Chapter 86

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The few soldiers who were just arrogant were now all wounded, grimacing with pain, and they didn’t dare to resist anymore. They supported each other and crawled out of Pinlan Garden.

Seeing that the officers and soldiers were gone, Ma Changgeng and the others dared to come back. As soon as she entered the yard, she saw that everything was turned upside down. Ma Changgeng couldn’t help sighing again and again: “Oh, what a sin…”

Without saying anything, the maids began packing up the messy Pinlan Garden. Yu Linglong called Xuan Cao and asked: “What the hell is going on? How did these soldiers get in!?”

Xuan Cao was still in shock and stammered: “…I didn’t understand what was going on. I only heard a woman in the second house running in and calling for officers and soldiers. Before I and the others got up, they rushed in and kicked the servants out, saying that they would search for fugitives…”


Yu Linglong’s willow eyebrows frowned. Could someone know that she was hiding Feng Xuanyuan? Could it be those people in black?

Just thinking about this, Yu Linglong immediately denied the idea. Although she didn’t have much contact with people in black, she could feel that these people in black were acting secretively. They obviously didn’t want people to know their whereabouts. This was also one of the reasons why she dared to hide Feng Xuanyuan in the Yu Mansion. Even if the people in black wanted to turn the Yu Mansion upside down and find Feng Xuanyuan, they would never do it in a blatant way.

“Were the other courtyards also searched?”

Xuan Cao shook her head: “Lady Yu and Lady Mu Shi’s courtyards were not disturbed. Concubine Mei and Concubine Dong’s yards were also searched, but Concubine Mei offered a bribe, and the officers and soldiers came out after they went in and probably didn’t take anything.”

From this point of view, of the entire Yu mansion, her courtyard suffered the greatest loss.

There were countless guesses in her heart, but she didn’t have a clue. Yu Linglong looked at the messy room. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got, so she left the room.

“Miss…” Ling’er was about to follow when she was blocked by Yu Linglong’s impatient gesture.

Obviously, the lady was in a bad mood and wanted to walk alone.

In the dark night, there was no trace of moonlight. With the dim light of the houses and courtyards, Yu Linglong couldn’t help walking faster and faster in the garden.

She didn’t like this feeling. She had so many eyes peeping at her in the bright and dark places. From time to time, there were little surprises. Although they would not catch her off guard, it was enough to disrupt her life.

The most hateful thing was that these things were like a mess, and even though she was in them, she couldn’t find the solution to the problem.

Her white fist clenched tighter and tighter, and she tried to swing it out, but she didn’t know where to focus. It was so rare for Yu Linglong to be so angry that she lost control that she hardly noticed when a black figure appeared next to her.

“Why so angry?” It was a leisurely voice with a touch of sarcasm. Even though it was in the dark, Yu Linglong could still feel the mocking ridicule of the dark shadow.

Without looking back, her voice was as cold as winter frost: “Leave!”

He seemed to like her looking annoyed very much. The man chuckled lightly, then took a few steps forward and walked side by side with her.

“I might as well tell you that those soldiers that came to the Yu house tonight to search for the thief were under the orders of Minister Feng.”

Her beautiful eyes swept away, like a meteor in the dark night, shooting sharply at the black shadow: “Was it you who told him?”

The silver mask on the man’s face exuded a faint light, isolating his cold eyes as far away as thousands of rivers and mountains.

His voice was full of contempt: “Me? I haven’t reached the point of dealing with him.”

Yu Linglong snorted coldly, obviously not believing what the black-clothed man said. She brought her pretty face away, full of cold arrogance.

As if provoked by her attitude, the man’s voice suddenly sank: “You don’t want to think about why Minister Feng wanted to search your yard?”

Yu Linglong’s heart shook suddenly, and several doubts were suddenly intertwined, making her mind clear.

After figuring this out, Yu Linglong smiled coldly.

“Is he not afraid of people saying he uses power for personal gain!?”

Wasn’t it just a fight with Feng Sihuai? This Minister Feng actually took advantage of the opportunity of hunting the Blue Lotus cultists in the capital to find fault in the Yu mansion?

It’s no wonder that other yards did not suffer as much loss as her because someone had warned them on purpose.

The man smiled sarcastically: “Use power for personal gain? He would call it: using public office for private revenge.”

Her white shell-like teeth bit on her pink lips, glowing dimly in the dark night. Yu Linglong secretly ground her teeth, and her eyes were like autumn frost: “I actually want to see how he will get this revenge!?”

The man said coldly: “You hit someone sent by Minister Feng, and it’s just like you’ve given away information that could be used against you. You should think about how to explain this to Minister Feng tomorrow!”

With her pretty face raised, Yu Linglong’s expression was full of rebelliousness: “If I want to hit, I’ll just hit. Why should I explain it to him!?”

The man’s tall body suddenly leaned down, and the aura of the whole body immediately surrounded Yu Linglong, and a faint, familiar scent came to her nose again.

His voice was close, but it was as far away as the snow on Mount Tian: “You can’t be so strong every time.”

Yu Linglong had to lift her face slightly to see the man’s face. She looked fixedly at the silver mask that covered most of his face, and her cold eyes were filled with thick suspiciousness: “You…care about me?”

Her voice was very soft, but the man seemed to be scalded by the fire and took a sudden step back.

The next moment, the corners of his mouth became cold and hard again, with almost no curves.

“You think too much.”

His cold voice was filled with a sense of distance. Without waiting for her response, the man suddenly turned around, and just as he appeared every time, he left instantly.

Yu Linglong looked at the dark place where the man disappeared to. She didn’t move for a long time.

Who was he?

He seemed to be too familiar and too concerned with her, and she, as he approached step by step, felt a familiar breath.

She rejected him again and again, resisted him again and again, but he still appeared by her side, like a ghost, sometimes hostile and sometimes caring.

Just like at this moment, he seemed to know that she was in a mess, and he deliberately appeared to point her in the dark.

And just the day before, she was still diverting his attention, took Feng Xuanyuan from his hands, and sent him out of the Yu Mansion.

She could feel that this man should have guessed her intention, but deliberately left her a way out.

She thought that after sending Feng Xuanyuan away, she would no longer have anything to do with the man in black, but now it seemed that she was wrong.

Her instinct told her that this man would continue to appear in her life.

But why did he refuse to show his true colors? What was he hiding?

The man in black was right. Minister Feng did indeed come to the Yu house, and he came very quickly.

Early the next morning, Xuan Cao hurried in: “Miss, go and have a look. Minister Feng has brought people here, so I have to take you away!”

Yu Linglong smiled coldly and steadily put down the soup bowl in her hand: “Really? Let’s go out and have a look!”

This Minister Feng can really look down on her. She is just a little girl, and the grand minister from the Ministry of War personally brought people to arrest her. This was like a battle against an enemy. Was it to demonstrate to Yu Peng, or did he want to capture the entire Yu house?

After a little thought, Minister Feng came to the door personally. Unfortunately, his intentions were not just to catch a little girl.

It’s just that the person who beat him last night gave him a justifiable reason to find fault.

Seeing Yu Linglong get up so carelessly, Xuan Cao and Ling’er were suddenly anxious: “Miss, you can’t go out! There are so many people outside, and they all have knives!”

Looking at the two caring maids, Yu Linglong suddenly smiled.

Even in the dimly lit room, her smile was still radiant and seemed to contain great power.

“What are you afraid of? I’m here.”

Xuan Cao and Ling’er were taken aback for a moment. Before they could recover, Yu Linglong had already walked out of the room and went straight to the front yard.

She wondered, what could Minister Feng do to her?

In the middle of the night last night, officers and soldiers suddenly came to search the Yu house. Although the yards of Lady Yu and Mu Shi were spared, there were still a few yards that could not stop them. The Minister Feng personally visited them this morning. The three masters of the Yu house all went to the front yard.

Lady Yu sat at the head seat. Her complexion was dull, her eyebrows were furrowed, and her face showed unending fatigue. After all, she was an old woman. She was up all night, but now she had to wait for it again. Her face was still really pretty.

Mu Shi had just healed. She stayed up all night and stood for a long time. At this time, her face was pale and crumbling, but she had to grit her teeth and greet Minister Feng with a strong smile.

“My lord, don’t blame our master, our master has always respected you—”

Minister Feng was wearing a new set of official robes. His face was green, and his whole body exuded an air that no one could match. He obviously showed no sympathy for Mu Shi’s flattery.

“Alright. Don’t say anything, bring them up quickly! I will interrogate them myself!”

Minister Feng glanced at General Yu sternly. His face was selfless, and that meant it was obvious that he must deal with it impartially and not play favorites.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

Mu Shi was interrupted by Minister Feng. At the moment, she looked embarrassed. She hated the commoner’s daughter Yu Linglong to death. She wished that she could be handed over to Minister Feng immediately and brought to the military prison and be beaten half to death!

This commoner’s daughter was arrogant and domineering, caused trouble, and now even offended her immediate boss. She was really the center of disaster in the family!

However, she did not dare to agree to hand over Yu Linglong. The reason was simple: Handing over Yu Linglong meant that Yu Linglong was guilty. It was not a pity for a commoner’s daughter to die, but it would affect the entire Yu Mansion and even endanger General Yu’s future. It would be too dangerous.

Of course, there was another more important reason: this matter. She wouldn’t say that Yu Linglong didn’t listen to her instructions. There was still Lady Yu and General Yu sitting above her. Where can she talk? She should just shut up and listen to her aunt, who had survived in name only.

Yu Peng’s mind was similar to Mu Shi’s. He didn’t care about Yu Linglong’s life, but if this matter affected him, he would be too unworthy.

He was a reckless man who would only fight and kill enemies on the frontier. Once he returned to the capital, he couldn’t even understand a word, let alone want to exonerate himself.

The room was deadlocked, but there was a mess of footsteps outside the door. It seemed that the soldiers brought by Minister Feng had a small commotion.

Everyone looked up. Outside the door was a beautiful girl in a long, azure skirt with frosty eyebrows. She slowly walked in from dozens of soldiers holding swords and weapons without even flinching.

It wasn’t that Yu Linglong was pretending to be calm. She really disdained to look at these heavily armed soldiers. She hadn’t frowned in the rain of bullets. How can she treat these dozens of soldiers with big swords and spears that were looking at her?

In her eyes, those cold weapons were like children’s toys.

She secretly sneered. Minister Feng’s position is not small. Who was he trying to scare!?

Looking around the room, Yu Linglong’s gaze fell on Minister Feng’s face. Her pretty face full of contempt: “Are you looking for me?”

After all, Minister Feng was a member of the court. Seeing a commoner’s daughter act so contemptuous in front of him, he couldn’t help getting furious, and the fire in his heart rushed up: “You’re so bold, why don’t you kneel when you see the official!?”

Yu Linglong snorted coldly. Did this guy pretend he was in the office? Did she need to give him a gavel?

“Kneel to you? Why should I kneel to you?”

Besides Mu Shi, even Yu Peng had a numb scalp when he listened to the sidelines. She was even offending the official, was this girl trying to kill herself?

Even though he was afraid of Yu Linglong’s methods, General Yu couldn’t help but speak: “Linglong, this is Minister Feng from the Ministry of War. You should…you should salute him.”

Even if Yu Linglong was a newborn calf who was not afraid of tigers, Yu Peng was not so bold!

Completely ignoring the fearful General Yu and Mu Shi, Yu Linglong looked at Minister Feng unceremoniously and said, “Why did you bring so many people here this early? Do you still want to ransack our home?”

Saying this sentence was like stepping on the tail of a dog. Minister Feng suddenly jumped up with anger: “Ransacking is just ransacking. If you are harboring a criminal, so what if the officials ransack your home?”

Minister Feng was so angry that his people were beaten up by Yu Linglong last night. Those people came on his orders, and Yu Linglong hit them in the face!

Hearing Minister Feng’s furious words, Mu Shi almost collapsed to the ground. Although the officers and soldiers did not enter her yard last night, she was so frightened that she didn’t close her eyes all night. If they were to be ransacked again, it was going to kill her!

Lady Yu, who had never spoken, frowned slightly and opened her mouth coldly: “Master Feng, although Yu Peng is your subordinate, he is a member of the high court after all. If you want to ransack our home, Master Feng, we should speak about the imperial edict!”

Minister Feng’s eyes opened wide and he gasped for breath, but after all, he did not reply.

Ransack the home? It’s easy to say, why would he use the imperial edict to search the Yu house? Just like last night, ordering someone to break in under the pretext of searching for a criminal was already pushing the limits of his power.

After a pause, Minister Feng said aggressively: “I have evidence that a Blue Lotus cultist is harbored in the house. I am responsible for searching it!”

“You’re responsible for what?” Yu Linglong couldn’t help but sneer, “I’m afraid you’re using public means to avenge private wrongs!”

“You—” Minister Feng just wanted to yell at her but was immediately pushed back by Yu Linglong’s harsh words.

“Your son molested a woman from a respectable family and he deserves to be beaten! If you want to find an excuse to clean me up, I’m afraid it won’t be so easy!”

Yu Linglong raised her small face and looked directly at Minister Feng casually like she herself was an official. Even if he immediately ordered the soldiers from outside to come in and arrest her, she was not afraid at all!

Lady Yu and the others finally understood what was going on. Of course Minister Feng ordered someone to search the Yu Mansion in the middle of the night and wreak havoc on the Pinlan Garden where Yu Linglong lived. He brought so many people today to criticize her, and it turned out that it was because Yu Linglong beat his son!

This villain waited to exact his revenge. Did she still have to be polite with him?

Lady Yu wanted to understand the connection here, and her face sank sharply: “May I ask, Master Feng? You say that our mansion harbors Blue Lotus cultists. Is there any evidence?”

Minister Feng snorted heavily: “I received a secret report that General Yu’s Mansion was hiding a criminal, so I ordered a search!”

Yu Linglong narrowed her eyes. A secret report? He dispatched his forces because of a secret report? Minister Feng had the final say on these things?

You can always make up a crime against someone!

She raised her slender neck, which was as noble and stern as a swan’s. Yu Linglong coldly said: “Then call the informant and have them confront me personally!”

Minister Feng became angry from embarrassment: “How presumptuous!”

Yu Linglong’s pretty face was frosty, and she pressed him harder: “You won’t? You have a guilty conscience? You said to search for the criminal. I will ask you, where is the imperial criminal?”

Lady Yu said coldly: “If there is no evidence, please let Master Feng give us an answer!”

Even if it was your subordinate’s family, you cannot check what you want to check, and search what you want to search!

Yu Peng and Mu Shi didn’t dare to provoke Minister Feng and were the cowards in the hall. But Lady Yu was not easy to provoke. Everyone was being bullied at the door of the house, could it be that they could drop the matter!?

Looking at Minister Feng, who was furious, and at Lady Yu who couldn’t let him go, General Yu whispered, “Actually, it’s not a big deal—”

As soon as he spoke, his words were interrupted by Lady Yu: “You shut up! You don’t listen to your daughter when she is groped, you don’t stand up when they search your home in the middle of the night, and now that everyone’s going to beat us at our own doors, you still want to grin and bear it? Yu Peng, are you still a man!?”

Lady Yu’s words made Yu Linglong internally cry out in joy. As a scumbag, Yu Peng should be taken care of by someone!

This was the first time since she had come to the Yu Mansion that she recognized and appreciated someone.

The grandmother and granddaughter yelled together, making Minister Feng so angry that he couldn’t even speak: “You, you…”

Lady Yu was obviously scolding Yu Peng, but in fact, she was scolding Minister Feng. All these things that disturbed the rest of the Yu Mansion were all thanks to Minister Feng!

Lady Yu looked at Minister Feng coldly: “If there is no evidence, then Minister Feng, please leave!”

Minister Feng’s face was flushed, and he wanted to have a fit but couldn’t have it. His people came to check the Yu house yesterday, and indeed they found nothing!

Minister Feng abruptly got up and looked at Yu Peng ferociously: “Sooner or later, I will make you suffer. Go!”

Lady Yu was unhappy. She slapped the table hard, and said sternly: “See off the guests!”

Minister Feng walked away without looking back. General Yu was in a hurry, and subconsciously wanted to chase after him: “My lord—”

Lady Yu was furious: “Yu Peng, get lost!”

Seeing Minister Feng lead the people out of the Yu house, General Yu returned angrily and couldn’t help complaining: “Mother, what are you doing? Do you still think things are not messy enough?”

Yu Linglong sneered. This Yu Peng was really shameless. When facing Minister Feng, he looked like a maid. He couldn’t even protect his own home. He had to rely on Lady Yu, an old woman, to support the overall situation. When the matter was over, he still had to come back to complain to his mother.

Lady Yu said angrily: “What do you say I am doing? You are a big man who can’t protect his wife and children. Is this the same honor you defend the country with!?”

General Yu was speechless when he was scolded and never spoke again with a calm face.

Even General Yu couldn’t respond. Mu Shi lowered her head and said nothing.

Lady Yu looked at Yu Linglong, and her eyes softened: “Linglong, you were frightened last night. Those people smashed a lot of your things. If you are missing something, just come to me and get it.”

Hearing Lady Yu’s words of concern for Yu Linglong, Mu Shi’s teeth were chattering, and the silver hairpins on her head were trembling slightly.

She originally thought that Lady Yu would definitely restrain the arrogant Yu Linglong when she returned to the mansion. Then, with Yu Linglong’s temper, she would definitely fight her. When the two tigers fight, there must be one injury, and the one who gets the benefits in the end would naturally be Mu Shi.

But now that the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter was so close, Mu Shi had a faint sense of crisis. If this continued, her status will be even more precarious.

The muscles of her cheeks were trembling slightly, and a terrible thought gradually emerged in Mu Shi’s mind.

In the early morning, the mountain road that had just been rained on had a moist earthy smell. Mixed with the fresh aroma of grass and mountain flowers, it smelled so refreshing.

Zhui Yue obviously enjoyed this feeling, and he walked briskly on the road, looking very energetic.

At the narrow and cramped corner, Zhui Yue lightly passed by, and Yu Linglong who was sitting on it couldn’t even feel the extra vibration.

A good horse is really something else.

Seeing that she gradually reached the place where she met the men in blue and the men in black last time, Yu Linglong shook the horse’s reins and signaled for Zhui Yue to slow down.

The once bloody scene was completely invisible. The grass on the roadside swayed slightly, the delicate flowers trembled, and you couldn’t see that just a few days ago, this place was a killing field. After the rain, the mountain road was a little muddy, and occasionally there were splashes of mud from the horseshoes, revealing dark red traces below so that you could guess what kind of tragic slaughter had been experienced here.

Yu Linglong got off her horse and patted Zhao Yue’s neck: “Wait here. I will be back soon.”

Looking up at the dense woods on the hillside, Yu Linglong walked up silently.

If it was really a treasure of gold and silver, Yu Linglong would not care about it, but the address Feng Xuanyuan gave her was here…

It was here that so many people in blue were willing to fight with their lives for some mysterious reason, and they didn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives.

She internally felt that there must be a secret.

She was not a curious person, but the mysterious man in black gave her a sense of alertness for the first time. She wanted to know the background of this person so that in the future, she would not fall under the wind every time.

Intuition told her that this place must hide the secret of the men in black.

The rugged mountain road continued to spread under her feet, and she finally walked to the front of this dark forest.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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