Chapter 70

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There were a total of four buildings in the wooden book.

It was a fairly large two-story building, and the doors of all four buildings opened wide and people rushed out of the building.

The number was about forty in total.

Ten people came out of each building.

But they were all real people. There was no semi-gangssi.

“They don’t give us any medicine.”

Byeoktaesan murmured and looked over the people who came out.

It was as big as Gomango. About half of them were far below Cheon Kyung-wan and Yu Seo-yeon, and the other half were strong enough to be close to Cheon Kyung-wan and Yu Seo-yeon.

There was no real cilantro among these.

Maybe the real one wasn’t released yet.

“What are they doing? How dare you step in here!”

Someone’s cry rang out.

Byeoktaesan didn’t even care about the words. Then he turned his head slightly and looked at the hole in the wooden book he came into.

Baekrijangcheon was looking inside with his head sticking out slightly. Then, my eyes met with Byeoktaesan.

Baeklijangcheon slipped his head back with a distant look.

And I came inside with a cough.

“Large, big, wellБ─╕ I happened to see it while I was passing byБ─╕ Looks like you’ve got a lot of them. I think I should help you.”

Baekrijangcheon poured out words that were hard to tell whether they were talking to themselves or to someone, and slowly went to the side of Younha-rin and stood.

“Adult, thank you in advance for your help.”

Baekrijangcheon smiled happily and nodded.

“Thank you very much. And if you’re appreciated, you’re going to have to help.”

Baeklijangcheon said so and strode forward.

“We’ve all come to know that you’ve attacked our Homu-ryeon. So get down on your knees. And I’ll save your life.”

Despite the words of Baekri Jangcheon, the enemies did not budge at all.

Instead, someone jumped off the second floor of a nearby building.

He was a man who wrapped himself in black clothes, and he was the master of fighting Baekrijangcheon in a surprise attack.

“I didn’t expect you to follow me all the way here. It must have been tough to deal with.”

The cilantro said so and looked over the party behind Baeklijangcheon Stream.

And when I found Byeoktaesan, I frowned.

“You’ve brought in a cursed man.”

When the situation became like this, Byeok Taesan eventually sighed deeply.

“Whoa, what are you really doing? I don’t mean to give them time to run away.”

Byeoktaesan said so and then looked around the party and said,

“Hold on for now.”

Everyone looked at Byeoktaesan with ambiguous eyes to think about what the word meant.

Byeoktaesan added, looking at Cheon Kyung-wan and Yoo Seo-yeon.

“I’ll see how you do it. I’m seriously considering whether I should control my training intensity.”

“I’ll hold out!”

“No one can pierce or knock us down!”

When the two men answered loudly, the body of Byeoktaesan disappeared from the spot.

Everyone looked around in surprise. However, no one could see Byeoktaesan anywhere.

And at that moment, Baekrijangcheon rushed to the master who appeared at the end.

It was not to give him time to give orders.

Let’s go, let’s go!

Baekrijangcheon Stream and a black man’s sword clashed and poured airwaves all over the place.

As a signal, forty fighters behind the black man rushed in at once.


Cheon Kyung-wan screamed close to a roar and wielded the sword with a terrible spirit.

Let’s go, let’s go!

The fighters who were rushing out went out at a faster pace and fell. It didn’t just end with a collision between a sword and a sword, but it sent dangerous energy inside and hurt it.


Yoo Seo-yeon also waved the sword, shouting as if she would not lose.

Like Cheon Kyung-wan, dangerous energy formed and poured out of her sword.

Let’s go to sleep!

The enemy who was rushing hit the sword once and then went out and fell.

But there were many enemies.

The swords of Cheon Kyung-wan and Yoo Seo-yeon moved as if they were weaving a net against the rushing enemy.

Let’s go, let’s go!

The two men faced the enemy, focusing on defense.

There was someone else to attack the enemy. In the defense of the two men, a handful of saliva was taken out.


The sting of the stingers dug into the gap and was deeply embedded in the enemy’s body.

Whenever that happened, the enemy fell.

And Chun Chu-sin and Yeon Ha-rin began to move. The two were masters in their own way.

The remaining people were Geum Ok-ruju and Haomundo, who guided them here, and they peeked in and attacked whenever they saw a clear gap that could be completed.

The situation was pretty good. At this rate, it was not a problem to hold out, but it was not long before the enemy could be wiped out.

However, as always, the situation does not go as desired.

Someone jumped off the second floor of the building a little away.

He was a master of powerful energy that can be seen even by looking at him.

He was also a man dressed in black, but unlike the man who first appeared, he had a long spear in his hand.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

The man rushed and threw out the window.

Oh, my God!

With the sound of something tearing, a sharp energy stretched out.


Cheon Kyung-wan and Yoo Seo-yeon swung the sword at the same time to stop the energy.

The two failed to completely resolve their power and faltered back.

As if he had done so, he quickly took a position again and swung the sword.

But in that short moment, a man with a spear approached.

His spear circled and threatened to attack Cheon Kyung-wan and Yoo Seo-yeon.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

Cheon Kyung-wan and Yoo Seo-yeon clenched their teeth and swung the sword to block the window.

It was an incredible master.

It was hard to stop just two people. This person seemed to be stronger than the person Baekri Jangcheon is dealing with now.

If it wasn’t for the occasional sting, it might have already collapsed.

But somehow he was holding out.

The problem was the gap caused by it. We haven’t knocked out all the enemies yet.

The remaining enemies rushed in, and Chun Chu-sin and Yeon Ha-rin had to deal with them.

Geum Ok-ruju and Haomun were also helpful, but it was not easy anyway.

So the battle went a little stuck.

Now it has become a fight to literally endure by gnawing at his physical strength.

Of course, it was as dangerous as walking on thin ice, but I was able to hold on anyway.

Yeon Harin suddenly remembered that there were four buildings inside.

Cilantro appeared in two of them.

Then do you think there will be cilantro in the remaining two places?

Youngharin folded his ideas and swung the sword.

This is not the time to think about anything else. You have to hold your teeth.

* * *

Byeoktaesan came out of the group because it was clear that the enemies would steal Bangangsi.

It’s not just a medicine, and we haven’t checked it yet, but we can’t miss it because it’s something special.

It is already over to find out where the youngest medicine is.

He also confirmed that there was someone guarding the pills.

Byeoktaesan Mountain entered the building which is the farthest away.

Yeong Yak was divided into two sections: the building and the building close to it.

And one fairly good man was guarding each.

As soon as I got in, I got a geriatric horse attack.

The semicircular poems were gathered on the first floor.

They were standing side by side, so they didn’t take up much space and kept a large number.

When Byeoktaesan entered the first floor and took three steps, the semi-gangssi fell down.

And inside the building is full of energy.

“That’s awesome.”

It was beyond imagination.

It wasn’t just spirituality, it was properly refined. Of course, there wasn’t much of the energy that was perfect for Byeoktae-san, but it was still more than the energy gained by knocking down the semi-gangssi that were with the enemy.

“Oh, shit. You’re late.”

As soon as the semi-gangssi collapsed, a man jumped off the floor.

He had a huge degree in his hand, staring alternately at the fallen Ban Gang-si and Byeoktaesan and grinding his teeth.

“Payback this sin with your life.”

Byeoktaesan left the building without paying attention to whether he said such a thing or not.

A man followed after him in a hurry.

But when the man left the building, Byeoktaesan was already standing near another building.

Surrounded by fallen semi-gangssi.

The master in the building ran into Byeoktaesan while trying to steal the semi-gangssi.

Byeoktaesan was once again able to accept quality energy.

A pleasant smile lingered around my mouth.

Soon there was a man in black standing in front of Byeoktaesan Mountain.

One was holding a huge do, and the other was holding a dancheong in each hand.

“Who the hell are you to interrupt our work like this?”

A man with a degree gritted his teeth and asked.

Moon Tae-san closed his eyes as if he had no intention of answering the question.

“The depth of this medicine is different.”

“What nonsense!”

Moon Tae-san opened his eyes and looked at the man he just shouted.

A man who encountered the snow of Byeoktaesan, where the cold light was hovering, shook.

What kind of guy is that?’

I’m sure I’ve just now. Although he quickly shook it off, how many people in the world can fear him just by making eye contact?

A man clenched his teeth. You can’t be overwhelmed here. He kicked the ground as it was.

At the same time, the man behind Byeoktaesan Mountain also grabbed the dancheong tightly and rushed.

The two have experienced several attacks.

At a very precise time, he stepped out and stabbed the daggers.

It was a clever attack that made it impossible to avoid anywhere.

It had no choice but to stop it.

At least I thought so. So far.

The mountain of Byeoktae shined its eyes.

“That’s the law.”

Saying so, I turned my body sideways.

The province passed right in front of Byeoktaesan’s face.

At that moment, Danchang was stabbing Byeoktaesan in the shoulder. There was no hesitation in the men’s attack because it was within the expected range.

Byeoktaesan turned around more. My upper body was twisted to the fullest extent.

The twist spilled the daggers.

However, there were two daggers. As expected, the second dancheong stretched out to Byeoktaesan’s thighs.

At that moment, Byeoktaesan’s thighs disappeared.

No, that’s what it looked like in the eyes of a man who stabbed the daggers.

Byeoktaesan swung the bridge high.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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