Chapter 75

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“We will protect ourselves. I won’t disturb you at all, so don’t worry.”

The two doctors said so with a confident look.

Chunchushin and Ilchimgoe looked at the two men with suspicious eyes.

“Are you sure you’re okay? Honestly, I can’t let you guys die. I’ve got a favor from General of Homuryeon.”

“In Cheonyakbang, it’s not until you reach a certain level that you’re allowed to go outside. We can win with our eyes closed.”

Cheonchusin smiled.

“Make sure not to get beat up before you come to your senses.”

Still, if Byeoktaesan goes with them, They won’t have to fight with half gang-si. That alone guaranteed some safety.

“Well, take care of it.”

That’s all the nagging of Chunchushin. It’s up to them from now on.

The person guiding the group was Haomundo, who works nearby.

“You managed to find out where the numbers are.”

“I was lucky.”

Haomundo, who was leading the way, scratched his head once and continued.

“I’m from a number. I know a lot of people there, and some of them have escaped this time.”

Byeoktaesan made an interesting expression.

“They were lucky, too. Apparently, he ran away on the move, but if he got to his destination, he probably wouldn’t have run away.”

At the words of Haomundo, Cheon Chushin said.

“It’s a little sloppy. I don’t think you should expect too much.”

That’s what I thought. There are only a few of them, but they’re not meticulous, given that they’ve escaped so easily and leaked their tracks.

Then Haomundo shook his head loudly.

“No, they’re really scary. Didn’t I tell you that I was lucky? They’re quick-witted, so they barely managed to get out of it, otherwise, they wouldn’t have had a chance.”

Byeoktaesan suddenly stopped walking.

Then the rest of the group stopped with a suspicious expression and looked at Byeoktaesan.

The only difference in facial expressions was between Chunchushin and Hwaok.

“What’s wrong with you?”

When asked by Haomundo, Byeoktaesan looked at Hwaok.

Hwaok bowed her head to Byeoktaesan with a very embarrassing and sorry look.

“I’m sorry. I should have made it more clear.”

“You’re not Haomun, and you don’t have to apologize to me.”

That’s true. Now Hwaok was no longer a haomun, but a servant of Byeoktaesan.

However, she still has ties with Haomun and is in charge of contacting them, so she felt a little responsibility.

Hwaok approached Haomundo.

Then she reached out his hand.

“Oh, my dear!”

Hwaok’s hand grabbed Haomundo’s neck.


Haomundo held Hwaok’s hand with both hands and looked embarrassed.

“What, what’s wrong with you? Oh, my God!

Hwaok spoke emotionally.

“Why did you betray me?”

“Be, betrayal! I’ve never done that!”

Haomundo’s eyes, tone, and expression were full of sincerity. At least he meant what he’s saying now.

Cheonchusin, who was watching it, said.

“So you’re saying you weren’t on the side of Haomun from the beginning. It was that guy from the beginning.”

“What, what…”!”

Haomundo couldn’t speak more. This is because there was a greater force in the hands of Hwaok, who held his neck.

He flipped his eyes with a painful face.


Then Hwaok shook his hand.

Everyone’s eyes were on Haomundo, who fell down.

Hwaok said calmly.

“It looks like the enemy has set up a trap.”


Everyone’s eyes widened.

Hwaok continued, looking down at Haomundo with a complicated gaze.

“I didn’t know they’d plant three of these in our Haomun. He’s been a Haomundo for over five years.….”

After coughing for a while after falling on the floor, Haomundo barely looked up at Hwaok with embarrassed eyes.

“Well, I’m not. It’s really not.”

Byeoktaesan approached Haomundo.

Haomundo was surprised and looked at Byeoktaesan.

“I don’t care if you’re or not. And it doesn’t matter if there’s a trap ahead of us or not.”

“Huh? Well, what the…….”

At the moment, the atmosphere that flowed from Byeoktaesan’s body froze cold.

Haomundo shook his whole body. He wasn’t the only one. Other people around me were also shocked and surprised.

“The thing is, if you set a trap for me, there’s no half-gang-shi.”

The cold gaze of Byeoktaesan turned to Haomundo.

“How dare you steal my spirit medicine?”

“Well, when did I…….”

Byeoktaesan looked down at Haomundo.

Haomundo was suffocating for some reason. Now I can clearly see what people used to say about the breathtaking fear.

“Be sure to blow everything you know before you grind your soul into an idiot.”

Haomundo nodded wildly.

And he began to recite everything he knew without knowing it.

Byeoktaesan looked at Cheonchushin and Hwaok without thinking about what he said.

The two quickly arranged the situation by listening to Haomundo’s recitation.

Byeoktaesan muttered, looking at the direction Haomundo was trying to guide.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.”

* * *

“So the numbers wouldn’t have been able to escape unless those scary guys let them go on purpose?”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

Hwaok nodded at Yeonharin’s question.

“That’s right.”

Perhaps it was a lie that there were numbers of people who ran away.

“If you figured that out, you’d know it’s weird, and you’d have to highlight that and report it, and you wouldn’t do that and you’d take us there like it wasn’t a big deal?”

“There are a few other things. It’s roughly outlined who the traitors are.”

Hwaok’s eyes flashed coldly.

Perhaps traitors will never die comfortably.

“What I’m curious about is, why do you have to go into that trap when you know it all?”

Hwaok sneaked away from Yeonharin’s question.

It was something she didn’t even know.

She was just following Byeoktaesan, who was walking leisurely in front of her.

“Ask for yourself.”

Yeonharin was struck by Hwaok’s words.

“Just… wait and see, I guess.”

To be honest, She couldn’t talk to Byeoktaesan now.

For some reason, the atmosphere that seemed not to approach was all over the wall.

He almost arrived at the place where Haomundo, who betrayed me earlier, said.

Nevertheless, he did not stop walking.

Now someone has to ask Byeoktaesan.

Everyone’s eyes were on Chunchushin.

When Chunchushin received the gaze, he opened his eyes wide and pointed at himself with his fingers.

It was like asking everyone if I really did it.

Everyone looked away.

Chunchushin made a ridiculous face and eventually approached Byeoktaesan with a resigned look.

“Well, Sir.”

Byeoktaesan turned his head and looked at Cheonchushin.

Chunchushin’s heart almost fell.

“Oh, my God. Sir, why are you looking at me with such a scary.”


When asked a simple question by Byeoktaesan, Chun Chushin quickly turned his head and looked at Ilchimgoe.

“My brother has something to tell you.”

In the past, the same person who had been subjected to the same thing opened his mouth and looked at Chunchushin.

I didn’t expect this again. Of course.

Only then did Byeoktaesan pass well because he was in a good mood, but I didn’t think it would be today.

Byeoktaesan turned his head again and looked at Ilchimgoe.

Ilchimgoe also experienced a heart-breaking experience when his eyes met with Byeoktaesan.

“Well, well, what are we going to do now?”


Byeoktaesan stopped walking.

Ilchimgoe shook his whole body with a contemplated face.

‘I messed up the wrong way.’

Byeoktaesan looked over the party with a cool look.

Everyone swallowed dry saliva with nervous faces.

“So these weren’t them, were they?”

Byeoktaesan, who murmured incomprehensible words, looked around the party once again.

I was excited at the thought of going into a trap after a long time, so I only thought about the past.

In the past, when he entered the trap alone, his men moved separately and hit the back of those who formed the trap.

He did so because he was the one who could endure well for the longest time in the trap and sometimes break all the traps alone.

At that time, when Byeoktaesan rushed to the trap, his men hit the enemy’s back without having to order them.

But the people here now are not the men who followed them at that time.

“I’m going straight. So you must strike behind the enemy.”

Everyone was surprised at the words.

“Sir! That’s too dangerous!”

The first person to shout was Cheonkyungwan. Cheonkyungwan has not forgotten that he is a guard of Byeoktaesan.

He must consider the safety of Byeoktaesan as a top priority.

Byeoktaesan looked at Cheonkyungwan.

“Dangerous? Who?”

“That’s what you…….”

Chunkyungwan could not finish his sentence. He couldn’t imagine the situation in itself where Byeoktaesan is in danger.

Byeoktaesan spoke calmly, but as cold as ice.

“If you think I’m in danger, you can try harder to hit the enemy’s back.”

Everyone nodded without realizing it.

If you can hit the enemy right behind you, it will cause great confusion, which will eventually lead to the safety of Byeoktasan.

Byeoktaesan looked around the party once again. When his eyes reached So-so, Dan-young, and Chae-wol, he stopped.

So-so, who noticed it, shouted quickly.

“I’m coming, too! You can do it!”

“I’m coming, too.”

“I can do it, too.”

Danyoung and Chaewol also spoke resolutely.

Byeoktaesan had no intention of stopping anyone who wanted to do it.

“Let the three of you walk together. Never separate.”

The three men who have mastered the same martial arts and the harmony between the three is good, so it will probably have a significant upward effect.

Byeoktaesan, who said so far, turned again and began to walk.

The remaining people gathered for a while and made a plan.

Byeoktaesan entered the trap alone, but he could not hit the enemy’s back roughly.

Although they cannot plan carefully, they should not fight with each other.

They quickly shared their opinions and divided their roles, and then hurried on.

* * *

“Byeoktasan is coming.”

One of the warriors scattered everywhere for reconnaissance ran and reported.

“What about the others?”

“No one is here. I’m alone.”

“He can’t be alone. I’m sure the others are trying to get behind us.”

“What should I do?”

“Don’t call the patrol, just leave it as it is. No matter where he comes, we just need to get troops from the center.”

“Yes, I’ll deliver it that way for now.”

As the warrior bowed his head and stepped back, the man and the dock iron frowned.

“If I knew this would happen, I’d bring my gangshi.”

If Byeoktaesan comes separately like that, it would be much more effective if you send the gangshi to the other side.

Voodoochul looked at three men sitting on a nearby rock.

“It’s time.”

Then the three men jumped out of their seats and jumped off the rock.

“So, what do we do?”

“You can capture Byeoktaesan.”

“You said he was good, right?”

“We don’t have accurate information yet, but they say it’s pretty strong.”

As of yet, the information that Byeoktaesan defeated by fighting Gwangdongsagoe has not been obtained from this side either.

Everyone knew that it was centered around Baekrijangcheon that wiped out the remnants of half gang-shi.

So the information they obtained was like that.

However, the people with Byeoktaesan are known to be very strong, so they prepared it to the point that it was too much.

“Isn’t it okay to cut your limbs?”

said the dock iron with an awkward smile.

“I hope I’m fine as much as I can. I have to conduct research and experiment with Byeoktaesan’s body.….”

“Did he say he was at odds with our teachers?”

“Yes, that’s right. So we have to study that part clearly. If we don’t get to write everything we’ve prepared so far, we can’t.”

“Yeah, that’s not gonna work. All right, don’t worry.”

The three men went so far as to talk to each other.

“Who’s going to go?”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve done it, so I can’t give it up.”

“The same goes for me.”

Voodoochul looked embarrassed. But he couldn’t stop them.

‘Well… there could be an attack from the other side, so they can step up.’

Thinking like that made me feel at ease.

“You must catch Byeoktaesan. It’s the Lord’s request.”

The men stared at him in unison at the words of Voodoochul.

Voodoochul, who faltered back in surprise, smiled awkwardly.

“Ahahaha, I was just delivering the words of the Lord’s message. Do as you please.”

When the three men were said to be masters, they changed their words a little.

“Let’s go together.”

“Okay. It’s been a while since you drew lots.”

“You should.”

That’s how two people were decided to go catch Byeoktaesan.

The men moved as soon as their turn was set.

Before They knew it, Byeoktaesan came so close that they could see it.

He was relieved to see the two men approaching Byeoktaesan Mountain.

‘Anyway, two or three of Gwangdongsagoe can be dealt with by himself.’

Voodoochul looked around with a comfortable mind.

All that was left was to prepare for a possible attack.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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