Chapter 4

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A true beauty.

Taesan Byeok didn’t believe a single word from Soso when she mentioned how beautiful Harin Yeon was.

Now, at this moment, he said sorry to Soso in his heart.

He confirmed once again that a real beauty is beautiful to anyone.


Harin Yeon’s eyes look pitiful.

Maybe she heard about me going to the brothels every day.

“Soso must have told you.”

As Taesan whispered, Harin Yeon shook her head.

“No way. Soso wouldn’t do such a thing.”

How would I know if Soso is like that or not? I’ve only known her for 10 days.

Of course, I wasn’t dumb enough to talk about that thing.

“There have been lots of rumors about you lately.”

Taesan Byeok gave an awkward face.

When I think about it, it would be weirder if there were no rumors considering that I make ladies shout for ten days in a row.

That’s something even Taesan has no control over.

It was a bit of a side effect of possessing the new Magical Spell of increasing Spirit.

Taesan looked directly at Harin Yeon.

Looking closely, she looked a lot prettier. When viewed from afar, she looked like one of the top ten beauties, but in close range, she looked like she was in the top 3.

Harin Yeon approached one step closer.

With a pitiful expression on her face, she said, “Don’t do that.”

Taesan Byeok looked at Harin Yeon as she made such a comment. Even though she says no, I don’t have a choice.

I can’t just die like this.

Since Taesan Byeok didn’t reply and looked at Harin Yeon, she continued to speak.

“Don’t be harsh on yourself, Prince, just because of me. Even if you do so, I’m not going to give up.”

I don’t mean to abuse someone — it’s just for me to live. Still, I didn’t bother to explain in detail.

Anyway, even if I say I used to be Cheonma, it won’t work and it would be a problem if she believes me.

“Don’t go to the brothels and just come to me.”

At her words, Taesan Byeok unconsciously was inclined to do so.

Still, I can’t fall for her words this time.

It’s time to conserve my energy. If I overuse it, I may lose everything I have earned.

‘Perhaps she thinks that I’m doing this to detach her.’

Taesan Byeok organized his thoughts and spoke while scratching his cheek.

“Hmmm… I don’t know if you know it… The wealth from the Golden Wall Clan is……”

“A thousand gold, one house, and a few areas. Is there anyone in Muhan who doesn’t know about this?”

Although Harin Yeon was told about attempting to seek his health, she was confident.

“You know that’s the third time I’ve heard that? I should give the same reply. Just bring yourself. I have the skills to take care of you.”

As Harin Yeon spoke, she took a step closer to me.

Now she was close enough that our bodies were almost touching. She looked up and saw Taesan Byeok.

“I will never give up. So, Mr. Prince, you shouldn’t give up either.”

Taesan Byeok stepped back and scratched his cheek.

“I never gave up.”

Harin Yeon’s eyes grew bigger. It was her first time hearing such a comment from Taesan Byeok.


Harin Yeon held her hands and looked at Taesan Byeok in satisfaction.

She became emotional as her efforts were bearing fruit at last.

Also, Taesan Byeok who wasn’t familiar with such interactions or having such interaction for the first time felt very awkward in handling the current situation.

“Then I’m off for today.”

Taesan Byeok left the place swiftly as if he was running away.

Harin Yeon looked at Taesan Byeok’s back with an impressed face.

“You don’t need to be shy.”

Harin Yeon gave a gentle smile. It was a beautiful smile which anyone would fall for.

She was proud of herself as she believed her efforts had worked at last.

A healthy, fit lady approached Harin Yeon.

She had a sword attached to her waist and she was a guard for Harin Yeon.

“Mistress, it’s time to go back.”


“Master told us not to be late this time.”

Since she came here to meet Taesan intentionally, she may be a bit late if she didn’t hurry.

Harin Yeon sighed quietly.

“Okay, fine. Let’s go.”

As she was following the guard, she looked where Taesan had left.

“Anyway, I’m not used to it.”

People who looked at Cheonma only experienced two emotions.

Adoration and Fear.

Once a person encounters Cheonma’s endless strength, they must experience adoration or fear.

However, once he became Taesan Byeok, there was only one feeling: pity when people looked at him.

If he got such a view when he was Cheonma, everyone would experience bloodshed that day.

As Cheonma turned his head, he heard Gyeongwan Cheon’s voice.

“Will you be going to the brothel today as well?”

Taesan stopped walking and slowly turned to see Gyeongwan Cheon.

Normally it was monotone, but it sounded colder today.

“Why? You don’t want to join me?”

“I don’t mean that but I’m just saying that I think you should rest for one day.”

Taesan Byeok strangely looked at Gyeongwan Cheon.

“I think perhaps you are saying that now because you really worry about me.”

“You misunderstand me.”

Taesan Byeok laughed and twisted his body.

“Human emotions are not controllable. Whatever.”

“I said it was a misunderstanding.”

There was emotion in Gyeongwan Cheon’s words. It was mixed with frustration and an unpleasant feeling.

Taesan slowly turned back again.

Gyeongwan Cheon was surprised by Taesan’s facial expression and eyes. 

He was a person who was weak enough to have his neck chopped with one finger, but at this moment, it felt like facing absolute authority.

Gyeongwan Cheon himself couldn’t understand why he was acting like this.

It was his first time feeling intimidated like this since holding a sword.

He felt like a patient who was weaker than a scholar.

Taesan stared at Gyeongwan Cheon.

“Quite good.”

Normally, he would feel unpleasant after hearing that. However, Gyeongwan Cheon couldn’t think like that.

Taesan tapped the side of his head with his finger, “Think who you are talking to next time.”

Taesan looked back and took a step.

Gyeongwan Cheon stood there and looked at Taesan’s back like a needle stuck in the ground.

People who were in charge of the wall had to see if the wall worked fine on a daily basis.

However, the wall was totally fine.

There was only a problem with the wall in Taesan’s room.

The owner of the brothel found this to be a very serious problem.

“So, what’s the conclusion?”

As the owner of the brothel asked the question, the wall specialist at the brothel was sweating and they looked at each other.

A sharp glare from the brothel owner went to one person.

“Hmm… as far as I know… nobody has touched the wall.”

“So, someone made such an effect without touching the wall? It’s my first time realizing that the second prince of the Golden Wall Clan had such a special skill.”

One of the wall specialists quickly made a comment.

“Without touching the wall, there is one way to distort the wall effect.”

The owner of the brothel looked at him with a bright eye.

“Is there such a method? Why don’t I know about it?”

“That’s because only one person can use this.”

“Who is that person?”

The owner of the brothel gave a mysterious expression.

It was a person who had special skills and more knowledge than others.

The wall specialist quickly added a comment.

“There is a rumor saying that the person has made a few special artifacts.”

“Special artifacts?”

“It’s a device that neutralizes or destroys the function of the wall by distorting the energy.”

“So, the second prince of the Golden Wall Clan has it?”

“That’s the maximum I can think of.”

The owner of the brothel sighed.

It seemed like the special person wasn’t affiliated with this.

However, he had to check it anyway, or else it would affect the future of the brothel.

“You can leave for now after checking the wall again.”

People in charge of the wall swiftly left the place.

The owner of the brothel talked to himself while looking at the floor.

“He must be visiting again today.”

Then, there was a response from the roof.

“I expect so.”

The brothel owner pursed his lips.

“Watch him.”

“The mission to look after the other person isn’t over yet.”

“Postpone that and focus on this for now.”


The brothel owner’s eyes were shining.

“Is there any possibility that he is involved?”


“What’s the product he made?”

“He may have got it from the Golden Wall Clan. Shall I investigate?”

The brothel owner shook his head.

“If we watch him today, we can find everything out. Don’t need to cause trouble. We shouldn’t look down on them.”


The owner of the brothel gently tapped the arm holder with his fingers while thinking.

“It’s surprising that someone who is about to die is going to the brothel all of sudden. Did he begin with our brothel? I can’t believe this to be a coincidence.”

The owner of the brothel shined brightly.

As Taesan came home, Soso welcomed him.

“Prince! Did you visit Mistress Yeon today?”

Taesan looked at Soso with absurdity.

“How did you find that out?”

She found that out in a short amount of time when I was meeting Harin Yeon on the way home.

Soso raised her chin and spoke with an arrogant pose while putting her hands on her waist.

“Hmm.. there is nothing in Muhan that can escape my eyes.”

As Taesan saw her behavior, he laughed.

At first, he thought about chopping her neck off. As he continued to watch her, he adjusted to her behavior.

‘Thinking about it now, I must be adjusting very well.’

It was understandable other than looking at me with pity.

“Anyway, why is the guard Cheon making such a face?”

As Soso spoke, Taesan Byeok looked back. Gyeongwan Cheon didn’t leave and stood from afar.

However, his face looked the same as usual.

“What’s wrong? He seems victimized.”

Taesan looked once at Soso and once at Gyeongwan Cheon.

“You see everything?”

“Gosh, how can you not know if his face changed completely?”

Taesan thought that’s a talent and went inside.

“If you are curious, ask yourself.”

Afterward, Taesan’s face looked mysterious after hearing Soso’s comment.

“I mean… he likes the guard for Harin Yeon?”

“You didn’t know? He was into her for a long time.”

Taesan let out a pathetic laugh.

That’s why he was acting that way. Perhaps he thought that the question was about liking another woman.

Anyway, it was rude and I thought it was enough as I warned him.

“Still, why does he care if I go to the brothel or not?”

“That’s because if Mistress Yeon worries about Prince, Guard Yu will worry.”

Guard Yu was the guard for Harin Yeon who Gyeongwan Cheon likes. Her full name was Seoyeon Yu.

Taesan laughed because it made no sense.

“Gosh, this is just funny.”

Actually, it was quite rare to observe such things in the Golden Wall Clan.

It was quite disturbing, yet at the same time, it piqued curiosity and interest.

“It’s funny.”

As Taesan Byeok whispered, his lips were lifted.

“My Prince.”

Taesan stopped daydreaming and looked at Soso.

“The doctor will be arriving in the middle of this month.”

Taesan frowned.

“I know my own body the best. Tell them that I don’t need a useless doctor.”

“We will be wasting money then. As far as I know, we spent 100 gold to invite the doctor.”

Taesan laughed as he felt pathetic.

“Spending 100 gold to see someone who is worth 1,000 gold? I think there is more to it.”

Soso’s eyes grew bigger. Also, she was in tears.

“Don’t talk like that. He surely can fix you, Prince.”

“Right. Right. I understand so stop crying. It’s annoying.”

Taesan Byeok turned his head as if he didn’t want to see it.

Anyway, I have no choice but to meet the doctor.

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