Chapter 61

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The Jigsaw Killer quietly looked at the monitoring screens in front of him.

He was able to calm down quickly in the face of such a change after going through the storm, but this did not mean that he wasn’t shocked.

There were a total of three cameras installed in every corner of the room, and no matter what angle he looked at, the “thing” that suddenly appeared in the pool was far beyond his cognition.

John Kramer became a “jigsaw puzzle homicidal maniac” wanted by the police for more than half a century with his sophisticated and cruel killing devices. But his body was still being eroded by the disease, and now he was getting weaker and weaker.

Now, he only felt heartache.

“What is that?” He heard himself ask.

Lin You: “Uh…”

“She doesn’t seem to be happy to hear you ask ‘what’ she is,” she translated as she watched the water ghost keep making gestures at her before disappearing, “She strongly requests you to ask ‘who’ she is.”

In the center of the TV screen in the corner, Billy the marionette, who had been facing the camera stunned for a long time, finally reacted. Its jaw dropped, “…Who is that?”

In a sense, he was very dedicated to remembering to control the puppet right now.

“I asked you if I could use any method, and I asked it twice, and you agreed with it.” Lin You’s tone was extremely innocent, “I thought the technique was specific, so I asked for a helper. Come here—see, is it particularly efficient!”

…The goddamn specialized technique.

The painful mechanism wasn’t even used in the tiniest bit. A pot was smashed on his head, and the Jigsaw Killer only felt black in front of him. His worldview was once again chaotic, and his temples were throbbing.

Controlling his voice and coughing twice, the Jigsaw Killer cast his eyes on the button at hand. Most of the devices were under his control, including the collar that was fastened on the opponent’s neck.

There was no need to wait until the forty minute—now thirty-seven minute—countdown was over. As long as he pressed this button now, the needle buried in the collar would immediately pierce the carotid artery and inject the tetrodotoxin, and he could end this all.

John raised his hand but stopped over the button.

This was not in line with his original intentions.

And, as she said, he had agreed that she could use any means she could imagine. The reason for this result was still—

“You are not ‘Susie’,” he said.

“I am,” Lin You said, and she sat down on the ground casually, observing the position of the camera.

Behind her was the iron ball that had just been unloaded. The pool next to her was still heating, and some tiny bubbles were rising from the water.

“But I’m not the ‘Susie’ you know. You should have investigated her background to know if she can do what I just did. As for who I am, you can take me as a guy who took the opportunity to possess her body.”

“Possessed”—this word stimulated John’s shaky worldview, and he could almost clearly hear the cracks in it. His reason told him it was impossible, but the scene he saw with his own eyes refuted his reason.

“So, what she did has nothing to do with me?”

Lin You shrugged, “Let me go now, it’s good for everyone.”

The condition for clearance was definitely to successfully survived the trial, but correspondingly, if the Jigsaw Killer can be fooled to nod and let her leave, this was also a way of “surviving.”

The puppet on the TV was quiet for a few seconds, and when he spoke again, he flatly rejected her proposal.


It said.

“Now I can’t prove that you have nothing to do with Susie. You have to let me know that you value living and that this door is one-way. You have to pass the remaining two tests to get the keys and get out.”

All right. Lin You didn’t care anyway.

“I want to add another condition.”

When she got up, she heard Billy, who was controlled by the Jigsaw Killer, say: “You are not allowed to find other guys like you did on this level. You have to complete every step yourself, otherwise, I will directly inject poison from the collar.”

“Okay,” Lin You promised readily, “No problem.”

In the end, her little life was in someone else’s hands. Although she could directly find a ghost to attack the Jigsaw Killer, the other party would definitely inject the toxin faster. She didn’t know if she could get the Plague Doctor, or just listen to him temporarily.

She was not shocked anyway.

“So, where is the next level?”

The Jigsaw Killer was silent for a moment.

“You are across from the door.”

The pool was already “grumbling” with boiling bubbles, and Lin You felt that the scorching steam was about to burn her when she passed by.

She saw a small piece of newspaper posted on the wall.

It was a news article that was no bigger than the palm of a hand. The text on it was very clear, saying that a drowned boy was found on the bank of a river on a certain day.

Remembering what the Jigsaw Killer said, Lin You easily guessed the truth—the original “Susie” condemned those who stood on the sidelines when others were in distress, but she couldn’t save him herself, causing the boy to drown.

So the first level was to make her feel the pain of struggling and suffocating in the water, while the water temperature was rising sharply. Rather than finding the key, the more likely outcome was to be cooked alive.

It’s just that the water ghost was mixed up in it.

Lin You opened the door in front of her and stepped in. This door, like the previous one, closed automatically behind her.

What lay in front of her was a prison-like iron fence.

The railings were spaced half a person’s width apart, but Lin You was reluctant to squeeze past them.

The room was divided into two halves by this iron fence, and behind the railing was a device similar to a scale. It is said to be a scale, but there was only one weighing pan, and the other side was connected to the ceiling.

With layers of metal plates and metal rods buckled together, a key hung from above. She looked right in front of her, but she couldn’t reach it even if she stepped on the table.

However, there was no table here either.

The railing was on the other side of her, and there were only some small stainless steel plates against the fence. In the center of the plates was a thin and sharp dagger.

“I said, ‘You’—Susie,” this time there was no TV, and the voice of the Jigsaw Killer came from the speakers in the corner of the ceiling, “I have done research on the subject of TTX toxins, but who was the real author?”

“Since you have stolen the profits of your friends, you have to pay the corresponding price. She slanders justice but never scrutinizes what she does in secret. The punishment I arranged for her is to increase the weight on the scale opposite the fence. Regardless of if you are Susie or not, standing here, you have to do the same thing to get the second key.”

“Are you going to put multiple things on it?” Lin You asked.

“It’s just the weight of a hand.”

The Jigsaw Killer answered.

“If you want to use that plate and knife to fill it up, it’s definitely not enough.”

His intention was obvious. There were only these two things in this room, and it was implied that she had to cut the flesh from her body little by little until she met the weight that could tilt the “scale.”

Or more simply, cut off a hand cruelly.

Lin You walked over. She stood in front of the railing, reaching out to test the width of the gap between the railings.

She bent down again and picked up the knife, and tried to make a gesture on her wrist.

Just when the Jigsaw Killer thought she was going to cut to herself, he saw her looking sideways at the surveillance camera, and she seemed to smile at the screen.


? ? ! ! !

The Jigsaw Killer stood up from the chair. The sudden violent movement made his weak body breathless for a while. After taking two deep breaths, he came up slowly, his eyes fixed on the iron ball that had hit the scale’s pan.

“…” He asked, “When did you bring it here?”

He clearly saw that she was empty-handed before letting her in—but looking back, he was still in shock from the impact of the three views, as if he hadn’t noticed when the iron chain was taken from the pool.

“Don’t worry about this. You didn’t say no anyway.”

Of course, while sitting down, she paid attention to the direction of the camera, blocked the iron ball with her body, and put it into her backpack.

She was planning to use it to drop on something, but she didn’t expect it to be immediately used here.

Ten kilograms of an iron ball is too much weight, and it firmly pressed the weighing pan to the bottom.

Lin You heard the sound of the machine turning spontaneously after being touched, and looked back and saw the key that was hanging above being slowly lowered down. When it fell to the place where she could reach, she immediately reached out and grabbed it, and inserted it into the keyhole in the middle unobstructed.

She twisted it immediately.


With the same crisp sound as before, the second lock was also opened. However, Lin You looked back again and suddenly felt something was wrong.

Thinking about it, she stretched her hand over the railing again and pushed it toward the ball on the weighing pan.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

The iron ball fell to the ground with a “bang.”

…The weighing pan was not restored.

It was probably because it broke something, so she went and tried to push it again—

Lin You was silent for a moment while holding the weighing pan with the neatly broken end in his hand.

“Sorry,” she said, “It broke your mechanism.”

The Jigsaw Killer: “………………”

He was wearing a black-and-red robe with a hood covering his entire head. At this moment, he buried his expressionless face in his palm and let out a long, long breath.

His vision really went black.

“Passed,” he said.

Lin You: “…?”

“It’s over!” The Jigsaw Killer said. Because he was rarely excited, he had to breathe to calm down. He relaxed, “Now, put down the things in your hands, don’t touch anything, and go to the next room!”

Just say you don’t want her to take anything, why are you so fierce.

According to his request, Lin You put everything back, raised both hands to ear level, and walked to the door.

She always felt that the other party was eager to end this mutual torture with her.

“Then can I open the door?” In view of his request not to touch anything, she asked very consciously.

The Jigsaw Killer: “…”

He opened it!

She didn’t need to do it this time. The wooden door slowly opened under the control of the mechanism.

Lin You noticed that the ceiling behind the door was much lower than those in the previous rooms. It was almost the kind that can be reached by just standing on your toes and then straightening your arms.

With a “pop,” a sudden bright light turned on. It was so piercing she had to close her eyes.

Finally, she gradually opened them. Because the light was too strong, Lin You had to glance upwards from the corner of her vision. She saw that everything above was bathed in bright light.

It wasn’t just a glare.

This was a kind of heat lamp that was so close, you could feel the heat radiating towards your face in a short while.

“This is the last level.”

The Jigsaw Killer said: “I modified them. Thirty minutes is enough to dehydrate people. The switch that can turn off these lights is behind the lock over there, but the key that can unlock it is hidden in one of the bulbs.”

Was she going to have to pick the hot bulbs with her bare hands?

However, she was asked to turn off the lights… Lin You thought that, unfortunately, there was another layer to it.

She remembered a sentence from the Jigsaw Killer.

—”She slanders justice, but never scrutinizes what she does in secret.”

This should not have been mentioned accidentally.

Scrutinize yourself?

In the dark?

She saw a small safe in the corner, and she suddenly understood.

Okay, besides being burned to death, there was one more reason to turn off the light.

No wonder the Jigsaw Killer asked her to leave everything in the previous room, for fear that she would come again.

However, who said it wouldn’t work without that?

Lin You raised her hand, and a card jumped into her hand from the suddenly opened illustration book.

She looked at the card face and raised an eyebrow.


“Don’t forget what I said,” the Jigsaw Killer warned, finally seeing her movements now, “If you let—”

“Don’t worry, I remembered.”

Lin You said lightly: “You can also remember what you said.”

The Jigsaw Killer: “???”

The card landed, and the murderer with a strange smile on his face appeared in an instant.

“Don’t move,” Lin You grabbed the axe he was holding. “Bring it.”

SMILE: “…?????”

He stared blankly at the axe that he had just got, but hadn’t yet tossed in his hands. Lin You weighed it, stepped back two steps, and waved it straight upwards.

With a crash, the light bulb above her head was mostly extinguished.

The glass shards smashed by the axe all fell on the ground, and Lin You kicked them with her toes, gathering them into a pile.

The Jigsaw Killer: “…………………………”

“I didn’t let him take action,” Lin You declared, “I did every step of smashing the light bulb by myself. You only allowed these two items.”

The Jigsaw Killer slowly leaned back in his chair, took one deep breath, and then another deep breath.

He had principles, and he had to admit what he said.

“Yes,” he said, “I said that.”

With his words as a safeguard, Lin You waved her axe again. SMILE stared blankly at the side, watching her smash most of the light bulb a few times and the room dimmed immediately.

Turning her head to avoid the glass slag of the light bulb again, Lin You clearly saw a copper key with the length of a pinky drop into the pile of broken glass.

But now she didn’t need it anymore.

She covered them with her shoes and swept the pile aside.

Now that the room was mostly dark, Lin You observed herself from top to bottom.

The Jigsaw was almost literal. The last key of the collar on her neck was in the safe, and the code of the safe—

It should be on her own body.

After swiping back and forth, Lin You only saw a little light yellow on the back of her hand.

She was taken aback for a moment and realized that her thinking had gone wrong. Her first reaction was to look at places that were less likely to be found, instead of forgetting the back of her hand.

The numbers on the back of the left hand were faintly fluorescent in the dark.


Lin You stared at this string of numbers.

If you changed your body and listened to the Jigsaw Killer in the previous level, you would definitely choose to cut off the hand you don’t use in order to preserve your dominant hand.

She was right-handed and the numbers were marked on the back of her left hand. If you didn’t have your left hand at this time, it meant you couldn’t find the last password, and you could only stay in this room and wait for death.

Thinking about the first level again, he asked her to go into the water to find the key. If this paint was not waterproof—

Lin You shook her head. She didn’t want to think about this anymore.

Anyway, she won.

She turned out the series of numbers to the dial of the safe, and the latch on the door popped open. Sure enough, there was a key that was about the same size as the two she used before.

Lin You inserted it into the last keyhole.

This time it wasn’t just a slight click for unlocking. The collar bounced from the middle. Lin You took off the collar and saw a small needlepoint on the inside.

Throwing it into the pile of glass, she also handed the axe back to SMILE, who then disappeared holding the axe.

That is to say, at this moment, she only heard a “squeak.”

Lin You suddenly turned around.

A secret door opened.

This camouflage work was done extremely well. Even in such a strong light, she did not notice its existence. But now, it was wide open.

Hearing only the slight metal friction, Billy the puppet appeared in a small suit and riding its red three-wheeled bicycle.

“Uh,” Lin You asked, “You finally changed your mind. Are you ready to give the puppet to me?”

It came with home delivery.

The Jigsaw Killer: “…”

Billy’s tricycle stopped.

“No,” the Jigsaw Killer’s voice refused her angrily in the loudspeaker pinned to its chest, “This is just a routine part.”

Even if there were so many things in the middle and the style of escaping was too unusual, it was his last thing to insist on at the end of the game.


As the puppet rode forward, his mouth opened and closed. The smooth white face was chilling in the dark, “You’re still alive.”

It slowly kicked its two legs, and its stiff upper body shook.

Lin You: “Then what—”

“You,” Billy’s eyes were red, and just by looking at it, she seemed to be able to see how angry the Jigsaw Killer was now, “Listen to me.”

Lin You: “…”

Well, she shut up.

“Most people are not grateful to be alive.”

Seeing that she was quiet, Billy continued to pedal forward, “But you—”

The Jigsaw Killer paused.

Suddenly, the puppet couldn’t pedal the bicycle. Lin You silently watched Billy’s leg lift forward again and tried, but it still did not step on it.

The scarlet eyeball with the pinhole camera turned downward, so the Jigsaw Killer on the other side of the screen also saw—

A piece of glass that had slipped through the net and was not swept aside was embedded in the tire of the bicycle. When he pedaled again, it pierced the tire deeper.

The front tire of the tricycle deflated slowly as they watched.

Presumably thinking of something, the puppet raised his head and looked at Lin You.

“I wanted to warn you.”

Meeting its gaze, the latter spread her hands, “But you didn’t let me speak.”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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