Chapter 41

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The 5th gymnasium that specialized in running simulators for first-year students.

This was a place for combat training that deployed a virtual space with an otherworld attack simulator.

The floors, walls, and facilities were specially designed to optimize the operation of the other world attack simulator and were all covered with otherworld metals. 

“What kind of gym is this? How are we supposed to do anything physical in here.”

“It’s like a VR movie theater!”

“Right. It is a building for operating a simulator that controls the five senses, so it has a more similar structure to a VR movie theater than a gym.”

“That’s interesting.”  

The class bell rang while the first graders in class 0 looked around, talking about their feelings.

The class bell that announced the start of the class was a campaign song for promoting voting.

When the class bell stopped, Ham Geun-hyung appeared, wearing a PE uniform for teachers with a teacher tag on the back.

“We will start class now. I sent the outline of the R+ class simple dungeon that you guys are going to challenge to your respective devices. The preparation time is 30 minutes.”

“Huh? Right away? Are we doing it alone? Without you?”

“Yes. Equippable items will be restricted to the R class items that were provided to you by the school. Consumable items lower than the R class will be provided to you. Tell me if you need it.”  

Ham Geun-hyung, who answered Kim Yu-ri’s question, launched a timer that counted down from 30 minutes with a hologram.

The kids who had just started school were noticeably surprised.  

‘Because this is the first team play practice, did he want to measure the levels of the students and have them enter like it was a real battle?’ 

Ham Geun-hyung’s words were sudden, but the gaps between the two worlds occurred suddenly.

The rift of an SR class or higher was usually accompanied by a ‘precursor’, so the association satellite and player SAT-K can detect it in advance.

The R class otherworld appeared very suddenly without notice.

It would be a good exercise to run into such an unexpected situation.

“The silver light practical test was four N-class enemy elimination using random items…… It was simple but this…….”

“There are more than ten enemies that will appear in the simple dungeon…… There will ones above R grade as well…” 

Sawol Seum and Irena looked at the outline of the dungeon when they arrived at the device and looked dark.

Maeng Hyo-don, who had been in a bare-handed confrontation with at least R+ level of the enemy and went one-on-one without equipment items, tilted his head.

He thought if this was supposed to be difficult? Was it difficult?  

“No need to worry.”  

Hwang Ji-ho was looking at me with his eyes twinkling.

He had an ominous feeling.

“We have the Unknown Supernova, Cho Eui-shin.”

At Hwang Ji-ho’s words, all eyes were on him.

“Yeah! I heard that he was in charge during the entrance examination case as well.”

“Yes, the Unknown Supernova!”

“Oh yeah, I had forgotten……!”  

Kim Yuri, Irena, and Sawol Seum also looked at this side with their eyes twinkling.

Those three couldn’t say anything because they couldn’t treat him like Hwang Ji-ho.  

“Try your best, Unknown Supernova.”  

This old man who was over 5,000 years old… he wanted to hit him just once.

Currently, Hwang Ji-ho was the head of the Tigers, and not long ago, he even led the Tigers to rescue the Rabbits.

If he just made up his mind, it would be nothing for him to take command of an R+ class dungeon.

‘Hwangho would have a lot more experience than me.’  

Let’s give up. Cannot help it.

Because of the atmosphere, it was impossible to say that he couldn’t do it, and someone had to call the shots anyway.

“Then tell me the skills you guys are going to use. Tell me if you are going to use Gwanglim or not as well.”

Currently, there are six students in class 0, excluding him.

Hwang Ji-ho and Han-Yi were NPCs.

Kim Yuri, Irena, Maeng Hyo-don, and Sawol Seum were playable characters.

Except for Hwang Ji-ho, everyone’s skills and Gwanglim were roughly understood, but since Cho Eui-shin in this world had no way to know, he had to pretend not to know. 

‘Because some players do not disclose their Gwanglim and skills, or in some cases, they may not use them for their entire life.’

In particular, it will be difficult to reveal the super rare skill of “Herald” that Sawol Seum has.

It had to do with the secret of Sawol Seum.

As a result, the information each disclosed was like this.  

Hwang Ji-ho. Gwanglim X, Skills Staff Martial arts, Taehokwon.

Maeng Hyo-don. Gwanglim O, Skill Fighting.

Sawol Seum. Gwanglim X, Skills Flight, Wind technique.

Kim Yuri. Gwanglim X, Skills Fencing, Danger detection, Sprinter.

Han-Yi. Gwanglim X, Skill Taehokwon, Presence detection, Leap.

Irena. Gwanglim O, Skill Whip Martial arts, Enemy detection, Trap release.

Him, Cho Eui-shin. Gwangrim X, Skills Use All Things, Enemy Detection.

Enemy detection was something he said to hide the enemy notification and status window information viewing function of the exclusive menu.

Maeng Hyo-don expressed doubts.  

“Why isn’t everyone trying to use Gwanglim?”

“If you use Gwanglim, your body hurts.”

“My Gwanglim is not helpful for battle and the conditions for activation are strict….” 

Han-Yi and Sawol Seum answered.

Was that the reason why Han-Yi doesn’t use Gwanglim well in the game as well?

Sawol Seum’s Gwanglim was not intended for combat, and the conditions were complex.  

“Hahaha, I am not used to Gwanglim…”

Kim Yu-ri, fearing Gwanglim, changed the subject.

Hwang Ji-ho just laughed silently.

Okay, if Hwang Ji-ho, a tiger tribe, uses Gwang-rim, there will be a riot, so he hoped he refrained from using it.  

“There are a lot of players who don’t use Gwanglim. There are people like that in ‘Red Lion’ and ‘Hydrangea’. Among the overseas teams, there seems to be such a player in the ‘Three Knights’ Oath’ as well.”

“Is that so?”  

With his words, Maeng Hyo-don was curious but convinced. 

“Then shall we go without Gwangrim?”


“Usually, there is a fixed amount of time available for use for Gwanglim. If you can save it, it’s good to save it.”

Even the player’s trajectory, the available time for Gwangrim was different depending on the character card.

To Maeng Hyo-don, who did not understand, Kim Yu-ri and Irena gave a further explanation.

“I heard that there is no need to use Gwanglim unless the speed of expansion of the rift in the world was very fast.”

“Yeah. This dungeon is rated R+. If you can clear it within an hour, I don’t think we need to use Gwanglim. Because no enemy is generated outside during that time.”  

When the rift between the worlds opens and dungeons, towers, and mazes appear.

The enemy is created around the rift in the world, that is, in reality.

So, in general, the attack on the otherworld is divided into a “raiding squad,” which aims to directly enter the other world and clear the world, and a “guardian squad” that remains in reality and blocks the enemy.

‘So, that is why five people are recommended for otherworld attack party. It’s better for at least three to join the raiding squad and two to remain in the guardian squad.’ 

Of course, it was basic to focus the main power on the raiding side.

Unless cleared, the rift expands as time passes, and the number of Enemy generated per hour increases accordingly.

‘However, the target of this attack was a virtual otherworld and R+ grade. We don’t have to split the group into raid and guardian. Everyone goes to the raid.’  

Seven students in first-grade class 0.

Simulator simple dungeon.

Enemies of R-class level.

Considering the level of their class there, the strategy itself will not be difficult.

They have all the R-class equipment items provided by the school.

Cho Eui Shin, Maeng Hyo-don, Hwang Ji-ho, and although a little anxious, if Kim Yu-ri and Han-Yi take their time, it is a level that will be cleared by a solo play.  

‘I guess Ham Geun-hyung did not know that and set the level of the dungeon like this.’  

Considering Ham’s intentions, the work to be done was simple.

He quickly thought of what kind of plan he had to embroider.

Although it became his oriented strategy, it would be best to do this if he was aiming for the shortest time clearing under the conditions currently given.

“Then I will tell you what I think.”

The protagonist of team play in attacking the other world always changes according to the tendency of the other world.

This time, he thought he will be the leading role.

It was a bit embarrassing to say such a plan, but all the first graders in class 0 nodded to him.

They were all way too kind, enough to be considered stupid.

Except for Hwang Ji-ho. 

-3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second.


The hologram countdown was over.

Ham Geun-hyung stood in front of them.  

“It looks like the preparations are all over.”


All of the first graders in class 0 answered with one voice.

Ham Geun-hyung started the simulator.  


With the movement of Ham Geun-hyung’s fingers, the dark metals began to change into dozens of colors.  


“How amazing······.”  

While Kim Yu-ri and Sawol Se-eum admired, a screen appeared in front of the seven of them.

[Starting the otherworld attack simulation. Are you ready? (Y/N)] 

When he pressed the Y button, each of them was surrounded by a particle of light.

When he was pressing the Y button, Ham Geun-hyung’s voice was heard in the blurred vision.

“Good luck.” 

When the light stopped.

They were in a dungeon.  

‘Everything I’m seeing and feeling looks and feels real.’  

As shown in the dungeon outline, a granite swamp cave unfolded.

There was no artificial lighting, but there was no need to secure a separate light source due to the otherworld ore lodged throughout the cave.

Based on the current location, it was about 10m high and 5m wide.

It was a dungeon based on a fairly wide cave.

“Wow, it looks real……!”

Kim Yuri substantiated the R-class lightsaber supplied by the school, the ‘lightsaber of the novice prosecutor’, and admired it.

The combat skill Kim Yuri used was fencing.

And lightsaber fencing was one of the official events adopted by the fencing association in France, which was the country of origin of fencing.  

‘In this world, the lightsaber appearing in Star Wars has become an official fencing event.’  

The lightsaber commonly used in lightsaber fencing competitions was made of polycarbonate and aluminum.

However, the material of Kim Yu-ri’s lightsaber was an otherworld metal.

The lightsaber finished with the player’s ability had a more powerful lethality than that used in general competitions.  

“At this height, I think can I can use my flight skills.”

Sawol Seum looked around and floated into the air.

Although he had no detection-related skill, Sawol Seum planned to monitor the operation in the sky and assist with his wind technique.  

‘By the way, what’s that effect?’ 

A few translucent feathers were visible around Sawol Seum in flight.

Was that the effect of receiving the Rooster’s protection?

It wasn’t in the game, so he didn’t know what that meant.  

“Oh, these arm braces are nice. The movement became lighter.”

“Is this your first time wearing an arm brace? Have you been fighting without equipment all this time?”


Maeng Hyo-don, Hwang Ji-ho, and Han Yi wore protective arm braces that increased their attack power and defense by supporting and strengthening the movement of muscles.

Maeng Hyo-don furiously punched in the air with the hand with the arm brace.

Hwang Ji-ho was seeing the scene with his twinkling eyes and Han Yi with her complicated eyes.

Han-yi lost to Hwang Ji-ho, a bare-handed man with Taeho-kwon in her first class before, so it would be a subtle feeling.

“There are a lot of kids in our class who fight with bare hands.”  

Irena said, pulling out her whip.

Hwang Ji-ho can use the staff, but it seemed more interesting to use Taeho-kwon to match Han-Yi.

He also substantiated a rod and held it in his hand.

With this, the first-grade class 0 finished wearing their power equipment.

‘These seven people have better balance than I thought.’


Hwang Ji-ho, Kim Yu-ri, Han Yi, Maeng Hyo-don.


Cho Eui Shin, Sawol Seum, Irena.  

‘Since he and Hwang Ji-ho were all-round types, either could have been possible.’ 

Since Hwang Ji-ho hid most of his skills, it was decided he would be a vanguard.

There were two in the vanguard and rearguard respectively who can use detection skills.

Either way, it was easy to respond to attacks.  

<Warning, Enemy is approaching.>

A system sound was heard.  

‘Even in the simulator, the energy approach alarm sounds.’  

He thought his exclusive menu skills have better performance than other student’s skills.

A few seconds after he noticed, Kim Yu-ri, Han-Yi, and Irena also sensed the Enemy’s approach and were ready to fight.

‘Still, with the skills of Kim Yuri and Han-Yi, they will only be able to know whether or not they are approaching.’  

Yuri Kim’s danger detection is to foresee concrete and abstract danger.

Han-Yi’s presence detection was the detection of physical approaches and actions.

Irena, who has the ability to detect Enemy, cried out because neither of them could understand the details of the Enemy.  

“The virtual beast species Enemy is approaching from the left and right passages! As outlined, both have R-class water-related skills!”

“I think the left side will be on top of us in 10 seconds, right side in 15 seconds!” 

Hwang Ji-ho raised his hand at the words of Sawol Seum watching from the sky.  

“We will get the one on the left.”


Following Han-Yi’s back, Hwang Ji-ho threw a fist at the Enemy.

The two approached the Enemy and dodged its attack like flowing water, striking the Enemy with a fist wrapped in a brace.


When Hwang Ji-ho and Han-Yi’s Tae-ho-kwon combo exploded, the Enemy screamed.

If Han-Yi first attacked, Hwang Ji-ho smoothly moved his body to assist, completely blocking the Enemy’s movement.

The combination play of Hwang Ji-ho and Han Yi’s Tae-ho-kwon continued more smoothly than expected.  

“······I, I will take the lead, class leader!”  


In the right passage, Maeng Hyo-don, whose agility level was higher, first put an uppercut on the Enemy.

Looking at the way he spoke, it seemed that he was not used to talking with Kim Yuri.  

‘He was speaking like that, but he was reacting to the Enemy exactly.’

Maeng Hyo-don’s unfair attack skill, ‘Fight’.

Maeng Hyo-don was able to use all the skills of bare-handed fighting that he recognized as fighting.

In addition, all his stats were mostly devoted to strength and agility.

He had almost zero magic power, defense, and magic resistance, but he was a playable character with a romance to compete with strength and bare-handed fights. 

‘To use an analogy, the martial arts version of using all things can be said to be the fighting skill of Maeng Hyo-don.’  

Maeng Hyo-don, who recklessly punched, began to use Tae-ho-kwon as if Hwang Ji-ho and Han-Yi’s combo play was impressive.

They were weaker skills than Hwang Ji-ho and Han-Yi, but every time a blow went in, the Enemy shook.

There was a demerit considering that he was short in height and was disadvantageous in close combat in many ways and that he had to be careful about injuries due to withdrawal symptoms caused by abuse of recovery items, but he definitely deserved to be called an unbalanced player character.

“Hyodon, I’ll be there soon!”  

Kim Yuri immediately caught up with Maeng Hyo-don using the “sprinter” skill that greatly increased the speed of movement for a short period of time and cut the back of Enemy long with a lightsaber.  


The Enemy couldn’t properly resist Kim Yuri’s blow as Maeng Hyo-don put out the Enemy’s lights.  

<Warning, Enemy is approaching.>  

“They are coming from the rear. I’ll go!”  


Irena swung a leather whip around the Enemy.

It was a lean movement, but with her strength and whip level, the Enemy was not properly damaged and the only thing she could do was to block the movement.  


When Irena’s was being pushed and the Enemy moved one step.  

“Lena, I’ll support you!”  

Sawol Seum, floating in the sky, used a wind technique.  


At the gestures of Sawol Seum, the blade of the wind poured into the Enemy.

With the addition of wind techniques, the Enemy could no longer resist Irena’s whipping.


‘The casting is over.’  

When equipped with the use of all things skill level 3, the R attribute rod, the most powerful magic that can be cast within 1 minute was ready.

When he lifted the R-class Lightning attribute basic magic weapon, “Beginner Wizard’s Lightning Rod”, Sawol Seum shouted.

“Everyone step back. Eui shin has finished casting!”  

Those who were in close combat at Sawol Seum’s words retreated away.

When the interference disappeared, the Enemies began preparing to cast their skills.

<Warning, Enemy ‘Kawertus’ is trying to use the skill ‘Freshwater Spray’.>

The same beep was repeated three times in total.

The skill casting by the three Enemies was confirmed, but there is no way that it can be activated faster than the already cast magic.  

“Fulgureus Veru!” 

When his order ended, huge thunderbolts were formed in the air above the high lifted rod.

He moved the rod and fired javelins at Kawertus.  


The thunderbolt javelins, which were larger than Enemy Kawertus, were fired and burned down the Enemy.

After taking damage over the set HP, it became a particle of light and he saw the disappearing enemy and lowered the rod.

“This is magic! I think the mechanics are completely different from activating wind skills!

“Strong······! This is the first time I’ve seen magic…”

Sawol Se-eum and Irena, who saw the magic for the first time, exclaimed.

The gaze was burdensome.

Hwang Ji-ho looked at him with an itchy face and was about to explode.

He had to change the atmosphere.

“Come on, let’s go!”

Everyone nodded at his words.

Since then, they encountered Enemy three more times, but two times, since the grade was N or lower, the vanguard team destroyed them without needing to use magic.

There were two traps, but with Kim Yuri’s danger detection skill and Irena’s trap release skill, it was possible to proceed without problems.  

And they reached the end of the dungeon.

They had arrived at the boss area.

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