Chapter 64

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When the two of them came closer, the creature that looked like a pterodactyl and a birdman was still struggling to fight the tree.

After pulling it out a little bit, it got stuck again, and the pterodactyl became a woodpecker.

Jian Mingjia sighed internally because it was so miserable that she couldn’t bear to take a closer look while looking it up and down several times.

“What did you find?”

The instigator turned her head and asked as if she was all right.

Although Lin You didn’t care much about seeing them empty-handed, she estimated that most of them were using backpacks to free their hands.

Sure enough, in the next second, a black shadow was seen flying across in midair, and Lin You caught it in her hand. She was holding the middle section. The half-black and half-red iron bar was tilted at one end and pointed at the other end, and it was quite heavy in her hand.

“Oh!” Lin You raised her eyebrows, “‘Physics Holy Sword’.”

It wasn’t so sacred.

It was just a sharpened crowbar, but it was used by the protagonist of a certain game to block and kill the Buddha. After walking around the place, it was dubbed the “Physics Holy Sword”. In the final analysis, it was a joke. The weapon depended on the person using it. Dr. Gordon’s ability to play with the crowbar did not mean that she thought it could make waves in her own hands.

“It’s just one restaurant, how many things can you find?”

Jian Mingjia said.

“There was too much to bring out.”

She motioned to look at the girl who was with them, and the latter waved a simple, standard pistol.

“QSG92 style,” Qiao Can said, “Lightweight with strong penetration. So I chose it, but…”

She spread out the palm of her hand holding only a few bullets. At this time, she removed the magazines and put them in one by one. “Now there are only four rounds and there is no more material. Keep the two crowbars for now. We have to use our hands’ weapons, and the rest will be found later.”

“To be honest, when you said you were a gunsmith at the beginning, I couldn’t believe it.” Jian Mingjia saw with her own eyes how Qiao Can transformed metal into this handgun, and couldn’t help but sigh, “I didn’t expect you to know so much.”

“You couldn’t see it?”

There was no lack of triumph on Qiao Can’s face.

“It’s all said,” she said, “‘Looking at the soft and weak actually likes these’—after listening to that too much, there is no rule that girls cannot be in the military.”

“I was very interested when I was a kid, but unfortunately I could only touch models or something. Fortunately, there was such a high degree of freedom here. But ah…”

She carefully observed the pterodactyl whose mouth was still stuck in the hole, “It will be like this with no weapons—what kind of work is this?! I also know one that stuffs peppers in puppets’ mouths.”

Lin You: “…”

Jian Mingjia: “…”

Wait, that sounds familiar.

“Peppers?” Lin You asked innocently, “What peppers?”

If Mary Shaw heard this, she might want to jump out and beat her head.

“I don’t know the specifics. I just saw it on the forum.” Qiao Can scratched her hair. “Hey, I remember it was a popular post. You can definitely find it if you look for it—by the way, how is this guy okay?”

“…Don’t worry about it,” Lin You said, “Let’s go.”

As for the forum…she would wait to go back and have a look.

The pterodactyl was faintly struggling to get out.

But in her eyes, the threat was not big. It was blocked here, and it won’t be able to catch up when it breaks free, so she should hurry to see what the little girl is doing when she has this time.

As for whether to procure a card…

Now there were a total of six card slots, so she still had to choose carefully.

The pterodactyl watched them walking away, and he could only make a hoarse cry of anger.

Lin You and the others left the woods and walked around the corner. She squatted down by the wall where she had seen the little girl.

The little girl turned around and ran away after looking at her. Naturally, the figure had disappeared long ago.

The ashes falling in the air accumulated on the ground, spreading in patches of gray. The girl ran away without leaving any footprints, only a piece of paper dropped beside the trash can.

Lin You brushed away the ashes of the paper and saw a few words written in childlike handwriting.

“—Go to school.”

“Did you both see that little girl?”

Qiao Can thought about it: “Although I understand that in horror movies, you must go where you can’t go, but this kind of weird reminder…”

Was it credible?

She looked at the empty, unmarked front, “At least one thing is certain. She is not human, right?”

Lin You said “um.”

“I have to talk about the origin of Silent Hill,” she replied. “Before the fire, there was a cult in this town, and a little girl was burned alive for being a witch.”

Qiao Can: “What the fuck? That’s too much, right?!”

“Wait a minute,” she reacted, “The little girl you said—”

“In short.”

Lin You just continued.

“The resentment of the little girl who was severely burned split out of the Otherworld. Many people who persecuted her were also trapped here, which triggered a series of subsequent plots.”

“The little girl just now is likely to be Alessa. If we are at this point in time,” Jian Mingjia exhaled, “Our real enemy is not her, but the cultists.”

All Alessa wanted to do was to avenge those people.

Only from the pterodactyl, the monsters spawned by Alessa’s fear and hatred would always attack them, which was also quite a headache.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

“Anyway,” Lin You pondered, “Since she wants us to go, we still have to go to school.”

Alessa was only in her teens when she was executed, which pointed to the only elementary school in the town.

Midwich Elementary School was not far from where they were.

Jian Mingjia led the way with the map, Lin You followed, and then suddenly remembered that she hadn’t done something.

“I suddenly forgot…” she muttered.

Her childhood friend turned back, “Huh?”

“Didn’t you tell me,” Lin You summoned the picture book and used the skill of drawing cards directly—for no reason, the cooldown time was shorter, “spare reserves.”


She stared at the card she pulled out.

It was the severed hand.

She thought about putting it in the cardholder or putting it away just in case.

Although Qiao Can heard a few words, she was a little curious, but she was not familiar with it after all, and she did not ask about it. She saw the entrance of the elementary school and hurriedly called out.

“Is it over there!”

Lin You kept the radio in her pocket and listened carefully to its movements. They went all the way from the restaurant to the entrance of the elementary school, but there were no strange sounds.

But it could not be taken lightly.

They passed through the empty space in front and pushed open the main gate of the school building. Lin You heard Qiao Can lightly breathe, and took the loaded pistol aside.

At least they didn’t open the door to kill anything.

They couldn’t find much at a glance at the stoop, and they went up to the second floor with caution.

“Very good,” said Lin You as she walked through the corridor and looked at the scene in front of her. “Where should we look first, the administration office or the classrooms—”


The moment the noise of the radio sounded, the three of them were nervous all at once.

There was nothing behind them, Jian Mingjia who subconsciously turned around thought, which means that in front of them—

She glanced over.

A humanoid creature swayed around the corner.

It was said to be humanoid because they could no longer see “his” original appearance. He just looked at them as if they were encircling him, and was surrounded by a thick layer of pale skin mixed with black. “He” made a long hissing sound, and walked towards them with twists and turns.


The bullet wiped off “him” leaving a dark burn mark. The latter roared more and more angrily. Qiao Can breathed, steadying her trembling right hand, and pulling the trigger again.

This time, she hit the bullseye.

The humanoid monster knelt forward. But before she could relax, she was dragged into the adjacent classroom by someone next to her.


Lin You ran into the classroom door with her shoulder. Between the door and the wall, Qiao Can saw the turbid black liquid splashing out of “him.”

The door panel blocked the black liquid from coming in, and the next moment, there was a corrosive hissing sound.

“What the hell is this?!”

Qiao Can said with lingering fear: “If it blows up, it is still poisonous?!”

“This monster directly corroded the helmet in the movie.” Lin You said.

Could it be worse?

The answer is: of course it could.

They only hid behind this door for less than two minutes, and the silence was cut through by the long and harsh alarm outside the window.

Jian Mingjia: “Damn.”

“When the world changes,” she explained to Qiao Can, who didn’t fully understand the situation and only had a vague premonition, “This air defense alarm will sound.”

The world has come.

Almost instantly, they fell into darkness.

In the dark, someone pushed the button twice and finally turned on the flashlight in her hand.

“Fortunately, I rummaged through that restaurant and found this,” Jian Mingjia exclaimed, “Sure enough, nuclear flashlights are indispensable for any instance.”

Under the shine of the flashlight, it was easy to see that the classroom they were in was very different from half a minute ago.

The wall was peeling off, there were burn marks everywhere. Not only that—

Lin You dared to open the door, and raised her eyebrows when she saw it clearly.


She said.

“Look here.”

Jian Mingjia and the others came and took a breath.

This section did not have the same stone brick floor they walked through.

Replaced by a spliced ​​wire netting, this barbed wire mesh also seemed to have a history of so many decades, with a little rust all over the side. Underneath was the dark color that was not clear. With the flashlight shining on it, they could see the turbid water that was far away.

“I won’t fall.” Jian Mingjia said strangely.

Lin You was silent for a few seconds before spitting out two words.

“Try it.”

She stepped on it, listening to the slight distortion of the iron netting. Fortunately, even after a long time, the structure of this netting was still enough to support the weight of a normal person.

The three of them walked past one by one, choosing the left side at the fork.

In general, the positions of the inner world and the Otherworld on the same floor still overlap. They bypassed this section, and if they went this way, they should be able to find places such as the dean’s office or Alessa’s previous classroom.

“Hold on.” Lin You suddenly said.

There were heavy footsteps approaching.

Lin You stopped breathing when she saw the guy who showed up.

His upper body with muscular knots was bare, and he was covered in a rough white cloth.

—Pyramid Head.

As the name suggested, he was wearing a metal plate that was welded into an approximate pyramid. No one has seen what is under that helmet, it’s only said to be fuzzy flesh and blood.

At this moment, he also noticed them, and while walking step by step, he also lifted the huge machete in his hand, and he was about to chop them—

There was no time for them to think more.

Lin You ran away, stretching her hand to the cardholder and backpack around her waist while running.


She took the lead and shouted: “Come here!”

There was no way to escape, there was only the window near the end of the corridor.

So like this, Jian Mingjia gritted her teeth and rushed over with Qiao Can.

The wire netting under their feet made a sound like grinding teeth, and the next second they rushed to the opposite side. Pyramid Head also dragged his two-meter-long iron machete and turned around the corner with his slow footsteps.

He stepped on the ground made of pieces of iron nets. The iron nets shook unsteadily, but somehow they could bear the weight of him and his helmet.

That was until this moment—


Pyramide Head that sensed something went over his head.

Under his gaze through the polygonal helmet, a chubby severed hand beckoned him innocently.

In the next second, it carried a long crowbar, and with Archimedes’ principle to pry the earth, it broke apart the screw that was still struggling to connect to that large piece of metal net!

The netting suddenly fell down.

Pyramid Head only felt that his feet were empty, and his body was still straight, so he fell into the unfathomable water surface underneath—

Actually, he even got a full score.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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