Chapter 66

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It was the same hysterical scream, but the actions taken by both sides were completely different.

She heard Chris Bella mumbling and praying, but the content was completely covered by 096’s loud scream. Her vague prayers came from above, and it was not difficult to imagine that she was lifted up by her collar.

Concerned about the photo Chris Bella was still holding in her hand, Lin You still closed her eyes tightly. After seeing the appearance of this alien creature, the two cultists who restrained her didn’t know the reason why SCP-096 was so violent. They only acted on reflex and let go.

“What the hell is this—what the hell is this?!”

The idea that was instilled in them from beginning to end was that as long as they firmly believed, they could resist monsters from the dark. Now this persistence was torn to pieces, and one of them shouted in fear: “What did you do?!”

Lin You: “Hmm…”

Lin You: “Take a guess?”

A few bodyguards have not given up on rescuing their cult leader, but living here, most of them can use iron pipes.

However, let alone a cold weapon, the Foundation had long since verified that as long as he was in a state of anger, he could be immune to all damage.

It wouldn’t feel pain if the iron pipe beat him to death, and once SCP-096 became hostile, it would not be sloppy in the least.

It was sobbing because it was so sad that its face was seen again.

It also knew exactly what it should do.

—That is, to solve the source of this sadness.

“…Bless me…”

Chris Bella was hanging in the air and whispered: “…I won’t—”

Her voice disappeared.

A few drops of warm liquid splashed on her cheeks.

There was a moment of silence, and then there were startled and angry shouts and chaotic footsteps. They finally realized that they could not deal with such a guy alone, and they had to rush out the door in a panic when they saw that it was impossible to save them.

When she could no longer hear the sounds of them fleeing, Lin You lifted her eyelids a little and used her peripheral vision to look behind her.

From the middle to the ceiling of the wall, there was a large hole in the shape of a person.

—SCP-096 chased her out.

Because Chris Bella was still waving the photo after being caught, the followers who followed her probably accidentally saw a corner while trying to rescue her.

Lin You took two steps in the direction of the impression. After stepping on something, she bent down.

Feeling the paper, she picked up the photo, crumpled it up, and threw it into the corner.

It wasn’t until now that she could open her eyes with confidence. Lin You rubbed the splashed blood with the back of her hand and looked around the open space—besides the melted wax from the candle, there was also a little blood. SCP-096 did not leave any traces.

She summoned 096 in that store and took its picture with the camera. After waiting two hours for the cool-down time, she came to this church. After Chris Bella saw the photo, she called 096 again. This was a successful plan A.

Plan B had to be the second-best—

For example, under the restriction of sister Meiji, there must be a Red Person who sings and reads the article before killing. Her hands can kill people. Once she is put on a kite, they will not affect the Plague Doctor. Slenderman had always liked to commit crimes alone. Sadako or Kayako still had some unresolved conflicts with her.

Although it can be done, in general, SCP-096 can be used directly when it is close, and SCP-096 was more than the first choice to solve it when it is far more…


With the sound of dragging footsteps, Lin You saw a long pale hand through the big hole that was burst open.

When she moved her gaze back to its face, she couldn’t help taking a breath.

—The risk was even greater.

After getting rid of the few guys who saw its photos, SCP-096, who was in a stable mood, dutifully dragged those long hands back to her. There were no bloodstains on its hands, but there was something wrong with the original paper bag on its head.

She didn’t know if it was because he didn’t pay much attention when he broke the wall, or if it was affected by chasing them out. The paper bag was far more torn than what she saw in the electrical store, and she was afraid that it would be completely broken if it was damaged.

Fortunately, he didn’t really show, and he hung up like this in a thrilling manner, otherwise Lin You herself would be the one facing disaster.

SCP-096 also seemed to feel a little uneasy as it fiddled with the bag.

“Stop it.”

Lin You hurriedly stopped it, for fear that it would break the paper bag instead, “Wait here, I will get you a stronger one.”

“Or instead of a bag, I’ll just change it—” she muttered, remembering something suddenly, and hurriedly beckoned to SCP-096, “Come on, I know what to do. Follow me.”

In fact, she didn’t need to say that when Lin You took a step, SCP-096 would really follow her as before at Kisaragi Station.

Lin You knew.

Because of the large swaths of ashes floating in the sky, the survivors in this church went out and searched them with full armor, protective clothing, and helmets, and carried a birdcage as an early warning—every time darkness was about to come in the world, the animals were far more sensitive than humans.

As for where to put this equipment, when she was taken upstairs by them, she inadvertently caught a glimpse of a room with a door open on the side, with several pieces piled on the side.

At this time, there may have only been Chris Bella and her guards at the church—and now they were all dead. There was no sound from SCP-096 on the way back, so Lin You safely led it down the stairs again to the door in her memory, and found that she had remembered it correctly.

“Okay,” Lin You picked up the biggest one.

“Try it.”

She raised her hand, and SCP-096 actually knew to lower his head—he was cooperating to put the gas mask on.

Lin You: “…”

SCP-096: “…”

Its face was too long.

Its jaw was four times as long as that of a normal person when opened, and it should not be underestimated when it was closed. The right helmet could only cover most of his face. Not to mention that although the body is tall, it was astonishingly thin, and the helmet was too wide and dangled on its head—

“I will think of another way.”

Lin You decisively took off the helmet that was obviously not suitable for 096 at all and threw it back to the warehouse.

SCP-096 seemed to regret this, but the time was almost up. It walked back and forth a few steps angrily and then disappeared in place.

Lin You could still understand its disappointment, but there is no way to look at the poor supplies behind the door. Moreover, she had to leave this church as quickly as possible—

Looking around, she saw the small wooden door at the end of the corridor. The back door was concealed, but now it was convenient for her to evacuate. Lin You paid attention to the surrounding movements, and crouched under the bushes, moving step by step to the position they had discussed in advance.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]


Jian Mingjia’s voice was lightly stressed, “Here!”

“How was it?” Jian Mingjia asked immediately after she came over, “Chris Bella—”

Lin You shrugged, “I told her not to open the envelope.”

As soon as she said this, the latter knew what the result was, and tried to suffocate her laughter.

“How about you?”

“Everything went well,” Qiao Can replied. Her forehead was filled with dense cold sweat. Lin You had seen this on Gu Heng. It was obviously a side effect of overuse. “It’s all buried.”

The three of them retreated silently into the alley half a street behind them. Qiao Can squatted by the curb, lit something a few times with a broken lighter she had picked up in a certain store, and finally ignited the “fuse” that was covered with gunpowder.

The flame sprang up and burned along.

“This is the last of my gunpowder.”

Qiao Can whispered: “If it still doesn’t work—”

There was a strong vibration from the ground.

She was squatting and she couldn’t stand upright. It burst open one by one, and the raging flames dyed the sky above her head.

When Lin You sneaked in—no, when they broke into the church, the two of them buried a lot of detonators along the outside.

At this moment, the cult gathering was wrapped in an explosion as they expected. Qiao Can’s face turned pale again, without waiting for the prompt sound.

“What do you mean,” her voice was stressed, “Isn’t that enough to clear the level?!”

“It should be enough.”

In other words, it was an A-level. No matter how well you know the plot, you want to save the effort in the middle of the story.

Lin You had already calmed down, “Listen.”

It seemed that there were already religious followers nearby, and when they saw this, they would want to rush back. Their voices were very loud, and one or two could be heard even from so far away.

“Chris Bella has fallen, and Claudia and Vincent will stand up in the future. I think…”

She said.

“Perhaps, we still have to see Alessa herself.”


“In the end.”

Jian Mingjia sighed.

“We still have to walk to the hospital.”

“Who said no?” Lin You raised her eyebrows and walked directly to the map on the wall of the hall, “Come on. Just to be on the safe side, let’s write a paragraph for each person.”

At that time, Alessa died in a certain ward of the hospital. Before she died, she reached a deal with the demon who had become her dark side, and this became the beginning of the alienation of the outside world.

They had a map in their hands, and it was easy to find the hospital, but the road after that was not so peaceful.

“Alessa is in this room.”

With her memory, Lin You pointed to the square marked “B151”.

The ward was on the ground floor, and they needed to take the elevator down. In the underground, many monsters can be bred.

From the elevator to room B151, the detour was not close. There were not many references underneath, so it was much easier to remember the directions in advance.

“Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with the elevator…” Jian Mingjia gingerly walked out of the car and breathed a sigh of relief. As expected, it was pitch black. She took the flashlight out of her backpack and said, “The first road is mine, yes?”


Turning the first corner, Jian Mingjia muttered: “Right—”

She remembered that the next one was…

She couldn’t say anything next.

“Damn.” Seeing the scene after turning the corner, she cursed in a low voice.

In the corridor not far from them, there were four or five black shadows.

Those monsters in nurse uniforms were slim. If you didn’t look at their faces, they might be mistaken for beautiful women.

But the problem lied in their faces.

The upper part was wrapped by a strip of fleshy vines, and there was a big hole in the lower center. Their bodies were also strangely stiff, the nurses’ clothes were covered with blood, and the sharp knives in their hands were glowing in the dark.

As soon as the white light of the flashlight shone, they felt the light and moved instantly.

Some of the “nurses” held sharp knives, and some dragged crowbars. They twisted stiffly and walked towards them.

Jian Mingjia reflexively turned off the flashlight.

—They stopped.

However, this was not enough to make them feel relieved. Light, sound, anything would touch these “nurses.” The corridor was completely blocked, and they could not guarantee that they would not make any noise when they passed by.

“Give me the flashlight.”

This soft instruction also caused the “nurses” to move slightly. Before Jian Mingjia recovered, Lin You snatched the things in her hand.


The other party just pushed the button again.

They suddenly sensed the light, and the high heels on the monsters’ feet clicked on the ground. Seeing that they were about to take another step towards them—

Lin You turned off the flashlight.

The nurses’ legs were hanging there, making them feel like they were about to fall to the ground in the next second.

Qiao Can: “…”

Jian Mingjia: “…”

Faced with the condemning look in their two eyes, the instigator sternly declared: “I’ll give it a try.”

The white light shone again, and the nurses twisted their bodies again. When they saw them holding their knives, Lin You turned it off again.

On, off, on, off, she repeated it more and more frequently. If it weren’t for the fact that they couldn’t return to their positions, the nurses would feel like they were carrying ghosts. Finally, when Lin You turned off the flashlight again, the one on the far left fell with a “crash”—

She fell over at the waist.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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