Chapter 72

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The Homuryeon flipped over once again.

This time, the situation was more serious than when the Black Iron Room collapsed.

I’ve touched the base afterward from all over the Hobuk area.

He had contacted each family and informed them to send at least three times more guards.

Anyway, the incident has piled up a mountain of work for the Homuryeon to deal with.

Homuryunju sighed as she saw the documents piled up to the ceiling with some exaggeration.

“When are we gonna get through this?”

he couldn’t just pass it by. The incident itself was very sensitive, so it must be handled carefully one by one.

And perhaps the general manager will check all of this thoroughly once again.

As the Homuryunju sighed and carefully examined each document, the general rushed in.

He opened his eyes wide when he saw the documents piled up on the desk.

“That’s all you’ve done yet?”

The Homuryunju looked at the general with ridiculous eyes.

“If you’re going to make me pissed, that’s great. It’s a success.”

The general approached the side of the desk and took a quick look at the documents already processed by Homuryunju.

And I took out two of them separately.

“You’ll have to check this out again.

Homuryunju stared blankly at the general.

“It’s no use looking at it like that. I have a lot to do, too. Please stop resting and speed up.”

As soon as Homuryunju heard it, something came up.

Who took a break? Who took a break?

The general did not care about the eyes of such a homily and arranged the documents he had identified on one side.

“It’s just that I’m here and I’m doing itБ─╕ I’ve been informed by Byeoktaesan that I’m going back.”

“What? You’re going back in the middle of this? Are you out of your mind?”

The general continued his words calmly.

“The problem is that when Byeoktaesan Mountain goes around, it goes with Cheonchusin and Ilchimbo. We still need those two.”

“Of course. We haven’t found a way to deal with the half-Kangshi yet.”

Technically speaking, it wasn’t that I couldn’t find it at all. We’ve found a proper way to fight using some of the features.

In addition, Cheonchusinui and Ilchimbo supplemented it one more time to make it more efficient.

However, what Homuryun wanted was not that, but a more fundamental way.

Like a mountain of bricks.

“You haven’t figured out how Byeoktaesan brought down the half Kang-shi yet?”

“Yes. What if he doesn’t know?”

He had no choice but to rely on the gods of heaven and earth.

There’s no way other lawmakers can find out that the two haven’t found out either.

“You’re saying it’s impossible unless you have a good will.”

“Honestly, we can’t guarantee that it will be possible even if we have the right to serve.”

They are equally great lawmakers in the eyes of ordinary people.

There is even a heavenly god here.

Chen Chushin, who had actually met and experienced, was never a lawmaker who was second only to Ui-seon or Ilchim-ho.

“We’ll catch it somehow.”

The general manager gave a wry smile.

“It’s going to be difficult.”

I looked at the general manager with the eyes that the Homuryunju had caught the pod.

“Where’s Hogi, who used to recruit Byeoktaesan, going to say such a weak thing?”

The general manager shook his head.

“I can’t communicate. I’ve never seen such stubbornness in my life.”

The general manager couldn’t say that he was too scared to talk for a long time.

In fact, he made several attempts to recruit Byeoktaesan.

I tried this morning.

And today was the climax. I was talking because I was scared. I just came back.

“Anyway, we can’t catch Byeoktaesan in a simple way.”

“Then why don’t you meet Younharin? Can’t you convince him?”

The general manager smiled bitterly again.

“I’ve already tried.”

“Really? And it didn’t work? I know you two are on good terms.”

“Younharin, she’s not normal either. It didn’t work at all.”

The eyes of the Homuryunist grew bigger.

“So you couldn’t even persuade Younger?”

“Yes. So, I think we need to do something different.”

“Another way?”

“We’re following you.”

“Follow me? You want me to escort you?”

The general manager shook his head.

“A clumsy number doesn’t work. I’m being honest and asking for your cooperation. Very politely.”

The Homuryunju nodded.

“Then do it. Come to think of it, I can send my brother. There’s nothing to do when you go back to your family anyway, so you can ask them to get acquainted with Byeoktaesan.”

The commander looked embarrassed at the words.

“Well, Lord Ryun. I don’t think he can.”

“What? What does that mean? What do you mean no?”

* * *

Homuryunju looked down at Baekrijangcheon Stream lying on the bed with pitiful eyes.

“Brother, how are you feeling?”

The Baeklijangcheon Stream forced itself up.

“Just lie down. You don’t feel wellБ─╕….”

“No, I can’t. How can I do that in front of my lord? And I don’t feel very uncomfortable either. It’s just….”

Baeklijangcheon could not speak. And I quickly got up.

“This old man has taken away his busy Ryeon-ju’s time. I’m sorry.”

“What are you saying? Don’t worry about me and get up quickly.”

Baekrijangcheon smiled faintly from the sincerity of his tone.

“What the hell happened to you? All I’ve heard is the circumstances, so it’s hard to figure out.”

“It’s justБ─╕ it’s just a little overdrinking.”

“You drank too much?”

I couldn’t understand Homuryunju.

Baeklijangcheon Stream is a master. Even in Baekri-se, he was an expert who could fit within twenty even if he could not hear it with ten fingers.

But who would believe that such a master has lost his mind because of drinking too much?

Homuryunju changed the subject for now because Baekri Jangcheon seemed reluctant to talk more.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

“By the way, I heard you stopped the enemy’s blitz and then moved separately. What happened?”

“Oh, that.”

Baeklijangcheon tried to say something, but he shut up. As if there was a fog in my head, my memory was empty in places.

When he rarely opened his mouth, the Homuryunju added a question.

“At that time, I was told that God and God were with him and that he was accompanied by a younger child in Byeoktaesan.”

“SoБ─╕ oh! That’s right. Remnants. He’s gone to find them.”

“The Remnants? I’ve never heard of that before.”

Homuryunju was really embarrassed.

Of course, I know there is a residual party. When we stopped the blitz, we heard reports that there were people.

However, they were completely unaware that Baekrijangcheon chased them with Byeoktaesan.

“Byeoktaesan didn’t tell you on purpose?’

This story should have been heard from Byeoktaesan or Younhaerin. But they didn’t say a word about it.

Homuryunju looked at Baekrijangcheon Stream with slightly uncomfortable eyes.

It’s Byeoktaesan Mountain, let’s say if such an important thing happened, shouldn’t you have come to tell yourself first?

It doesn’t make sense to give up such an important job and drink.

“So what happened? Have you dealt with the remnants yet?”

“HuhБ─╕ well?”


“I remember chasing you. Oh! There was a great master, and I fought him.”

“I see. So what happened to the master?”

“What’s going on? Of course, I won.”

Homuryunju forced a sigh to pop out and asked.

“Where is it located? I think we should send someone to check.”

“Location, I meanБ─╕ I don’t remember.”

The Homuryunju asked with worried eyes.

“Brother, are you sure you’re okay? I think my memory was damaged by some kind of shock. Did you happen to fight the master?”

Baekrijangcheon shook his head.

“No, that’s not true. It was a little too much to fight with him, but he didn’t get hurt. That’s for sure.”

It was crazy and jumping like crazy as a baekrijangcheon Stream. I really don’t remember.

The scene of the fight, the scene where he stabbed a sword in his shoulder and thigh, and the scene where he eventually won by hitting a sword in his heart, came to mind.

The next thing that came to my mind was the scene where I was drinking with two elderly people and doing brother-in-law.

‘And thenБ─╕….’

Suddenly, the face of Byeoktaesan came to my mind.

The Baenglijangcheon shook all over.

“Brother? Brother, what’s wrong with you?”

Homuryunju looked into the face of Baekrijangcheon Stream. When fear and anger are mixed together, does this look make you look like this?

“Byeoktaesan! It’s him!”

“Huh? What did you do?”

“He beat me up!”


“And that all night long! Do you know how sick I was? I didn’t just hit her, she was stabbing her whole body, and I couldn’t stand it!”

“You stirred your whole body with a knife?”

“Yes! How could you suffer like that if you didn’t!”

“SoБ─╕ you didn’t see it yourself.”

“No, do you have to see it? I couldn’t open my eyes because I was so sick at the time. But just look at the marks on my body and you’ll know!”

Homuryunju looked at Baekrijangcheon Stream with pitiful eyes.

How did his brother end up like this?

Perhaps it is not true that he went to deal with the remnants of Byeoktaesan Mountain and his party.

No, they might have moved separately in the first place. I heard you didn’t go with me.

“Brother, I’m perfectly fine. Of course, there is no common bruise. The lawmakers looked carefully, but they were traumatized by internal injuries and nothing. It’s just that you’re a little weak.”

“How can I believe what they say? I’m sure you’re in the same boat with Byeoktaesan anyway!”

“The lawmakers who looked after you are members of the Home Affairs Union. The faithfulness and the ungrateful mind did not even have to look at your brother’s body in preparation for his return.”

Baek Ri-jangcheon read the emotions in the eyes of Homurianism. He shook his hand in embarrassment.

“No, it’s not! It’s not what Ryeonju thinks! I’m not crazy! I’m really normal!

It’s justБ─╕ it’s just a little weird!”

“Of course I believe what you say. Of course, you will.”

The Homuryun slowly rose from his seat. And I spoke politely to Baeklijangcheon.

“Then keep your weight. I’m going to leave now because I’m busy with official duties. I’ll come to see you often whenever I have time. So just think about your body for the time being.”

“Hey! Ryun-ju! No, it’s not! It’s not real!”

Baekri Jangcheon anxiously sang it, but Homuryunju was already not there.

“Ha! What are you? I’m getting really dirty in my later years.”

Baekrijangcheon muttered so much and looked at the ceiling with focusless eyes.

How dazed he must have been. There was a motion outside the door.

“Old man, we have a visitor.”


“Yes, you’ve come to the hospital.” The faithful and the mysterious came with the company.”

In the head of Baekri Jangcheon, I remembered the image of Cheon Chusin’s extramarital affairs. At the same time, I also remembered Byeoktaesan, who was sure to be with the two.

I was so surprised that I said no. I was just going to tell you to send it back.

But the door is already wide open.

Through the open door, the image of Cheonchusin and Ilchimbo was seen.

And his eyes met with Byeoktaesan, who was standing between the two and looking at this side.

Byeoktaesan frowned upon it.

“No, let’s just go back.”


“No, Confucius, if you’re still in the hospital, you’ll have to go inside.”….”

The expression of Cheon Chushin, who was talking, hardened.

He closed the door slowly, looking at Baeklijangcheon with an awkward look.

“Then keep your weight. Take a bath.”


The door is closed.

Baekrijangcheon gazed blankly at the scene and screamed.

“This isn’t right!”

It was the moment when I became the main character of the rumor that made me excited for a while.

* * *

Byeoktaesan Mountain entered Geumokru.

Now that I’m leaving here, it’s time to organize what’s left.

Even before arriving at Geumokru, the door opened wide and the gisaengs came out to greet Byeoktaesan Mountain.

The same thing happened before, so some were calm.

However, the reaction of younger people and Byeoktaesan who saw this for the first time was not like that.

Even Dan-young and Chae-wol, who were from Ginyeo, were surprised.

It was never easy to be treated like that at a base in broad daylight.

Everyone looked at Byeoktaesan with fresh eyes.

The gaze of Byeoktaesan Mountain was on Geumokruju, which came out with the gisaengs.

Geum Ok-ruju shuddered unknowingly at the smile on the mouth of Byeoktaesan.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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