Chapter 48

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When the news of Yoo Sang-hee’s death was delivered.

Student council officials denied that that could not possible.

However, after checking the video sent by the newspaper students that were in charge of communications, they shut their mouths.

One of the first graders who watched the video along with a third grade executive fainted on the spot. 


[That stupid bitch… I knew she was going to die acting like that. Why is she following her younger brother’s path? Real bad bitch, dumb bitch.]


Oh Hye-ji, the disciplinary committee leader who didn’t have a good relationship with Yoo Sang-hee, cried out loud.

The wounded, lying on the cold floor and resting, also curled up and wept.

Since the news of the annihilation of the Intellectual Society, only sad reports were delivered.


[If we hold on for just twenty hours, the association will provide us support. Let’s do what we have to do.]

[Do Won-woo, you crazy son of a bitch! Sang-hee is dead, but you are asking us to work? Do you think we can right now!]

[Rest two hours and switch with the kids on the front line. Get some rest.]


Student council president Do Won-woo calmly gave orders and stepped outside.

Student council vice president Ji Myung-soo, who followed Do Won-woo, blocked his path.


[Where are you going.]


At this time, it was Ji Myung-soo’s face that was shown in the game.

Do Won-woo’s expression was not visible.


[To get Sanghee.]


Ji Myung-soo couldn‘t possibly stop Do Won-woo.

Do Won-woo disappeared toward the end of the dark corridor.

After a while, he returned with Yoo Sang-hee wrapped in a curtain cloth.

This was the last scene she was mentioned in the game.


And back to the present.


“Future family? I don’t know what you’re talking about, Wonwoo. It just sounds like shit.”


Yoo Sang-hee dealt heavy damage with a friendly voice that was like the spring breeze.

Do Won-woo did not give in.


“It’s okay. Sang-hee. It’s also lovely to see you make small mistakes…”




Yoo Sang-hee punched his stomach again.

Considering Do Won-woo’s physical ability, it was something he could have easily avoided but he just took the hit and laughed out loud being happy that she hit him.

He had an expression that desperately showed the pain while he was laughing.

He didn’t think he was acting like that because he enjoyed the pain.

That must be true love, Do Won-woo.

He didn’t know how Yoo Sang-hee felt, so he didn’t know if he should cheer him on. 


“Ha, haha······! It’s okay, Sanghee. I can accept everything from you!”


Yoo Sang-hoon’s face distorted.

Was it because of Do Won-woo that he didn’t want to participate at the student representative meeting?


“Why doesn’t he change even though he is older now?”

“······Did you guys know each other since childhood?”



Yoo Sang-hoon briefly explained his bad relationship with Do Won-woo.

Yoo Sang-hee had opened her eyes to a rare healing ability since childhood.

Yoo Sang-hee received a scholarship and attended a talent center, and she met Do Wonwoo there.

It has been said he was like that since elementary school, but he said that the two families got close so they weren’t able to flat out reject his approaches.


“Eui Shin, I’m really sorry. I don’t know how he got picked as student council president… Is your shoulder okay? You should hit him once… No, hit him as much as you want. Hard.”

“Sang-hee, if you want to hit me instead, I’ll gladly take the beating!”

“First, apologize to Eui shin. You were being filthy.”


Do Won-woo, who continued to laugh, looked at him for the first time with a serious look.

It was a look of him desperately not wanting to do it.

To think his playable character had this ugly of a character!

But this was the reality.




It was such a quiet voice, he could barely hear it.

If he hadn’t been one of his playable characters, he wouldn’t have left it at that.

Yoo Sang-hee and Yoo Sang-hoon already did take revenge already too.


“It’s okay.”


Yoo Sang-hee smiled brightly at his answer. 


“Our Eui Shin is more adultlike.”

“Our…… Eui Shin?”


Yoo Sang-hee poured oil on the fire.

Do Won-woo mumbled something, but Yoo Sang-hee seemed to have no more intention of feeding him.

No feeding.

It was the best tactic to combat an attention seeker.


“Let’s head on in, guys. For the first graders this is their first student representative meeting. I’ll guide you to your seats.”


Yoo Sang-hee led the first-year students to Conference Room A.

Behind Yoo Sang-hee, the loser, Do Won-woo, remained sad.


“······Hahahahaha! Ah, ahahahaha! Do Wonwoo got his ass handed to him! He was so very wary of the Unknown Supernova. Ha ha ha ha ha!”


Do Won-woo had a face as if he wanted to die.

And the one that saw Do Won-woo like that, was the student council vice president Ji Myung soo who couldn’t stop laughing .

Both were playable characters in the game.

This is what his playable characters really were like.

He realized the uncertainty of life.

A sense of emptiness swept in.


*    *    *


A Terraced conference room with 300 seats.

In the front, there was the president’s seat and the student council executive seats.

Above the president’s seat, a Silver Light flag, presumed to be handmade, was hung. 


‘You guys are up the way up front.’


He sat down in his seat under Yoo Sang-hee’s guidance.

In terms of seating arrangements, class 0 of each grade was to sit in the front row, and from class 1 to class 10 in the back seats in order.

Almost all of the students were sitting in the place where the sign was placed.

Only the second and third grade class 0 seats were empty.


‘All the other seats are full, but it’s expected of class 0s. I wanted to meet the people from 2nd grade class 0 today too….’


Before the meeting started, he heard conversations erupt everywhere.


“Junyeol came today……! Exciting.”

“It’s a student representative meeting after all. He is also a candidate for the next student council president as well.”

“Majin-seung made a face that looked like a frog, but was it because of Jun-yeol… Is he perhaps still thinking he is a rival?”

“The 3rd grade, class 0 executives aren’t here still. They always kept the meeting time well before.”

“The entirety of 3rd grade class 0 went to feel the energy of the universe today. They aren’t coming.”

“On April Fools’ Day, they floated a garden in the central area and talked about how the universe was shaking and all that. They are up to that again?”

“They apparently felt the force in the central area.”

“……Are those humans crazy?”


What was the 3rd grade class 0 doing?


What were they going to do feeling something like that?

When he inadvertently looked up at the ceiling while listening to those words.


‘What, what is that!’


He found two a man and woman clinging to the ceiling in their gym uniforms in between the ceiling lights.

The two made eye contact with him.

Desperately, they mobilized all their hand and foot gestures to signal to shut up.


‘What the hell did they want to do.’


He didn’t know what they were up to, but he didn’t want to get involved.

He tried to shut up as the two of them wished.

Unfortunately, there was an ugly man that sat at the president’s seat who stared at him as if he were an enemy.

Following his gaze, Do Won-woo looked at the ceiling, found two people, and narrowed his eyes.


“Come down.” 


There was faint pressure in his voice.

From his slightly stiff expression, there was an atmosphere that was difficult to disobey.


‘This is the appearance of Do Won-woo, the president of the student council in the game I remember.’


The acting crazy part must be limited to matters related to Yoo Sang-hee.

With his words, the eyes of all students turned to the ceiling, and both man and woman sighed.


“Ah, man!”

“It’s ruined!”


He didn’t know what they were trying to do, but it looks like they gave up.

The two of them landed safely on an empty second grade class 0 desk.


Pop pop pop pop!


[2nd grade class 0 class president, Geum Chan-sol appeared!]

[2nd grade class 0 vice president, Wang Chan-sol appeared!]


The banner fell down with the sound of firecrackers popping.

It was a colorful but with childish color and design.

It was a banner of ignorant design that did not consider aesthetics at all, and only thought about being visible.

He guessed they were stuck in the ceiling to want to appear like that.


‘…… To think they were the executives in the second grade class 0!’


When looking at the location of the banner, the class leader and the woman was Geum Chan-Sol.

It seems that the man Wang Chan-sol was the vice president.

Although the last name was different, it was the same name.

To make matters worse they were the leaders of 2nd grade class 0, where the most bad kids gathered.

It was a fateful combination.


“The student council president screwed up the plan, it’s only right the protagonists appear late! Isn’t that right, Geumchan?”

“Yeah. It was going to be completely cool because we were going to appear like main protagonists! I thought I was going to die trying to erase my presence…… Hey Wang Chan…… This is all your fault because you forgot the invisibility item!”

“Geumchan, people forget things okay. Why are you pointing that out. But why isn’t 3rd grade class 0 taking forever to come?”

“They must be late because they are old.”


Rest assured, you guys appeared last.

Since 3rd grade class 0 was busy feeling the energy of the universe and was going to be absent.


“Ha, we were stuck up there for an entire hour…… but it’s a failure.”


He learned how to waste an hour of his life.

The first graders were watching this situation with their mouths open, and the second and third graders did not pay much attention to them whether if they were already familiar with it.


“······It seems that everyone who will come has come. It’s a great support because all of the enrolled members, except for the two third graders in class 0, attended.”


Do Won-woo stood up from the president’s seat and spoke.


“We will start the first quarter student representative meeting now.”  


Do Won-woo gave a brief opening remark.

The national rite, which was conducted as a summary procedure, was finished.


‘The student representative meeting is now starting.’


The disciplinary committee leader who was picked within the disciplinary committee.

The Intellectual chairman who gets picked by vote by students in the dormitory.

The general club president elected by the heads of each clubs.

And the student council president who was elected by an election in which all students participated.

Among the four, the student council president was the highest person who represented the students.

Therefore, the student council chaired the student representative meeting, and the student council president led the student representative meeting.


‘It’s proceeding neatly.’


Leading the meeting was the chairman of the student representative meeting, student council president Do Won-woo.

Ji Myung soo, the student council vice president, who announced the meeting order.

Yoo Sang-hee, the secretary, summarized and reported the student council activities.

All of them performed their roles perfectly and were stably conducting the student representative meeting.




They were indeed worthy of being called his playable characters.

It was not even comparable to the disorder of the Alliance of the 12 summit.


‘······Let’s ignore the ugly appearance the chairman had outside the conference room.’  


He thought so and focused on the meeting.

After the report of the student council was over, the details of the operation of each class, reflection, and plans were announced.

The data summarizing the class management data delivered in advance by the class executives in each class emerged as a giant hologram in the center and a small hologram on each table.

There were no specifics, but there was a record that the 2nd and 3rd grade class 0s caused multiple big and small incidents.


‘Looks like 2nd and 3rd grade will be tough.’


After the reports of the class executives was over, there was an explanation of the schedule and progress currently being planned.

Various anniversary events performances.

Evaluating the beautification of the school environment.

Field experiences by grade, also known as field trips.

Academic festivals, thesis presentations.

Model class, model student selection ceremony. 

Youth retreat.

University application workshops, etc.


‘I can see why Yoo Sang-hoon said he there was a lot of work in the student council and told me to not join.’


There are quite a few events held every year, but even if you refer to the precedent, your head would hurt if you have to plan all of them, make a budget, and execute them.

However, it was the student council that accomplished that difficult task in parallel with studying and targeting the otherworld.

There was a description that Do Won-woo, the president of the student council, was the first in his class every year, and that Yoo Sang-hee has never placed lower then tenth.


“Disciplinary Committee please make your announcement.”


The disciplinary committee’s report ended briefly.

The main activity of the Silver Light high school Disciplinary Committee was the monitoring and checking of other student organizations, so the workload was low.

The Intellectual Society and general clubs were so busy managing their dormitories and clubs, that there was no time to monitor and check them.

After the activity report of Oh Hye-ji, the disciplinary committee leader, there was a report from the chairman of Intellectual Society, Seong Si-wan, and finally, the president of the general club association.


‘The presentation of the general club association is the longest.’


As there were many clubs, it seemed that each clubs had a hard time adjusting the schedule for presentations or conventions, securing a place, and distributing the budget.

In the case of music-related clubs, there were frequent collaborations, so it was easy to negotiate with each other, but there were many places that were not like that.  


‘Go, Shogi club, chess club. Schedule adjustment agenda for each event…’


Among the holographic subtitles and summarized information, there was a name that caught his eye.


‘Is the Chess club adviser Yongje-geon?’


Yong Je-geon, the geezer teacher of the dragon tribe.

He knew he was a club advisor, but it was the first time he heard that he was the advisor for chess club.

To think out of all the clubs, his main playable character was the chess club advisor.


“Eui shin?”


“You don’t look too good. Are you sick?”

“No, I’m fine.”


Kim Yuri lowered her voice and asked anxiously.

Korea is a wasteland for chess.

When he was in junior high school, he could avoid chess if he wanted, but the world has changed.


‘You can’t leave a weakness.’


He saved the schedule of the chess tournament hosted by the chess club on his device.

After the Q and A session, discussion of other major agendas, suggestions, and reading of the minutes of the meeting was completed, the student representative meeting ended.


*    *    *


At the first quarter student representative meeting, he had checked the flow of upcoming events.

He also was able to see the appearance of the main characters he wanted to see.

He also met people he had to stay in contact with.


“Why did that unknown supernova call us?”

“Although he is a first grader, class 0, famous for being quiet. Act like how you are known for!”

“I wonder if he wants to learn from us? 10 years too early! Raise the attendance rate first, newcomer!”


2nd grade Class 0 class president, Geum Chan-sol.

2nd grade, Class 0 vice president, Wang Chan-sol.

2nd class 0 never appeared directly in the game.

However, in the indirect description, it was said that the president and vice president lead all the pranks.

If he wanted to move the 2nd grade class 0, he’ll have to talk to them first.


“I have something I want to ask you two.”


With his words, Geum Chan-Sol and Wang Chan-Sol began to whisper something while facing each other.

They didn’t seem to be related by blood, but they looked oddly similar because they had the same name.

Then he said pouting.


“We are expensive.”

“Yeah. Probably can’t buy us with just a normal amount of money. Anyway, money is earned if we go to the otherworld and rob it.”

“We may or may not listen to it.”


It will be fine if he didn’t have the money.

It was about something that the second grade class 0 valued ​than money after all.

“This is about Mr. Jegal Jaegeol.”

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