Chapter 57

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A skyscraper dedicated to the Red Lion Team, Jongno 1-ga, Seoul.

The underground area was now dedicated to Yeom Jun-yeol’s pitching practice.


The heavy and cool sound of the ball touching sounded.

Yeom Joon-yeol’s ball was exactly sucked into the glove held by Yeom Bang-Yeol.

Cheongryong, the head of Dragon Tribe, who was playing the role of referee, shouted loudly.

“20th ball, strike again! Perfect, Junyeol!”

“Wow, my son!”

Cheongryong, the leader of the dragon tribe, and Yeombangyeol, the team master of the Red Lion, made a fuss.

Dragon Tribe and the team members, who were taking Yeom Joon-yeol’s pitching posture from various angles, also cheered.

“Speed, direction of rotation, number of turns, trajectory of movement of the ball, ·····, there’s nothing wrong with it!”

“Good job, Junyeol!”

Yeom Joon-yeol’s ball was the same size, weight, and material of the Korean professional baseball, but it was a baseball with sensors inside.

Yeom Joon-yeol’s pitching result, which was analyzed with the baseball paired with the device, was deployed in a huge hologram on the wall of the practice field.

Yeom Joon-yeol, who was looking at the numbers in the hologram, shook his head.

“The time from wind-up to release is not consistent. I’ll throw 10 balls again.”

“········Junyeol, you throw only one ball in the first pitch anyway, do you have to pay attention to that? What are you going to do if it’s more perfect? I still have so many fans!”

“Right! You’re good at talking”

“Yes, and if you get hurt on your shoulder, it’s all meaningless”

“Let’s burn it down!”

Yeom Joon-yeol spoke politely, looking at Cheongryong and Yeom Bang-yeol, who are about to start a fire right away.

“I won’t get hurt. Don’t do that.”

“Okay, I won’t.”

The majestic voice of the leader Cheongryong, who is carrying the Yi-Neungpa, rang.

Under the circumstances, the remarks that could not be felt at all, or the leader Cheongryong declared so, so the other Dragon tribe also shut up.

“I was surprised to hear you throw the first pitch all of a sudden. ····.”

“These days, I don’t even look for Red Phantom Thief, I don’t work for the student council, I just come early and practice pitching. Good for you.”

“I heard there was a guy at school who was picking a fight with Jun-yeol. he’s fearless!”


“I saw the video that Yong Je-gun sent me, and Jun-yeol broke it right away after a few shots. I think we can just leave Junyeol to relieve his stress.”

“Yes, let’s just enjoy baseball and school for now.”

Not knowing what was going on behind him, the red lion team and the dragon tribe laughed.

Contrary to their thoughts, Yeom Joon-yeol was just trying to show perfect pitching in the first pitch to look good to his prospective teacher, the Red Phantom Thief.

The Red Phantom Thief asked for three things. First, I will throw the first pitch at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on May 5. Second, watch the game until the end. Third, keep the first pitch a secret until the day.’

Yeom Joon-yeol’s ball was inserted cleanly into the glove again and cheers burst out.

Yeom Joon-yeol smiled and kept thinking.

‘All three of you will do it perfectly. And when the game is over, the Red Phantom Thief will be my teacher!’

On the other hand, there was a dragon tribe who did not let go of his mind while looking at Yeom Joon-yeol.

Silver Light high school’s active Dragon Tribe teacher Yong Je-geon.

He didn’t say a word to the other dragon tribe, but he was questioning the situation.

‘Junyeol can’t easily give up the Red Phantom Thief. There must be something.’

Yong Je-geon fumbled through his memory and deduced.

Yeom Joon-yeol’s life pattern.

The content of the fire.

Yong Je-geon played clues one by one as if he were advancing a chess piece in his head.

“At the end of the midterm exam, Junyeol looked very happy on his way home. Something happened that day. He said he wanted to throw the first pitch afterward.’

Of course, I don’t mean to say that.

Yum Junyeol is on guard, and Cheongryong or Yum Bang Yeol is on the lookout.

‘I think it’ll be more fun to keep my mouth shut, so I’ll leave it alone. I will protect Junyeol from getting hurt.’

Ding dong.

At that time, a message from the chess group manager arrived at the Yong Je-Geon’s device.

“That’s a list of chess contestants.’

Yong Je-gun checked the hologram by looking sideways at Yeom Joon-yeol’s pitching.

Yong Je-gun’s mouth corners went up very high after seeing the list.

Unknown supernova!

In it, there was the name of “Jo Ui-Shin”, one of the students that Yong Je-geon was paying attention to.

*    *    *

The next day, after school.

Newspaper department.

“Hahahaha! I’m not running out of articles because I talked to Yeom Joon-yeol.”

Moon Sae-ron wrote an article excitedly with a hologram.

Yeom Joon-yeol?

Yeom Joon-yeol is going to throw the first pitch soon, so it’s not going to spread.

“Ma Jin-seung seems to be training hard, too. It’s a pity that I’m going to keep getting kicked because I have a bad personality with Yeom Joon-yeol.”

Oh, is it about the battle between Yeom Joon-yeol and Ma Jin-seung?

“Come on, it bothers you, doesn’t it? It’s bothering you doesn’t it bother you? Mr. Moon Sae-ron knows what’s going on and on!”

Moon Sae-ron immediately explained the detailed situation.

Yeom Joon-yeol is currently doing a private training session in the morning and evening.

As a result, he is barely late and is taking a break from student council activities.

Maybe he didn’t like it or got nervous, but even though Ma Jin-seung asked for a fight, Yeom Joon-yeol said he was busy.

Then, Ma Jin-seung became emotional and started a fight using the word ‘So Hong-ryong’, the reverse of Yeom Jun-yeol.

‘Ma Jin-seung·······, you’re so brave.’

It’s a battle with manners that are on the level of the street, so it’s a courage that’s like my playable character.

Eventually, the descendants of the dragon tribe and one person fought an angry battle.

It is said that Ma Jin-seung was unilaterally burned and ended.

“Well, it’s the job of a journalist to pay attention to the non-mainstream and cheer for them! Next time, let’s go cover Mr. Ma Jin-seung!”

Moon Sae-ron shouted brightly.

“Moon Sae-ron doesn’t know the news of Yeom Joon-yeol’s first pitch, so it seems like he’s really keeping a secret.”’

My Playable character, Yeom Junyeol.

I’m relieved that the plan seems to be going on step by step.

*    *    *

After his side activities, he visited Hwang Myung-ho’s mansion.

“It’s Ui-Shin oppa. Hello!”


“Oh, hello ····.”

The first thing that greeted me was Eunho and his three siblings.

Jeok-ho was absent again today.

Olmu is said to be bathing at the hands of Baekho-gun.


My Playable character can’t do anything, but Baekho is as good as he is.

It is hard to imagine Baekho bathing a snare in peace.

“Hey, I took a picture ····.”

Eun Jae-ho turned on the device to develop a hologram as if it was revealed on his face.

It was a photo of Baekho washing Olmu with a blunt face with a piece of foam on his face.

The sense of incompatibility is enormous.

I think I can believe it even if it’s a composite picture.

Olmu looked anxious whether he didn’t like the feeling of water touching, but he was holding it in.

‘We’ve got a snare on it, so let’s save it.'[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

When I got a rare photo of my Playable character and our Olmu.

“Let’s go, Jo.”

Hwang Ji-ho, who was almost silent today, gestured.

Looking at it roughly, it seems that we should not wait for Baekho and talk right away.

I’m used to this drawing room now. ····.’

Sometimes the props change whether they are touching the interior little by little, but they moved to the drawing room, which became a familiar place for the eyes.

Today’s tea and refreshments were plum tea made of fully ripe dried pollack, and plum tea resembling magpies sitting on plum blossoms.

It is a choice that Hwang Ji-ho, who is stressed out, can choose.

Hwang Ji-ho went straight to the point.

“As I sent you last night, I finished deciphering old books. Do you want to check the content?”

“Okay, if you have any documentation, give it to me. You can explain it verbally.”

Hwang Ji-ho briefly opened his eyes wide and looked surprised at my words.


“Jo Ui-Shin, I feel like you’re human.”


“What I did was not a translation. We described it as “interpretation” and “harmonization.” Language is a high-dimensional communication system, but there is a limit. I didn’t just change the ancient language contained in this ancient book into a human language. He understood the signs and traces of the “something” and the existence of a higher-ranking official.”

Is that so?

Hwang Ji-ho never used the word translation.

Translation is the transfer of writing from one language to another.

Interpretation and decoding is to understand what is expressed in a sentence or object.

Technically, there was a difference between the two.

“I can’t believe it. Let me show you my interpretation, Jo.”

Oh, my god!

Hwang Ji-ho and old books were covered in gold, and a page with ancient words spread out toward me.

When I blinked for a moment because of the power and light pouring towards me.

“The skill ‘fate power’ has been invoked.〉

Fate power was triggered as if it were intended.

Last time, fate handed me an old book.

What kind of interference will this randomly invoked skill cause this time?

“We are not confronting the enemy right now, but there is also Hwang Ji-ho. It’s gonna be okay.’

When the light dies down.

It wasn’t a drawing room where I was standing.

There was no one around.

“·······Hwang Ji-ho?”

No answer.

I was the only one in this empty space.


Then there was a white shadow in front of me.

If you think about it, something that’s close to a person’s image.

“Destiny’s delivery and interference were successful.”

Dozens and hundreds of voices seemed to ring at the same time.

It seems that there are voices that I’ve heard before, but I can’t tell it apart only when it rings like this.

“Tot thanked you and made a path for me.”

If it’s a tote, is he the one who gave the best to Jegal Jaegeol?

The guardian deity of the library must have contributed to the invocation of fate.

“Take it, Jo.”

The white shadow stuck out a transparent item card.

Depending on the border color of the card, it is common to guess the rarity of the item.

I’ve never seen anything transparent.

When I accepted the card, the white shadow faded away.

I have a lot to ask, but are you thinking of disappearing already?

“Fate power is the power that a person who saved the world has when he or she comes into contact with a distant unknown.”

Don’t forget.”

“Wait! More detailed explanation ·····.”

The one who saved the world?

What are you talking about?

Looking back on my life, I don’t have such a memory.

The world in the game that I used to play is ruined.

Considering the end of the well-known trashy game “Plmago”, the one who saved the world?

That sounds unreasonable.

But the shadow gradually disappeared, and I reached out my hand. ·····

“How do you feel, Jo? My interpretation.”

The next moment I was back in the drawing room.

The white shadow disappeared, and instead, Hwang Ji-ho was smiling with his eyes shining.

‘It’s not a level of interpretation.’

There was a transparent item card left in my hand.

“As you’ve seen, there’s no clear author of this old book. It’s an abstract crystal of top beings, something equivalent to it, and the total of something that transcends it. Thanks to you, I was able to see the top faces.”

I think I and Hwang Ji-ho saw something completely different.

The principle is still incomprehensible, but with his interpretation and invocation of fate, ancient books were connected to something and handed over items.

“The ‘fate power’ that the one who saved the world, as the talkative parent muttered, gets. “I knew it was a force that neither the tribe nor the superior could touch.”

All I saw was a white shadow.

“Do you think there’s someone who doesn’t come easily to the crisis of the world in the first place, and even if it does, there’s someone who can solve it by himself?”

Hwang Ji-ho had an angry face.

“I usually couldn’t understand what the gods were thinking, but I couldn’t understand it anymore. Why did you make this and spray it on the world? “I feel pathetic about myself, but there are only a few things I could interpret.”

It’s an old book that didn’t even have a few letters written on it.

I think it’s amazing to have this interpretation.

Hwang Ji-ho, good job.

“I don’t understand that fate rises or falls depending on the savior’s will and performance. I think it would be amazing to have a level 1 presence.”

This part was consistent with the fatality skill description.

Indeed, the identity of the power interpreted by Hwang Ji-ho must be fateful.

“If anyone has that power, I’d like to meet him. I feel like I’ve found something useless. It can’t exist.”

I’m in front of you right now.

Fate level 3 is.

All the tea and refreshments that came out today were supposed to taste sweet, but it doesn’t taste like anything.

When I went out of the drawing room, I was waiting for me with a perfect dry condition.


Olmu was looking up at me from Baekho’s feet.

The eyes looking over here were filled with expectations.

“Why don’t you come to me right away? You look happy.’

The way you see Olmu.

Olmu after taking a bath.

I thought about it a little bit, and I got the answer right away.

‘I see! You’re saying come and compliment me because I’ve taken a nice bath!’

As soon as he realized the deep meaning of Olmu, he narrowed the distance without hesitation and bowed down to hug Olmu.

It used to be a fluffy Olmu, but it seems to be several times warmer and softer today.

“I’m proud of you, Olmu!”

Woaf Woaf-!

Maybe my behavior was the answer, but Olmu moved its tail like a motor.

It hasn’t been long since I took a bath, so I should refrain from stroking.’

However, Olmu in his arms was not stroked.

He kept wriggling toward my hand.

“Who do you resemble so smart and follow so well? ····?”

He eventually patted her.

Tired of the stress of detoxifying ancient books, Hwang Ji-ho saw me with the eyes of a fool, but it didn’t bother me.

Baekho played the role of escort on Olmu’s way home as usual.

I’m relieved that we’ve made up now.

*    *    *

My dorm room.

The first thing I checked was the “transparent card.”

“View the item information.〉

Fate of Unknown


[Rare] N~EX

[Skills] 0%

[Effect] Undecided


A weapon that changes its name and rarity effect based on user experience, expectations, ideas, goals, beliefs, etc.

Only those with a destiny can use it.

It doesn’t exist in the game.’

He was given an abstract weapon as much as fate.

Riddles have also increased.

“The one who saved the world had contact with the unknown?’

I don’t understand the nonsense of saving the world yet, but I guessed that it was a “distant unknown.”

Portrait universe.

There are not enough clues yet, but there is room for reasoning.

‘It’s fate without a name. ·····.’

A transparent card with nothing on it but the word ‘fate of the unknown’.

After putting it in the item window, I forced myself to sleep.

I had to save my stamina because I had a lot of work to do tomorrow.

As usual, I fall asleep without a dream.

And on May 5, it became Children’s Day.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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