Chapter 49

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The playable character, Jaegal Jaegeol.

Jaegal Jaegeol’s ability was expressed in the form of an extremely rare skill, words.

His player alias was Aquamarine Poet (藍玉詩人).

It was an alias that received the criticism that ‘the poet-like player’s words glow like aquamarine’.

The rare ability and noble character of Jaegal Jaegeol caught the attention of  Thoth, the god of the ancient Egyptian mythology and higher ranking entity, personally provided its blessing to him.

The god of knowledge, science, language, time, and the moon. The guardian angel of libraries, the blessing that Thoth personally gave was,

[I hope your words will always be true.]

With that blessing, Jaegal Jaegeol could no longer lie, but he was reborn as a more powerful player by being protected by the superior being.

A just and strong player.

Head of the Academic Affairs Department in charge of overall school affairs.

Such a person even served as an advisor to the newspaper department, making it difficult to control the media in the school.

The “followers” ​​made a plan to remove him.

They succeeded by making the student as bait, and he ended up leaving the Silver Light high school.

However, in Silver Light high school, there were some who never tolerated his exit.

[Mr. Jaegal, why are you sick! That’s not true, right? You are pretending to be sick right?]

[We formed a party to get a SSR-class recovery item now! Get ready to come back to school!]

[If the SSR-class recovery item doesn’t work we will even go to Russia to get a UR-class recovery item!]

[You just need to bring your body! We have prepared everything including socks!]

[We also brought a wheelchair and a hospital bed!]  


The 2nd-grade students in class 0 left studying behind and chased after Jaegal Jaegeol.

The appearance of the students in the 2nd-grade class 0 did not appear in the game, but there was a depiction that the lines continue to be heard outside the darkroom of Jaegal Jaegeol.

Jaegal Jaegeol worried that his students would stop their studies because of himself.

He shows his dying self to the second-grade class 0 students once.

The only thing that showed in the game was the back of Jaegal Jaegeol, whose shape had changed.

Screaming and lament poured out through the door gap as he showed his appearance.  


[No, it can’t be….]

[Teacher is a liar…… he said that he will teach us until we graduate…….]



The body of Jaegal Jaegeol was at the level where an item could fix it.

In fact, he was pretty much dead.

Thoth, the superior being who cherished him, helped his time go by very slowly, leaving a little time to organize the little life he had left.

The 2nd-grade class 0 students were the worst, but the strongest bad boy players.

The intelligent students met Jaegal Jaegeol in person and realize that and despaired.  


‘Jaegal Jaegeol also tried to cover up for the students he saved in case they would get hurt.’


Watching Jaegal Jaegeol act like that, the 2nd graders in class 0 make up their minds.

They couldn’t protect Jaegal Jaegeol, but they decided to protect the things he left behind.  


‘One of them was the newspaper department.’  


2nd-grade class 0, who had nothing to lose, constantly went in between the line of illegal and legal, destroying everything the school magazine editorial department tried to do.

They were the same whether they were threatened or punished.


‘Even if I die, I will beat you as much as I possibly could.’


With this mindset, the 2nd-grade class 0 did their absolute best.  


‘Because there was no Jaegal Jaegeol to stop them, there was no teacher to control the 2nd-grade class 0….’

Why did the delinquents who will remain in the history of Silver Light high school suddenly only focus on the school magazine editorial department?

Of course, everyone else also paid attention, and the followers struggled to make a move.


‘They initially planned to quietly manipulate public opinion from behind, but when things turned out like that it was counterproductive.’


After half a year of strife, the followers give up.

The newspaper department was preserved by the sacrifice of Jaegal Jaegeol and the dedication of 2nd-grade class 0.

Until the game was over, students in the Silver Light high school did not suffer from the mischief of the school media.

After the followers became quiet.

2nd-grade class 0 students attended school quietly.

On Teacher’s Day, and Jaegal Jaegeol’s birthday and anniversary, they just showed him on all the holograms on the campus.


‘In the game, they left a legend behind even though they appeared only as text dialogue or background description without CG.’  


These two are leading that 2nd-grade class 0, the class president Geum Chan-sol and the vice-president Wang Chan-sol, who appeared brilliantly at the student representative meeting. 


“Why about our teacher?”

“You were in the newspaper department. Is it related to the newspaper department?”

“Mr. Jaegal doesn’t play with us much because of the newspaper department job.”

“Yes, let’s listen first. Tell me what it is.”

“Yeah. Tell us.”  


They were definitely Plemago certified fans of Jaegal Jaegeol.

Geum Chan-Sol and Wang Chan-Sol immediately flashed their eyes and rushed in.


“Mr. Jegal Jaegeol is in danger.”


The speed at which Geum Chan-sol and Wang Chan-sol blinked and spoke got faster.


“Huh? Are you saying our teacher is doing dangerous things or getting hurt? Uh, it’s the same isn’t it huh.”

“Our teacher Jaegal is definitely a pushover.”

“Danger? What kind of danger?”


He could feel that the two immediately felt agitated.

If you have to pick those who are insane in Silver Light high school these two will be at the top, but their feelings for Jaegal Jaegeol were real.  


“Someone who holds the lives of several students will make a deal with Mr. Jaegal Jaegeol. If things proceed like this, Mr. Jegal Jaegeol will sacrifice himself by agreeing to the deal.”


If someone they didn’t know came and said something like this, they’ll probably be beaten up.

But he was a player who made a name for himself as the Unknown Supernova.

He also had a reason for trying to protect Jaegal Jaegeol since he was a part of the newspaper department.

He was talking about his life, so even if they don’t believe it, they’ll at least try to determine whether this was bullshit or not.


“……Why don’t you tell the school or the player association?”

“Right. Why why? The Silver Light high school teachers are strong. The player association is also working hard these days.”  


It was right to ask that.  


“If this fact spreads now, the students will die. Even if we save those students, they might catch other students and make a deal in a way I don’t know.”


He didn’t know all the names and titles of the Black Curtain.

How many people, who are intertwined and how.

So, in order to catch the culprit, it was necessary to try and make the story flow similar to the flow in the game.

If the transaction proceeds in a way he didn’t know, it was over. 


“If it’s Mr. Jaegal Jaegeol, if a student’s life was at stake, he would jump in. He is the one who will just die if that will save the student. Mr. Jaegal Jaegeol can’t find out about this.”  


If this fact became known to the teachers, there was a high possibility that it would fall into the ear of the criminal or Jaegal Jaegeol.

This had to be done as quietly as possible.  


“Yeah. If that’s true, then Teacher Jaegal will go to die like the pushover he is. If that’s really true!”

“……Do you have any evidence that you can show us so we can believe you?”

“How did you find out!”


It wasn’t confirmation that explained everything, but he did have a clue.


“I can’t tell you the route where I got the information, but I have something that can prove what I am saying.”


He unfolded a hologram.


“These are the names of the hostages. Now, these students will be suffering from a powerful curse. All of them belong to the newspaper department and the problematic school magazine editorial department.  


What he showed was a list sent by Hwang Ji-ho.

There were three categories he designated to Hwang Ji-ho in his investigation.

First, students who have undergone a comprehensive eye examination at the school infirmary.

Second, students who applied for device replacement.

Third, students belonging to the school magazine editorial department.


‘I told him to try and search for students who fit into 2 or more categories.’ 


However, there was no student in only two cases.

There were only five students who met all three conditions.  


‘Because they have committed a crime, they probably are struggling right now because they can’t talk about it with anyone.’ 


The one who became friends with Andain in the dorms would suffer a little less.

Because of Andain’s “special constitution,” the effect of the curse will disappear when you are next to her.


“······Shall we check it?”

“There is a second-year too. Let’s get them! The school magazine editorial department has been a thorn in our sides for a while now!”

“That is a good attitude, Geum Chan. I also agree.” 


Geum Chan-Sol and Wang Chan-Sol downloaded the list to their respective devices.


‘It’s done. The cooperation of the 2nd-grade class 0 is pretty much guaranteed.’


Even with a quick observation, they will quickly see that those five were going crazy.  


“So, say it’s real. What can we do for you?”

“I understand that I have to hide the presence of hostages from teacher Jaegal Jaegeol.” 


Probably, this proposal will be very much to 2nd-grade class 0’s liking.


“On the day I designate, please kidnap teacher Jaegal Jaegeol.”  


The two were excited by the word kidnap.

The mouths of Geum Chan-sol and Wang Chan-sol gradually bend upwards.

Dozens of prank plans come to mind with that one word.

“You just need to take Mr. Jaegal Jaegeol somewhere else and play with him for a day.”


“I’ll do it!”

They haven’t even checked the kids on the list yet, but they agreed.

If this was going to happen, the list was shared for nothing.


‘Mr. Jaegal Jaegeol, I’m sorry. This is all for you.’  


It wouldn’t be strange that the 2nd-grade class 0 kidnapped Jaegal Jaegeol as a prank.

Of course, it was something the 2nd-grade class 0 naturally would do.

It would be the best distraction.

*    *    *

After exchanging device codes with Geum Chan-Sol and Wang Chan-Sol.

Upon returning to the dormitory room, he laid down on the sofa and turned on his device.


‘There is someone I need to contact through the device today….’  


The first screen that popped up was a picture of Snare sleeping while being rained on by a cherry blossom leaf.

Seeing that it seemed like all the mental damage he received from his playable characters today was being washed away.  


‘There are a lot of messages to check.’ 


There were a lot of messages from guys who he hadn’t been able to talk directly to in days.

The first thing that caught his eye was the history of Joo Soo-hyuk’s bread shuttle observation.  


[Joo Soo-hyuk] He didn’t smoke today!


There was also Jang Nam-wook’s long nagging.


[Jang Nam-wook] Why don’t Sang-hoon and you ever check your messages. The testing period is over now, you guys aren’t sick or anything, right? I heard that the Silver Light high school tests are very strict. In the academy, the exams you usually take are reflected so there is some breathing room…Be prepared like normally, so you guys don’t get sick during the midterms next time.  


A message of encouragement from Seong Si-wan also arrived. 


[Seong Si-wan] At today’s student representative meeting, the materials for 1st-grade class 0 were really well organized!  


There was also Park Seung-hyun’s best regards.  


[Park Seung-hyun] Beware of colds during the changing season.


While checking and answering, he saw a place where an overwhelming amount of non-read messages were piled up.

This was a message room with the three siblings of Eunho’s descendants.  


[Eun Leeho] Eui shin oppa! Today, Baekho nim and the heavenly beast fought!  



It was the most shocking news among those he had heard today.

Snare fought with his playable character?

Who should he side with?


[Eun Jaeho] I think Baekho nim recently read the heavenly beast’s mind a little. Then they fought.


He did not get what that meant.

Eun Jae-ho, the youngest, who was only 10 years old, seems to have insufficient communication skills.


[Eun Seoho] It seems that the heavenly beast was waiting for Cho Eui-shin hyung in front of the front gate…….

[Eun Leeho] Baekho nim said, ‘Cho Eui-Shin is busy. He can’t come.’ and the heavenly beast got mad. I guess he was really waiting for you Eui Shin oppa. 


It was because of me!

True, what would possibly be wrong with Snare or his playable character?

Sides or whatever he was the sinner.

When he was feeling guilty. The youngest sent a picture.

The moment he saw the picture, he felt like he could hear the sound of his heart falling.  


‘It’s a picture of Snare pouting!’  


The living room sofa where he sat every time he went to Hwang Myung-ho’s mansion.

Snare had buried his face on the sofa and wasn’t even looking at the device camera.

All of the lying postures and gazes were expressing as if saying ‘I’m upset’.


‘My heart hurts, but it’s cute…!’


When this case is over, he will play with Snare unconditionally.

He saved the photo of course.  


‘Now it’s time to contact the person I was procrastinating on.’  


An extra-class character that only appeared a few times at the beginning of the game.

At first, he didn’t even remember him well.

Even though in this world, he had his own strength and was one of those who strived hard for the Silver Light high school.

If so, he kept thinking about whether there was a reason.


[Cho Eui Shin] Are you busy now?

[Hong Gyu-bin] It’s okay! Today I didn’t even work overtime^^!  


Then he must have gone home.

Although he would need to get ready to work right now.

Maybe even if his reasoning was wrong, Hong Gyu-bin would lend him his strength. 


[Cho Eui Shin] It’s about Mr. Jaegal Jaegeol. 


How will he react?

The message was read, but there was no response for a few seconds.



[Caller: Hong Gyu-bin]  


Hong Gyu-bin called right away.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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