Chapter 52

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Air Hotel “Icarus”.

This place was famous for providing guests who have made reservations with rooms that are designed exactly to the guest’s tastes. Everything from pillows to slippers were designed.

In addition, Icarus was a top-notch air hotel with five restaurants, a spa, fitness rooms, an aquarium, a jazz concert hall, and a wedding hall.

The rooftop of that Icarus.

There were tents and camping lantern lights that didn’t go well with this high-end air hotel.

“Let’s bet on who gets to sleep outside with a tickling contest!”

“It’s already outside here, but you are going to bet sleeping outside again? You are crazy. Okay, let’s do it!”

“I accept the sleeping outdoors part, and I add making breakfast tomorrow on top of that.”

“We haven’t even eaten dinner yet, so why are you fucking betting tomorrow’s breakfast.”

“If that idiot Wang Chansol hadn’t forgotten the portable burner, we would have been eating ramen by now.”

“Right? We stayed up 3 whole nights trying to make a new golden recipe just for the 2nd year class 0, so how dare that idiot, that stupid vice president ugh!”

“Sigh…… This hotel belongs to Geumchan’s family, so why are we starving?”

About 20 2nd year class 0 students were wearing fluorescent colored hoodies and pants as a group.

Their class tee and pants had today’s date, their names, and introductory phrases written by other students.

“Because of the law on the prohibition of illegal solicitation and receipt of money, etc. Providing hotel room and board is a big deal! If we don’t want to get caught by the law, we have to get the t-shirt fee for the group from Teacher Jaegal later.”

‘First-semester first field trip organizer, and venue provider’ 

‘The invincible class president of the 2nd year Class 0, Geum Chan-Sol’

… was what was written on the shirt Geum Chan Sol was wearing. Geum Chan Sol spoke.

“The rooftop originally only opens in the summer, so it wasn’t in use yet, so, in exchange for cleaning it, I received a discount and borrowed it within the budget allocated to the class.”

Geum Chan-sol, who led this operation.

She, who was also the daughter of the owner of Air Hotel “Icarus,” planned a field trip for two days and one night.

Because of Cho Eui Shin, who asked for the clothes of Jaegal Jaegeol to make himself the bait, she then suggested the idea, ‘Then, I should make a class t-shirt and pants and give it to Mr. Jaegal!’

The 2nd year class 0 had planned this field trip without doing any other pranks for the last few days.

“But the air and the scenery is still good. We also have Mr. Jaegal!”

Group T-shirt and pants design, stationery, and color designation.

Securing a picnic area and setting a budget.

The 2nd year class 0 was able to rent the rooftop of the Icarus Air Hotel because they hadn’t used any of the miscellaneous expenses allocated for each class.

“······Actually, it’s not a waste to rent a suite! If we don’t get the accommodation fee from Mr. Jaegal, it’s illegal, but if we do, he’ll have to live poorly for a few months so we can’t do that either.

Of course, they only really rented the area, so they had to use tents to sleep in.

At first glance, a two-day, one-night picnic on the roof of Icarus was luxurious, but the contents were very inexpensive.

However, no one complained, and each of them paid the participation fee and brought a tent to join the operation to hold onto Jaegal Jaegeol.

The clothes they put on him were also very conspicuous, making it impossible to escape.

It was a bonus that he received a review of ‘Wow, it’s like the fairy and the woodcutter’.

“What are you going to do if you guys catch a cold? Do not go to bed outdoors. It’s still chilly.”

The 2nd year class 0 children, who were in the middle of the tickling competition, stopped the contest immediately at the words of Jaegal Jaegeol.

The student who had endured the tickling for the previous three minutes looked very unhappy, but looking at Jaegal Jaegeol’s face he shut his mouth.

“Yes, we won’t!”


The adult male who calmed the class with just two words, Jaegal Jaegeol.

He was wearing a fluorescent yellow hoodie and pants that didn’t match his age at all.

His clothes were decorated with phrases decorated in all colors.

‘Our permanent homeroom teacher ♡ Teacher Jaegal’

‘I write it as Jaegal Jaegeol and read it as shining light.’

‘I don’t really like him, but I love him.


There were phrases as many as the number of students in the class.

In fact, the 2nd year class 0 students almost went to the extent of doing a battle royale because they were fighting amongst themselves saying they wanted to be the first to write on his clothing.

After hours of debate, they all agreed to write down one word at a time and use the colors they wanted.

As a result, Jaegal Jaegeol’s clothes were designed in the most colorful and messy way.

“Guys, I still have some work left at school that I need to do….”

“Work? What do you mean work? Let those lazy guys do it for once!”

“Yeah. You always do the chores alone!”

Jaegal Jaegeol was abruptly kidnapped from the classroom.

Not just the clothes he was wearing, but also his device and wallet were stolen.

‘I really do have to go… … .’

Of course, he wanted to be with his playful students.

But there was so much to do.

He hadn’t been able to clean up all of the atrocities committed by Choi Pyeon-deuk’s party, and he had to consult with the teachers due to the issue of the newspaper department and the school magazine editorial department.

“It’s because the teacher hasn’t been playing with us these days, so we wanted to play with you…….”

“That’s right…… Mr. Jaegal is always busy working with the editorial department and the newspaper department.”

The atmosphere changed as if the vigor was just a lie.

The students in the 2nd year class 0’s mood were gradually falling apart.

Jaegal Jaegeol spoke, trying to make up his mind.

“I’m sorry. Because I have been really busy…… I will stay until you guys fall asleep then head back.”

“I do not like it!”

“I’m going to play with my teacher for 1 night and 2 days. We have prepared a lot of games to decide who will use the same tent with the teacher!”

“We haven’t even played the qualifier yet!”


Jaegal Jaegeol did not look like he was going to change his mind easily.

However, it was the 2nd year class 0, a class who were pros at this kind of thing.

They have already planned ahead just in case he would come out like this.

When Geum Chan-sol sent a signal to the aces in the theater club with her eyes, they nodded a little.

“Just stop guys. He says he is busy. I’m sorry, Teacher…… Guys, let’s pack our bags.”

The desperate acting of a student in the theater club burst out.

Like what you would expect from the ace of the theater club, she was already feeling empathy, or even without eye drops, her eyes were already moist.

When Jaegal Jaegeol was surprised and didn’t know what to do, Geum Chan-sol’s extra hit went in.

“······I just wanted to play with Mr. Jaegal so I acted out of line despite being the class president. Why are you apologizing? Don’t make that kind of look he’s going to feel burdened. Don’t cry. Teacher, I’m sorry… The kids didn’t do anything wrong. It’s all because I made them do it.”Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

Geum Chan-Sol spoke the lines at the perfect timing.

It was as expected from Geum Chan-sol the class president of 2nd-year class 0.

The ability to make the mood was fantastic.

Students with gloomy faces lowered their heads and said to themselves, ‘Good job class president. Keep going!’

In the end, Jaegal Jaegeol lost his will.

“I’m sorry. Guys…… It seems that I didn’t think of all of you and only thought of my position.”

The voice of Jaegal Jaegeol was full of guilt.

Students outside of his sight made small high-fives and clenched their fists.

“······Sorry for bothering you, Teacher.”

“Yeah. I’m sorry for being a bothersome student…….”

“No. You guys prepared hard, but I didn’t know… I’ll keep making time until tomorrow morning. I’m really sorry.”

2nd year 0 class’s acting one-two punch hit directly.

It was noticeable that he was hurt by the words of the ace in the theater department and Geum Chan-Sol, the class president of 2nd-year class 0.

All of the students in the class now thought, “He’s going to cry, stop!”

“And I’ve never once thought my pupils were annoying or bothersome. Don’t say that in the future.”

Jaegal Jaegeol couldn’t lie with Thoth’s blessing.

Understanding the weight of his words, the expressions of the students became soft.

When the warm atmosphere was continuing.

“I have returned!”

The rooftop door opened and Wang Chan-sol appeared.

Wang Chan-Sol was wearing a fluorescent hoodie that read “I am an idiot” with a sharpie.

In his hand, he held a bag full of portable burners.

“You don’t deserve to shout like that, asshole!”

“I thought I was going to die from starvation! Hey, boil the water!”

The ramen bags that were left after the hungry students ate them raw, were folded and thrown toward Wang Chan-sol’s head.

“Teacher Jaegal! We developed a new ramen recipe. Please expect good things!”

“Yes, we did. It’s very delicious!”

“Yes, I will look forward to it.”

The 2nd year class 0 was busy taking out the prepared ingredients.

Even after seeing the peaceful scene, Jaegal Jaegeol still blamed himself for not knowing the hearts of the students.

…..And he realized there was no news from his old student today even though he had sent messages to him every single day.

*    *    *

Central area Central library basement.

His skin tingled with the energy from the old books with power.

It wasn’t as much as the basement of Hwang Myeong-ho’s mansion, but if he stayed here for a long time, he felt like his body’s energy will be disturbed.

‘Mr. Jaegal Jaegeol should be playing well with the 2nd year class 0 by now.’

He was curious about how they’ll be playing, but that was going to be the story of Jaegal Jaegeol and his class.

‘So far things are going as planned.’

Geum Chan-Sol and Wang Chan-Sol had given him Jaegal Jaegeol’s clothes and he used the player’s trajectory to copy his appearance and entered the school office.

While using the exclusive menu to read the conversation log in the school office, followers appeared just like the game and the story progressed.

“If I had been thinking of answering, I wouldn’t have worn a mask. They are stupid.”

In the game, Jaegal Jaegeol nodded at the demands of the followers to bear the curse despite Thoth telling him not to.

This place where high-density power flowed, the basement library of the central library.

In addition, he was the one who had received a blessing from the god of knowledge, science, language, time, moon, and Thoth was also titled as the guardian of libraries along with Hermes.

In the sum of this knowledge and power, the words he spoke were applied several times more powerfully than usual, binding him.

‘I think these guys worked in the basement library for that reason.’

The followers stuttered, noticeably surprised.

“W-where is Jaegal Jaegeol! If you don’t bring him right away, we will deal with these kids…

<Activating the character’s skill, ‘Fight’.>


Before he had finished speaking, he quickly narrowed the distance and put an uppercut on the chin of the guy who opened his mouth and blew him away.

The chin of the follower who couldn’t even respond cracked and broken teeth mixed with blood spilled out of his mouth.

“I couldn’t even see him……!”

“What is this. That’s not Jaegal Jaegeol!”

He went inside the magic circle and stood in front of the students.

They won’t be completely protected because they were standing at each vertex, but they’ll be somewhat in check.

“Lower your head and stay calm.”

When he talked to the only student who tried to hold back Jaegal Jaegeol, she nodded without hesitation and lowered her head.

He didn’t care about the other guys if they got caught up a bit and took a few hits, but he advised her because there was a little room for consideration.

He pulled out a weapon item card and ran toward a follower who wanted to use his skill.


His fists and toes hit exactly in their vital spots.

‘Fight’, a skill that allows you to change the fighting skills you use at the moment so that you can do the most damage as quickly as possible.

He wasn’t wearing any braces or guards, but it was enough to beat followers who were at a lower level than those of Choi Pyeon Deuk’s party.


“D-Damn it. I can’t get the time to use my skill!

This was a library.

The books may get damaged, so he couldn’t use a flashy Gwanglim or skills.

‘I can’t let these valuable books get damaged by these small fries.’

So, the character he chose was a fully developed character version of Maeng Hyo-don.

The outer appearance was still the same as Cho Eui-shin, so the penalty for having Maeng Hyo-don’s small physique was also decreased.

‘And… because it’s not just me and these motherfuckers here.’

Conspicuous Gwanglim or skill could not be used.

Using Maeng Hyo-don’s skill, he struck the followers with pleasure.

“D-Damn it! Take this!”

A follower pulled out an item card and pointed it at him.

He didn’t know what card it was, but looking at the item card’s rarity color or is speech style, he wondered it was like a bomb of some sort.

‘Because the level of Maeng Hyo-don he was using was high, most items would not have any effect anyway.’

Breaking the foot of the guy who was trying to run away, he headed for him.

But before he can make it.


“Oh, ahhhhhhhh!”

He heard the sound of crushing flesh and bones.

With a scream, the finger holding the item card broke in a direction that wasn’t normal.

It was a hand in a leather glove holding that finger.

Behind the owner of that hand, in the dark, men in black coats and masks appeared.

“We are the Player Association Regulation Enforcement Department. In accordance with the rules of the association, we are sealing your Gwanglim, skills, and card abilities.

It was the voice of Hong Gyubin.

It was a voice that didn’t feel like the usual cheesiness he always had and it didn’t seem to contain any emotions.

Shock spread among the followers who heard it.

“Players Association Regulations Enforcement Department!”

“Damn it was it the Association! How did they find out……!”

Under the directions of Hong Gyubin, the followers were quickly overpowered.

Black seals were engraved on each of the struggling arms.

“You came late.”

“Sorry. The permission for the subordinates to visit the school was easily attained, but the permission to enter the library came a little late. We had to get them after these guys came here after all.”

Another face of Hong Gyu-bin was that he was a member of the Korean branch of the Players Association’s regulation enforcement.

He was also a high-ranking person who had the right to use sealing items.

‘It was rather strange that an overpowered player with foresight skills only did desk work.’

Of course, Hong Gyu-bin’s title of media team leader in the press PR office was also real.

In the association, the regulation enforcement department members receive one more superficial job.

By nature, the criminals are wary of the characters of the regulation enforcement unit, so it was said to be a practice to slow their vigilance and reduce suspicion.

‘I’ve seen it several times as a background description, but I’ve never seen them work in person.’

Maybe that is why he did overtime work more often.

The power of the regulation enforcement department must have been needed to deal with the incidents that the Red Phantom Thief revealed.

“I was worried when you said that you will act as a distraction…… but it seems it was a useless worry. I heard you mainly used magic. Do you have any skills besides use all things?”

“Let’s not dig each other’s secrets.”

“Hahaha! Are you still alert about me? I thought we both showed enough of each of our hands.”

He still thought that there was more hidden by Hong Gyu-bin.

He was a type of trickster.

He couldn’t have shown all of his hands at once.

“Well, let’s be satisfied with the ‘Crow Mask’ that you used in purifying Silver Light district. I’m going to go have a word with the hostages. Let’s go up together. Wait for me a bit.”

When he was organizing his thoughts while watching the fainted followers being dragged by the hands of Hong Gyu-bin’s subordinates.

An unexpected thing happened.

〈The skill ‘Destiny’ was activated.〉[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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