Chapter 63

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The gray wisps were still floating in the sky.

Lin You spread out her hand. She let one of them fall into the palm of her hand, and then gently twisted it to see it crumble into blackened ashes.

What was floating in the mist was not snow, not catkins, but strange burnt things.

Jian Mingjia went to check the section of road behind the car, which was also white. She couldn’t see anything unless she got close.

“Come on.”

She walked back.

“There is a cliff behind us. There’s no way to go.”

“It doesn’t matter, there’s no way to go even if there is a road.” They just tried to start the car, but it was a pity that this cheap car was completely off, “Besides, we’re already trapped in the Otherworld anyway.”

“About that.”

The oval-faced girl who had been listening in silence raised her hand, “May I ask for a translation?”

“What is the ‘Otherworld’?” she asked.

“Hmm…” Lin You looked at her, “Have you seen ‘Silent Hill’?”


The girl replied honestly: “I have only heard of it, but I haven’t seen it myself. I think I know more about Raccoon City than Silent Hill.”

“To summarize,”

Jian Mingjia took the conversation.

“‘Silent Hill’ is a small town that was burned into large pieces of debris by a fire many years ago—of course, this was the situation in the ‘real world’ in the eyes of ordinary people.”

“In fact, for various reasons back then, a different world parallel to the real world has been distorted here. After being dragged into the different world, the dark side of the human heart will appear by some kind of power and various monsters, and then—”

She made a movement of her neck snapping.

“This different world can be divided into two layers: the inner world and the Otherworld…it seems we are in the Otherworld now. There will be monsters, but there will be fewer monsters and they will be weaker. However, sometimes there will be a transition between the Otherworld and the inner world, and the monsters in the inner world are much harder to deal with.”


The oval-faced girl supported her chin.

“Thank you, I almost understand it.”

She raised her head with a cheerful smile on her face, “By the way, are you two together? My name is Qiao Can. I can make some guns. I am a gunsmith.”

Lin You was taken aback.

Since the instance with Mary Shaw, few people have reported themselves so directly in the opening scene.


“This ability—” Jian Mingjia couldn’t help but be surprised.

In a sense, it was too suitable for this instance.

Most of the monsters in Silent Hill can be defeated.

They rummaged through the car and couldn’t find any weapons. The protagonist of the movie was with a policewoman with a gun, and the protagonist of the game had a policeman with a gun. Fortunately, there was now Qiao Can’s career. Of course, maybe the system took that into account and didn’t generate weapons in the car.

“What are the conditions needed for building them?” Lin You asked.

“I need a considerable amount of metal, so I have to trouble you to help me find it…” Qiao Can scratched her head in distress. She noticed the other person’s gaze at the car, “No, no, a whole car can’t be used, it needs to be dismantled.”

“Besides, let’s keep the car,” she said. “Even if the engine is dead, maybe you can still find tools to overhaul it, in case you need to use this car.”

She didn’t mean to ask them about their abilities, but Jian Mingjia thought about it, exchanged glances with Lin You, and opened her mouth.

“I’m a pharmacist.”

Jian Mingjia said: “Well, it’s a bit complicated to explain. Anyway, you will understand after seeing it.”

Qiao Can said, “Oh.”

“Well,” she asked the two of them for their opinions, “Should we go now?”

“Let’s go.”

Lin You said.

“Just be prepared to meet monsters at any time.”

True to its name, the fog-covered Silent Hill was filled with a disturbing silence.

The world was terribly quiet as if only the three of them were left. They walked slowly along the edge of the highway. The scene in the distance was tightly covered, and the ashes falling from somewhere were still mixed in the fog.

This small town was located in the mountains. After going through the thick, scattered trees, the shadows of buildings were finally vaguely visible.


What they had to face was a monster of an unknown threat level. Qiao Can’s nerves had been tense, and she couldn’t help but relax a little when she saw the sign in the distance.

“This is…” She tried to see clearly, “a restaurant?”

“It looks like a fast food restaurant,” Jian Mingjia said, “Let’s go in and take a look.”

They opened the door and saw rows of round tables and seats in the empty restaurant. Lin You glanced at it and saw that they had accumulated thick dust because they had not been used for many years.

The three of them separated. Jian Mingjia walked to the counter, picked up a stack of napkins on the side, brushed the dust off it, and screamed.

“Look what I found!”

She said: “It’s a good thing—a map of this town.”

That really was a good thing. Lin You hurried over to take a look.

The restaurant they were in was indeed near the entrance of Silent Hill, and beyond it, residential areas, schools, hospitals, and churches were scattered.

“A radio…” Qiao Can picked up what was on a table, “Unfortunately it’s in a plastic case.”

Lin You turned her head when she heard the words, “Radio?”

Qiao Can: “Is it useful?”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

“Very useful.” Lin You took the small portable radio from her hand. “It’s a sign of this series. If a monster approaches, the radio will make noise—”

She couldn’t finish speaking.

The radio in her hand rang suddenly, and all sorts of noises filled the entire building.


The three of them were shocked at the same time and looked at the surrounding situation vigilantly, for fear that twisted, nightmare-ish creatures would emerge from the corners.

One minute passed and nothing happened.

Two minutes passed.

The radio was still humming, but they didn’t even see the shadow of a monster.

“…It seems,” Jian Mingjia finally said in silence, “It’s just simply broken.”

Lin You: “…”

Qiao Can: “…”

“Can it be repaired?” Lin You turned to Qiao Can.

It’s better to bring things that can be used as monster radars—although they may attract monsters in return.

“No, no, I specialize in guns.” The latter hurriedly said, “The radio can’t be repaired—eh, but this little problem might be good. Can I try?”

Jian Mingjia: “…”

Damn problem.

“Hey,” seeing Lin You nodding thoughtfully, she quickly said, “Hey, we can wait a minute, or wait until we have a tool, in case it breaks again—”

Halfway through the conversation, the other party slapped him down.

The current sound stopped abruptly.

Jian Mingjia: “………………”

Okay, she lost.

The radio was normal. They weren’t in a rush to leave, so they put it back on the table.

At this moment, Lin You, who put down the radio and looked up again, saw a little girl from a distance through the glass of the French windows.

She was really not that far away, but the thick fog lining the distance was endless. The little girl hiding in the street corner couldn’t see them clearly, so she quietly stared at them.

She seemed to be aware of Lin You’s gaze, and she turned around and quickly disappeared into the fog.


Jian Mingjia only had time to see her back, “That child…”

“I don’t know,” Lin You frowned, “I want to go there and see.”


There was a sudden noise from the radio on the table, which was worse than the previous one.

“What’s the matter?” Qiao Can said, “It’s bad—”

The word “again” had not left her mouth yet. They only heard a crash.

This time it was for real!

The sharp and crisp sound of the broken glass penetrated the entire fast-food restaurant, and the huge French windows were mostly shattered. Shards of glass were scattered around the tables and chairs. The culprit stood upright on the round table with two thin legs. With a flap of his wings, there was a rough and sharp roar from his throat that hurt their ears.

It resembled a pterodactyl or a birdman, with a pointed and flat head. The thin and dense teeth inside it could be seen when it opened its slender mouth.

He raised his eyes again and glanced at the three people present, flapping his wings and leaping towards them.

Seeing that the fangs were about to touch her arm, Lin You immediately picked up the chair next to her and swiped at his head fiercely!

The pterodactyl was beaten on the side of its head. It flapped its wings and screamed. It was hurt and aimed at Lin You. It didn’t care about the other two, and they opened their mouths and shouted—

“I’ll lead it away!”

Avoiding its attack, Lin You rushed out of the building and shouted: “See if you can find anything here!”

The pterodactyl followed her and flew out of the restaurant. She tried every means possible to avoid its sprints from time to time and was undecided whether to summon someone to solve it.

In terms of combat effectiveness, the rank of this monster in Silent Hill can only be said to be average.

Right now they had nothing to do with them, but it would be a waste to use the opportunity on it.

The thick fog didn’t affect its vision a bit, and in a state of running and fleeing, Lin You ran across the road. Just after regaining her senses from this wandering, she suddenly saw a thick tree in front of her.

It was too late and it was impossible to stop, and she had to twist and dive in a thrilling manner.

The pterodactyl behind her was not so lucky.

It slammed its head against the tree trunk, shook its dazed eyes, and flew into the air again.

Lin You paid attention to this movement. She looked at the woods in front of her, and suddenly she had a plan to survive.

She rushed straight to another tree.

Then, at the position where it was only a few centimeters away from her eyes—sure enough, the pterodactyl, which hadn’t learned from last time, slammed into it.


There was no sound of flapping wings behind her. Lin You looked back subconsciously.


Not only did the pterodactyl not expect it, she did not expect it either.

She intended to make it smash into tree trunks until it was dizzy, but there was a hole eaten away in the tree trunk that was not as big as a fist.

It was about half a human’s height up the tree.

—In addition to the impulse, its long beak got stuck in it.

The pterodactyl’s two hind paws slammed on the tree trunk, twisting left and right. It couldn’t bother to chase and kill the human who appeared rashly in front of him. He just wanted to pull out his mouth.

Its long jaw rubbed against the rough bark, and finally, there was a little loosening. The pterodactyl grumbled vaguely, flapped its wings desperately, and finally pulled out most of it all at once.

“Lin You!”

A shout came from nearby: “Where are you?!”

It was overjoyed, and was about to open its mouth to find its prey—

The sudden force on the back of its head made it unexpectedly lower its head again, and its long mouth got stuck in again.

Pterodactyl: “………………”

“I’m here,” said Lin You as the pterodactyl whined in protest. She took back the hand that was pressing its head in, “Come here.”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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