Chapter 53

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Ex-class skills that have been invoked several times in this world.

Fate, a skill that leads to destiny by randomly causing surreal interference based on experience, expectation, thoughts, and belief in goals.

I didn’t fully understand this skill yet.

‘What’s happening this time?’

All of the followers were taken away by the hands of the regulatory administration, and almost insane students were rambling against Hong Kyu-bin.

I looked around, but there was no particular abnormality.

I turned around and looked around the bookshelves around me.


Light flowed from somewhere.

The basement ceiling is about three stories high.

a bookcase that touches the high ceiling and a rare book full of it

One of the highest ancient books was shining.

“That’s it!”

The shining old book quietly slipped out of the bookcase by itself and fell to me sky-high.

The falling process, speed, and location do not appear to be mere coincidence.

I reached out and carefully accepted the ancient book that came down to me.

    • ······What’s it about?’

I opened the book, but most of the contents were almost empty because the letters were blurred or erased altogether.

What am I supposed to do with this?

‘There are letters that sound like letters, but the shape of ····· seems like an ancient language. I can’t read it.’

It was a language that I only saw in the book.

I’ve seen it twice in this world.

In the giant Libra, which appeared when using the “weight of wealth and life” received by the Ung-nyeo of grief, at the magic camp of Hwang Myung-ho’s underground facility, which visited at the time when he observed the 12-point alliance talks.

‘Let’s put it in the item window of the exclusive menu.’

After putting the old book in the item window, which did not emit light, in between, turned on the device and sent a message to Hwang Ji-ho.

It could be a problem later, so let’s just get permission from the chairman.

Hey, lend me a book in the basement library.

The alteration of Hwang Ji-ho’s version immediately confirmed that he was having fun and immediately answered.

[Hwang Ji-ho] Yes.

It’s like Hwang Ji-ho who doesn’t even ask what kind of book it is.

[Hwang Ji-ho] Show me instead.

I answered ‘OK’ and turned off the hologram.

I wanted to ask Hwang about the identity of this book anyway.

I think he can read ancient languages.

I don’t know how much I can read because it’s a mess.

“I’m in no condition to talk to you. Let’s get moving, dumbass. The density of power is too high here.”

Hong Kyu-bin sighed quietly as if he had given up the conversation.

The child, who was left with Izzie, seems to have fainted in that position after I talked to her.

” ········… it would be more bearable to be distracted than to keep your eyes open now.”’

I asked him what he cared about while traveling to the ground with Hong Kyu-bin.

“What happens to those kids?”

“I’m going to quarantine him immediately and start working on Haeju. The curse is too much. We need to take action before children in danger can hurt themselves or have too much intelligence. It’s a high risk, so it’s going to be a follow-up notification for the guardian.”

“I see.”

What will be waiting for them in the future?

A painful and lengthy process of revoking a curse and high costs.

Punishment and expulsion for cheating on midterms.

Blame for the ugly self for trying to survive at the expense of others.

Nothing will be easy even if you are given leniency because you are a minor.

So my player-able character, Zhugeul Jagirl, would have chosen to cover them up.

Unlike me.

“Do you remember what you said before, doctor?”

Hong Kyu-bin talked to me in thought.

What did you say before?

He’s so talkative that I don’t know what he’s referring to.

“I liked the response you made during the entrance exam more than the skills you showed me. I told you I’d take your side even if your choice was controversial later.”

I heard this on the first day I met Hong Kyu-bin.

I thought it was the sound of sugarcoating to get the player’s detailed information to be released.

“I like all the choices I made and the way I’ve taken in this case.”

His words continued.

I guess he’s worried that I might care.

“I think you did a good job, God of God. I’m really grateful for your choice. If it weren’t for you, Mr. Zhugele would have saved them and had a big problem.”

I did not say anything.

I couldn’t have regretted my choice.

My playable character, Zhugeul Jagger, who died on behalf of them in the game, left his student without any chance.

Students involved in the case have at least a way to live a new life at the expense of their sins.

“Team leader, all the teachers have been transferred. Let’s move the students.”

“Yes, please.”

Two men appeared behind Hong Kyu-bin.

He had said beforehand that he would tell my story to two men who would come to the basement.

He said it was okay because he thought he couldn’t help it because he would meet me in the library anyway.

By the way, ······

“What, why are you coming here?”

One of the men walks straight towards me.

    • ····· somehow I can feel the deja vu, but it’s not because of the feeling.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time, Mr. Unnamed Supernova. You look great in a crow mask, too!”

When I heard his voice, he was a regular employee who saw his face once before.

Was he also a member of the Players Association’s Regulatory Commission?

“Excuse me, can I have your autograph? If possible, a picture. Oh, you don’t have to wear a mask. It’d be better if you took both of them separately. Another device code, please.

In a rush…

Before the end of the conversation, a figure believed to be Yoon grabbed Jeong’s neck.

That lightning-like response must always happen.

“Wait, deputy. Again! Oh, come on, it’ll be just a minute! I’ve worked hard, so please let me go!”

“Let’s go.”

“Oh, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry Quack.”


The staff dug a grave in a grand manner.

He looked as if he could hear a stranglehold.

His face turned greener and greener over the mask, but Yoon’s hand, which choked Jeong, was not loosened.

Hong Kyu-bin was looking at the scene with soulless eyes.

” ······ ignore me, you righteous god.”


I think there is one more thing that matches Hong Kyu-bin.

before midnight

Hong Kyu-bin was barely able to return home.

But he was scheduled to return to work within an hour.

This was the only way to tell whether it was an ear or a visit.

‘Let’s take a shower, change, and go to the association.’

The first thing to do was to confiscate the devices of those who were Choi Pyun-deuk’s followers and check all the message records.

We have a technical support team on standby in advance, so we can do it right away.

Let’s extract as much information as the authority of the association allows.

It has since been handed over to the police.

“Since the case is not yet known to the teachers, let’s continue talking to the Hwangmyeong Foundation as we did when we got permission to enter the station.”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

The association was able to intervene as it was related to the protection of players, one of the players’ associations’ purposes.

A young player and a righteous player could have lost their lives.

‘After covering up the correlation between hostage and teacher Zhugeul Jae-gul, they caught those involved in the midterm cheating scandal ···········.’

There was a lot of work to be done in cooperation with the foundation.

Find the person who touched the recording equipment in the 2nd-grade teacher’s office.

For the past month, we’ve selected those who can manipulate the history of access to the central library in the central area.

By comparing and contrasting students’ mini-test and midterm grades, they select subjects that are believed to be negative and catch their teacher.

If possible, I’ll get the students back a little bit and interrogate them.

“W······ I don’t think I can get off work on time again this May.”

Hong Kyu-bin repeatedly thought while moving his body mechanically.

His accident was still sharp, although he was tired from the vigil yesterday.

‘The crisis in advertising is not over yet, so I can’t let my guard down.’

Hong Kyu-bin’s art of precognition was still ringing the alarm.

Mr. Jagger, will you be all right?

Zhugeul gave up so much because of himself.

Solving today’s case is not enough to say that I have repaid the favor.

Will I be able to pay it back someday?’

It was possible to know without the art of foresight.

I’m sure that day won’t come.

Because of Jegal Jagger, he achieved his dream, and because of that, he had to give up one dream.

I haven’t sent you a message yet.’

The day hasn’t changed yet.

Home and walked out of the honggyubin the devices to send to his teacher, as a normal safety messages sent every day.

Hong Kyu-bin sent a message, saying, “I think it would be a nuisance if I send it at this time.”

It was when I got on the player car without expecting an answer.

Ding dong.

The message arrived.

[Teacher] Yes. Take care of yourself.

The answer came from the only person who entered ‘teacher’ in the address book registered on the device.

Hong Kyu-bin’s face was flushed with the answer message he received after a long time.

It was not long ago that I asked who he was, but did something good happen to my teacher?

Fatigue seemed to fly away.

“I’d be glad if you didn’t think it was bothersome.’

Hong Kyu-bin headed to the association with a unique, smiling expression that he thought Jo Eui-shin was slick.

Many things happened yesterday, but the school was quiet.

Although it was a big case of cheating on the mid-term exam, fortunately, it was still a period of application for wrong answers for the midterm exam.

Since the results of the midterm examination were not released, it seemed to be handled more smoothly than expected.

Team Leader Hong Kyu-bin, I think you stayed up all night.’

The contents of the contact to Hong Kyu-bin, who is believed to have stayed up all night, were as follows.

The Hwang Myung Foundation also knew only a fraction of the truth about the current case.

What will be known to the teachers is that teachers have committed sad acts against students by using the leak of midterm exam questions.

All the teachers and students involved will leave the commercial.

“This is a scandal involving the leak of test questions from Korea’s most prestigious high schools. However, the evidence that this was done for Zhuge Liang will be thoroughly crushed.’

Hong Kyu-bin, a Zhugeol Chudol, will not leave anything for him to care about.

It will be hard to cover up and control information, but I believe Hong Kyu-bin, an able man, will do well while working overtime.

So the school was peaceful and quiet.

I thought it was ·····, but it wasn’t.

“You know, I saw all the seniors in class 0 going to school today, and it was amazing!”

Kim Yu-ri, who is commuting to school, seems to have met her second-grade class 0 on her way to school.

“Oh, I saw the picture on the bulletin board!”

Looking at the words of April Se-eum, the picture must have appeared immediately on the general bulletin board.

When I opened the hologram and looked up the general bulletin board, it was noisy due to the spectacular school events of the second-grade class 0.

Class 0 of the second grade went to school with Jegal Jae-gul in a fluorescent group uniform that seemed to have been made without shame.

Looking at the clothes with the school name, class name, real name, and introductory statements that are supposed to be written down, the second-grade class 0 seemed to be really on good terms.

Your fashion sense seems terrible, but.

In particular, the design of the clothes worn by Jegal Jagger was enormous.

“Mr. Ham Geun-hyung was in charge of school guidance this morning and he grabbed the back of his neck. Jegal Jae-gul looked so sorry.”

Kim Yu-ri explained today’s war of nerves between the 0th class of the second grade and the student council.

Silver advertisements tend to be free to dress.

She had liberalized her hair, and she could repair and wear her school uniform as much as she wanted.

Although it is said to be a school gate map, in fact, what the student council did was only a safety check on the school gate and a morning greeting to the students.

‘However, class 0 of 2nd grade is not wearing a school uniform at all, so ·····’

After looking at the second-grade class 0, the leaders ran wild, asking if it was too much not to wear a school uniform at all.

In the end, Oh Hye-ji, the leader, and Ma Jin-seung, who is considered the next leader, fed a large amount of bad dress penalty points to all second-year class 0 students for not wearing school uniforms.

However, the 0th class of the 2nd grade did not care whether the student council scored a penalty or not.

On the contrary, class 0 of the second grade passed the school gate, proudly demonstrating walking.

They even had a photo time in front of other students taking pictures.

The result is a large number of photos posted on the comprehensive bulletin board.

“My Playable character is going through a lot.’

As soon as Jegal Jae-gul passed through the school gate, he immediately went to the staff’s house and disappeared to change his clothes.

I think they stopped in front of the students who were pointing at the device camera and took all the pictures.

“I told you to play without notice, but this is too noticeable. It doesn’t matter because it was quiet during the operation.’

The class leader Geum Chan-sol even wrote “Review of the 1st Picnic in Class 0 of the 2nd grade” on the general bulletin board.

You must have eaten well and played well.

But you’ really?

Are you planning the 2nd and 3rd rounds?

Then a completely unexpected situation broke out.

“······ I envy you. Let’s dress up and go on a picnic!”

I can’t believe she envies class 0 of 2nd grade.

“2 days and 1 night may be difficult, but we have a budget, so it’s okay to go out for a while. Let’s get dressed and go somewhere with Mr. Ham Geun-hyung!”

“Yes, let’s go!”


“Me, too. I want to go!”

Irena, Han, and April Seum immediately agreed.

Already 4 people. More than half of the 7 people agreed, so class 0 is confirmed as a picnic.

I’m planning to go on a school picnic anyway, but I guess we want to go on our own.

Let’s wear a group uniform.

‘Did they like that?’

Let’s say that’s the case with April Se-eum, who is amazed by everything.

However, I didn’t know that Kim Yu-ri, Irena, and Han, who are calm, would be jealous of wearing group clothes after seeing class 0 in second grade.

I haven’t really understood my Playable characters and NPC yet.’

It’s a shame as a high-profile management player.

Let’s reflect on ourselves.

“Uh,······ May will be fine.”

Even you.

I heard that his curfew will be lifted in May.

Do you want to go outside?

Hwang Ji-ho’s eyes are sparkling as I make a subtle expression.

He’ll be all for it.

“Shall we go to the Han River? I was jealous when I saw people who went on a picnic at Han River ordering chicken together.”

“I want sweet chicken. Soon-sal.”

“I like spicy!”

You’re already deciding on the chicken flavor.

The story progressed smoothly.

Eventually, most of the plans were completed by the competent Kim Yu-ri before the ordinance began.

And that day, after school.

I visited Hwang Myung-ho’s mansion.

With an old book handed over to me by fate.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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