Chapter 59

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A precursor phenomenon.

This was an expression referring to the phenomenon in which the Yi-neung wave density rises, fine perceptual fluctuations, and abnormal changes in atmospheric pressure before the emergence of SR or higher levels of difficulty.

The higher the level of difficulty of attack, the earlier and more certain the precursor phenomenon could be observed.

In the case of the Korean Peninsula, the forerunner has been observed by SAT-K, a satellite player of the Korean Peninsula’s governing body, and the association has used this information to respond to this situation.

The reliability of the player SAT-K was extremely high.

In the game, before Children’s Day in the first year.


‘It’s a trick’


It had the ability to “call the world”.

Although the risk was high, the preparation time took a long time, and the strength needed was great, but it was able to bring the transfer to the desired place and time without a precursor.


“It’s taking a long time to get ready, so even if I found Dragon Tribe and a member of the Red Lion team sitting at Jamsil Baseball Stadium today, I wouldn’t have been able to go back.”’


Jamsil Baseball Stadium on Children’s Day.

Without foreshadowing, two SR++-class suddenly emerged, eroded daily life without foreshadowing.

Jamsil Baseball Stadium had an R+++ class protection.

Although it was at the level of determination to comply with the enforcement rules of the law on the installation and use of sports facilities, it was insufficient to respond to the phenomenon of completely ignoring existing laws.


‘It was the first time since the Eternal Lake experienced the attack on Manchester in the past that there was no forerunner. At that time, SSR-class transfer was additionally made without a precursor, resulting in countless casualties. It was a rare case in the world, so it was hard to deal with.’


Furthermore, the incident was not just an incident that ended with the audience being victimized.

On Children’s Day, during the derby match between Zuo and TC, it was customary for the next head of each group to watch the game with his family from the cheering team’s stands.

They were also involved in the incident while watching the game at the first and third base tables, respectively.


The owner’s family made a wise choice. I knew that it was difficult for the whole family, including young children, to escape safely between about 26,000 spectators and staff in front of the SR++-class transition phenomenon. If the owner’s family runs away and survives, it will be food for the press.’


The next heads of Zuo Group and TC Group ordered the security team to play the role of a “guard” to prevent energy generated outside in front of two gaps until the association’s support comes.

At the time of the order, there were still only two gaps in the field, so it was calculated that the security team of the Zuo Group on one side and the security team of the TC Group on the other side kept the damage to minimize. The head of each group’s security team will follow the instructions of the next leaders.


‘But that was one of the targets.’


About 10 minutes after the security team moves.

The third crack, the SR++ tower, appeared, causing a catastrophe.

Driven by a gap in the system, energy levels above SR were created.

The R+++ connection for preparing for the low-level transfer, which occurs without a precursor phenomenon, is quickly destroyed and even taken into the stands of Jamsil Baseball Stadium, which was in a sit-in state.


In the game, Joo Soo-hyuk’s solo quest started from here.’


Joo Soo-hyuk’s uncle, his mother, and his cousin’s sister were at the table at first base.

Sitting in the center VIP seat, he went to guard the first base side and most of the first base audience was safe due to his great performance, but the third-base side was not.

It took about 25 minutes for the association and professional players to arrive at Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

Within the next 25 minutes, all security personnel left by TC Group were killed.

The family of the next president, who was not very strong but had this ability, was seriously injured during the war.

Eventually, the energy generated by the cracks in the world resulted in four deaths and injuries.


“There were a few players, but some of the players who were able to respond to SR-level or higher energy were also part of Joo Soo-hyuk and the security team.”’


The Seoul Metropolitan Government, which has been hampered by the association and other pro-player teams, and the Jamsil Baseball Stadium, where there are no precursors.

There was a coincidence created, and strange rumors began to circulate.


“There was a ridiculous situation where Joo Soo-hyuk’s performance was rather poisonous.’


Unlike TC Group officials who were seriously injured, Zuo Group officials were all safe.

There were many illogical and crooked people who thought this strange.

The fact that the home stadium was the Zuo Dragons at the time also led to ridiculous rumors that the Jamsil Baseball Stadium disaster was a massive terrorist attack and assassination attempt by the Zuo Group.

The photo, called evidence, was taken by the family of the next president of Zuo Group, who escaped from the baseball stadium without injury.


“There is something about it because it responds hard to assassinations, terrorism rumors, and malicious comments about Joo Soo-hyuk’s cousin’s sister, and that attitude is evidence.” There were a lot of crazy people who insisted.’


TC Group, which had been losing its stock price due to the seriousness of the next head and his family, is silent on rumors of its assassination and terrorism.


The next head of the TC group was seriously injured, and the use of item cards and skills left the aftereffects. He had to undergo regenerative procedures several times. Since then, TC group’s attitude has changed since they stepped down from the front line.’


I don’t know if he was consistent with the stage response because he thought it was an absurd rumor, but it didn’t seem like it to the public.

The response was overwhelming, saying, ‘Isn’t TC group also keeping their mouth shut because they think so.’

As things grew this big, a subtle war of nerves began between the Zuo Group and the TC Group.

Originally, the two groups were fighting fiercely for the competition for leadership in 1GG (1 Gifted Generation) technology, a new mobile network service using the Yi-neung wave.

The relationship between the two groups began to deteriorate, which later led to the four major groups fighting.


It also led to a sharp drop in the number of professional baseball spectators.


The highest number of major professional sports spectators announced by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism is the indicator of professional baseball.

It trampled on the joy of Korea’s most beloved sports and even targeted the lives of the two next heads of the four major groups.


Under the guise of coincidence, I naturally brought the Red Lion team and Dragon Tribe to Jamsil Baseball Stadium.


– Beep!


Along with the alarm sound, a map showing the notification message and the location of the second world was displayed on a smart device that can deploy holograms.


[Emergency Alert SR++ Level Transfer Creation Guide]


There are currently two SR++ class deviations.

One by the entrance of the first base.

The other one is near the entrance of the third base.

In a few minutes, energy levels above SR will also appear among the cracks in the world.

The stadium announcement rang out to announce the suspension of the game.


“I think I learned in the last class that there is a precursor to SR or higher turnover. If there’s a precursor, isn’t the area sealed off?”


“Player SAT-K didn’t detect it. There are more than one or two gaps in the world of interest in Seoul. ·····! Everything has a ‘on-the-go’ sign. I think the association’s support will be a little late.”


Maeng Hyo-don, a great idol who remembers the contents of the class.

Joo Soo-hyuk is calmly looking at the situation of targeting the second world with his device.


“Considering the location of the transfer, the central gate and the infield entrance should never be close. There’s also a choice to run to the outfield entrance. But when the connection is triggered, all the entrances will be closed. ····! Even if the guards make a mistake, they can get energy towards the outfield entrance. It will be difficult for 26,000 people to escape from energy above SR level. Then we should go to the sit-in war. The level of Jamsil Baseball Stadium is R+++ class. It will last less than 10 seconds against energy above SR level!”

“Wonwoo, shall we get ready to fight?”


Jang Nam-wook is a bit panicked and talkative.

after a relatively easy-going Doshihu

The reaction of our group was diverse.


“It doesn’t seem necessary.”


Do Won-woo made a cool judgment.

Do Won-woo’s eyes were on the red lion team members and dragon tribes sitting around Yeom Jun-yeol in the central VIP seat.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]


Yeah, and it’s not just Wonwoo who knows this.’


If it’s a development in the game, the audience and the players are panicked.

But it’s different now.


“In the game, Junyeol threw the first pitch? This world is slow-witted. I’ve been working so hard to get my day off today!”

“They’re both dungeons, I see. I’ll make it powdery.”

“All the dragon-kids are participating. I don’t accept objections.”


Throughout the game, red lion team members and dragon families were seen every time they turned the broadcast screen in the stands.

Everyone at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium and the viewers beyond the screen knew.

The audience was surprised but did not look frightened.

There is no doubt that the elite and dragon tribes of the Red Lion, one of the world’s top 10 players, will protect them.


“Father, I’m coming, too.”

“Hmm? Junyeol, but ·····.”

“You don’t have a chance to go after your father. I can take care of my body. I want to see my father’s performance with my own eyes.”

“·······Yes! I can’t help it if Junyeol says that. If you want to see your father’s performance so badly!”


I heard a conversation to find out how salivary fever is being held by Yeom Joon-yeol.

Yong Je-gun said a word while organizing an attack team and a garrison to be attacked by team master Yeom Bang-yeol and leader Cheongryong.


“I’ll stay at the stadium.”

“Yong Je-gun? You’re out of advertising, so there’s no restriction on teaching contracts, why are you trying to keep yourself safe?”

“In preparation for uncertainty. I don’t feel good, Cheongryong.”

“········you have a good sense of it.”

“Only if you think it’s funny.”


I don’t know what you’re thinking about, but I’ll stay.”

All spectators, including the spectators in the central VIP seat, watched the Red Lion and the Dragon Tribe.

After finishing the team formation in about a minute, they stormed out of their seats.


“Here we go, Red Lion!”


At the cry of Yeom Bang-yeol, team members of the Red Lion took the item card out of their arms and materialized it.

The item from the card was a red cape with a red lion’s team mark.

Those wearing capes flew high into the sky using flying skills, Gwanglim, and mobile items.

Cheers erupted from the audience when they saw the members of the Red Lion team and Yong-jok flying up into the air and heading to the world.




“Let’s go, Junyeol! I’ll show you what I’ve got!”

“I want to be on the same team as Junyeol. ·····.”

“Chungryong is holding it in, so don’t complain. Let’s get this over with and come join us!”


The lines weren’t very nice, but their backs were very reassuring as they disappeared with red spots anyway.


‘There’s one more interest that’s going forward. But all the security teams in Zuo and TC are on standby at the stadium, and there are six elite players at the 

Eungwang High School and Military Academy. And there’s Yong Je-gun. There’s no problem.’


I don’t know what Yong Je-gun is thinking, but he looked around from the quiet central VIP seat and waved his hand once at our side.

When I, Do Won-woo and Joo Soo-hyuk, who recognized Yong Je-gun, took a bow, Yong Je-gun turned around and began to walk straight to one point.


“See you here, Toyeon.”


What did he just say?


Are you talking about Ok To-Yeon?


“Wah, uh, how did you know?”


Listening to the voice, Ok To-yeon is right.

I couldn’t recognize it because Toyeon was wearing a TC Nights hat and rolled up face with a muffler.


“Why are you here?’


Unlike the game, it’s not strange for the To-Tribe to stay here to avoid the danger of extinction, but isn’t the head of the To-Tribe normal when she’s busy?

Jeokho is so busy.

Looking at the way the head of the Dragon Tribe is doing, the head of the village is unexpectedly free.


“You’ve seen it in Eungwang before. I’m sensitive to space. If there’s a sign of knowledge in the same space, it’s blind.”

“Well, I was going to take my benefactor and run.”


It is a Yong Je-gun-like reaction that uses spatial techniques.

But if she’s the beneficiary, I think she’s talking about me.

I’ve been doing it rather than repaying my kindness for saving the descendants of Eunho.


“Why are you here?”

“Well, yeah, I’m a TC Knights fan. We’re the official sponsors of TC Knights.”


Ok To-yeon showed a sponsor patch attached to the TC Knights uniform, which she is wearing as if she wanted to see it.

You were a sponsor of the Moon Rabbit Tteok ····· TC Knights.

Speaking of which, it seems that the CEO of  Moon Rabbit Tteok, Jin-Tribe, and the head of To-Tribe, are TC Knights fans.


“Even if you’re a fan, you’re a fan of the team that competes for the bottom every year!’


“There’s no way To-yun allowed it. I can’t let you move alone like this.”

“Oh, I saw something strange in the Wolgung-gyedo, so I sneaked in here! All right?”



It was my first time hearing a noun, but I had a guess.

Hwang Ji-ho once said before.

The moon rabbits used Wolgung’s technology to observe the Korean Peninsula.


“It’s the first time I’ve seen it. It looks like a precursor phenomenon, but it was a bit different and I felt bad. That’s why I’m here!

“It looks like a precursor, but it’s different? There are two accounts that have occurred. Both of them were similar?”

“Well, what should I say about this?”

Ok To-yeon rolled her red eyes around and said.

“Similar, but not two. ‘Three.’ All similar!”

– Beep!

The alarm rings again.

It was re-announcing the generation of SR++class.

‘I’m sure.’

The third without a precursor.

Ok To-yeon knew beforehand.

‘The To-Tribe have the skill of penetrating this’

I laughed thinking so.

“Oh, the vice-captain is laughing suspicious again.”

I heard that I am suspicious again.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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