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Chapter 6: Frail Assassin

Mo Lin.

Mo Sen’s nephew. Just like the position of Zhai Feng institute among many institutes, Mo family is also a nothing-out-of-ordinary family among countless families on the continent. Neither their blood vessels are extraordinary, nor they have a single family vocation. They don’t have fixed unified rules towards the clan’s future. In fact, they resemble an ordinary extended family. This ‘nothing out of ordinary’ family is reputed to carry a burden and every person has his own way of living. They just share affection with each other due to possessing same blood vessels, that’s all.

Mo Sen is a Gardener at Zhai Feng institute, on the other hand, Mo Lin is actually an Assassin, more precisely a Hitman. Mo Sen had always been anxious that he wouldn’t be neat enough in this kind of work. Therefore, he had called his assassin nephew for help in advance. Now that Mo Lin has arrived, he doesn’t need to worry about that stuff since Mo Lin’s methods specifically target assassination.

“ Where is the target?” Mo Lin is an individual who greatly treasures the time, therefore after initial greetings, he wished to get on with work right away.

“ He lives just there.” Mo Sen pointed to a small wooden house behind Mo Lin’s body.

“ Currently, no one is there, though..” Mo Lin displayed his professional qualities. He had probably surveyed all the conditions surrounding this region before settling on his current position.

“ That’s right.” Mo Sen said

“Then it makes the matter very simple.” Mo Lin said while turning his body, and began to walk in big steps immediately after. He arrived in front of small wooden house’s window. The window was comparatively high. He had already confirmed the situation inside the house, he didn’t need to check it again. He placed both of his hands on the ledge and pushed himself up. Just the very next moment, the charisma of an assassin completely vanished from his body.

“ Uncle come and give me a hand!” Mo Lin shouted. He had already tried to climb up two times, but eventually, he had no other choice than to powerlessly slide down. Ultimately, he had to turn towards his relative to ask for assistance. Mo Sen was also helpless. If one must label a quality upon Mo family’s blood vessels, then perhaps labeling utterly disappointing physical stamina is the most fitting. It would be much better to rather not mention such a quality.

Mo Sen looked all around, after ensuring that there was no other person in sight, he quickly went forward to lend a hand. Eventually, he managed to push Mo Lin inside the window. Immediately after that, he heard Mo Lin’s depressed shout “Ah! what a guy, why would he not close the door before going out?”

Mo Sen’s heart ceased a little. He only knew that this nephew of his is in this kind of work, as for how proficient he was, he had no idea. At first, Mo Sen felt that he would be pretty reliable, but now, Mo Sen was not too sure about it. .

“ Don’t sweat on details. What are you planning to do?” Mo Sen was standing up on his tips, trying to make out every detail about what Mo Lin was trying to do.

“ Very Simple.” Mo Lin had already begun to set his plan in motion. He arrived at the bedside and fished out a forceps from his right side pocket. Then he carefully inserted it into the leather bag inside the left lapel of his robe and took out a needle.

“ This is the poison I extracted from Oleander and Morning Mandrake. The amount in this needle is enough to kill the entire first-grade students of your Zhai Feng institute. Now…” Mo Lin was talking while placing the poison needle under the mattress . After placing the poison needle, he stepped back and double checked. Then he nodded his head in satisfaction.

There was no need to ask, Mo Sen had already realized Mo Lin’s plan. Simple but very practical. Who would be able to discover the poison needle which had already disappeared in between the bed sheets? At least, Mo Sen couldn’t find it with his sixth Heavenly Layer of Infusion’s soul.

“Uncle, help me.” Mo Lin returned to the window and asked assistance from Mo Sen who was standing outside.

“ Why don’t you walk out from the door?” Mo Sen said.

“ No need to leave unnecessary traces. It is comparatively better.” When Mo Lin was speaking, half of his body was already outside the window.

The plan was practical, thought process behind it was also very thorough. However, just due to the clumsiness in crawling down the window, the charisma of an assassin was thoroughly destroyed. Fortunately, Mo Sen is a family member, he can understand Mo Lin’s difficulties. If it was any other employer, then perhaps he would have long lost his faith in Mo Lin.

“ After midnight, I will come to collect the needle. Then I will wait to collect his corpse!” Mo Lin said while sweeping his clothes which were disheveled due to crawling.

“ Pay attention to the time when you leave.” Mo Sen again reminded. Zhai Feng has very lenient rules. But, a murder of student will not be taken lightly. It will be thoroughly investigated. And Mo Lin, a stranger at Zhai Feng institute, was bound to arouse suspicions.

“ Uncle you can be at ease. When I will come to retrieve the needle, I will also take care of the aftermath. No one would be able to discover that his death is abnormal.” As Mo Lin was smiling, the charisma of an assassin which was missing when he was crawling down the window, was once again on display. After he was finished saying his words, he turned and walked towards a direction where no one was in sight. After a short moment, he completely disappeared from the vision of Mo Sen.

Is it possible to be over like this? After watching Mo Lin disappearing from his sight, Mo Sen once again turned his gaze towards the small house. Very soon, there won’t be that annoying existence in this flower garden, the flower garden he was most fond of. As he thought till here, Mo Lin realized that he didn’t have the kind of expectation that he’d in the early morning when he was at the pavilion, instead, his heart was heavy.

“ I hope Su Tang won’t be too sad…” Mo Sen thought and bent down to take care of flowers and plants. Only this could make his heart calm down.

After midnight.

Only a handful of stars were shining in the sky, however, from the perspective of a person who had attained second Heavenly Layer in Infusion’s soul, the starlight from this handful of stars was enough to see everything clearly.

A silhouette was softly moving through the Flower Garden. Although its footsteps were producing sound, but fortunately, this sound was being mixed up with the sound produced by the rustling of the wind blowing through the Flower Garden. Someone with an amazing perception of Sound’s soul can easily make out the difference, however, Mo Lin knew that the person inside the small house didn’t have any kind of perception whatsoever. Not to mention, that person at present would be a dead man already.

Even though it was like this, Mo Lin was still doing his utmost to move as quietly as possible. After arriving below the window, he bent down to lay down two bricks underneath it to serve as a support to place his feet.

This truly was an eyesore. However, with such a physique, Mo Lin was also helpless. He naturally envied those with outstanding agility. Those guys can come and go like wind. However, the body of the descendants of Mo family is just too slow in terms of perceiving Strength’s soul.

Nothing can be done about it. He can just rely on wisdom to solve the issue.

He stepped on two bricks and placed both of his hands on the window’s ledge. Although it was mostly dark inside the house, but just a single light ray was enough to enable someone with a perception of second Heavenly Layer in Infusion’s soul to see things in dark without any difficulties.

Mo Lin watched the target motionlessly lying on the bed. However, at this moment, his much stronger and much sharper perception of sixth Heavenly Layer in Pivot’s soul was providing him with much precise information.

Not right.

Temperature is not right.

He hadn’t touched the body, but with just this much of a separation, Mo Lin could easily sense the temperature emitted out by the target’s body. This guy must have recently lied down, otherwise, it is impossible to emit this kind of temperature after dying at midnight.

Circumstances were a bit wrong, he was just one step away from confirmation. Or…

Mo Lin was still hesitating, however, at this moment, the figure on the bed moved.


Mo Lin had taken precautions in his mind. Although he was hesitating, but he had never let his guard down. Target’s body just made a tiny moment and it was already sensed by him. He backed down and ran away without the slightest hesitation.

Why didn’t the injected poison needle display its effect? Was it discovered?

Mo Lin was completely confident in his poison, no matter who the target was. The only explanation was that the target wasn’t injected with poison.

He never turned his head since he’d started to run. He only tried to hear the movements coming from behind his body. His Pivot’s soul was the most formidable one, being already at the sixth Heavenly Layer. Moreover, regarding this soul, he had already attained the realm of linking up with Excellence’s soul. It allowed him to possess much stronger abilities. Apart from his Strength’s soul, his other five souls have also reached some definite realms. His Sound’s soul has already attained the third Heavenly Layer. At such a distance, no movement could pass his ears unnoticed.

The body stood up………Down from the bed……..Reached window’s opening…..Jumped out!

Behind Mo Lin, a sound of body jumping down echoed. Surprisingly, the target has come out to chase!

Mo Lin couldn’t help himself from turning his head back to take a glance. This useless garbage doesn’t seem to be that useless as it was in Mo Sen uncle’s words. At least, he has a lot of courage, even if this courage makes him very stupid.

Since Mo Lin was a member of a family whose strength was very weak and being a Perceiver, he naturally possessed a lot of methods at his command to fight anytime. Compared to ordinary people, his methods were also a level higher. This guy clearly doesn’t have any soul’s power whatsoever and he still dares to chase, this is precisely what they say ‘Ignorant fears nothing.’

Since he doesn’t have any perception, this youngster doesn’t realize how formidable his target his.

Should I directly kill him?

Not possible.

Although Mo Lin was capable of it, he had been repeatedly warned by Mo Sen that the death must be an accident, an accident that no one will find abnormal.

“ To think that I have to use that plan in order to deal with an ordinary individual.” Mo Lin was feeling apprehensive in his mind.

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