Chapter 51

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[The hit is off-center, yes, the right fielder has caught it. Second base runner, third base runner tags up. Third base runner runs home! TC Knights already scored 5 runs in this inning.]

“Ugh really! The bullpen always messes up every time. Fuck it all! They couldn’t keep their 3 point lead and mess it up! If the starters do well, the bullpen is mediocre, and if the starters are bad, then the whole team messes up!”

Okto-yeon fell on the sofa and controlled her boiling inside.

The sound of her chewing on a walnut rice cake angrily rang throughout the wide spacious lounge.

“The rabbit tribe must have a lot of time on their hands.”

“Ah, that surprised me!”

Ok To-yeon was surprised at the sound that came out of nowhere.

The voice belonged to Jeokho, who she frequently saw lately.

“How did you get in? Did you break in with a skill? That’s cheating! No matter how close our tribes are, you should have some respect!”

“Oktoyoon opened the door for me. She told me it’s fine to hit you a few times to make you come to your senses.”

“Sister Toyoon….”

Ok To-yeon swallowed the remaining rice cake in her mouth.

Recently, Oktoyoon, a fellow rabbit, often stared at her with scary eyes.

When she thought about Oktoyoon, she felt a chill, so she sat upright on the sofa without even knowing.

“I don’t want to come to the territory of the Rabbits very much either. In the future, if you have anything you wish to say, please send someone over to the Silver Light district.”

“This was something I had to say in person. I can’t go to the Silver Light district because of the stupid contract I made with Hwangho.”

“Yes. It’s a contract you signed up for because you were stupid.”


Jeokho’s words were polite despite the poignant subject, so he properly scratched the nerves of Oktoyeon.

“I am busy. Let’s get to the point.”

“I’m busy too! You know that right?”

Jeokho did not respond and gazed at the big screen still playing live baseball.

TC Knights gave up one more run because of a ridiculous mistake and body gag while on defense.

6 runs just this inning. 

Oktoyeon was angry by the changing score but silently turned off the screen.

“Well, um! I was wondering if I should stay quiet, but I decided to talk about it for now.”


At Oktoyeon’s fingertips, the “ Moon Palace Map”, a map created at the moon palace that summarized the flow of power that existed on the Korean Peninsula, opened.

Jeokho, seeing the flow of all kinds of energies and the movement of light, narrowed his eyes.

“Can you see? The flows of power seen in the Moon Palace map. It seems that the number of Jin tribes who came to the Korean peninsula recently increased. It seems that the number of high-ranking entities that are watching also has increased.”


“Be sure to memorize it. The only one that can open the Moon Palace map like this is the head of the Rabbit tribe.

Oktoyeon added a sentence.

“Well, right now catching the tail comes first!”

*    *    *

Silver Light high school teachers’ salaries are on the high side.

The teachers of Silver Light high school were also excellent players.

They were allowed to attack the otherworld as a side job if it didn’t disturb their school work.

Most of the Silver Light high school teachers were wealthy enough to have two-player cars with ease.

However, there were exceptions everywhere. The exception was Jaegal Jaegeol.

“Geum Chan, isn’t the clothing Mr. Jaegal wearing today something he wore last year as well? I want to get him some new clothes. Recently, our company’s chief designer has been changed and the new designs have been great.

“It doesn’t matter what he wears, he is still so cool…… There are many clothes that I see often. But! Your memory of remembering such trivial things is so wonderful, Wang Chan.”

“The fact that you can’t remember that trivial thing is because you are stupid, Geum Chan.”

“You were so smart that you forgot the invisibility item last time? Do you want to get beat up?”


Jaegal Jaegeol, the head of the academic affairs department at Silver Light high school, was always frugal.

Jaegal Jaegeol donated most of his salary and profits from attacking the otherworld.

He always wore clean and tidy clothes that did not go against the TPO, but the second-year class 0 students weren’t satisfied.

It was the common heart of all the disciples to want their respected teachers to dress better, eat well, and live well.

“Geum chan, it’s time for the end of school soon. You came prepared right?”

“Of course, Wang Chan. Who do you think I am? Did you bring everything you were supposed to? If you make a mistake like at the student representative meeting, I’m going to kill you.”

“Don’t worry, Geum chan. Have I ever made any mistakes while doing my job?”

“Don’t you remember last year, during Mr. Jaegal’s birthday party we were going to toss him into the air as a celebration and you almost made him hit an airplane that the class 0 seniors sent flying?”

At those words, Wang Chan Sol took a breath and said.


“What do you mean ‘·····OMG’. Did you actually make a mistake? What did you not bring? Hey, look in my eyes and tell me. Wang Chan you idiot!”

When Geum Chan-Sol grabbed Wang Chan-Sol’s collar and shook him.

The automatic door of the classroom opened, and Jaegal Jaegeol walked in to announce the end of the school day.

As he looked around the classroom, he said with a complicated expression.

“It was quiet for a few days….the class president and vice president shouldn’t fight.”



Geum Chan-sol threw Wang Chan-sol far away and responded brightly.

Some empty desks could be heard falling over, but Wang Chan-Sol showed a perfect breakfall and landed on the floor.

The other 2nd graders in Class 0 didn’t pay much attention as if they were familiar with this situation.

Jaegal Jaegeol made a worried expression wondering if Wang Chan-sol was hurt.

“Oh right, Mr. Jaegal. Please stand there for a second.”



Standing in front of the podium, Jaegal Jaegeol felt something strange was going on.

Before pointing out that, Geum Chan-sol’s bright voice rang in the classroom.

“Let’s go, guys!”

Pop pop pop!

Smoke rose with the sound of firecrackers popping.

The undisputed and orderly 2nd-grade class 0 moved in perfect sync.

Jaegal Jaegeol tried to respond reflexively.

However, he thought that if he used the wrong force, the students might get hurt, so he stopped activating the word skill and shut his mouth.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

His vision turned black in an instant.

*    *    *

Silver Light high school 2nd-grade school office.

When the automatic door of the teacher’s office opened, a Jaegal Jaegeol appeared with wrinkled clothes and messy hair.

It was right after the end of day announcement was made.

His co-teachers roughly guessed what had happened, but they asked anyway out of courtesy.

“Academic Affairs Director, what happened?”

It was obvious the 2nd-grade class 0 would have done something.

The few teachers who remained in the school office thought the same thing.

Jaegal Jaegeol said, avoiding his gaze.

“It was nothing special. I struggled a little, but it’s okay.”

“Hahaha, you can’t be okay when you are like that. 2nd-grade class 0 has been quiet for a few days now. But I guess it doesn’t even last a week.”

“Ugh, when I see the names of 2nd-grade class 0 students on the list of my classes, I get sick.

There was one teacher who couldn’t get involved in this conversation.

The teacher ground his teeth and glared at the floor.

‘Look at him acting like that!’

The teacher looked at the floor instead of Jaegal Jaegeol in case he would find out that he was glaring at him.

The teacher, who thought his appearance wasn’t bad at all, was a follower of Choi Pyeon-deuk.

‘Choi Pyeon-deuk nim was the best. He gained wealth while doing everything he wanted to do, what a wonderful thing that is!”

There were a couple of things that even he couldn’t do as he would like.

One of them was the student’s public opinion, and the other was the head of the school affairs department.

‘How dare those young kids act all mighty coming to this prestigious high school and ignore the great Choi Pyeon Deuk nim. Even that head of school affairs guy kept trying to get on Choi Pyeon Deuk nim’s case.

All of that ends today.

With this tactic, they can control the student’s public opinion and get rid of that head of school affairs at the same time.

‘Choi Pyeon Deuk, who probably is receiving the help of high-ranking people from far away, will be happy too!’

He passed the time living in his imagination.

The imagination where Choi Pyeon-deuk’s splendidly returned and took control of the school, absorbed the Hwangmyeong Foundation, and even imagined himself becoming the right arm of Chairman Choi Pyeon-deuk.

Finally, Jaegal Jaegeol was alone.

Jaegal Jaegeol was looking up and was in deep thought.

Choi Pyeon-deuk’s follower laughed, thinking that he was so easy-going without knowing his future fate.

‘I turned off all recording devices in the classroom. Now all you have to do is run it!’

There was a hologram player in his hand.

In the player, the status of the hostages held in the basement of the central library and the progress of the curse were recorded.

‘He’s not exactly stupid, so if he looked at this, he would know what kind of situation the hostages are in.


The follower threw the hologram player on Jaegal Jaegeol’s desk.

Jaegal Jaegeol looked up at him.

“What is this?”

“Look at it from start to finish then talk.”

Jaegal Jaegeol turned on the hologram player in his hand.

The expression of Jaegal Jaegeol watching the hologram was calmer than he thought.

‘No, his face is like that, but since it’s the lives of the students that are at stake, so he must be upset on the inside!’

That attitude will be nothing more than that pushover’s bluff.

The follower concluded so.

“Come to the designated place without anyone seeing you, you hypocrite bastard. If you don’t answer with a ‘yes’, all the fellows here will die. Of course, that will be the case if you try something other than what you were told to do.”

Jaegal Jaegeol was somebody that received a blessing that was more like a curse by Thoth, a superior being.

Since he couldn’t tell a lie, the moment he said ‘yes’, Jaegal Jaegeol’s actions were limited.

“······Yes. I will go to the place you designate. Don’t touch the students.”

He thought he won!

A cheerful smile spread on the follower’s face.

*    *    *

The school principal’s hobby was collecting old and rare books.

The principal was a geezer who went one step further than that, using all of his salary and personal finances, buying books from all over the world, and donating them to the Silver Light high school library.

As the principal’s wealth was added to the school library budget, the Silver Light high school did not ever run out of books.

The principal gathered books not caring about what type of books they were.

He realizes that there are many dangerous books found in the world, books that existed from the past but were touched by the power of a Jin tribe or superior beings.

Books containing intelligence, magic, and holy power. 

However, in order to preserve the books that were worth studying intelligently, the principal created an off-limits library.

The crystallization of his enthusiastic hobby and consideration was this place, the basement library of the central library in the central area of ​Silver Light high school.

In the middle of the enormous library, five students were sitting in a hexagram star magic circle, trembling.

As if they kept seeing and hearing things, they kept muttering to themselves and closed their eyes and ears shut and bowed their heads towards the ground.

“You made it, Jaegal-Jaegeol!”

The dark red six-sided star magic circle.

At each vertex were six teachers wearing hoodies.

“Are the students safe?”

Beyond the dark library, they heard the voice of Jaegal Jaegeol.“If you listen to us, they will be safe.”

“It was difficult to obtain the seeds of the curse, but it is worth the effort.”

“The elite guys who pretended to be so above Choi Pyeon-deuk nim are also like this!

The curse inflicted on the students was a “stain of conscience.”

These students always remained at the bottom in the mini-test results.

For them, who had never missed 1st or 2nd place in their lives, the bitter failures experienced in Silver Light high school was unbearable.

Thus, they nodded at the temptation of the followers and saw a leak of the midterm exam answers.

And in this place where the test questions and answers were handed over, the seeds of the curse were planted secretly without the students’ knowledge.

As their remorse grew, the blotches dominated the eyes, and to isolate them, their hearing was dominated as well.

“Declare it here. That you will carry the five curses these nerds carry and the six curses we impose!”

“If you don’t accept it, the future of these young students is over!”If Jaegal Jaegeol succeeded in subduing all the teachers and saving the students with his abilities, as the followers said, there was no future for the students.

Some students did not fall under the temptation of these followers.

However, still, they had participated in test score manipulation.

In the process of lifting the curse, it was almost certain that this would be revealed.

They will no longer be allowed to stay in Silver Light high school, and it will be impossible for them to transfer to another high school.

“Teacher, teacher… Please save me.”


“I won’t do it in the future. Please save me this once, only once!”

The students who suffered from the curse for countless days cried out.

All that remained was fear and survival instincts, and there was no room for rational thinking.

However, among these students, there was a student, thanks to Andain, the spread of the curse was slowed.

The student, unlike the other students, still had her own will.

The student remembered.

She had learned that Jaegal Jaegeol was among the teachers Andain respected.

“······No, Mr. Jaegal Jaegeol. Don’t do that!”

The six followers burst into laughter at those words.

The six teachers were convinced.

Rather, if there is was a student who said something like that, this pushover teacher will be pushed to make the sacrifice even more.


“Okay. I won’t.”

The laughter of the followers stopped.

The person wearing the clothes of Jaegal Jaegeol had changed his body and voice after some time.

The voice seemed to be produced through a voice modulator, but they were amazed at how he changed his physique.

‘Did he use a transformation ability or item?!’

How did he cope with it in that short time?

Did he know about this beforehand?


If he was Jaegal Jaegeol, there was no way he would not care about a student in danger.

No matter how many crimes the student would have committed, he was not a person who would set up a trap like this and wait while the student suffered.

“You, who are you…!”

The man who they thought was Jaegal Jaegeol.

He appeared in the dark wearing a crow mask.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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