Chapter 65

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At the same time, Qiao Can suddenly remembered something.

She didn’t care if she would also plunge into the water, she just desperately rushed forward.

Jian Mingjia: “Hey—!”

Her shouting didn’t make much difference, and Qiao Can did it without hesitation.

The machete dragged by Pyramid Head loosened from his hand when he fell, and half of it remained on the ground, just sliding down due to the weight of the other half.

Qiao Can slid her hand several times, and finally grabbed the back of the knife at the last second, and his whole body was brought down by inertia.

At any rate, she caught it.

The long machete was still inches away from the surface of the water. She didn’t really fall in, and Qiao Can’s heart also fell back to its true place. It was only that the heavy machete made it a little hard to keep her balance, not to mention pulling it up with her own strength.

“Come on,” she gritted her teeth, “Help…”

Her sudden behavior scared Jian Mingjia very much. She recovered her senses at this moment and rushed over quickly while keeping in mind that the neighboring iron net was also loosening.

Grabbing one side with Lin You, the two worked together, with only a hand to stabilize. They finally dragged Qiao Can and the metal block she was holding back to the iron net.

The machete hit the ground with a bang, and the group wiped their sweat.

“It’s too risky,” Jian Mingjia said, panting. “If you want to go in by yourself—”

The Pyramid Head that was pushed by them was still sinking somewhere.

“So far so good.”

She almost fell into the water, but they didn’t see much fear on her face. Instead, she was very excited about such a big piece. “It was worth it.”

The water surface under the barbed wire hadn’t made any waves yet, and they didn’t know how the Pyramid Head would feel if he knew that his long knife had fallen into their hands.

The weight of this machete was not clear. Wearing a large metal helmet, you won’t feel that with the top-heavy pyramid head you can swing freely, but it was a bit harder to fall here.

She was thinking about stuffing it into her backpack but suddenly stopped because of a faintly unknown noise.

“Do you hear something…?”

Qiao Can was uncertain, and she said suspiciously, “Auditory hallucinations?”


Lin You’s eyelids twitched.

“I heard it too.”

It was a sneaky rustling sound, like something crawling, getting closer and closer.

Jian Mingjia, who was holding the flashlight, felt numbness on her back and shone on it.

Everything in the Inner World was mostly severely damaged remains, and a beetle that was almost the size of a fist crawled out of the hole in the cracked wall.

It was just the start.

Qiao Can: “…Oh my god.”

She stared at the brown-yellow wall that was about to be stained black by the insects, and her scalp was about to explode. Following the head beetle, the “waves” that rushed out were still some distance away from them, but they were really getting closer.

They were heading towards them.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you can completely imagine the way they climb up. People will always explode with power that they did not expect at a critical moment. Qiao Can’s mind was buzzing, and she actually lifted the long knife that she could not easily handle.

“Get down!” she screamed.

Lin You fell to the ground. She only felt that there was something above her head that was so hot that the air was burning her. She covered her ears intuitively.

She was right.

This made her seem to be back in front of the cave in the last instance. The heatwave rushed to her face, and her ears could be stunned by the loud noise between her palms.

A hand that was almost blown away clasped her shoulder tightly, drifting with her.

—Something exploded over there.

The flame crackled, completely blocking the path of the beetles.

“…What…” Jian Mingjia’s voice was vaguely heard over the flames, “Is that…”

“I want to use that knife…rocket launcher!”

Qiao Can raised her voice, but it was also covered up intermittently, “But I didn’t have time to… look like it’s going to explode…just threw it out!”

Lin You: “…”

Jian Mingjia: “…”

The bombing was okay.

But it actually worked.

Everything that could be burned was burned decades ago, and the fire gradually extinguished, revealing a scorched corpse. Even so, the power of the explosion was not small. Fortunately, they had escaped the nearest piece of netting early—several pieces were shaken off and fell into the pool.


In the inner world, there really was no time to relax, Lin You thought when hearing the pattering sound from below.

She lowered her head.

Through the netting, a veiny arm burst out of the water and grabbed the guardrail beside the wall below.

The metal pyramid helmet pointed, and Pyramid Head grabbed the railing and climbed up again and again. The remaining water drops rolled down the edge, and the long cloth surrounding his lower body was also saturated with water, but this did not hinder his movements at all.

Only halfway through the climb, his helmet seemed to lean.

Along the direction he was facing, the three of them looked at a pile of charred insect corpses in silence, where there were several pieces of broken copper and iron.

……His own good machete came to this, so Pyramid Head was about to kill them.

Run, run, run, hurry!

Lin You was the first to get up, and she was still aware of the strength gap between the two sides—Pyramid Head’s body was almost invincible, and they faced each other without any preparation. This deal was definitely not worthwhile!

Maybe she could use SCP-096, but the problem was that he can’t see his face through the mask!

Just a few steps away, Lin You was startled.

Her vision lit up.

It wasn’t the sudden light of the explosion, nor the white light of the flashlight. The corridor was little by little restored to the dimness from the daylight that passed through the windows and the ashes passed by outside.

Large blocks of the wall rose up and closed, and the netting under their feet returned to the original stone bricks.

They had returned to the Otherworld.

The two people behind her sighed in relief and sat down on the ground. Lin You raised her eyes again, and in the afterglow, she saw a figure flashing by in the distance.


She stamped her foot on the spot and ran after her. Seeing that the situation was wrong, Jian Mingjia and Qiao Can hurriedly got up to follow, but when Lin You rushed to the stairway, looking left and right, they couldn’t see any more traces.

“Alessa?” She tentatively asked, “Is that you, Alessa?”

“I know what you want to lead us to discover.”

Lin You raised her voice.

“But there is no need for this. I know who is lurking in this town, your experience, and the truth about the fire.” She paused, “I can help you.”

According to the background in the movie, the residents here were descendants of witch hunters.

To this day, they were still acting secretly with the existence of the church, holding cult ceremonies that they think can get rid of uncleanliness to prevent the apocalypse from coming to destroy the world.

In this closed and conservative town, Alessa, an illegitimate child, was bullied only because no one knew who her father was. She was ostracized and isolated at school. After hiding in the toilet, she was molested by a janitor. Her mother was unable to protect her.

The leader of the church, her mother’s sister, couldn’t figure out who her biological father was after several times of cross-examination, and then regarded her as an “unclean” existence, and led a group of believers to forcibly arrest Alessa.

By the time her mother sought help from the police from outside the town, it was too late.

The ritual of burning the witch had an accident. The altar was overturned, and the flames spread to the entire town, which was the source of the fire that burned Silent Hill to the remains.

The police failed to save Alessa, and she didn’t stay in the hospital for long after she was tied, tortured, and burnt, but during this time, her hatred took shape.

Above the stairs, a little girl’s face appeared.

“I am not ‘Alessa’,” she said.

Yes, she knew, Lin You thought. But before the person admitted it, it was better to assume that she didn’t know.

“I have many names.” The little girl in a purple dress held onto the railing and walked downstairs step by step. “Of course, I am her dark side now.”

“Alessa decided to cooperate with me in the hospital bed to avenge those who hurt her. After so many years in the business, we are about to get results, and there is a problem before us—”

“They hide in the church, and I can’t break in.”

As the “clone” of the dark side, she had a cute face, and she wanted to be the same as Alessa before the burn, except that the dark blood that dripped from her forehead made her look gloomy.

“We had other plans,” she said, “But then, you—you appeared.”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

“I have been looking at you, and until now, you have not reached my standards. But you said ‘I can help you’…”

The little girl looked her up and down with interest.

“Yes, I can feel some kind of powerful force in you—where did they go?”

—She could actually feel it.

But it wasn’t surprising…096 had been chasing the Slit-mouthed Woman at her side for so long.

Lin You shrugged.

“In fact, they didn’t go anywhere, they are still here.”

She rolled her eyes, “Do you want to see them? Or even further, maybe you can have afternoon tea or something together.”

The words were implied as if they were explicit, and it would be strange if “Alessa” didn’t understand. Lin You also didn’t point out that she would agree, she didn’t want to get the other party to pick up the corners of her mouth slyly after hearing it.

“Maybe I will think about it.”

The little girl said: “But before that, what is more important is Alessa’s wish.”

“They believe that they can call their gods in this way…” She stepped back step by step, “Alessa and I hope to end this. I am curious, what choice would you make if it were you?”

When she uttered the last words, the little girl’s figure disappeared.

Qiao Can originally only stood at the back. The conversation between the two of them was so loud that she didn’t dare to speak out. Only then did he speak admiringly.

“In short,” she asked, “You don’t have to stay in this school now, right?”

She personally blasted Pyramid Head’s machete like that, and she was inevitably a little panicked.

“I have seen the deity,” Lin You said, “Of course it is unnecessary.”

The rest was…just as the little girl who claimed to be the dark side of Alyssa said, what they decide.

“I want to talk even more after seeing it with my own eyes.”

Jian Mingjia, who was silent for a long while, finally spoke: “Purification? Trial? Who are they stupid enough to think they are?”

Lin You: “What do you expect the brainwashed cultists to understand.”

“I have been trapped here for so long by the consequences of my own evil deeds,” Qiao Can said, “Could it be that they still think that way?”

“Not only do I think so, but it also got worse. A claustrophobic environment like this would solidify their opinions—see, it really was because she was a demon that brought us to this end.”

Qiao Can clucked her tongue and Jian Mingjia continued.

“As long as they have a slight relationship with the witch, in their eyes, they will be burned, such as the policewoman—”

She stopped.

“Don’t say it. Anyway, at this point in time, it will happen in the future.”

Qiao Can: “…”

Qiao Can: “No, no, please say it quickly.”

Otherwise, she will be suffocated to death.

“She was set up and burned to death because she was covering the heroine to find her daughter.” Jian Mingjia said.

“These guys…” Qiao Can said in disbelief.

After returning to the Otherworld, they saw the monster knocked down by Qiao Can halfway through the road, carefully circumventing the pools of venom that it splashed. At this moment, they had left the teaching building and returned to the empty street.

The ashes floating in the sky still showed no signs of stopping.

Some of the shops on the street were still closed, and some were turned upside down—the believers had obviously visited.

Lin You noticed one of them.

In this place, survival was a problem. The believers were obviously not in the mood to pay attention to electronic gadgets. Besides, Qiao Can was at a loss when she walked in, but Jian Mingjia guessed her intentions—she had heard the other side more or less.


With a “click,” Lin You held the Polaroid taken from the counter with one hand and took out the photo she took casually. “Fortunately, the quality of this camera is good after leaving it for so long?”

“Come on,” she turned her head, “Close your eyes.”


Two hours later.

It may be because of the reasons that have already made an appointment with Alessa, but this period of time can be said to be peaceful in a sense.

Qiao Can melted the bullet with the iron rod she found and knocked down a few monsters on the road, but at least they did not enter the Inner World again.

Following the map, Lin You and others successfully found the church in the southeast corner of the town.

This church can be said to be the most iconic building in the entire town—it had a tall spire, which had a strangely shaped cross on it after the transformation.

“Do you really want to go in there alone?”

When crossing the open space, Qiao Can asked: “Will this…”

“It’s settled.” Compared to her, Jian Mingjia was not used to it and had to get used to it. “Don’t worry, she is not the only one who can handle it. We just need to be ready to respond.”

When the darkness of the Inner World didn’t fall, most of the followers were scattered around the town on patrol—they were very careful to avoid them. The church that served as their refuge was now empty.

Besides Jian Mingjia and the others who were hiding not far away, when Lin You opened the door while holding the sealed envelope, there was only a woman standing in front of her and a few bodyguards surrounded her.

“If someone’s name is not recorded in the book of life…”

The prayers of women echoed in the hall, “They were thrown into the lake of fire.”

Hearing the noise behind her, she turned her head.

“This is a sacred refuge,” the woman said when she saw Lin You’s face, “I haven’t seen you before, stranger.”

Just from the posture of her and those people, she could guess that she was the leader here, that is, the one who executed Alessa…

“I’m Chris Bella.”

She said: “I’m responsible for managing this church. How did you get here?”

“…I don’t know either,” Lin You’s eyes were erratic, “I woke up and found myself here.”

“I finally found this place along the way. In the middle…something happened. Can I ask something?”

Chris Bella looked at her up and down.

“Come with me,” she said.

Lin You followed Chris Bella and walked up to the second floor of the church. She noticed that the other bodyguards were all following her.

Chris Bella asked: “What do you want to ask?”

“There is only one thing,” Lin You gave up her cover, and directly said it, “Alessa.”

Her words seemed to be forbidden, and Chris Bella’s expression moved slightly.

“We never mention this name.”

She said: “That devil is a sin left by my sister…you seem to know a lot of things you shouldn’t know.”

“I just ‘investigated’ something…” Lin You casually glanced at the envelope that she had been holding tightly in her arms.

Chris Bella noticed her movement, “What’s that?”

“It’s nothing.”

Lin You hid the envelope, “Why do you want to do this?”

“In order to stop the “Apocalypse”.” Chris Bella said.

“But Alessa is innocent.”

As soon as she said this, Lin You knew what she was going to face. Sure enough, Chris Bella’s eyes suddenly sharpened. She continued, “Is it justice to refer to your sister’s daughter as the devil? You are just—”


Chris Bella, who suddenly understood, interrupted her with an angry shout.

“I was skeptical at the beginning, but I didn’t expect you to be fascinated by the devil, and what you did was shaking our faith.” Before Lin You went on, she said in a painful tone, and then yelled, ” Catch her! Now!”

The tall man behind her hesitated for a moment, “But…”

“Do as I say!”

Her prestige among believers was real. As soon as these words came out, the men did not hesitate. Lin You only felt the opponent twist her wrist. She did not have the upper hand in physical strength, and she was forced to hold her shoulder after struggling for a few times.

“The evidence of her collusion with the devil is in that envelope!” Chris Bella called, “Give it to me!”

“Let go! There is nothing in it—”

Just halfway through Lin You’s words, her eagerness to defend fell in Chris Bella’s eyes, which confirmed the credibility of her ideas. She sneered and took the envelope that the believer had snatched from her.

“It is faith that prevents the darkness of hell from spreading. This is the only truth.”

She said coldly.

“The truth is extremely clear in front of the sighted person.”

“You will soon face the same ending as that demon,” Chris Bella opened the envelope and announced, “You deserve it.”

The moment she saw what was inside, her face changed.

“What is this—”


The person who was still flustered just interrupted her unhurriedly, “I think my acting skills are pretty bad.”

She came here just to make sure Chris Bella would look inside the envelope.

“But fortunately you are busy giving me the next trial—let me think, were you so anxious for Alessa back then?”

Lin You closed her eyes long ago, leaving Chris Bella’s face blue and white.

“You know, it’s still very difficult to take a picture without looking at the camera,” she said, “I don’t know if it was taken. I plan to use option B if it is not taken. But listening to your tone, it was a success, right?”

Then she must quickly prepare for compensation. She wondered if a dozen paper bags would be enough.

If he didn’t have enough, she’ll have a few dozen more, the kind with patterns.

Chris Bella couldn’t understand what she was talking about, but she had a strong bad feeling. She opened her mouth and wanted to tell them to put the witch on the fire now, but when she looked up, she saw them staring at her back with tears.

She squeezed the envelope tightly.

—There was only one photo in it, and there was a pale and thin face on the corner of the image.

With the sound of the paper bag crumpling, the shadow enveloped her body, and Chris Bella turned her head subconsciously.

The next second, she and SCP-096 screamed sternly at the same time.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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