Chapter 50

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‘It was weird from the beginning.’ 

Players Association Korea Branch Press Officer, Media Team 1 Team Leader, Hong Gyu-bin, who was in charge of all cases related to the Silver Light high school.

He even visited the Hwangmyeong Foundation hospital and the Silver Light high school in person when the incident broke out with the Silver Light high school. 


‘Why did Hong Gyu-bin in the game have so little weight?’  


Even though numerous incidents occurred in the Silver Light high school in the game, he did not appear.

He also was familiar to him, but he couldn’t remember it well.

If that was the case, there was a high possibility that he was a character who appeared at the beginning of the game and disappeared ‘for some reason’.


‘Another thing I felt incongruity was the title that Hong Gyu-bin used.’  


His first day in this world.

Hong Gyu-bin introduced himself to Jaegal Jaegeol, giving his position and full name, and continued to call him Teacher Jaegal.

On the contrary, the day it rained after Choi Pyeon-deuk’s birthday gift incident.

Hong Gyu-bin said hello to Ham Geun-hyung and Kim Shin-rok without any introduction and then talked with the title “Mr.”.  


‘Ham Geun-hyung and Kim Shin-rok are also good teachers. They are similar in age. But why? Maybe there was another reason to distinguish the title.’



It was a title that was used to call those who taught students.

Some people use the word as if they simply use the title of a teacher, lecturer, or professor.

However, there were also people who added meaning to the word.

It was Maeng Hyo-don’s words during the midterms that became the clue to this faint sense of incongruity.  


[When I was in middle school, there was no bastard that was like an actual teacher. The only teacher at that school, the only one I could call a teacher was the math teacher.]  


Maeng Hyo-don said that there was only one person who could be called a “teacher” in his middle school.

Maybe Hong Gyu-bin’s case was something similar.

The reason why he calls only Jaegal Jaegeol a teacher.


‘If I ask him personally, that question should get solved.’  


Silver Light high school front gate.

A little past 9 pm.

Hong Gyu-bin was dressed in casual clothing as if he ran out while resting.

He passed through the Silver Light high school front gate very naturally and came to him in the school.


“I guess Team leader Hong Gyu-bin nim can access Silver Light high school without a permit.”  


Deputy Yoon or Staff Jeong had a school visit permit on their necks, but Hong Gyu-bin didn’t have it.

At that time, he figured it was hidden by the coat he was wearing, so he couldn’t see it.

However, looking at the current situation, it seems that Hong Gyu-bin was a registered figure in the Silver Light high school protection barrier system.

Like students or faculty.


‘The regular access permission for Silver Light high school is not easily given. Hong Gyu-bin must be a main character for sure. Something in the game caused him to stop running onto the scene, not appear in Silver Light high school, or quit the player association.’  


If so, what could that event be?

Obviously, it should be limited to what happened at the beginning of the game.  


‘It must have happened before school started or in March or April.’  


It may seem vaguely guessed, but he thought he can be sure of this only by having a conversation with Hong Gyu-bin.


“Eui shin, it’s been a long time.”

“I didn’t know you would come all the way to school.”


He didn’t know that he would come all the way to Silver Light high school when he said he wanted to consult about Jaegal Jaegeol.

Hong Gyu-bin smiled brightly as usual, but his expression was stiff.


“Is teacher in danger?”  


He hasn’t said anything in detail yet.

Why did he react like this?

It was clear that Hong Gyu-bin had something more to him than what he knew.


“This isn’t something to be discussed at school huh? Follow me. Let’s talk in my car.” 


Outside the school gate following Hong Gyu-bin.

‘It’s been a while since I came out of school at this time.’


He moved to Hong Gyu-bin’s car parked near the main entrance of the school.

The fuselage that draws smooth lines and parts made of different metals stood out.  


‘It’s a player car.’  


Hong Gyu-bin’s car was a player car from NK Motors, the flagship subsidiary of Namgung Group, one of the four major groups in Korea.

Durability that were able to handle a player’s ability.

In addition, it has a beautiful design, powerful engine, and braking ability, which makes it a dream car for the general public as well.

He didn’t know the market price because he couldn’t confirm the exact model of the car, but he knew that it was like a small house worth of money was rolling around.


“……May I ask why you contacted me?” 


Hong Gyu-bin sat in the driver’s seat and he sat in the passenger seat.

Hong Gyu-bin said that without looking at him.

He probably knew better that he was acting very strangely right now.


“The only teacher that team leader Hong Gyu-bin calls “teacher” is teacher Jaegal Jaegeol. I thought it would be best to talk to team leader Hong Gyu-bin to quietly ask for help from the player association regarding Mr. Jaegal Jaegeol.”  


What would be Hong Gyu-bin’s answer?

If he was wrong here, he was going to wing it.


“······You are sharp. I was careful in front of the other teachers, but I guess made a mistake.” 

It must have been the right answer.

He thought his reasoning was correct.


“Yeah. I have the grace to repay my teacher Jaegal Jaegeol. I’m just waiting for an opportunity to repay my debt… I guess he doesn’t like that fact so he acts coldly. Sometimes he pretends to not know me too.”  


Was that why Jaegal Jaegeol raised an iron wall against Hong Gyu-bin at the hospital?

Is it because he was trying to say ‘go your way without thinking of paying back the grace’?

He was his playable character after all.

His care for his disciples couldn’t be compared to by any other.

“I got a bit competitive, so I sent messages every day, and every time I met him, I introduced myself from start to finish, handed out a business card, and said, Teacher Jaegal. Hahahahaha!”


He didn’t know if he just raised the iron wall because he just didn’t like Hong Gyu-bin.

Even at the hospital, he did bother him a lot.


“Mr. Jaegal’s serious face is fresh every time I see it. Hahaha! The last time I visited him for the students who lost their ability, he said, ‘Who are you?’ Hahahahaha! Hahaha… Oh, why can’t I laugh.”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]


Hong Gyu-bin must have been thinking the same thing as him, his face turned gloomy.

He felt sorry for Hong Gyu-bin.

But he was on the side of his playable character.

Anyway, there was something he wanted to ask Hong Gyu-bin other than things like that.


“Why did you immediately think that Mr. Jaegal Jaegeol was in danger when you saw my message?”

“I have the skill of ‘foresight’.”  


A foresight skill?

Did he really have that rare of a skill?

Depending on the level, it would be managed at the national level.  


“It’s useless because It hasn’t gone up from level 1. It’s just like a premonition. There’s nothing special, but the accuracy seems to have increased because I was blessed by an annoying Jin tribe.”


When Hong Gyu-bin mentioned ‘annoying Jin tribe’, his face rotted.

Probably, Jaegal Jaegeol would have similar thoughts while watching Hong Gyu-bin.

He didn’t know if Hong Gyu-bin knows the word NaeroNambul.


“Teacher Jaegal looked dangerous all year. So, I took charge of all the Silver Light high school cases, but it doesn’t seem to have been very helpful.”  


Hong Gyu-bin looked at the front gate of the Silver Light high school seen through the windshield with a tired face.

It seems that his frequent overtime work wasn’t just because of the incidents he exposed.

It seems like he volunteered to do the job.  


“And I found out that you were going to be involved in the future events for Teacher Jaegal. The moment I saw your video sent by Player SAT-K, the foresight skill was activated.”


His foresight skill activated on him?

Was it because of that the reason that he often sent messages to him as soon as they first saw each other?

Hong Gyu-bin was always curious about the news of Silver Light high school and asked several times to tell him immediately if there was anything wrong.

Hong Gyu-bin seems to be a schemer just like his first impression.

He must have been preparing for this moment since before.  


“Please let me know what’s going on with Teacher Jaegal Jaegeol. If there is anything I need to do, please tell me.”


He was going to use Hong Gyu-bin anyway, so is it okay?

For him it was for his playable character, For Hong Gyu-bin it was for his savior.

Mutual aid.

Good is good.  


“I will. In exchange, there are a few conditions.”

“Don’t ask about the route of information acquisition, you want to hide your identity, it’s this type of thing right?”  


Hong Gyu-bin pinpointed exactly what he would ask for. 


“I tend to have a good sense. Since I’m a player in the association, I often do “stuff” like this with other players. Do not worry about it.”


Jegal Jaegeol and Hong Gyu-bin.

He still didn’t know how two people of the same age became teacher and student and how they became a relationship where one wanted to repay the other.


‘Still, my playable character seems to have raised the student smartly.’  


After finishing the story.

Hong Gyu-bin decided to go to the association immediately to prepare.

Confirmed overtime.

Be strong, Hong Gyu-bin.

He asked him before getting out of the car.  


“What would you do if Jegal Jaegeol was hurt so much that he couldn’t be a teacher anymore?”

“What do you mean what would I do.”


Hong Gyu-bin answered without hesitation.  


“Whether it was the association or not I would quit and everything and find a cure.”  


At the beginning of the game, the reason why he didn’t come out after only briefly showing his face was because Jaegal Jaegeol had left.

A riddle was solved, and the long day of the first quarter student representative meeting was over.


*    *    *


1st grade Class 0.

Today, the number of attendees was seven.

Before the ordinance, each of the children gathered and chatted.  


“I went shopping with my mom yesterday and bought this! What do you think?”

“Wow, where did you get it?”


“I want to buy something again. Would you two like to come with me?”

“Yes, let’s go!”


Kim Yuri said, showing them the new hair ornament she bought.

It was a bead hairpin in the image of a butterfly.

It is said that it was bought at a new handmade accessory store in the Silver Light district.

Listening to the story, it seems that the three girls in his class were going to go together after class today.  


“The Bekseolgi that came out as a special meal this morning was delicious. It was the first time I thought that a simple white rice cake like that was so delicious.

“Uh, I just ate Bavarois. The fresh cream on top looked so delicious…”

“Why do you always eat only western food? Try the moon rabbit rice cake next time.”


Dormitory students Maeng Hyo-don and Sawol Seum.

This side was appreciating the taste of the dorm cafeteria.

Maeng Hyo-don seems to be talking about eating all the time, but it’s probably not because of his mood.

The moon rabbit rice cake deal wasn’t over yet, so the moon rabbit rice cake was being served daily as a special meal.


‘It is peaceful.’


There was a guy trying to break that peace.  


“Cho Eui-shin, is there anything I can do? Huh?”


He hoped that Hwang Ji-ho would shut up before the other kids start listening.

He doesn’t need Hwang Ji-ho’s help this time because Hong Gyu-bin has decided to help.  


“If you’re bored, play with Snare.”

“······It doesn’t like to play with me.”



Our Snare is so smart.

Already people… No, it knows how to pick and choose between Jin tribes.  


“Actually, I’m a little busy working with my multiple clones because I’m busy with school and group work. Moving at the same time, the load is a bit heavy.”  


He guessed that Hwang Ji-ho was not all capable after all.

It seems that there was a limit to moving all the clones at once. 


‘Then, it seems hard to help in the first place… If that’s the case, why did you ask?’


“Escape,” a defense mechanism that turns your eyes away from things you feel bothered or difficult to encounter.

Hwang Ji-ho tried to start cleaning the room when he was supposed to be studying for the exam.

The defense mechanism was also activated for the Jin tribe.


“Ha…… The result of neglect is this bitter. I want to play.”  


Hwang Ji-ho seems to be busy trying to finish all the work he had left behind.

It is self-contained. Work, Chairman.

Hwang Ji-ho, who was whining, stopped with the bell ringing ahead of the ordinance.

Today’s class bell was the theme song of the world’s most famous spy.

The Acappella small group covered the song in an acapella version.

He prepared for the class while listening to the theme song for an unaccompanied chorus that was embodied only with human voices.


*    *    *

Newspaper clubroom after school.

Seeing Moon Sae-ron lying on the desk without strength, it seemed like something else had failed.


“Ah, I think 3rd-grade class 0 is crazy, really!”

“Didn’t you say you were covering the whole energy of the universe story? You said they were doing something in the central area.”

“That’s all a big lie.”  


Was it just a lie to purposefully not attend the student representative meeting?

Why would they lie like that?  


“It was rumored that they had to monopolize the energy of the universe. The floating of the garden on April Fools’ Day was all for show as well. They secretly went to another area.”


He thought the 3rd-grade class 0 were unnecessarily smart for their own good.

Have they been planning with care since April Fools to hide that?  


“The central section was a cover-up. I went around for hours in the central area. Ahhhh!”

“How crazy do you have to be to think that way…”


It seems that 3rd-grade class 0 worked hard to manipulate information to monopolize the energy of the universe that no one coveted.

Moon Sae-ron was hooked nicely to that.  


‘Then, where and what did the 3rd-grade class 0 do that day?’

As soon as he learned Hong Gyu-bin’s secret, a new mystery came up.

Although he was not really curious about the answer to this one.


*    *    *

After some time had passed.

The class president and vice president of class 0 in the second year.

He sent a message to both Geum Chan-Sol and Wang Chan-Sol.  


[Cho Eui Shin] Please do it at end of school tomorrow.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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