Chapter 89

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Hearing this voice, Yu Linglong frowned slightly, and calmly pulled her hand out of Lady Yu’s palm.

Concubine Mei was wearing a pink spring shirt with a lotus pattern and a dazzling brocade print. With a concerned smile on her face, she walked in gently and saw Yu Linglong sitting by the bed, smiling and saying, “The Fourth Lady is also here. She is really filial.”

Yu Linglong was silent. She had always been a little wary of this Concubine Mei and didn’t want to have too much contact with her.

Although she didn’t care about the mess in the Yu house, she also knew that this Concubine Mei who followed General Yu from northern Xinjiang to the capital was not a simple figure. Just a few days after entering the Yu house, she had been stable. Being General Yu’s favorite, if she was not limited by her status, she would even nearly surpass Mu Shi.

Just like now, everyone else was shooed away by Yu Linglong, and only Concubine Mei dared to enter the room to visit Lady Yu.

Concubine Mei was standing in front of Lady Yu’s window. She smiled and said: “This is the ginseng that the master brought back from Northern Xinjiang. He left it for the Lady.”

Yu Linglong hadn’t heard of this, so she looked away from her.

Why did Concubine Mei come to give her ginseng? She clearly wanted to give her ginseng to show her status.

The things General Yu brought back were not given to Mu Shi but were given to Concubine Mei. Obviously, he valued Concubine Mei very much.

Lady Yu didn’t look at Concubine Mei. She nodded faintly, and Ying Han took the box from Concubine Mei.

Concubine Mei knew that Lady Yu accepted this, and the smile on her face couldn’t help adding to it. She stepped forward and said softly: “Lady, your health is not good, let Mei’er serve you in the future.”

Yu Linglong calmly watched Concubine Mei’s courtesy to Lady Yu. It seemed that Concubine Mei was very good at judging the situation. Some time ago, when Yu Linglong was in the limelight, she often went to Pinlan Garden to talk to her. Now seeing Lady Yu, being sick, she wanted to take the opportunity to spend more time with Lady Yu, so as to consolidate her position in the Yu house.

No wonder she came to the capital alone with General Yu from northern Xinjiang. General Yu was not a beloved person who can be entrusted for life, and she had no relatives to rely on. There was no better way except to go around and make good contributions.

It’s just that Concubine Mei underestimated Lady Yu. Although Lady Yu was straightforward, she was not a fool. Concubine Mei was so careful, so how could she hide her from her?

Besides, Concubine Mei’s reason was too far-fetched. Not to mention that there were a lot of maids in Lady Yu’s room. Even if children and grandchildren were needed to do their filial piety, there was also the decent daughter-in-law Mu Shi, as well as several grandchildren. How could she get a concubine who wasn’t seen in public?

In front of Lady Yu, even the servants refused to claim a title. Did Concubine Mei think that Lady Yu was as foolish as Yu Peng? Concubine Mei wanted to kiss Lady Yu’s ass, but this time she would probably only kiss her feet.

Sure enough, Lady Yu listened to Concubine Mei’s words. Without raising her eyes, she said coldly: “Peng’er will set off within three days. Why don’t you pack your things?”

Concubine Mei was taken aback. She reluctantly smiled, and said: “I’ve already packed the things Yu Peng needs…”

Lady Yu glared at her: “Did you pack your things?”

Concubine Mei was completely shocked this time. She stared at Lady Yu in a daze, “Lady, what do you mean…”

Lady Yu said angrily, “Didn’t you come from northern Xinjiang with Peng’er? Peng’er is going to southern Xinjiang this time, aren’t you going with him!?”

Concubine Mei’s face suddenly turned pale: “I…”

Seeing Lady Yu’s eyebrows raise, Concubine Mei hurriedly changed her words: “Are…are the servants going, too?”

Lady Yu snorted heavily, “Of course. If you don’t go, who will serve Peng’er? Besides—”

Glancing at Concubine Mei with disdain, Lady Yu continued: “—There is no one around Peng’er, and he will probably want a concubine with him. Our house is not so unruly. All sorts of cats and dogs are pulled in!”

Concubine Mei’s tears filled her eyes when she was scolded by Lady Yu. Her face was like a pear with spots of dew, which looked really pitiful.

It’s just that the few people in this room didn’t appreciate her tearful beauty.

General Yu went to northern Xinjiang for three years, but he returned with a concubine. If this matter spread out, General Yu’s reputation must be damaged. Although General Yu’s own position was not firm in this matter, General Yu’s servant Wang Yong had long said that Concubine Mei was originally rescued by General Yu from the chaos, and later became a concubine. Concubine Mei had been in the Yu house for a short time, and she had been infatuating everyone, and she wanted to know if this woman was also a vain woman who was greedy for wealth.

How could Lady Yu not embarrass such a woman?

Seeing Lady Yu’s stern look, Concubine Mei knew that the matter was settled, so she held back the tears in her eyes and bowed to Lady Yu: “Yes, I’ll obey your orders.”

Concubine Mei retreated, but the words of Lady Yu’s orders suddenly sounded behind her.

“Let Concubine Dong bring in Brother Yuan, I want to see my grandson.”

Concubine Mei’s figure was stagnant. Biting her charming lips, she paused before she walked out of the room.

They were all concubines, but why did Lady Yu treat Concubine Dong differently? It was not because she gave birth to a grandson!

Seeing Concubine Dong pulling Yu Weiyuan and walking in with a pleased expression, Concubine Mei’s eyes almost burst into flames.

Sooner or later, this family business will be mine!

In the room, because Yu Linglong was present, Yu Weiyuan seemed very well-behaved. After entering the room, he walked to the bed of Lady Yu and said childishly: “Grandma, are you sick? Does it hurt?”

When Lady Yu saw her youngest grandson, her face softened a lot: “Good grandson, grandmother isn’t in pain, grandmother is just a little tired.”

Yu Weiyuan nodded, seemingly understanding, and Concubine Dong respectfully saluted: “Lady.”

Lady Yu looked at Concubine Dong, and sighed for a long while: “It’s not easy for you… Ming’er, you can come and give me medicine.”

Yu Linglong, who had been silent for a while, listened to this and looked at Lady Yu when she met Lady Yu’s thoughtful gaze.

Yu Linglong then understood Lady Yu’s meaning. Now, although Mu Shi was the mistress of the mansion, she was in harmony with General Yu, and her power had been declining. And Concubine Mei was young and deliberate, especially when she won General Yu over. It’s possible that it won’t take a long time for Concubine Mei to have her own status and influence in the mansion.

Under these circumstances, the best way was to force a check and balance with Concubine Mei. In the Yu house, Concubine Dong was of an innocent background and had a son, so she was undoubtedly the best candidate.

Lady Yu just asked Concubine Dong to attend the medicine. Although this incident was small, it hinted to everyone in the house that Lady Yu valued Concubine Dong.

Yu Linglong chose to sit on the sidelines with regard to matters related to the inner courtyard of the Yu house.

After listening to Lady Yu’s words, Concubine Dong looked flattered, and her head drooped lower: “I’m afraid I’m too clumsy and can’t serve the Lady.”

The Lady Yu smiled faintly: “If it is not easy, then forget it.”

Lady Yu gave Concubine Dong a chance, but if she wanted to compete with Concubine Mei, most of it had to rely on Concubine Dong herself. If she was not motivated, no one could help her.

Concubine Dong hurriedly knelt on the ground: “I wouldn’t dare. I will do her best to serve the Lady.”

Lady Yu waved her hand wearily: “Alright then, you can leave.”

Concubine Dong took Yu Weiyuan and walked out lightly.

Lady Yu had been speaking for a long time, and she was a little tired. She closed her eyes and let Ningshuang gently massage her temples, and slowly said: “As people get older, there are more and more things that they cannot do …”

Her voice gradually lowered, as if she was asleep, but she was filled with infinite melancholy: “I want to see your fifth sister.”

Suddenly two days passed. Not only did Lady Yu’s body fail, but she watched her illness become more severe. General Yu and Mu Shi begged their friends and family to make General Yu not go to the border of Xinjiang, but they made no progress. They racked their brains and couldn’t think of anything. There was no time to visit Lady Yu at all. Only Mu Shi sent a woman to send some nourishing medicinal soup every day, just showing an appearance. When other people saw that Mu Shi was upset, they just came to Jingshan Hall in the morning to greet them and went back. Only Concubine Dong asked the little maid to move her bed the next morning after Lady Yu gave her instructions. Here, she really served in the Lady’s room.

Yu Linglong went to Jingshantang to visit Lady Yu every day. She also knew that Lady Yu had heart disease, not to mention that people who were sickly had illnesses that came and went. If they got excited, they would probably not be healed in a few months.

At noon that day, Yu Linglong had just returned from Jingshantang, and she happened to meet Mama Cui in the garden.

Mama Cui was leading a middle-aged woman in a blue and white jacket into the garden. When she saw Yu Linglong, she stopped in the road and said with a careful smile, “Good morning, Fourth Lady.”

Yu Linglong nodded faintly and glanced at the woman behind Mama Cui. This glance made her pause.

The middle-aged woman was not outstanding in appearance. She was of medium height and slightly plump body. She was well-washed and neatly dressed in new clothes. Her skin was sickly white, her ordinary face was expressionless, her slightly thick eyelids drooped, and you could not see the look in her eyes. There was a faint tolerance in her body, and it was obvious that this woman was not an ordinary servant.

Seeing Yu Linglong looking at her, Mama Cui said: “Fourth Lady, this is the Palace Maid Liu who was specially invited by the lady. She will live in our mansion for a period of time and teach the ladies to behave well.”

Palace maid? No wonder she looked different.

Yu Linglong nodded faintly and moved away.

Just as she was about to leave, Palace Maid Liu suddenly stopped her: “Fourth Lady, please stay.”

Yu Linglong raised her eyebrows, looked at her, and saw Palace Maid Liu raise her head and say, “Although the Fourth Lady was born in Jiangmen, she is also a golden lady. Please pay attention to your gait! First, when you step, the distance between your feet cannot be more than one foot; second, when walking, you cannot lift up your skirt—”

Seeing that Palace Maid Liu entered her teaching state so quickly, not only did Mama Cui not feel happy, but she was almost scared to death.

This Palace MaidLiu person arrived for the first time, and she didn’t know what role the Fourth Lady had. He even opened his mouth and started to teach, did she want to die??

Yu Linglong looked at this plausible mouth, both angry and funny, and unceremoniously interrupted her teaching: “Why, you are going to teach me now!?”

The Palace Maid Liu didn’t seem to think this incident was funny, but still had a serious look: “Fourth Lady, as a family lady, you must pay special attention to your words and deeds. Interrupting others, like you did just now, is extremely uncultivated behavior—”

Seeing that Palace Maid Liu was still talking, Mama Cui was so scared when she said that Yu Linglong was “uncultivated.” She hurriedly stretched out her hand and passed Palace Maid Liu: “You should follow me to meet the lady first. This is not a place to talk.”

The Palace Maid Liu didn’t receive the kindness of Mama Cui at all, and did not hesitate to get rid of Mama Cui’s hand, and continued: “Since I have been entrusted by the wife, I naturally have to teach the lady in the house well…”

Yu Linglong said coldly: “Teach? It’s up to you!?”

What a joke. You have to teach me? Who do you think you are??

Her pretty figure stood on the garden path, surrounded by flowers of various colors about to bloom, but they could not conceal Yu Linglong’s fierce youth all over her body: “Get away from me, go far away from me! Don’t let me see you again!”

Palace Maid Liu must have never seen such a young lady. She was shocked and her fair complexion turned red: “Fourth Lady, this is not something that a grown-up lady can say.”

Mother Cui was almost frightened, and she wished she could immediately go up and cover Palace Maid Liu’s mouth. She was pulling her desperately, just wanting to quickly stay away from this place of right and wrong.

Yu Linglong didn’t even bother to look at them and left without looking back.

Behind her, an angry voice from Palace Maid Liu came from a distance: “What kind of young lady is this in your house? She’s harder to serve than the princess!”

Yu Linglong smiled coldly. She really wanted to know how this Palace Maid Liu would teach the young ladies of the Yu family, and what she would look like when she saw those “Miss Jinjin” who had no hair and teeth.

In the evening, Yu Linglong had dinner and leaned on the couch to rest while drinking tea.

Flowers and shadows were floating outside the window, bursts of faint fragrance floated in, putting a fragrant coating on the night.

Looking at the black shadow on the window paper, Yu Linglong suddenly found that the man in black had really disappeared.

She didn’t know what kind of emotions passed through her heart. She seemed a little sad. With the disappearance of the man in black, the bloody massacre once seen on the mountain road seemed like a dream, making her almost start to doubt its authenticity. The doubts were unsolved, but they all disappeared with him.

That was good. As long as she can live a peaceful life, she doesn’t need to know the answers to those puzzles.

Suddenly there was a silver bell-like laughter outside the door, pulling Yu Linglong’s thoughts back. She didn’t need to look to know that the girl who dared to laugh so brazenly in her yard was Ling’er.

Sure enough, the next moment, Ling’er smiled and raised the curtain and walked in. Xuan Cao gave her a strange look, and said: “You girl, how many times have you talked about you, it’s still so loud, and you are disturbing people.”

Ling’er stuck out her tongue and smiled: “It’s a good thing, Miss will not blame me.”

Without raising her eyelids, Yu Linglong lowered her head and gently sipped the tea. Whatever good things can be done in the Yu house, it didn’t matter to her, unless Lady Yu was cured.

Ling’er didn’t need Yu Linglong to ask, she said to herself: “Miss is about to add a younger brother, is that good news?”

Xuan Cao raised her head in surprise, and said, “What are you talking about? What younger brother does miss have?”

Ling’er smiled and said, “It’s true, I just heard the news from outside. Our new Concubine Mei is more than two months pregnant!”

Yu Linglong raised her eyebrows. Concubine Mei was pregnant?

She remembered that at Lady Yu’s a few days ago, Concubine Mei was so disheartened. Remembering that tomorrow was the deadline for Minister Feng to order General Yu to go to southern Xinjiang, Yu Linglong sneered coldly.

Concubine Mei was pregnant, and it was really neither early nor late.

If the news was announced earlier, Concubine Mei would inevitably arouse the envy and ostracism of Mu Shi. She couldn’t even stand in the Yu house. If it was announced later, she would not be able to escape the fate of going to southern Xinjiang with General Yu tomorrow.

Ling’er said with relish: “I heard that the master is very happy, and all the maids in Concubine Mei’s yard have been rewarded with a bunch of copper coins!”

After all, Xuan Cao was a bit older, so after thinking about it, she wanted to ask: “Then Concubine Mei doesn’t have to go tomorrow.”

Ling’er said: “Of course. The Lady heard that Concubine Mei was pregnant and sent a woman next to her to serve. She said she was experienced… Sister Xuan Cao, what experience? Do you need experience too?”

Xuan Cao couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Little girl, you know how to ask questions, but you don’t know how to be ashamed!”

Ling’er was confused, and she was still entangled with Xuan Cao to explain. Yu Linglong had already guessed the thoughts of Lady Yu.

A few days ago, she scolded her in front of Concubine Mei to make her abide by her duty and be a concubine with peace of mind. Today, she learned that Concubine Mei was pregnant, but she sent her mother-in-law to serve. The grandson in the concubine’s belly, secondly, was also suggesting to some people in the Yu house that Lady Yu was very important to Concubine Mei’s pregnancy so that they could stop thinking of making trouble as soon as possible.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

As for some of these people, they were naturally Mu Shi and others. Although Concubine Mei had obtained the special favor of General Yu, she was only a concubine after all. If she gave birth to a son, she will definitely use her son to win more love from General Yu.

She wanted to know how Mu Shi could let an auntie climb up. Just by looking at her previous methods with Concubine Lan, you can guess one or two of them.

What’s more, General Yu was about to leave the capital, and Concubine Mei was alone in Yu Mansion, and she may not know what will happen in the future.

Yu Linglong took a sip of tea and smiled softly.

Yu Linglong guessed correctly. At this moment, Mu Shi, who had just learned the news, was furious.

With a bang, the fine porcelain teacup with white orchids was thrown to the ground and fell to pieces. Mu Shi’s face was no longer the dignified and rich face of the past. It had almost become hideous.

“This vixen is really shameless!”

The maids in the room were taken aback. Mama Qian lightly stepped forward and picked up the broken porcelain: “Lady, please calm down. Think about it, what should we do about it?”

Mu Shi was trembling with anger, and the tassels on the eight-treasure golden hairpin on his head couldn’t stop trembling: “What should we do!? There’s nothing we can do to escape this vile creature!”

Her son was going to get married in a few days, but now there was news that the concubine was pregnant. How ugly and shameful. After thinking about it, her grandson was almost old enough to call Concubine Mei’s son uncle!

When Mu Shi thought of this, she couldn’t control her temper anymore, so she stood up and pointed at Mama Qian angrily: “You, hurry up and bring that bitch over, and see if I don’t kill her and the evil in her stomach!”

Mama Qian was shocked. The first wife was confused, how could this kind of thing be solved! If General Yu knew this, could he spare his wife?

Mama Qian quietly waved her hand behind her. The maids left, and Mama Qian went forward and said in a low voice: “Madam, don’t worry, we have to consider this matter carefully.”

Mu Shi said angrily: “What is the long-term plan? Wait a few months, and then the child will be born, so what is the long-term plan!?”

Mama Qian gently fanned Mu Shi behind her and said, “Madam, haven’t you heard? The Lady just sent Madam You to serve the woman. This was to bother the lady so she wouldn’t get involved in this matter!”

Mu Shi’s brows were furrowed: “This old woman is sick, and she wants to take care of everything!”

Mama Qian smiled and reminded Mu Shi softly: “Madam, tomorrow the master will set off…”

Mu Shi was enlightened, and her eyebrows immediately stretched out.

Yes, Lady Yu was seriously ill. It was impossible to have too many thoughts about the inner courtyard. General Yu was about to be ordered to leave the capital. Concubine Mei had just become pregnant, so she must not be able to follow him. After waiting for tomorrow, Mu Shi was now covering the sky in the Yu house.

After thinking about the connections here, Mu Shi’s face gradually showed a cold smile.

“After tomorrow, let’s see how I can push her!”

The mistress and servant looked at each other and laughed. At this moment, a panicked voice rang outside the door: “Lady, the Master is here!”

Mu Shi glanced at the broken porcelain pieces on the floor, and Mama Qian hurried forward to wipe the tea stains with her kerchief and put away the broken porcelain pieces.

Mu Shi straightened the golden hairpin on her head and tried to make a gentle smile on her face, and leisurely stood up to meet General Yu, and said, “Congratulations, master.”

General Yu’s face was red, and the haze of the past few days was wiped out. He was obviously very happy, but this look disappeared when he looked at Mu Shi.

“Mei’er can’t come with me, but if she stays at home, you are not allowed to make a plan!”

General Yu’s method of solving problems had always been simple and crude. Just like at this moment, he himself was not in the capital, so he couldn’t protect Concubine Mei and the child in her stomach, but he didn’t want to think of a way, so he would just come directly to Mu Shi and say his own.

Mu Shi was bitter in her heart, but still with a smile on her face: “What are you saying? Concubine Mei is with child. I am also happy. In the future, her children will also call me mother. How could I have any other thoughts?”

General Yu’s expression eased a little, but he was still skeptical: “I hope you really think so if Mei’er is the same as Lan’er… I will definitely take a break and make you go back to your hometown!”

Mu Shi was furious. Wasn’t it just a humble concubine and the bitch in her stomach, General Yu actually threatened her with a letter of divorce in order to protect them!?

The smile on her face became sullen unknowingly, and Mu Shi lowered her eyes to cover the anger and hatred in her eyes, and said softly: “Master, rest assured, I will take good care of them.”

General Yu did not see Mu Shi’s strangeness at all, and finally nodded in satisfaction when he heard her promise.

The three-day deadline passed in a blink of an eye. Even if General Yu didn’t want to go to southern Xinjiang, he couldn’t violate the emperor’s order.

Mu Shi led everyone to send General Yu off at the gate. Except for Concubine Mei, not many people showed the sadness of parting. General Yu was out all year round, and everyone was used to it.

In other words, many people hoped that General Yu would not live in the mansion for one reason or another.

Mu Shi’s face was tinged with a faint sadness, expressing the sadness of her husband’s parting, but without losing the grace of the big family head mother. She was making all kinds of scenes of telling him to be careful along the way and take care of his body. Concubine Dong was the same. She didn’t say a word, and only Concubine Mei Mei had tears in her apricot eyes. She was very pitiful, and she looked sad and reluctant to part with General Yu.

Compared with Mu Shi, Concubine Mei’s attitude clearly won General Yu’s heart. At this moment, his gaze stayed on Concubine Mei’s face. Thinking of his journey, his future was uncertain and he couldn’t help sighing.

Concubine Mei put her hand on her lower abdomen either intentionally or unintentionally, and said softly, “Master, Mei’er will not be with you in the future, so you must pay more attention to your health…”

While talking, Concubine Mei’s tears had fallen. She was completely helpless and sad and she was reluctant to leave General Yu.

Mu Shi looked at Concubine Mei with cold eyes. The smile on her face became stiffer. This little bitch was really good at acting. If she really wanted to follow General Yu, it would happen earlier or later, but she found out that she was pregnant the night before. For an excuse to leave the Yu Mansion, wasn’t she worried that she would die in Southern Xinjiang with General Yu?

General Yu and Concubine Mei were hard to distinguish here, and suddenly there was a sound of footsteps from far and near on the other side of the street. When everyone heard the power of them, they only saw a small servant running over panting and reaching the gate of the Yu house, and eloquently stop.

He quickly looked around the crowd, and stepped forward to salute General Yu: “Can I ask, are you General Yu Peng?”

General Yu was a little bit confused. The news that he was transferred to southern Xinjiang had been out for three days. Many people didn’t know it, and even if they knew it, no one cared because they were afraid of being implicated. Therefore, although he set off today, his colleagues in the court did not care. There was no one to send him away and seeing this little servant had him stunned. He really couldn’t guess which colleague would send him off.

General Yu nodded: “I am.”

The young man immediately saluted General Yu: “I am a servant in Gan Taifu’s mansion. Our master and wife want to see the general. Can you wait a moment?”

As soon as General Yu heard that he was Gan Taifu’s, he immediately was stunned, and his face was full of unstoppable smiles. He said repeatedly, “I wouldn’t dare, why is Master Taifu coming here?!”

The little servant thought that he was used to seeing people’s flattery to Gan Taifu. He was not surprised that General Yu was so overjoyed. He only heard him say: “Our Taifu and his wife’s sedan chair will be here soon, please wait for the military master in the mansion. “

General Yu was so pleased that he took off his helmet and said hurriedly, “How can this work? I’ll wait for Master Taifu right here!”

The young man was not polite, and said: “Then there will be General Lao.”

When Mu Shi and others heard the news, they all looked shocked and surprised. The Gan family was so powerful in the capital that they had always looked at them, ordinary small officials and small officials, without even looking directly at them. Why would they suddenly visit the Jade house today?

Seeing General Yu promise to wait for Master Gan at the gate, the family had to stand obediently at the gate to welcome Master Gan’s arrival.

After the time it took to burn a stick of incense, an eight-carriage sedan with dark green velvet satin came slowly across the street. The eight sedan chairs were all of the same colors, and the sedan was carried steadily, moving forward without rush. A dozen servants and guards followed by the sedan chair, all with extraordinary tolerance. Behind the sedan was a canopied carriage. The curtain was embroidered with shining peacock peonies and gold and silver threads. The four corners of the carriage were decorated with golden bells, each of which was the size of a fist. As the carriage moved slowly, and there was a rhythmic ding-dong sound. Surrounded by dozens of maids and servants, they were all well-dressed, with the atmosphere of a big family.

Looking at the car and the sedan alone, the wealth was compelling. Mu Shi concealed her astonishment and greeted him with General Yu.

The eight men carried the big sedan to the door. The bearers stopped, lowered the sedan poles, and a small servant hurriedly stepped forward and raised the curtain: “Master, you have arrived at the Yu house.”

A tall man walked down wearing an ochre lake silk embroidered moiré uniform. He had a square face, long eyebrows, and big eyes, and he looked very majestic.

In the carriage behind him, several maids helped a forty-year-old lady out of the carriage and came to the door.

Lady Gan was dressed in a deep red cloud satin palace dress with rich and noble patterns. She wore a golden phoenix with wings spread on her head and a hard red inlaid gold pendant. Her skin was slightly plump, her face was amiable, and she looked graceful and luxurious, with extraordinary tolerance.

General Yu gave the helmet in his hand to Wang Yong beside him and walked forward with an excited smile on his face: “Master Taifu is coming here, it is really brilliant, please come in. Come in!”

Gan Taifu twisted the beard on his chin, raised his eyes to look at the plaque of the Yu house, and then looked back at General Yu: “Are you General Yu Peng?”

General Yu smiled: “Just call me Yu Peng!”

Master Gan nodded and walked straight into the courtyard. General Yu hurriedly followed him and led the way himself.

Mu Shi gritted her teeth to meet Lady Gan and said respectfully: “Lady Gan, please come in.”

Lady Gan was graceful, with a gentle face, and said: “Thank you, Lady Yu.”

Yu Qianliu, Yu Weide, and the others exchanged glances of surprise and followed everyone into the gate.

In the main hall, seeing Taifu and Lady Gan sitting at the head seats, General Yu and Mu Shi dared to take their seats. General Yu hurriedly ordered the housekeeper: “Go and get the best tea, and treat Master Taifu! “

Yu Qianliu and others stood there, not daring to raise their heads or to speak. Only the young Yu Weiyuan poked his head out from behind Concubine Dong and looked at Lady Gan curiously.

Master Gan and Lady Gan sat at the top and did not explain their intentions. They just glanced at Yu Qianliu and others, and Mu Shi called them in and introduced them one by one: “This is Yu Weide, ranking second. This is Yu Qianliu, ranking third—”

Gan Gan winked at Madam Gan, and Madam Gan cleared her throat and asked softly, “I don’t know which lady is Yu Qianjiao?”

As soon as Lady Mu heard that Lady Gan was calling to see Yu Qianjiao, she was overwhelmed with joy and immediately called out Yu Qianjiao: “Lady Gan, this is the little girl.”

The injuries on Yu Qianjiao’s face were treated properly and many elixirs for removing scars were used. Now it had been restored to its original condition. She usually wore ivory dentures to hide the slumped cheeks. At this moment, she was wearing a goose yellow spring shirt with eight treasures on her head. She was very beautiful and charming, and she looked like a little beauty.

Lady Gan took Yu Qianjiao’s hand and looked at Yu Qianjiao carefully, gradually showing a smile on her face, as if she liked it very much.

She took off the pair of jade bracelets on her wrists, put them on Yu Qianjiao herself, and said, “What a neat child.”

Seeing that Madam Gan liked Yu Qianjiao, Mu Shi’s heart was filled with immense joy. She raised her eyes to look at Yu Qianjiao and the others. She felt a little annoyed, and waved: “Go.”

The servant next to her moved up with a wink and placed her next to Lady Gan. Lady Gan took Yu Qianjiao to sit down and asked about her age, whether she had read any books, what she did on weekdays, and so on. Yu Qianjiao didn’t understand what Lady Gan meant, so she had to answer them one by one.

The female family members chatted together, and here Taifu Gan finally twisted his beard and opened his mouth: “The house of a general and a girl like a tiger. She deserves it.”

General Yu was so happy that his heart was thumping, and he almost grinned to the base of his ears: “You are too rewarding, I am ashamed!”

Lady Gan shook her head and said, “How can you be ashamed of it? Lady Yu is young, but she is courageous and strategic. It is difficult for countless men to beat her!”

General Yu and the Mu Shi were stunned. Yu Qianjiao was so spoiled by Mu Shi that she was pretty daring and courageous. How could she be courageous and strategic?

Seeing Lady Gan holding Yu Qianjiao’s hand, Mu Shi had already faintly guessed the intentions of Master Gan and Lady Gan, but she still couldn’t believe it. While hesitating, Lady Gan said with a smile: “I wonder if Lady Yu has left the house yet?”

Mu Shi hurriedly replied: “Not yet.”

The smile on Lady Gan’s face became even more obvious. Looking at Yu Qianjiao, she said profoundly: “Lady Yu was born so beautiful, and she has both wisdom and courage, which is very rare. There is no such good lady in the capital.”

Mu Shi only felt a heart-pounding, and she nervously almost didn’t know how to respond. She just lowered her head and said, “The lady really overrated.”

Lady Gan cleared her throat, and smiled, and said, “Our Gan Lin, who is 13 years old this year, is the perfect match for Lady Yu.”

Although she had guessed it faintly, speaking from the Gan Taifu, Mu Shi and General Yu almost couldn’t believe their ears.

What? Gan Taifu’s only son, the nephew of the current queen, wanted to discuss marriage with Yu Qianjiao!?

General Yu was already scratching his head with joy. Mu Shi’s mind still had a trace of clarity. She couldn’t believe that such a good thing would fall on her head. She looked at Lady Gan hesitantly and said: “Qianjiao is our only daughter. She is spoiled on weekdays, and I’m afraid she doesn’t serve the main room well.”

Mu Shi’s worries were justified. As the youngest son of Gan Taifu’s family, it was more than enough to marry a princess. If Gan Taifu and Lady Gan wanted Yu Qianjiao to be in a side room, then they would not agree.

The smile on Lady Gan’s face remained unchanged: “What is Lady Yu saying? Naturally, we are going to choose the future daughter-in-law. If we only want to choose a concubine, why would we both see each other in person?”

Mu Shi’s heart finally fell to the ground and was replaced by a heart full of ecstasy. Her only daughter, Yu Qianjiao, was now being proposed to by Master Gan and Lady Gan in person!

General Yu’s mouth was almost open with a big grin: “It cannot be this good. Being able to climb up to Master Taifu’s level is the blessing of Qianjiao’s previous life!”

Master Gan was silent, while Lady Gan smiled: “You are too polite.”

After speaking, she took out an invitation and handed it to Mu Shi: “This is my son Ganlin’s proposal card.”

Mu Shi hurriedly received it respectfully, and hurriedly accepted the proposal card that Ganlin wrote Yu Qianjiao, and squeezed the gilded cover in her hand. Mu Shi was finally convinced that what was happening before her was true. Master Gan and Lady Gan were indeed sincerely asking Yu Qianjiao to marry Ganlin. Even the proposal card had been prepared in advance!

General Yu could not wait. He finally waited until the change of the proposal card was finished. He quickly asked: “Master Taifu, in the future, we will be in-laws. You see, I haven’t seen my daughter get married, and haven’t drunk the wedding wine. This war department ordered me to go to southern Xinjiang immediately. In my heart, I really can’t let go of Qianjiao—”

General Yu finally learned to be clever and knew how to use his daughter as a shield. Indeed, based on his own weight, Master Gan would definitely not help him.

Gan Taifu thought for a moment, and said, “I can understand what you are saying. Then let me say hello to Master Feng. This matter of the Southern Xinjiang Supervisory War will be postponed for a while until our children’s wedding.”

General Yu went to southern Xinjiang to supervise the battle, not to go on an expedition. Therefore, it was not an urgent matter, so Gan Taifu interceded for him.

General Yu quickly said: “Master Taifu, can you tell Minister Feng to change me? I’m too old, and I have just returned from northern Xinjiang…”

Even Mu Shi couldn’t stand it anymore. Her husband, in front of the children, still in Yu Qianjiao’s spotlight, was begging Gan Taifu just to stay in the capital. He was too bold.

Master Gan cleared his throat and said concomitantly: “Let’s talk about it.”

General Yu didn’t have to go to Southern Xinjiang immediately. He was already exasperated and said with a smile: “Thank you, Master Taifu, thank you, Master Taifu!”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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