Chapter 8

Transition stones from hunted monsters normally disappeared within a short period of time.

However, according to t-tubers (a combined word young people use for TVplus users and Youtube users) or TV, there were ‘lingering transition stones’ that many research institutes were researching at the moment.

‘I think the research institutes are not the only ones who have those special transition stones. I’m pretty sure there are others elsewhere.’

He tried to recall his memories to find out if he knew about any one of them, but he couldn’t.

He started typing various search words, for example, ‘awakening stone’, ‘monster stone’, ‘KAD stone’, ‘KAD research’, etc…

And finally, he found something.

[ The energy stone that doesn’t disappear after the monster dies! Buy an energy stone and get energized~ ]

People who didn’t know about what the stone was for called it an ‘energy stone’.

One of the news articles about the energy stones caught Kimin’s attention.

[ The biggest energy stone in Korea is located in the lounge on the first floor of the Ohsung group’s head office. ]


[ The Ohsung group’s head office’s display of the biggest energy stone in Korea in the lounge on the first floor made headlines. Jinbum Park, the vice-chairman of the Ohsung group, wrote a card personally and delivered it to the marketing team. The card said, ‘I hope our employees get energized by the energy stone and do great work this year.’ Gabyong Kim, a manager of the marketing team, emphasized that they barely bought the biggest stone from ‘the rulers’. (The rest omitted.) ]

“Oh, really?”

There were people smiling next to the stone which was as big as an elephant in the pictures. The people were even smaller than half the stone. Kimin started drooling.

‘This size of that transition stone…. It might be an A grade… Or maybe an S grade!!’

 It was killing two birds with one stone.

I should take it.

Kimin grinned broadly and began to get ready to go out.

He wore his clothes, packed all he needed into the subspace, and wore a huge mask covering more than half of his face and a beanie.

He couldn’t find the mask type artifact, so he had to hide his face somehow. He was relieved that it was currently a cold winter and not summer.

“Hoho, handsome guy! Why are you hiding your face like that today?”

“Haha, it’s pretty cold these days.”

‘Is it time to move my residence?’

An old woman, the owner of the motel, tried to joke with him.

Kimin took the joke moderately while smiling and walked outside.


Kimin arrived at his destination which was the head office of the Ohsung Group.

‘In the news article, ordinary citizens often go to get energy. It means they are not going to stop me if I go in there. Let’s just try.’

The head office building was huge enough to overwhelm people who looked at it. The lounge on the first floor was large enough for two T-rexes to piggyback each other and the whole building was so tall that it literally looked like a skyscraper.

And there was a long waiting line at a narrow door next to the wide front entrance to the building.

‘What is this?’

Kimin tilted his head while he was in line and asked a person in front of him.

“Is this the waiting line for the energy stone?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“This is so long. Is it always crowded like this?”

“Yes, it’s usually crowded. At first, they let people in through the front entrance and some incident happened, so now they tell people to go in through this small door,” the person answered kindly.

Kimin could only guess that the person was a woman because she was hiding her face as well.

Kimin nodded his head to thank her and waited until the line got shorter.

It didn’t take too long.

He couldn’t see the door well when he stood in line, however, he could see it much closer at the moment. He just had to wait a little more.

Then, somebody skipped the line and stood in front of Kimin all of a sudden.


“Hey, Minhye. I’m here!”

“Wow, you got a nice spot!!”

Kimin thought he was just passing through the line, but he just took the spot and was calling a girl over. People around him looked at him incredulously.

“If you are late, stand at the end of the line. What are you doing right now? Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“No, I’m ok. You’ve got a problem with me? Then just punch me.”

The man retorted like a crazy person when Kimin talked to him gently.

‘Who the hell is this bitch?’

Kimin was confused by the unthinkable situation. The woman in front of him opened her mouth and spoke coldly.

“I think you have a serious mental illness due to your ignorance. Are you one of those people that provoke fights?”

“Provoke fights? How can you say that? Oh, did you know speaking to me like that is slander in front of people? It is a crime even if it’s true or not. Minhye, did you record that?”

“No, I’m turning on the recording app now.”

“Oh, what a shame. Why don’t we just start recording a video now? We can also just start streaming.”

“I love your idea. We should do that. I’m turning on the broadcast.”

People’s dumbfounded eyes changed to disgusted eyes.

‘Insane assholes. Do they want to make money like that?’

They were still confident in front of those hateful eyes.

“Wait, wait, Minhye. You haven’t turned it on yet, right?”

“I haven’t, Why?”

“Come over here. We need to set a pretty angle before broadcasting.”

The guy pulled Minhye out of the waiting line. The noise from the crowd died down a little bit after they left the line.

The girl who stood with a selfie stick seemed to have started broadcasting.


The world is wide and there are so many morons.

Kimin let out a sigh, took out two pills from his pocket, and hid them. They were one of the pills he bought at a pharmacy just in case.

He thought of how many pills he should take and then swallowed just one pill under his mask.

As soon as he swallowed the pill, the broadcast began.

“Hi, hi, everyone! You’re mini, mini, ‘Minye’ is here!!”

“What’s up, guys! I’m the streamer, ‘Daepark’, Daesoo Park!”

They ran off their mouths while looking at the phone.

“Look at the people waiting in line to touch the stupid stone. Puhaha. Today, I’m going to show you guys true education of the bitterness of life to those people who are crazy about the myth.”

The guy who was talking became brighter. He seemed to see something on the screen while broadcasting.

“Oh my god! Thank you for the mission. I will definitely show it to you. I’m going to make those hidden faces frown.”

Daesoo Park pointed right at Kimin and the girl in front of him. He strode toward them with Minhye and skipped the line naturally. This time, they stood in front of the girl, not Kimin.

Daesoo Park tried to irritate the girl, but she wasn’t answering at all.

She seemed to have decided not to care about these grandstanders. 

Meanwhile, Minhye tapped Daesoo and showed him the phone screen.

“Hey, hey!”

“Ah, I see what you guys are talking about. It’s hard to see her frown because of the scarf, right?”

Daesoo Park put his brain to work instantly.

He was calculating.

To meet the viewers’ needs, he was supposed to take the scarf off. However, there was a high possibility of committing an assault on her when he thought about the law.

“Sir, I really respect you so much, but it has to be legal while…”

If you get a fine, I’ll give you 10 times more than that.

It was his VIP viewer who owned 10 buildings.

Daesoo Park couldn’t control himself after reading the comment.

“You sure? Don’t worry! I will show you her face!”

Daesoo shouted confidently and reached his hand out toward her scarf that was wrapped around her face.


The girl was startled and stepped back while Daesoo looked at the person who snatched his arm.

“Dude. Let go. Guys, are you looking at this? This bitch is attacking me.”


“Hey, I told you to let go of me. Huh? Look at these eyes. Guys, this asshole’s smiling.”

‘It’s ready now.’

Kimin, who was giggling without any words, released an abnormal status from his stomach.


At that moment, Daesoo Park’s face changed.

“Ah… Uh… Um…”

His face frowned weirdly.

He couldn’t even open his mouth.

What?! What now?!

Daesoo Park, you chicken.

The viewers were pushing him to react, but he couldn’t answer.

It was not because his mouth was paralyzed.

It was because the other hole might open altogether if he opened his mouth.

The dizzy pain inside his stomach kept knocking on his bottom door.

The knocks suddenly grew stronger.

At first, it was knock knock, but at the moment, it was bang!! Bang!!!

It felt like a battering ram was hitting the castle gate.

“Urgh….. Ugh….”

Daesoo twisted his legs like an X to protect the gate.

He started to walk to the entrance with faltering steps.

He knew that he would die socially in this war once he lost his mind even though he knew he could not retreat from the battlefield.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you!!”

Minhye grabbed Daesoo’s shoulder.

Daesoo ignored Minhye and stepped forward slowly while sweating.

“Is he going to shit his pants?”

It was impossible not to know what was going on with him by the looks of his face and posture.

People in the line started laughing with each other.

Whenever Daesoo stepped to a side like a crab with his twisted legs, people giggled so hard.

“It was a really good idea to come for the stone today. I haven’t seen anything like this before.”

“The stone does give people energy. Look, I’m already energized even though I haven’t touched it yet.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Hey, miss. What is your broadcast called? Do you guys rebroadcast videos too?”

“We…Well, Today’s broadcast is over!!”

Embarrassed Minhye hurried to turn it off and glared fiercely at the people who were laughing at them.

Kimin laughed while watching them. He licked some white powder as little as a grain of rice on his pinky under his mask secretly.

After a little while, Daesoo plopped down right in front of the narrow door. 

Soon, some sound came out of Daesoo’s body.

“We can’t leave through the door anymore.”


The Ohsung employees ran to the narrow door after all the incidents that happened already.

Some frowned and dragged Daesoo away while holding their noses and the others started to clean the floor in front of the door.

“What the hell did you eat? How did you shit on your… Is that hydrochloric acid? Hey, don’t get close to me. Fuck…. Don’t get close!”


The employee was screaming at Daewoo with a twang sound.

Daesoo had nothing more to say.

He was dragged like a criminal while dropping his head down.

Two employees moved the waiting line to the front entrance.

The streamer, Minhye, hesitated for a second and just left the building.

She left Daesoo here alone.

There was only laughter behind her.

“It’s only for today. You guys have to go through the narrow door next time!”

The employee who moved the line shouted loudly and left through the front entrance.

“What the hell? They didn’t show up until they saw shit on him.”

The girl in front of him complained quietly.

“I agree.”

The suspect who made this poop incident was peaceful.

“By the way, thank you for stopping him.”

“I was just grabbing something that was approaching. Nothing special.”

“Hey. I feel thankful, so I’ll decide if it’s nothing or not. I think this is something special.”

Kimin giggled.

“You think so? Then, I think that you will owe me a lot.”

“I have to pay you back. Give me your number. Um… no. Wait a second.”

She took out a memo from her pocket and wrote her number.

“If you call me, I will buy you dinner.”

“Haha. I will call you later.”

In the meanwhile, the girl’s turn came.

She stroked the stone several times, mumbled something quietly, and then left the building after nodding her head to Kimin.

Kimin shook his head to let go of distracting thoughts and approached the stone.

First, he had to check.

[ Abnormal status absorption (S)(Lv.89) responds to the transition stone. ]

[ You can absorb the transition stone. Will you absorb it? ]


The plan had succeeded.

Kimin smiled quietly.

However, his mask was hiding it from the people around him.


He could absorb it at the moment, but he chose ‘no’ first.

If he did absorb it, someone would suspect him.

The last thing he had to do was to find the right timing.

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