Chapter 58

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Seoul Sports Complex located in Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

The home stadium of the Zuo Dragons and TC Knights, Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

“Big ····!”

Maeng Hyo-don, who moved together in the dormitory, spat out an exclamation.

Maeng Hyo-don, who said it was his first time at the baseball stadium, was excited even before he arrived.

Expectations and excitement were shown on the faces of people in uniform increasing as they got closer to the station.

Today is Children’s Day, so the atmosphere was even brighter because there were many baseball fans in the family.

“Did everyone here come to watch baseball?”

Under the sky like blue paint poured out.

Jamsil Baseball Stadium boasts a 100m left and right fence, 120m left and right-center fence, 125m center fence, and 2.7m high fence.

It is a competitive match against Jamsil on Children’s Day, which has been sold out for about 15 consecutive years.

It was natural to be overwhelmed when you first saw this space and people.

“Hyo-Don, Ui-Shin!”

“You’re early.”

“I’m here early because I have a lot of people to say hello to. Let’s have lunch. I’m hungry.”

The place we promised, in front of the second ticket office.

Joo Soo-hyuk arrived first and was waiting for the two of us.

“There were quite a few people in the Zuo Dragons who knew him.’

Joo Soo-hyuk often visited Jamsil Baseball Stadium before today’s incident.

There seems to have been a scene where the owner of the Zuo Dragons and Joo Soo-hyuk greeted each other in a friendly manner.

“Let’s go, I’ll show you the best restaurants!”

“Is there a good restaurant in the baseball stadium?”

“Yes, we have a lot to eat together, let’s go!”

Joo Soo-hyuk guided us by walking ahead.

At the baseball stadium, there were large brand convenience stores, coffee shops, and various franchise restaurants.

In the meantime, there were individual restaurants, and sometimes franchise restaurants taste different depending on the store owner.

Therefore, there were many restaurants at this baseball stadium that differentiated them from other restaurants.

“The anchovy rice balls are delicious over there. You have to eat the perilla leaf fish cake here. It’s a little far away, but if you go to third base, you’ll find a place that sells garlic-flavored peanut chicken·····.”

Following Joo Soo-hyuk’s guide to the perfect baseball stadium, the three of us went around and enjoyed all kinds of food.

‘Joo Soo-hyuk and Maeng Hyo-don were both gourmets. I guess friends resemble each other.’

As I kept eating while moving, I naturally watched baseball stadiums and people.

There was no need to be bored at the baseball stadium as badges, posters, and various souvenirs for baseball fans with the faces and back numbers of today’s home team, the Zuo Dragons, were displayed.

“Let’s get inside the stadium.”


One hour until the game starts.

We went into the stands.

The ground relay, catch ball, and tug-of-war events, which were held for children’s fans, seemed to be over, and the players were warming up.

In commemoration of Children’s Day, both teams wore old uniforms and hats.

The home team Zuo Dragons was playing on the electronic display.

‘Can’t he find a seat?’

Suddenly, I felt a hesitation from behind.

I decided to leave it alone because I don’t even live.



Someone screamed behind us three.

Joo Soo-hyuk and Maeng Hyo-don were not surprised to see if they were leaving them alone even though they knew them as I did.

“Well, ······ I’m not surprised.”

He didn’t feel anything to live and pretended to be surprised because he knew everything.

The three of us didn’t react much.

When he saw it, a person wearing a TC Knights baseball cap deeply said in a sullen voice.

Looking closely at the face seen between the hats, I felt a sense of wit.

Why are you coming out of there?

‘You’re Doshihu, Jang Nam-wook’s roommate!’

When I made a video call with Yoo Sang-hoon to Jang Nam-wook, he came out on behalf of Jang Nam-wook.

“Shihu, it’s been a long time since I came to the ballpark.”

Joo Soo-hyuk said hello without much response to whether he was familiar with the futile prank of the city.

I’m a little curious.

“Doshihu doesn’t appear at today’s event. Why is it suddenly different from the game?’

My question was solved quickly.

“I came with a friend. Do you remember the last time we played basketball at school? I baited the VIP central seat ticket because I didn’t want to come because the midterm exam is just around the corner. I’m here to see you.”

“Oh, the tall one on the military school team at the last game?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Was the basketball match between EunGwang High school and the first-year military school students the cause?

The butterfly effect of Yoo Sang-hoon and Jang Nam-wook surviving the entrance exam must have been this far.

However, hearing the conversation between Doshihu and Joo Soo-hyuk, a premonition flashed through my mind.

‘I think I know the guy that Doshihu caught.’

Player Military Academy High School.

A person who is likely to study diligently before the midterm exam.

But he’s easy enough to get a VIP ticket to the baseball stadium.

The tall guy in the basketball game.

‘There’s only Jang Nam-wook!’

Looking at the direction Doshihu pointed, I could see a figure standing almost as if he were sticking to the fence on the central seat.

It is the same old uniform and hat that he wore when he won the first championship of the Zuo Dragons.

There is a muffler with the Zuo Dragons logo on its neck and an orange cheering stick on its hand.

A high school student dressed in perfect Zuo Dragons fan.

The identity was Jang Nam-wook.

“Hey, Jang Nam-wook, what are you doing there?”

Jang Nam-wook, who was watching the Zhuo Dragons with almost rapt attention when he sang loudly, turned his head.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

Recognizing me, he talked to me right away.

“Oh, god! You’re here, too.”


“I see. Wait, why didn’t you wear a hat? A hat is a must because it is easy to get sunlight when cheering at a baseball stadium. You probably didn’t even put on sunscreen.”

Zuo Dragons’ fan Jang Nam-wook was still a nag.

Joo Soo-hyuk, who was watching the scene, said to Shihu.

“I was wondering what made you wear a hat.”

“Hahaha, my roommate nags a lot.”

Even the city governor seems to be living under the nagging of Jang Nam-wook.

If you’re the same type after the city, there will be constant nagging.

Me, Joo Soo Hyuk, Maeng Hyo Don, Shihu, Jang Nam Wook.

The five of us made a common statement and exchanged greetings.


Unexpected developments continued, but they were never in a bad direction.

“Oh, it’s close.”

“It’s almost next to me.”

“It’s four seats in one table, so it’s a little empty.”

“Should I sit with someone I don’t know?”

I took a seat to put the food and drinks I had packed up.

To Maeng Hyo-don’s question, Doshihu answered.

“Oh, my sixth cousin is coming for our seat.”

“Oh, he doesn’t come to the ballpark either.”

“I told her to come if she wanted me to play because I got dumped. That’s why he’s coming.”

Relatives after the city are coming.

Then another TC group official will come.

I was drinking a drink thinking that way.

“Wonwoo, here you go!”

“Shihu, I told you not to go ahead and wait for me. ····.”

I almost spat a drink.

The ugly playable character who is getting mad at Yoo Sang-hee.

Student president, Steel’s wedge, Do Won-woo.

He was looking this way with his face firm.

You were the one who got dumped by a woman and whined to play with your sixth cousin.


When Joo Soo-hyuk and Shihu tilted their heads, Do Won-woo replied in a stiff voice.

“Hi, he··············.”

Do Won-woo still looked very nervous when he saw me.

But maybe it’s because there’s blood and there’s a lot of reporters around him.

I restrained myself and sat in place.

“I knew that Do Won-woo was a TC group official, but I didn’t expect him to appear in this event.”

In the game, Yoo Sang-hee concentrates on attacking the world where Yoo Sang-hoon dies, throwing away his studies and daily life, and Masujong Enemy appears.

Since Do Won-woo is not in a position to ask for a date with ease, the development of the game has changed as it is now.

  • ·····It’s going beyond my expectations.’

Do Won-woo is giving an ugly look, but it’s not a bad thing.

Soon the stadium announcement began.

After national ceremonies.

It’s time to throw the first pitch.

“Who threw the first pitch today? I didn’t see your name. You didn’t decide?”

“I didn’t hear that either. There must be a situation.”

If Joo Soo-hyuk doesn’t know until this time, he must have thoroughly covered his name.

Even when it was time for the first pitch, it was only those wearing the doll clothes of Yong-yong, the mascot of the Zuo Dragons.

“Is Yong-yong pitching the first pitch?”

“It’s meaningful in its own way, but ····.”

“Doesn’t Dragon Tribe do it every year? My kids said they wanted to see Dragon Tribe in person. ····.”

I could hear the crowd humming everywhere.

At that time, Yong-yong, who climbed on the mound, took off his doll mask.

It was Yeom Joon-yeol, a descendant of the dragon tribe, who appeared under the doll’s mask.


Yeom Joon-yeol’s face was close-up on the electronic display board with the belated introduction of the stadium announcer.

The audience cheered.

In particular, young children recognized Yeom Joon-yeol right away and raised the volume loudly.

“Oh, it’s Yeom Joon-yeol!”

“You were the one in front of my class back then!”

Our party was also agitated.

In the meantime, people wearing masks or wearing hats deeply pressed all over the VIP center seats suddenly moved quickly.

They took out cameras with huge accessories that might be weapons or telephoto lenses.

In an instant, tripods were installed in the stands.

“Look at Junyeol in his uniform!”

“Whose son is that? It’s my son!”

“Crazy. That old rustic uniform shines!”

If Yeom Joon-yeol had come, of course, Yeombangyeol and dragon tribes would have come, but I wondered where he was.

I guess he was preparing to take a picture in person because he came in unnoticeably dressed up.

It is not just a device camera but also a professional camera.

“Uh, aren’t they the Red Lion and the Dragon people?”

“Huh? It’s not strange to have a red dragon, but it’s strange.”

Meanwhile, Yeom Joon-yeol politely greeted the audience with a relaxed hand.

He even sent a hand sign to the catcher and laughed.

And Yeom Joon-yeol took a pose.


It was a fastball that seemed to be heard to the audience.

The ball’s control power, which was inserted into the catcher’s mitt without any disruption, was also excellent.

Wind-up, Stride, Early Late Corking, Acceleration, Ball Release, and Follow-Up. There was no flaw in the pitching movement.

‘How long have you been practicing for this one····!’

I was surprised and impressed by the crowd and the players.

Yeom Joon-yeol went down the mound with a bright smile as if he was satisfied with the perfect pitch.

“Perfect, Junyeol!”

“Oh no, I’m about to cry.”

“Of course I’m a descendant of the Dragon clan I lead. It’s a given! No wonder our Junyeol is amazing!”

Team members of Yeombangyeol, red lion, and dragon tribe shouted.

I think some people are believed to be the head of the Dragon Tribe based on their tone.’

Is Cheongryong, the head of the Dragon tribe here?

The head of the Dragon tribe, who was full of dignity at the 12th round of the talks, is also a tough one in front of Yeom Joon-yeol.

A sigh of relief came out as I saw them making a fuss.

‘As expected.’

Everything was going as planned.

I thought I could make up my mind and enjoy the baseball game until the incident broke out.

‘I’m perfectly prepared. Unexpected characters also came, so it’s more than I planned. Let’s watch baseball until we have time.’

The Zuo Dragons can’t get out of the second-place jinx.

TC Knights, who are notorious for poor baseball, are at the bottom of the previous season.

However, the TC Knights were also famous for their performance when they met the Zuo Dragons, especially when they played the Jamsil Series on Children’s Day.

‘It’s like one of the biggest karaoke rooms on the Korean Peninsula!’

Team cheering songs sung by fans of both teams and cheering songs by players filled the stadium.

He sometimes sang along poorly and enjoyed a fierce series of games.

*    *    *

The score is three to three.

At the end of the fifth inning amid a tight race.

It was when the cleaning time for ground maintenance began and a raffle event for children was held.

– Beep!

Tens of thousands of smart devices in the stadium rang alarm alarms at once.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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