Chapter 60

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Seeing such an image and hearing such a sentence, Lin You immediately understood what she was facing.


When it comes to this, we have to mention the “Jigsaw Killer.”

The movies always revolved around him and his disciples. The “Jigsaw Killer” was naturally the ghost figure in this series.

His real name was John, and he originally had a happy and prosperous life. But since his wife had a miscarriage in an accident, he was also diagnosed with cancer, and the insurance company refused to insure him during the treatment.

It was all desperate and unsatisfactory. When he was old, he wanted to commit suicide, but he survived the fatal injury by accident. So, John felt that this was the choice of fate, and he began to choose those who he thought were guilty or who ignored life to participate in his game.

—In other words, a trial.

Regardless of this kind of thinking, John used his extraordinary mind and rich knowledge to create various levels for these people.

The content was often unthinkable and cruel puzzles. He laid down sophisticated traps and devices. Only through these puzzles and traps could they survive.

If they fail to complete the trial, he will cut off a piece of skin like a puzzle piece. The police who found these bodies called him a “puzzle murderer,” also known as a “jigsaw killer.”

Lin You observed the current situation.

There were so many pre-memories given by the system in her mind. She didn’t need to remember anything between this instance; Lin You was just given a vague impression.

The “Susie” he mentioned was on the way home, as usual, walking into an alley, when she was knocked out by someone from behind before she went too far. When she woke up again, the player found herself locked in this room.

Lin You thought that maybe she should be glad that she didn’t wear a murdering mask or helmet, and wouldn’t let her head be forcibly torn in half. Although what she was sitting on was narrow and hard, it was a normal chair anyway.

The clothes were still the same and her body was her default body, and she tried to move her hands and feet. When she noticed the coldness from her ankles, Lin You lowered her head and saw the iron chain that was shackled there, and the iron ball dragged behind the chain.

Her neck also felt a little strange. Lin You reached out and touched a circle of metal.

If you can’t see, you can only touch it. She held it up and realized that it was a heavy collar.

One, two…three, she felt three small holes from left to right. The holes were long, and she suspected they were keyholes.

Lin You tried to break it off. Of course, the device was fastened so tightly that it was impossible to pull it off easily.

Any more forceful destruction might happen, so she decisively let go.


On the old TV set directly opposite her, the weird puppet’s mouth moved up and down.

He called her the name given by the system in this instance and continued.

“You are brilliant, enthusiastic about public welfare, and you are not used to self-interested behaviors. You are a well-deserved leader in the eyes of many people in the school. You always appeal to people to do something for the victims, but what is hiding under that friendly mask?”

…Hearing him, she wondered if she was set as a hypocrite?

“It seems that you have realized your situation.”

He said.

“The ring around your neck has three layers, which contain a small amount of TTX toxin. What you have to do is to find the keys that can unlock the three layers of locks within the specified time, otherwise, once the countdown is over, it will be released into your body.”

“You have worked on this subject before, and you must understand that a blood injection will numb it for a short time and then you will die.”

“Life or death, it’s your choice.”

Here comes the classic lines.

Lin You looked at the puppet on the TV screen.

The Jigsaw Killer lost his only son in his wife’s miscarriage, so he took this puppet made by him as a memorial to his son. At the same time, he used this to endorse this trial and appear in front of the subject instead of him.

The puppet’s name was also Billy.

…She suspected that the Jigsaw Killer and Mary Shaw shared a common language.

She was silent for too long in this trance, but she didn’t seem to panic at all, making the whole atmosphere strange.


On the TV, Billy was quiet for a moment with his mouth closed.

“Why is there no response?”

“I’m here, I’m here.” Lin You coughed slightly, “I’m sorry, I was in a daze just now.”

The culprit who heard this was unexpectedly at a loss for words by this answer.

A daze????[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

“If you don’t act anymore,” said the white-faced puppet on the TV, “I will treat it as if you are giving up this game.”

According to the Jigsaw Killer’s rules, if you give up the game, the consequence is of course death.

“Don’t worry.”

Lin You said: “I didn’t say I wouldn’t play.”

“I just want to ask if there is any reward if I pass.” She said, “For example, I have an acquaintance who likes to collect puppets—”

She remembered that Billy could ride a bicycle. Mary Shaw would be very interested.


The Jigsaw Killer who interrupted her already regretted the active communication this time. It was so good to use video and walkman recordings as before. Such bargaining was not in line with his original intention.

“The puppet’s no good, so let’s change it,” Lin You compromised, “I think you—”

“No,” he repeated. Somehow, the Jigsaw Killer’s intuition told him not to let her go on, “You can only win your life back.”

He heard the other party scoff. “Petty.”

The Jigsaw Killer: “…”

“Just forget it,” Lin You said, “Let’s start the game.”

…Wasn’t that his line???

Without waiting for the other party to say anything, Lin You looked around.

The narrow space was cold and humid, and there were large moldy spots in between the wall and the floor. She only had the chair and the TV opposite in the whole room, and no other mechanisms.

Obviously, the Jigsaw Killer probably did not intend to use this as the venue.

There was a wooden door on the left.

The iron chain with the ball she was dragging weighed ten kilograms at least.

Lin You didn’t know what it was for. If he wanted to prevent her from escaping, he could just find a pipe and tie it up.

This dragging ball made it a little bit harder to walk over, and she finally walked to the wooden door. Like the mildew-spotted corner of the wall, this dirty door seemed to be left unattended for some time.

She unscrewed the doorknob.

As soon as the door was opened, the water came in.

Looking over there, Lin You realized what the purpose of the shackles was.

In front of her was a six-meter-long rectangular pool.

She didn’t know if it was the function of a mechanism. After the iron ball was dragged in with the heavy and muffled noise, the wooden door behind her slowly closed itself.

The Jigsaw Killer liked to observe the game from close range. She didn’t know if it would happen this time—thinking about this, Lin You glanced over, but she didn’t see a window or a hole.

It seemed there was nothing.

Also, he was controlling the puppet this time. Maybe it was monitoring her or something.

The space here was much larger than before. There was a TV on the cabinet in the corner, and the screen that was originally black lit up again.

Billy’s painted white face appeared again.

No one interrupted him. He cleared up his mood and finally could proceed with his trial.

“Since you have decided to accept this game, the countdown begins. You have forty minutes to find these three keys.”

“Susie, in front of your eyes is a two-meter deep pool. The first key is under the water.”

He said.

“You need to go down with the shackles. It restricts your movement to a certain extent, and the length is not enough to make you breathless. By the way, the keys are also together.”

“But I will continue to heat the water in the pool.”

“From the moment you enter the water to the full boiling point, you have three minutes and thirty seconds. If you can’t find it, it means you missed the opportunity to open the outermost layer of locks, and you simply failed the game.”

“Go, Susie, and see if you can find your chance to survive.”

Lin You: “…”

She squatted down by the pool. The water inside was very muddy, but it could also vaguely reflect the red number flashing in the middle of the collar on her neck—the time left to remove it, according to the Jigsaw Killer, was three minutes and nineteen seconds.

However, there were so many impurities in the water that she didn’t know if she could see clearly if she dived in.

“Let me ask one more question,” Lin You said, “Are there any restrictions on the way?”

After monitoring the screen, the Jigsaw Killer looked at the big room with nothing but a TV set.

There was no other way.

“Right,” he said.


“As long as you get the keys.”

“Very good,” Lin You said, “Then I can rest assured.”

As soon as she turned her wrist, there was a card in her hand. With a burst of light, the card disappeared, replaced by an unknown object that suddenly splashed with water.

The surveillance camera captured everything very clearly. Opposite Lin You, the long hair floating on the water, the swollen and green face, and the appearance of her figure can be seen as a woman, but this—

“There are keys under the water,” Lin You immediately asked before she could respond, “Help me find them.”

Looking back at the TV again, the puppet on the screen had completely stopped moving.

What the hell was this???

Finally, the puppet’s mouth moved.

Billy: “Wait…”

With a sound, the water ghost’s swollen face appeared on the water. Less than twenty seconds after she got into the water, she was already holding a bunch of keys tied together high in her hand.

At this moment, she still raised her head and smiled provocatively at the TV.

Complete silence.

“You said so yourself, there’s no restrictions.”

In a strange silence, Lin You took the keys and shook the water drops off them. She tried them one by one, and smoothly inserted the small key in the innermost hole. After turning it half a turn, she heard a crisp unlocking sound.

She bent down again and inserted another key into the keyhole. This time it took a little more effort, but with a “click,” the shackles on the wrists fell off to the left and right.

The action was a bit relaxed after a long absence.

“Okay,” Lin You asked briskly, “What’s the next level?”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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