Chapter 56

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A few days ago.

Joo Soo-hyuk, who was returning home from his activities as a leader, found a face he knew while leaving the leading department hall in the central district.

From far away, Andane and Kim Yu-ri were moving out of the student center.

Andane sometimes smiled while talking to Kim Yu-ri.

Whenever I saw Andane’s smile, I felt a warm wind blowing in my chest.

“I was worried because you looked weak after school, but I’m glad.’

Joo Soo-hyuk thought for a while whether to talk or not while watching Andane moving away.

‘You’re going out with your friend, so you shouldn’t disturb him.’

It’s not because I don’t have the courage to talk.

Last time, we had a book appreciation event.

I thought I should’ve said hi later.

“You’re here.”

“I’m back, Chul!”

In front of the quiet south gate.

Joo Soo-hyuk greeted him brightly as he boarded the Air Stretch limousine, which came out to meet him.

“Today, Master Kwak has scheduled a martial arts demonstration as the acting director. The night training schedule has been canceled. Instead, I’m here to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the foundation of Ms. Oh Hye-ji and Zhuo.”

“What? I heard it’s okay to leave because the number is subtle. ···· I’ve been seeing Hyeji a lot lately.”

After Oh Hye-jung, the fiancee of Joo Soo-hyuk’s brother-in-law ran away from home and disappeared, she seems to be trying to weave Joo Soo-hyuk and Oh Hye-ji.

I don’t think you’ve noticed it yet, but if you’re intelligent, you’ll find out soon.

If the president is out of his sight by saying nonsense, he can’t help Ju Soo-hyuk if this happens.

‘Soohyuk wouldn’t have to worry.

Kim Chul believed that Joo Soo-hyuk would be able to catch my future and love without difficulty no matter what the difficulties were.

Kim Chul doesn’t know the pathetic reality of Joo Soo-hyuk who couldn’t even say hello to his crush.

Joo Soo-hyuk is regretting about saying hi to fans when he doesn’t know when he’ll meet again.

The air-stressed limousine carrying the two arrived at its destination in automatic low-flying mode.

Before Joo Soo-hyuk got off, Kim Chul talked to him.

“Please be sure to participate in this Children’s Day schedule. The younger cousin asked me to do it himself.”

“Haha, that’s what repair did, right? I had a video call yesterday, but I’ll tell you that myself. Can I call my friend?”

“Let me check the spare seats. Are you talking about Doshihu?”

Joo Soo-hyuk shook his head.

“No, we’re friends at school. There are some friends who couldn’t play basketball with me last time. Let me know when you have more than two seats.”

Joo Soo-hyuk’s hologram in front of him showed a group message room with Cho Eui-shin and Maeng Hyo-don.

*    *    *

At one time, players were treated as 3D businesses.

It was a time when they had to attack the world without proper information or item support, believing only the player’s ability, and fighting Enemy.

Many people tried to hide their talents because they were afraid of being transferred as players.

As the players kept their bodies, the attack on the second world became slower and slower.

As a result of this, the number of people killed in battle increased, and the phenomenon of avoiding it continued in the dark era.

However, a hero who conquered the world with a fist appears, and the dark era is over.

The hero was Song Man-seok, an iron-armed man who led the dawn of the player world.

“Yeah, long time no see. Myunhyung.

Helmet for road bikes, goggles, gloves, racing pants.

Song Man-seok was dressed in perfect cycling wear with an unbelievable robust body in his 70s.

I didn’t know Song Man-seok and Ham Geun-hyung knew each other.

I heard the class whispering when I saw the two people greeting.

“I’ve seen the name Song Man-seok in a textbook.”

“Isn’t it the same name? The person in the textbook can’t still be alive.”

Shut up because you’re alive.

Sometimes it is surprising if the characters in textbooks other than modern political history are still alive.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

Has Hwang Ji-ho ever seen Song Man-seok in person?

However, if the conversation that is coming out now goes into Song Man-seok’s ear, all the things will not be good, so I hope we can all shut up together.

“On time to school?”

Ham Geun-hyung wore a thin jumper, but the front leaf was slightly open, so the phrase was visible.

Song Man-seok was suspicious of Ham Geun-hyung’s semi-t-shirt with large letters written in royal calligraphy.

“It’s a great honor. I made it.”

I can’t believe you can say that to a hero with an innocent face.

As expected, my Playable character had a different mindset.

Song Man-seok suddenly looked at us while chatting with Ham Geun-hyung.

“········I don’t think you heard it.’

It was hard to see what kind of expression Song Man-seok had because of the goggles.

Song Man-seok looked around us and turned his head.

“Did you come to play with your classmates?”


“Is Green here, too? I heard you went to school last time.”

“Min Green went home quickly that day.”


I suppose.

I roughly guessed what the story was about.

There were two playable characters among the first-year class 0 children who did not go to school.

One was Song Dae-seok, the grandson of Song Man-seok, and the other was Min-green, Song Dae-seok’s childhood friend.

I couldn’t recognize her because she covered her face thoroughly on the first day of midterms. It was Min Green who came that day.’

Both of them refused to go to school and did not go to school throughout the first grade in the game, but there was a description that they were in class zero.

The two were extra-weight characters.

The time available to play in the story was very short, but I remembered it impressively because it was related to Song Man-seok.

“Then let’s go ··········

“Go in.”

“Oh, goodbye.”

“Yes, yes.”

Suddenly, the class spoke to this side and lowered their heads.

Great hero Song Man-seok nodded to us and disappeared.

No wonder the back looked small.

Song Dae-seok and Min-green, who are in the same class as us, will have a lot to think about.

“I owe Song Dae-seok and Min-green to Song Man-seok in many ways, so I want to be of help.”’

Song Dae-seok and Min-green from class 0 in the first grade.

I’ll have to think about what I can do for them.

After Song Man-seok completely disappeared from view, Kim Yu-ri shouted brightly.

“Then let’s start the first class 0 picnic!”

The picnic schedule began with Kim Yu-ri’s powerful voice.

But it’s the first episode? There must be two and three episodes.

It is a similar accident circuit to Geumchan Sol.

It reminds me that Kim Yu-ri was in class 0.

“After moving to the Seonyudo Park Yanghwa dock, the duck boat race with the right to decide the taste of chicken! There will be a draw!”

The result of a random application.

Group 1, Irena.

Group 2, Kim Yuri and Maeng Hyo Don.

Group 3, Hwang Jiho, Sawolseum.

Group 4. Ham Geun Hyung, Han.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

It’s a chaotic group assignment, but we decided to follow the random god’s choice anyway.

All of the first-year class 0 students wearing life vests started the duck boat race with the right to decide the taste of chicken.

They are all players, so they are overwhelmingly faster than other duck boats.

There’s a difference between groups.

“I’ll do my best, god!”


Group 1 where I am advancing toward the goal with Irena, who moves her feet hard.

“Hyodon, if you sit outside like that, it tilts and water comes in. Come to me!”

“Uh, uh.”

Group 2 is still sluggish due to Maeng Hyo-don, a high school student sitting far away from Kim Yu-ri.

“Jiho, Mo, I can’t keep up. It’s too fast!


“Oh, I think it’s going to flip. Turn it upside down, stop!”

Hwang Ji-ho, who recently became a workaholic, must have been stressed out.

I’m losing my time to rest because I’ve been reading old books lately.

April Se-eum is a face that wants to run away with flying skills right away.

Hwang Ji-ho just stepped on it to see if it was fun.

Group 3 was zigzagging in this direction and that direction because of Hwang Ji-ho, who was moving the lever freely.



Ham Geun-hyung and Han’s group 4 are moving forward without saying a word.

I felt Han’s tenacity and Ham Geun-hyung’s consideration to eat sweet chicken.

‘It’s over as I expected.’

The winner is group 4 who ran hard without saying anything.

The 2nd place will be stable.

Third place is the team with a huge victory.

The only loser is Group 2.

“What a shame ·····!”

Irena looked disappointed.

In fact, it was a waste that the two teams had a neck-and-neck race because only our group and Group 4 had a proper race.

We took some group photos and moved to eat chicken before taking off our life jackets.

“I’m glad the weather is nice today. It’s really all wet!”

“Yes. I didn’t know the water would splash like that.”

Because the duck boat race was wet here and there, we took off our outerwear that we used to wear on half a tee.

As a result, the anti-tape phrase became more noticeable, but it didn’t bother me at all.

I was afraid of adaptation.

“Let’s sit here.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Open the mat. Vice-captain, hold on to me!”

“Mang Hyo-don, you look a little crooked.”

We are spreading a mat in a corner of the Han River Park and to delivery of applications, chicken and a studied the menu.

“Wow, there were so many kinds of chicken with honey.”

“It looks delicious.”

Honey garlic chicken, honey butter chicken, honey fried chicken ····.

Han, who got the chicken flavor option, chose sweet chicken with a bright face.

Kim Yu-ri and Maeng Hyo-don, who came in last, decided to take care of the garbage at today’s picnic.

After we finished eating, all eight of us cleaned up.

“I don’t know what game to play first ····.”

“Let’s do it in a stacked order.”

“Yes, I want to try everything!”

We decided to play a game after eating chicken.

There was an opinion that we should play analog party games, not device games, so we have prepared a lot of party board games.

“I don’t know the rules at all ·····.”

“Let me explain, sir!”

After listening to Kim Yu-ri’s explanation of the rules, he started the game.

Faking a moth that hides or throws away cards using various ideas while playing cards like a one-card game.

“Sitadel,” a friendship-destroying game that survives the rampant conspiracy.

“Code Name,” an intelligence game that deduces allies by receiving hints that exclude assassins and spies.

and so on

Laughing and disassembling, we played all the games we had prepared until sunset.

“Teacher Ham Geun-hyung, you’re too strong!”

“You didn’t even know the rules until a while ago, it’s a scam!”

“He won again. Wow, ·····.”

It was surprisingly Ham Geun-hyung who boasted the best winning percentage.

Having played the game seriously and happily without being treated as children, he was like my Playable character.

“Hahaha! I keep losing.”

Hwang Ji-ho had the worst winning rate.

There must be some parts of human psychology that you don’t understand even if you live for a long time.

I guess I just wasn’t lucky.

The MVP of today’s picnic was implicitly set as Ham Geun-hyung, and the first-class 0 picnic ended safely.

*    *    *


There were students who looked a little depressed at school because the additional test schedule was announced before the weekend.

Even though it was a holiday, I sometimes saw students walking with hologram memorization on.

Mingrin is the only additional test taker in our class.

All the classmates who took the remote test seemed to have avoided failing.

Min-green is not a talented person who can fail because she just skipped the test.

I should have applied for a remote test from the beginning, and I’m sure you’re regretting it.

“·······I won’t be coming to school anymore because of this incident.’

Min-green is already absent from school, but she will be more aggressive and active.

If you’re a playable character I remember, you’re probably regretting it by putting a high kick in your blanket even in your sleep.

As I headed to the simulator room, the surrounding area became noisy.

“Hey, sophomore, they’re having a fight!”

“Who and who.”

“Hongryong and Ma···········~~~ What was it? Anyway, Hongryong didn’t take care of me, but he kept coming at me and fighting me!

“What are you doing at school on holidays?”

Is it about Yum Junyeol and Mar Jin Seung?

So Hong-ryong and Yeom Joon-yeol belong to the student council.

At this point, he is a member of the leading team who has not yet received a nomination.

The two are in a relationship where Mar Jin-seung unilaterally declared a rival.

They’re both playable characters, so I can’t take one!’

Yeah, I’m rooting for both of you.

But the bread shuttle match and the kids at our school seem to like watching fights.

The best sights in the world are watching fire and fighting.

It’s natural to be eye-catching because it applies to both of them when Yeom Joon-yeol gets caught.

“Ma Jin-seung’s ability to manipulate plants is at odds with Yeom Joon-yeol, who deals with fire.’

a margin victory that did everything to overcome one’s weakness

Irena and Maeng Hyo-don who studied hard and got out of the swamp of additional tests.

It’s time to emulate my Playable character.

Before we start training.

It developed a hologram of a device that had been saved and turned away.

[Chess So-im] [Application form for on-campus chess tournament]

Let me take a step forward to overcome my weaknesses.

Soon, a notice “application completed” came to mind over the hologram.

*    *    *

After finishing the planned training schedule on Sunday, my dorm room.

The message arrived while indefinitely refreshing with false expectations that the cancellation ticket for the Children’s Day game had been released.

[Joo Soo-hyuk] God of righteousness, Hyodon. Are you busy on May 5th?

[Mang Hyo-don] No.

Do you want to go to the baseball stadium? Two seats left!

It’s an unexpected development.

Joo Soo-hyuk posted the seating plan of Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the message window and marked it himself.

It’s the center seat behind the catcher ····! It’s the place where the great-grandchildren of Zuo Group have secured it.

[B] I’m coming!

[Hyo-don] Then me too.

[Joo Soo Hyuk] Good for you. Then let’s meet in advance and have lunch together.

The problem was solved in an unexpected way.

I thought about how to ask Joo Soo-hyuk from the beginning, but I thought it would look too brazen, so I tried to solve it on my own.

I can move with Joo Soo-hyuk, not just get a good seat. Lucky you.’

Ticketing is finally free from hell.

I clenched my fist and refunded the outfield.

I feel refreshed.

I usually slept well without a dream, but I think I can sleep better today.

When I was about to fall asleep with a light heart, I received a message that was not light.

[Hwang Ji-ho] Decryption of old books is over.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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