, are you, really going to !”

“No, No. Let me go!”

Dozens of apple boxes were pulled out of the item window.

The apple boxes were filled with 50,000 won bills.

In addition, he took out the otherworld gems in the form of cards and sprinkled them over the boxes.

“I don’t want to have garbage like you attending Silver Light.”

He didn’t know how much he would end up paying.

‘If I remember the setting, it didn’t take much of Jin Woong-Palsun to erase the talents of the three professional team players at the same time. It’s going to be okay.’

Even with unexpected variables, his life will be protected if he poured out all the billions he had collected from Byeon Soon Hoe and Choi Pyeon Deuk.

Because the level of power of these garbages was trivial.

If it wasn’t insignificant, they wouldn’t have to do an illegal admission.

“This item erases the talents of humans in exchange for money or lifeforce. Your abilities will be completely gone, and you won’t even remember why it’s gone.”

The scary thing about this item was that it made it unrecognizable even why the talents had disappeared.

It was an atrocious item that was optimized for total crime fitting of a UR-class item.

The risk was great, and the difficulty of getting it was great because of that.

“Next battle practice time. The fact that your talents disappeared will become known and after you receive an examination you will be disqualified as a player and be a normal human being.”

It would be the first time that a player that attended Silver Light would lose their talent after the age of 17.

The illegal admission will also come to light while thoroughly investigating the cause.

When he tried to use the card.

“W-wait. Don’t do it!”

Park Seung-hyun came out with a struggle and stood in between him and the perpetrators.

‘Don’t tell me he is thinking about what I am thinking.’

His head went blank.

Was he going to forgive these guys?’

Sometimes, in fiction, a character was introduced that gave excessive struggles and troubles because of their excessive humanity.

He wanted him to say that it was a lie.

It was still April Fool’s Day.

Yes, it might be a lie!

It’s going to be a lie.

He was going to pretend that he didn’t hear, and pretend that he didn’t know, and use the item…

Park Seung-hyun cried out loud as he was turning the mental victory circuit.

“······ Let me!”

He reached out and knelt.

“Let me get revenge with my hands, please, please!”

Park’s high-degree glasses were clouded with moisture, and his face was full of tear marks and swelling.

It was an appearance bully that only looked at the appearance would make fun of.

“Every day…I- I always wondered, why, why I couldn’t say stuff I wanted to say. I regretted it.”

Now, however, Park Seung-hyun’s eyes were shining so much that he will not lose to the Jin Tribe, who was heading into battle.

Please, this time. Don’t let me regret it!”

Park Seung-hyun, who knelt down to him, reached out to the card.

“…… Using this item can reduce your lifespan.”

“I wanted to die every day because of these bastards, but I’ve only held back because of my parents! Is reducing my lifespan a problem? If I can kill these bastards and get sent to hell, I will go!”

He cried out with a cracked voice.

Park Seung-hyun’s will seemed to be hard to beat.

In the game, Joo Soo-hyuk wasn’t able to stop him once Park Seung-hyun made a decision.

He couldn’t help it.

He handed out the item card.

“Park… Park Seung-hyun, we were, we’re wrong! We are middle school alumnus. We’re friends. You can play with your friends, and that’s it!”

“Yeah. We maybe did some bad pranks but, you are thinking of this too far! Why are you going this far because of a few bad pranks!”

The illegal admissions were frightened and said nonsense.

Park Seung-hyun grabbed the card and smiled dryly at them.

“Hahaha… Even in this situation, you do not reflect.”

Even if you put these kinds of guys in the same position, they would just be repressed.

The reality was that it is difficult to find one that regrets and reflects their decisions even in the most vicious criminals in prison.

“Park Seung-hyun, use this money for the exchange.”

He knew what was going to happen to him today. But still failed to protect him.

He was willing to provide this kind of reward at least.

Park nodded as he pointed to the apple boxes.

“Thank you… … !”

With this, the ownership of the money should be transferred to Park Seung-hyun.

“Do you know what type of bullying is the most common type of youth school violence statistics? It’s when a student who has the ability and all of a sudden it disappears. They are usually arrogant and full of qualifications, they are weird, has a background, and it makes them a  good target for the general public.”

Park Seung-hyun hand that held the card shook.

His eyes were filled with tears, but his mouth was smiling.

“I hope there is someone like you guys at the school you guys will be attending after getting kicked out of Silver Light.”

Park Seung-hyun used the wealth and the weight of life card.

The item card began to shine in ominous colors.


When the light stopped shining so strong that you could not see anything around it.

He and Park Seung-hyun, the two perpetrators, the four of them were in a completely different space.

There was a huge libra scale in front of them.

‘This is the effect of a UR-grade item!’

He felt a strong force from the giant libra scale.

The Libra scale was engraved with the power of ancient language, which was impossible to decipher with his knowledge of today.

On one side of the libra scale were two perpetrators, and on the other was a series of gems depicted on the item card of wealth and the weight of life.

[What talent do you wish to erase]

A space made by a UR-grade item.

A man covered in pure white bearskin appeared above the Libra scale.

His face was covered in bearskin, so his face was not visible.

However, his lips were dignified, and his voice that rang the ears were full of dignity.

“Please erase the powers of these bastards!”

When Park Seung-hyun shouted, the man standing on the libra scale nodded.



Until now, the libra scale, which had been balanced by external forces, began to tilt slowly.

The man standing on the libra scale was measuring the leanings.

The two illegal admission students began to yell because they saw that the power of the UR-grade item was real.

“N-No. No, Park Seung-hyun you son of a bitch. Stop! Why do I because of a shitter like you!”

“Ah, No, No! If I lose my powers, I’m going to kill his little parents and his family. I will kill everyone. I will make them beggars!”

Of course, they just pretended to reflect.

The perpetrator’s true heart was being broadcasted live.

The two men attempted to escape the libra scale plate, but the power of the UR-class item made them unable to resist.

Every time they tried to jump out of the plate, there was a spark around the plate.

Then again they returned to the plate.

[Their talents are so trivial that there’s nothing more to accept.]

The man standing on the libra scale said with a regretful face.

In the meantime, the Libra plate stopped.

It was tilted to nearly 90 degrees.

Of course, the perpetrators’ side soared enough to penetrate the space.

‘I guess I didn’t even need to take out the money boxes.’

The money turned solid.

[Now I will take their talents.]

As the man standing on the libra scale reached out to the two, the libra plate changed into a box.

And slowly the box shrunk.

“No, no, no, Ahhhh, it hurts. Ouch!”

“Ahhhhh. It hurts, it hurts it hurts it hurts. Ahhhhh!”

Crack, Crack!

The sound of something getting shattered and destroyed got louder and louder compared to the sounds of the screams getting quieter.

He didn’t know what was going on inside, but he knew that the process of removing the ability was painful.

[You are the child, the Ungnyeo of Grief had an interest in, I was waiting to see you what you wanted to erase.]

Suddenly, a voice rang in his head.

He didn’t feel the sensation ringing in his ears.

This guy, directly in the head… …

The man standing on the libra scale stared straight at him as he looked up in amazement.

‘Who is this guy’

The nature of this item.

A being who can lightly make remarks about the Ungyeo of Grief.

More intense power and dignity than a Jin tribe.

He guessed after sorting out each one of his thoughts.

He who was standing on the Libra scale seemed to be a higher being.

‘To have the ability to erase human talents would only be possible by beings of a higher power.’
Park Seung-hyun, standing next to him, acted as he didn’t hear anything and stared at the box.

[The weight of wealth and life was originally yours. This is the change. I hope you can make use of this well]

As the man standing on the libra scale made a movement, he felt a foreign object inside his fist.

Inside his fist was a black, but a small glass bottle.

[I will wait to see what you wish to erase next time.]

He stood on the libra scale, and he laughed.

By the time the laughter stopped, Cho Eui Shin, Park Seung-hyun, and the two perpetrators had returned to the faculty’s restroom.

‘It felt like a daydream!’

But the glass bottle left in his hand was real.

“These bastards, they passed out.”

He woke up with Park Seung-hyun’s words.

They were in the dusty old school’s staff restroom.

It was a mess, with the apple boxes full of cash, item cards, and the two kids on a messy floor.

‘Let’s just forget about them and go.’

First, all apple boxes and item cards were recovered.

He did not lose anything except the weight of wealth and life cards.

“Hey, let’s clean up and get out of here. Park Seung-hyun.”

“Yeah, really, thank you very much.”

He was smiling very brightly.

The sun had already been completely set.

The two of them left the closed zone, leaving the two kids behind after they had dealt with the traces.

“Were you a dormitory student as well? What floor? I’m on the 17th floor.”

“I’m on the 20th floor.”

“That is the very top. How is the 20th floor?”

“It takes forever for the elevator to come so it’s uncomfortable.”

Park Seung-hyun was also a dormitory student and moved with him.

Why did he come to his rescue, why did he get caught up in this frenzy while consuming a UR-grade item?

Park Seung-hyun asked nothing, even though there were many questions.

He just said thank you.

‘Park Seung-hyun was this smart and has a good head on his shoulders, enough for others to be envious about it. He will deal with it wisely.’

He and Park Seung-hyun arrived on the first floor of the lobby of the first-grade dormitory building.

Then a first-year student, who was lying on the couch in the lobby on the first floor in his school sports uniform, jumped up and ran towards them.

“Park Seung-hyun, what did you do with the device off? Why did you leave alone without saying a word, you disloyal brat?

“Uh, uh, just because.”

“Wait, did you cry?”

A first-year student in a sports uniform looked at Park Seung-hyun’s face and alternated between him and Cho Eui Shin.

“You are Unknown Supernova. Did something happen to the two of you?”

The first-year student, who appeared to be a friend of Park, locked his arms and posed vigilantly.

Park Seung-hyun said out of panic.

“No, just… He was listening to my worries.”

“······ Yeah? Dude, did your device run out of battery? When it gets solar power, it automatically charges. Let’s go out and play during the break starting from tomorrow. That way the battery gets charged.”

“It still has battery. I don’t know what happened but it’s off.”

“What do you mean you don’t know. Turn it on quick.”
Surely the bastards would have turned off the device after they tied him up.

Park Seung-hyun’s friend in the sports uniform, put his arms around his shoulders and after checking that he turned on his device started chatting with him.

The two perpetrators will be expelled soon.

Now Park Seung-hyun can spend his normal school life with his friends.

“I’m going to go.”

“Oh, wait a minute Cho Eui Shin!”

Park Seung-hyun suggested exchanging device codes after hesitating a bit.

It was a little surprising.

‘He didn’t actively try to get along with people in the game.’

Park Seung-hyun had been passive throughout because of the trauma inflicted by the perpetrators.

He gladly exchanged device codes with him and headed to his room.

And April 2nd came with the end of April Fool’s Day.

There were a total of seven students now in the Class 0 1st grade.

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