Chapter 135

Translator:Kadowaki | Editor:NovelMultiverse

“Lady Alice, Kitamizato-sama – I’ve finished processing the ring,” said Shopkeeper Taylor. He brought the ring over to where they were sitting.

“So. First off, let’s test this ring on Lady Alice,” said Taylor, “Lady Alice – please make yourself tired.”

“What? It would be impossible to do that so suddenly,” said Alice.

“Use this, Lady Alice,” said Takeo, handing her a wooden sword that was at hand. 

Alice thought for a bit, took up the sword, and then slashed at Takeo with the sword in one hand.

Takeo activates “Shield x15” with his left hand and stopped the attack… He continued to hold it back.



Three minutes passed like this.

“…I’ve grown tired,” said Lady Alice, pulling back the sword and sitting down in her seat.

“Well, then – please try the ring on,” said Taylor.

“All right,” said Alice, and put the ring on her left pinky, as ordered. 

It was on her finger now, but nothing was happening.

“Lady Alice, please let the thought of ‘Recovery Initiation’ run through your mind,” said Taylor.

“All right,” said Alice. She thought to herself, “Recovery Initiation”.

Just as she thought of it, the fatigue dissipated from her body. She looked at Taylor in surprise.

“It looks like it has worked. Now – please attack Kitamazito-sama in the same way you just did, in your current condition,” said Taylor.

Alice slashed at Takeo with one hand.

Takeo activated “Shield x15” with his left hand, and stopped the attack… He continued to hold it back.



Five minutes passed.

“I’m not getting tired,” reported Alice, in surprise.

“Lady Alice, please let the thought of ‘Recovery Finished’ run through your mind, in the state that you’re in,” said Taylor.

“All right,” said Alice.

She thought “Recovery Finished” to herself.



Three minutes passed.

“…I’ve grown tired,” said Alice.

Alice pulled her sword back and sat down in her seat.

“I see this as a successful result,” said Taylor, “However, I don’t think you’ll completely recovery immediately, so please be careful.”

“I understand,” said Lady Alice, while thinking ‘Recovery Finished’, and feeling herself recover.

“Now, we can move on to testing out Kitamizato-sama’s rings,” said Taylor.

Takeo took off the two rings that he had been wearing thus far and put the new rings on the index finger and middle finger of his left hand.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

“I should say – I’ve made these rings so that you can follow your usual method of saying the magic incantation, then how many times you want it, your general target, and then activating it all,” said Taylor.

“Understood,” said Takeo. He focused on his left hand and thought “Lux x15, Left fist, Activate“. His left hand began to emit light.

“I can activate the same amount I’ve been able to thus far. I’ll proceed, now,” said Takeo.

Takeo then activated x20, x25, x30, x35. He wasn’t able to activate x40.

“It appears 35 is the limit,” Takeo said to Taylor.

“Understood. That seems to be working nicely,” said Taylor, “Now – let’s test out your simultaneous magic, as well.” He had brought over a bucket.

Takeo nodded, and thought to himself, “Aqua x1, Fire x1, Left Fist, Activate.

Hot water erupted from his hand.

“Yes, this seems to be working, too,” said Taylor, in a relieved tone of voice.

“How much for these rings?” asked Takeo.

“Well, the cost of the rings along with the manufacturing fee comes out to… Five silvers,” said Taylor.

Takeo paid the cost.


As evening came around, a customer entered the store.

“Welcome, Frederick-san,” said Shopkeeper Taylor.

“Thank you,” said Frederick.

“Good evening, Frederick,” said Alice.

“Hello, Frederick-san,” said Takeo, in greeting.

“Oh? Lady Alice and Takeo-sama – you’ve been here all this time,” said Frederick.

“Yes, we thought we would return home with whoever came to get the goods,” said Takeo.

“I see,” said Frederick, “Shopkeeper Taylor – are the coats finished?”

“Yes, please wait here,” said Taylor. He retreated to the back room for a moment to retrieve the coats.

“Here they are,” he said, and placed a package of three coats on the table.

Frederick began inspecting the contents.

“I’ll give you the cost of the three coats, now,” said Taylor, “Ah, let’s see – three coats for 7 gold, and 5 silvers, along with the strengthening of the coats for 3 silvers. The lapel pins are 5 silvers for a batch of 5, with one extra thrown in. So, in total, it’ll be 8 gold and 3 silvers.”

“All right,” said Frederick, and after paying Taylor, he received the coats, and left the shop with Alice and Takeo.


Alice, Takeo, and Frederick had almost reached the Elvis household. 

“Lady Alice, Takeo-sama, what were you doing there, all this time?” asked Frederick.

“I was upgrading my rings,” said Takeo, “Lady Alice bought one, too.”

“Takeo-sama chose it for me,” said Alice.

“Oh, wow. Well, that’s nice,” said Frederick.

“I was sweating bullets the whole time,” said Takeo.

“Haha, well, that’s probably a good thing, too,” said Frederick.

“Yes,” said Takeo, “When we get home, we must make some pudding for Master Smith.”

“Do you have something special planned for him?” asked Frederick.

“Well, we’ll see… Hmm… We might put some whipped cream on top for him,” said Takeo.

“Takeo-sama, what is this whipp… cream?” Alice asked, deeply interested.

“Whipped cream,” said Takeo, “Frederick-san, do you know about butter?”

“Yes,” said Frederick, “You are referring to the solid material that can be made from fresh cow’s milk, yes?”

“Can we get our hands on some of that?”

“…We should return to town for a moment, then,” said Frederick, “I have an idea of where we might buy some.”

“Lady Alice, we’ll make a detour, if that’s ok,” said Takeo.

“I’ll go anywhere for something delicious,” said Alice.

The three of them decided they would double back to town to search for ingredients.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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