Volume 9 Chapter 149

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“…So you mean to say that we need to take responsibility,” interjected Prince Yajima, who had been silent up until this point. He had the same smooth, black hair as Princess Tomoe, and was part of the Marshsan royal family.

“For the upper class to receive more income than the people is… right now, an issue that someone has to take responsibility for,” I said.

“Brother! You’ve been ill all this time, Brother, and you have had nothing to do with this revolution!” said Tomoe. He was her older brother. Which meant that he was formerly the secondborn royal prince. The firstborn prince had passed away, and the thirdborn prince was younger than Tomoe.

“If you go down to the village, you can hear what the people have to say. If you buy a newspaper, you can at least grasp the basics of the current situation. We hadn’t even been doing something as simple as that, and we stayed satisfied with only hearing good news that suited us. We must look like fools,” said Yajima.

I didn’t agree or disagree.

“I will hereby arrest you all under accusations of the abduction of minors and blackmail. Since this is an issue that involves the royal family of Marsh, the trial will occur in Galle. Sakaki!” I called.

“Yes,” said Sakaki. His frog hopped in and out. The military police of Galle stationed in Marsh would probably soon arrive.

Something cold wrapped around my neck. It suddenly began constricting me, with no time to react.

I grabbed at the base of my neck and looked down… It was water. Water had been formed into a rope and was closing tightly around my neck.

“Ack!” I struggled.

“Ha, haha, haaaaaahahahaha! There’s no way we’d be stopped here! Why do you think I spent all this time pretending to be weakened by illness?! Look at this gathering of Trundle meatheads. You will never be able to escape this delicate water magic of mine!” said Yajima.

“G-gathering of meatheads… What can one even say in response to that…” I said.

“Sera…” said Lu.

“B-Brother! You can’t lash out against Serafiona like that!” said Tomoe.

“Shut up! You act all high and mighty, but you’re just a worthless little sister! You live in fear of the Empire’s retribution, too, don’t you? Hah! If I go on my own, I can flee to anywhere I want!” said Yajima.

“No! You’re wrong! Serafiona is…” said Tomoe.

“Oh, shut your mouth! Well, you did help me out by staying alive. You’ll serve as the royal house’s representative, repent for all of our wrongdoings, and take responsibility for all of it! Oh, and you’ll take responsibility for killing the Empress Serafiona, too… Blegh…”  


I used my forearm to hit Yajima with the Lariat attack that I learned from Kodak Sensei.

Prince Yajima was, of course, thrown back, and smashed into the wall behind him.

“Sera, why the Lariat?” asked Lu.

I rolled my shoulder, thinking I had lost some of my past vigor.

“Father told me that I shouldn’t be jumping, just yet,” I said.

“You’re worrying about that, when you had just been jostling up and down, riding on Lu’s back?” asked Sakaki, shrugging. He went over to the prince, who had lost consciousness, and slapped his face with no mercy to wake him.

“Guh, guhhhh… Wait, how?! How did this happen to my water magic?!” cried Yajima.

HIs water magic was now loosely wrapped around my neck like a scarf.

“Sorry, but water magic doesn’t work on me,” I said.

As I poked the watery scarf with my finger, it turned to mist and faded away.

This was the Goddess’s protection… No, it was Miyu’s. Miyu was the Queen of the Eastern Sea – she was the Eastern Holy Beast who ruled over all water magic. This water was cleverly infused with poison, too. It was Number 2 Paralysis Poison, made from Yellow Moray.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @ novelmultiverse.com]

“Oh, Princess Tomoe… Is lulling your enemy into a sense of security and then poisoning them the standard procedure for a Marshan assassination?” I asked.

Princess Tomoe was staring into the air, in a daze.

“…This is why I tried to stop him… I didn’t know your true power, Serafiona, but I could at least tell that you were truly strong… My experiences have allowed me to detect things like that… I knew that my Brother, who has never left his room to experience real battles could never…”

Tears dripped quietly from Princess Tomoe’s eyes. Her older had offered her up as a sacrifice.

She was betrayed by her older brother…

“I don’t ever get caught off guard by royals,” I said.

I built up some momentum without taking my eyes off of Prince Yajima’s pale face, and I dropped an elbow down on his head! Bam! I sank him to the ground. His pain was nothing compared to what he had just inflicted on Princess Tomoe.

I applied a paralysis that only allowed walking to everyone, yet again. At the same time, more than ten troops wearing Galle uniforms were commanded to enter the premises. They all bowed towards me quickly, and then looked to Sakaki for orders.

I glared at the two people present that looked as though they instigated the royals and got them to plot a revolt. There was almost no question that they were the masterminds.

“I’ve heard that the torture methods of Galle are merciless. You should hurry up and confess,” I said. 

They shot me terrifying glares, but unfortunately for them, I was immune to scary faces.

After preparations were made, I made all of the guards stand up and stand in a line. The Prince was made unconscious, and so I had him carried out on shoulders.

“Princess Tomoe!”


“If you don’t know what to do with your life at this point, I recommend you read many books while you’re in the dungeons, and deepen your understanding of morality,” I said, “I suggest… You seem to have the characteristics of an earth magic user, so how about learning how to cultivate flowers? Flowers made by a former queen would sell, you know?”

She was still a minor. She would probably be pardoned, down the line.

Princess Tomoe straightened her back, and dressed in a flowing gown, she left the room on her own two feet.

On this day, the “Onigiri Revolution” was thwarted.

The Marshan sun rose, and a new day began.


“Junko started talking about you wondersome young adventurers, and our business ended up flourishing. New people keep choosing to join our guild. I’m sorry I couldn’t let you stay here,” said Yoko, looking guilty.

Junko! The Fingerpointing Pub! I’m so glad things ended how I expected them to!

I ate Yoko’s warm Marshan cooking for the first time in a while. I offered up some Satsuma Yam Cake to Yoko and Yamada.

Yashiro brought over the compensation for this time’s mission.

“Huh? This is too much,” I said. We were supposed to receive 100 gold, but he had brought over 100,100 gold for us.

“Ah, yes. I requested for an increase by mentioning your name. That’s the extra compensation,” said Yamada, holding chunks of cake up to his face.

“What kind of request?” I asked.

“I said that you were going to arrest some evil people who were trying to cause revolts again in Marsh by abducting royals,” said Yamada, coldly.

Yamada had always… Shown animosity towards Princess Tomoe. They had probably been through a lot.

“Who did you hear about that from?” I asked. I hadn’t told anybody about what had happened that morning. All I told Tabuchi was that it was all over, too.

“That’s a secret,” said Yamada.

Well, this was Yamada’s territory, after all. He must have some sources of his own.

“Is this 100,000 gold money from out of your pocket, Yamada?” I asked.

If so, I wouldn’t be able to accept it.

“I chipped in, too, Fio-chan!” said Yashiro.

“I did too! This was my first time requesting a mission from an adventurer! Hahaha!” said Junko.

“I chipped in too, of course,” said Yoko, “Marsh is full of people thinking that it’s not such a bad idea to work hard for the recovery of Marsh!”

“I hear Prime Minister Tabuchi has started working today,” said Sakaki. He was eating his cake with his hands too, with no regard for manners.

“Sera, why don’t you just gracefully accept it?” asked Lu, who was discreetly eating his third yam cake while sitting in my lap.

Living in Marsh was lonely at first, and difficult. Everyone here, including Tabuchi, ended up supporting me, though. I hoped that I had been somewhat successful in giving back to Marsh. 

“Thank you, everyone! I, Serafiona G., an S-ranker of Trundle, have safely completed the mission you have requested of me! I will accept this compensation!!!”

“S-ranker of Trundle!” shouted all my friends of Marsh, and their voices echoed joyfully…[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @ novelmultiverse.com]

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