Chapter 54

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Hwang Myeongho’s mansion, front door.

When I think of the usual pattern, the snare runs toward me when I open the door, and I hug the snare and pat it ······.

It should be ·····.

“Is it a snare ·····?”

The snare sitting in front of the front door just wiggles its tail.

He doesn’t think about coming to me.

I have an eerie hunch.

You’re sulking because you don’t come often!’

He waited for me and even fought with Baekho.

Did I really lose my affection for you?

My mind began to turn complicatedly.

How am I supposed to release him? Should I buy something to eat? What does Shinsu like? No matter how much it costs, I’ll pour everything I want to eat. Sell items that are not used if they are not enough to the player market and ·····.'”


Looking up at me, Olmu quickly approached me and began to rub his head.

That’s a relief.

I don’t think I’ve grown so disgusted yet.

“Why are you so weak, Olmu?”

The snare kept wagging its tail slowly.

You don’t look energetic.


Suddenly, Olmu became stronger behind me and actively hugged me.

I don’t know what it is, but let’s hug and think about it.

Holding a snare and looking back, Baekho-gun appeared without any hesitation.


Olmu was wary of Baekho and penetrated into my arms.

He sniffed at Baekho and me alternately.

I thought for a moment about what does this mean, but the answer came out quickly.

‘You’ve fought with Baekho, so you’re asking for his side!’

With his excellent communication skills, he raised the snare high and shouted.

“Our Olmu is a genius!”

He understood that the smart Olmu praised him and waved his tail and stuck out his tongue.

“Joshin, you sometimes look very stupid.”

Hwangjio was watching together after school and a series of course.

He looked ridiculous, but it didn’t bother him at all.

Then what do you think?

Even if I’m stupid, our Olmu is a genius.

*    *    *

After dinner with Eunseo, Euniho, Eunjaeho, and three siblings.

He held up a snare and headed to the drawing-room.

There are three people, Baekho-gun, Hwang Ji-ho, and me, as the Red Tiger is away today.

Automatic Maid’s tea is made of light wood flower tea and refreshments are Songhwa Dasik Songhwa.

The lantern flower pattern was included in a ceramic tea set embossed.

“Hwang Ji-ho still has a good sense.’

As the lantern tree flowers begin to bloom around May, it is a Hwang Ji-ho-like choice to enjoy the arts.

“Let’s get down to business.”

Hwang Ji-ho’s first topic was the underground library incident at the central library.

“I got a call from Hong Kyu-bin. The Hwangmyeong Foundation also decided to deal with the issue by moving only a few people.

“Do you know Hong Kyu-bin?”

“Yeah, Hong Kyu-bin has been under a bit of a grumpy jin’s protection, so I’ve observed him a few times. It’s funny how he became a player.”

Hong Kyu-bin said that he was protected by Jin’s annoying people because of Yeji’s skill.

Hwang Ji-ho must know who the Jin clan is.

That’s how he became a player.

It may be related to a secret that Hong Kyu-bin has not revealed.



Hwang Ji-ho was looking this way with his eyes glistening.

“I thought your protection was either a student or a weak being. But this is for Jegal Jagger, who is both a teacher and a strong man.”

Hwang Ji-ho was digging into my behavioral principles.

They’re still observing.

“Let’s talk about the next one. It’s a red tiger’s report. According to the observations of moon rabbits using the technology of Wolgung Palace, a group of people are gathering on the Korean Peninsula. Even more. There’s an increasing number of top people showing interest.”

It is natural considering the future development.

It is encouraging that the Hojok and the Tojok knew this.

If they are aware of the situation, it will be easier to deal with.

“I see.”

“You’re not that surprised, are you?”

“I was surprised.”

Hwang Ji-ho doesn’t seem to believe at all.

I stroked the snare as if I didn’t know.

“Should I say so?”

I think everything Hwang Ji-ho has to say is over.

Next is my turn.

He took out an old book that was handed to Hwang Ji-ho from the item window and handed it to him.

“Read this.”

“Is this the book from the underground library? Why did you bring this book?”


“········You must not want to say it. Just give it to me.”

Hwang Ji-ho was dissatisfied but received an old book.

The moment he held the book in his hand, his eyes changed.


Hwang Ji-ho’s eyes and hair immediately turned golden.

It was evident that he opened up his power as a mythological hojok and Hwangho.

The golden light filled the drawing-room.

“Joshin, was this really in the basement library?”

On Hwang Ji-ho’s hand, ancient books slowly rose with light.

An ancient book rich in space passed one page in front of Hwang Ji-ho’s eyes.

The eyes of the golden beast were astonished.

“········£££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ No, maybe it was connected to something higher, farther, and distant than the higher being.”

Hwang Ji-ho’s voice became harder and harder.

“It’s erased a lot, but this old book describes only one ‘power’. What should we call this ·············· Yes, in the language of this country, it would be closest to call it ‘fate power’.”

Fate power.

I didn’t know that word would come out.

Does this old book describe the power of fate?

“Fate power that may exist in this world now. If this power exists as a skill, it can only be expressed in the level of ····· There’s no more unit than that. Depending on the level of the skill, it is a skill of power that can change the world.”

A drop of sweat formed on Hwang Ji-ho’s forehead and flowed down.

I can’t believe that easy-going guy’s reacting like that.

Hwang Ji-ho gained strength by pressing down on his temples.

The golden light disappeared from the drawing-room, and the ancient book came down gently on his hand.

“This old book itself has no power, but it’s worth interpreting. You may need some time, but leave it to me, Jo Eui-shin.”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

He nodded to Hwang Ji-ho, who spoke seriously.

After the story, the front door.

“Goodbye, Jo Shin.”

“See you next time, Eui-shin!”

“Oh, goodbye ·····.”

Eun-ho’s descendants, three siblings, greeted each other politely.

Hwang Ji-ho, who immediately began to interpret ancient books, did not leave the room.

He/she declared that he/she would concentrate on interpreting old books when there is no need to use his/her power on other subjects due to group work or school work.

The last thing I have to say goodbye to is Olmu.


The snare was restless.

I was distracted when I saw Reid hanging next to the all-dancing cabinet near the front door, saw me, and saw Baekho-gun.

‘I think I want to take a walk along the way to the dorm.’

Eun-ho’s descendants, three siblings, have been banned from going out of the mansion.

Hwang Ji-ho is said to be detoxifying ancient books, and Red Lake is not here.

Baekho is the only one left, but I can’t ask you to escort him because he fought.

It’s cute to worry about. What should I do?’

I was deeply concerned about how to soothe the snare.

“Let’s go.”

It was Baekho who broke the standoff.

He took the lead casually, naturally, and held it out toward Olmu.

Although he did not respond immediately, he rushed to Baekho-gun, shining brightly at the lead.


Olmu circled Baekho’s feet.

Baekho filled Olmu with a carefree face and left the mansion.

Olmu acted cute between me and Baekho until he arrived in front of the dormitory building in the first grade.

‘Should I say you two made up over this?

Thus, the fight between Baekho-gun and Olmu ended.

It’s just that the snare was unilaterally sullen and then loosened.

*    *    *

The next day, school.

Class 0 of the first grade was as usual.

Kim Yu-ri, who is planning a picnic in more detail with a more excited face than usual.

Children who recite their wishes for a picnic to Yuri Kim.

Jiho Hwang has a tired face.

Nothing else happened.

But I couldn’t send it as usual.

‘Today is an important day.’

The afternoon selection class was Gong’s introduction to energy aesthetics.

But I didn’t go to class.

It’s my first time playing since April Fool’s Day.

I’m in my room in the dorm.

Gong Cheong-Hwon, I’m sorry. Han, I’m sorry.’

It would be noticeable because the number of students is small, but I couldn’t help it.

There will be a war of reservations soon.

It’s one of the big matches of Korean professional baseball.

Today is the day of reservation for the Jamsil Series of the two teams, which are based at Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

[05/05 14:00 Zhuo Dragons vs TC Knights]

Unfortunately, the reservation date was on weekdays, and I couldn’t help it because the reservation started in class.

‘If possible, I’d like to have a central VIP seat or a table seat. If you put it in, it’s a blue seat. In the worst-case scenario, the Red Stone would be fine. ····.’

The preparation is perfect.

Whenever I had time, I read several articles about ticketing know-how.

I can do it!’

And 2 o’clock.

The reservation starts.

“Why isn’t the pop-up window turning off? Is the server busy? What nonsense is this? Do it all over again?”

“Loading? Is this even true at the level of science and technology in the world?”

“What? ‘Sit already selected’?”

“Why can’t I pay!”

After 10 minutes of making a fuss alone.

[Central VIP seats remaining: 0]

[Table seats remaining: 0]

[Blue seats remaining: 0]

  • ·····.
  • ·····.
  • ·····.

In the end, there were countless zeroes left.

All sold out and dozens of outfield seats were left.

The device hologram showed the outfield payment completion window. 

My eyes were dead looking at the terrible sight.

I’m screwed.

It’s completely ruined.

If you put it in, it’s bluestone. Red seats?

I’m playing, I haven’t even caught a navy seat.

The reality was that he was the most distant outfield from the dugout.

It’s crazy to buy a ticket. Should I look for on-site purchases or cancellation tickets? Will high-grade seats be released on Children’s Day?’

We may have to revise the plan altogether.

Frustrated by the overwhelming feeling of defeat, he headed to class 0 in the first grade to participate in the final class.

“Sir, why is your face so rotten?”


When I entered the classroom, Maeng Hyo-don greeted me very gladly.

Ignoring it, I sat down in my seat, and Han in front of me turned around.

Han’s miracle detection skill is always like a ghost.

“Why didn’t you come?”

“··········· I have something to do.”

“Do you want me to show you my notes?”

“Thank you.”

Han didn’t think deeply.

The kid in my class is this nice.

Pimali’s heart is healed by ticketing and picketing.

When I was asking Han about the progress of the Eneromics Introduction class.

Ham Geun-hyung with a dark face appeared.

The midterm cheating case must have been delivered to Ham Geun-hyung.

“I had a hard time taking the class. The results of the midterm exam were expected to come out and additional test schedules were to be announced at this end time, but they were delayed by a day. I have something to tell you why.”

Ham Geun-hyung explained about the leak of midterm questions.

After Ham Geun-hyung’s explanation, the children except Hwang Ji-ho and me began to be shaken.

This is not just the responsibility of teachers and students who are directly related to corruption. “It is also the fault of the teachers who failed to serve as a supervisor and supervisor as members of the same school.”

Ham Geun-hyung did not just explain how this will be handled.

“You have not been able to fairly keep the results of your best efforts and challenges. I’m sorry.”

“Ham Geun-hyung teacher ·····.”

The reason why trashy teachers in the silver advertising school did not fail even though they ran wild is probably because there are such good teachers.

He is like my Playable character.’

In a slightly heavy atmosphere, Ham Geun-hyung wrapped up the ceremony.

“That’s the end of the end is the end. Get home.”

As a vice president, I said something for my Playable characters.

“Teacher, we’re going on a picnic, do you have time this weekend?”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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